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Lesson Plan 2 Final Presentation
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Lesson Plan 2 Final Presentation


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A description and reflection of a math lesson I taught in a 4th grade classroom

A description and reflection of a math lesson I taught in a 4th grade classroom

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. The Task A rope ladder with 8 rungs that are 9 inches apart is hanging over the side of a pool. The first rung is 9 inches from the bottom of the empty pool. If we fill the pool at a rate of 1 foot per hour, how long will it take to reach the top rung of the ladder?
  • 2. Mathematical Thinking Actual-sized ladder Used problem solving strategies Breaking it down in steps I asked: “What did you do first?” “What do you need to do next?” “Why did you choose to solve it this way?”
  • 3. Mathematical Thinking Allowed students to choose own partners.. Had 3 partner groups share their work and how they solved the problem (each had a different strategy) Strategies were: act it out, draw a picture, write an equation, make a chart Was surprised by the work that the partner groups produced (Andrew and David)
  • 4. Problem Solving Strategies
  • 5. Nang’s WorkTAG
  • 6. Pedagogical Knowledge Effective moves: Preparing steps to break down the task, but not showing the students until about half the class was ready to move on to that step/ needed it Encouraged students to make T-charts to organize info (CT gave the idea) Life-sized ladder made visualizing the problem easier/ could act it out
  • 7. Pedagogical Knowledge
  • 8. Professional Growth How I would change the lesson: Have more closure Bring it back to the question to make the context more real: Will the pool be filled up in time for the pool party? Instead of just: “It will take 6 hours” Allow students to make life-sized ladders on butcher paper
  • 9. Professional Growth Ask more questions to students when they shared their work Introduce the task in a different way in order to intimidate the students less
  • 10. Questions? How else could I introduce this task? The students had no idea what to do when they first read it. How would I make this task more “real” to the students? I thought about extending the lesson using a “not so nice” number for inches, such as it would take 1 hour to fill 14 inches, instead of 1 foot… but what other way could I extend this lesson to make it more difficult now that the concept is grasped?