Film Distribution ect.


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Evaluation on Film Distribution

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Film Distribution ect.

  1. 1. Task 3 What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?
  2. 2. What is Production? • A production company is basically the company that make the film for the audience to watch. • The production company can help when needing to raise funds or could possibly have connections with other larger companies to help fund the film making process. • After the film making process, a distribution company is needed
  3. 3. Examples of large Production Companies
  4. 4. What is Distribution? Distribution is basically the methods to make the film available for your specific target audience through different platforms/windows. E.g.; • • • • Theatrical release (release into cinemas DVD/Blu-ray release Pay TV (Sky, Virgin) Netflix (DVD rental)
  5. 5. Examples of Distribution • A good example is for the movie ‘Shifty’ • This movie is a small independent movie that managed to get quite popular (in spite of its very low budget) • Shifty found a distribution company (metrodome) that helped put them out into the public through various different platforms. • This Distribution company also helped with films such as, ‘Donnie Darko, original version’ and ‘In the name of the king’
  6. 6. Would this distribution company help your movie? • Metrodome help distribute a large range of films with a vast range of genres • Metrodome are known to have helped low budget films (such as shifty) as well as high budget films • I believe that a distribution company like Metrodome might help our movie and be interested due to it being relative somewhat to the British teenage audience
  7. 7. Will your film have an appeal for a UK audience only? • Our film might be relevant to the UK audience however it would be suitable mainly for teenagers/students still in education. • This is because of the teen drama/college aspect introduced in the opening of our film. And because of the age range shown in the film. (generally teenagers) • This means that our film could potentially have an appeal for most countries (e.g. USA, UK, European countries etc..
  8. 8. Marketing, release and exhibition strategies for your film? • This is basically where we position the audience to make it look like the film is for them. • For example; for people who enjoy watching superhero movies, we would promote and advertise the movie in an area that they would see. • We could do this by making an interesting poster (eye catching and relevant to our target audience) for example the shifty poster. • We could show the trailer (in cinemas) before movies such as, twilight (teenage audience)
  9. 9. Self distribution? • Self distribution is also an option • Self distribution can be risky due to it costing a lot of money, However its an opportunity • However it’s possible to be successful.
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