Guide to Facebook Alumni Pages


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An introductory guide to using Facebook Pages to communicate with your Organisation's Alumni.

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Guide to Facebook Alumni Pages

  1. 1. A guide to managing your alumnithrough FacebookNovember 2010
  2. 2. The world according to Facebook• More than 540 million active users – who spend more than 500 billion minutes per month on Facebook – and 70% of whom live outside the USA• The average user connects to 60 pages, groups and events – and creates 70 pieces of content each month – which they share with their 170 friends (on average)
  3. 3. Why engage with your alumni?• Keep in touch with people you spent resources training & developing – They might want to come back some day• Create advocates of existing and former employees – How you treat ex employees speaks volumes about your HR practices• Encourage alumni generated content – Their advocacy will help recruitment and retention• When asked why they used social networks: – 74.3% wanted to find old friends; – 47.9% wanted to join a group; and – 29.9% wanted to make contacts for work reasons.• Connect the dots – Where have your people gone to? – What have they been able to achieve with your training? Source: Wave.4 UM
  4. 4. 5 tips for your Facebook alumni strategy
  5. 5. Engage with an active Wall Tip One• Alumni will not engage in conversation unless you talk to them first – Look for dialogue not monologue• Ask questions, pose problems and elicit comment• Trust your current staff to engage with your alumni• Create an alumni group that your alumni will actually relate to• Track the results and vary your style where you need to• Engage with: – The written word; – Photography; and – Video
  6. 6. Use photos and a large profile photo Tip Two• The web is no longer a text based medium• Over 76% of social network users have uploaded photos• Tag people and places in photos if you can – They will appear on alumni’s Walls and be easier to find – Many Facebook users have alerts set to notify them of new photos which will drive traffic• Make sure your profile picture is large and distinctive – Give your alumni something significant to associate with – Your brand will help your alumni trust the Page/Group and its content Source: Wave.4 UM
  7. 7. Use video Tip Three• The web is no longer a text based medium – We like to read, watch and listen to our web content• 83% of active internet users watch video online – 33% of social networkers have uploaded video to their network• Nearly 32% of content producers would rather produce video• Facebook is the 3rd largest provider of streaming video on the web – Video is becoming an all pervasive part of the web experience Source: Wave.4 UM and Neilsen VideoCensus
  8. 8. Encourage alumni generated content Tip Four• User generated content is as simple as encouraging the posting of: – Video or photography • Over 76% of social network users have uploaded photos • 33% of social networkers have uploaded video to their network• Use polls to encourage engagement and announce the results – Repost relevant and interesting information – Get creative - Use Google maps to show where your people have moved to• User generated content will make your Page/Group more appealing• People like to hear from other people
  9. 9. Persevere Tip Five• Don’t forget about your new Page/Group• Look for feedback and create discussions• Get involved and stay engaged• Use your welcome page to genuinely welcome people – Use customised, friendly, welcoming and directional graphics• And ideally, try to give your alumni something they can’t get anywhere else!
  10. 10. 10 example alumni communities
  11. 11. NYU NYU USA university USA university10,186 fans on Facebook 10,186 fans on Facebook Best feature: Best feature: Uploaded fan photos Uploaded fan photos Click to visit NYU page
  12. 12. Accenture Accenture Consultancy Consultancy5,846 members on Facebook 5,846 members on Facebook Best feature: Best feature: Creating job opportunities Creating job opportunities Click to visit the Accenture group
  13. 13. Microsoft Microsoft Software giant Software giant3,357 fans on Facebook 3,357 fans on Facebook Best feature: Best feature:The wall engaging fans The wall engaging fans Click to visit the Microsoft page
  14. 14. Daemon Group Daemon Group Marketing agency Marketing agency 54 members on Facebook 54 members on Facebook Best feature: Best feature: Arranging reunions! Arranging reunions! Click to visit the Daemon groupWe know, apologies, we couldn’t resist
  15. 15. BHP Billiton BHP Billiton Resources giant Resources giant 1,205 members on Facebook 1,205 members on Facebook Best feature: Best feature:Access to current and former staffAccess to current and former staff Click to visit the BHP Billiton group
  16. 16. Woolworths Woolworths Former UK retail giant Former UK retail giant4,122 members on Facebook 4,122 members on Facebook Best feature: Best feature:The quality of the Discussions The quality of the Discussions Click to visit the Woolies group
  17. 17. Flight Centre Flight Centre Travel retailer Travel retailer 2,108 members on Facebook 2,108 members on Facebook Best feature: Best feature:Engagement with wall and photosEngagement with wall and photos Click to visit the Flight Centre group
  18. 18. Southwest AirlinesSouthwest Airlines US budget carrier US budget carrierUnknown fans on FacebookUnknown fans on Facebook Best feature: Best feature:Closed, but shows you can Closed, but shows you can Click not to visit the Southwest group
  19. 19. FedEx FedEx Global logistics Global logistics 2,075 fans on Facebook 2,075 fans on Facebook Best feature: Best feature:Personality through graphicsPersonality through graphics Click to visit the FedEx page
  20. 20. Powered by Orange Powered by Orange US university US university 9,342 fans on Facebook 9,342 fans on Facebook Best feature: Best feature: Google Maps mash up Google Maps mash upClick to visit the Oregon State University page
  21. 21. Click here for more informationDownload our guide to building your HR strategy in Social Media