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Actors Hill Harper and Harry Lennix teamed with Pathways to Your Future to host the 15th anniversary Frontline Soldiers Awards breakfast on Oct. 15 at the Proud Bird restaurant in Los Angeles. For more than 20 years Pathways to Your Future has been on the front line providing comprehensive health, education and human supportive services to Los Angeles County foster and homeless youth. This year, proceeds from the breakfast will go toward providing permanent supportive housing for transitional age homeless youth, ages 18-24. Pathways inducted 17 people who have made remarkable contributions over the years to the community into the Frontline Soldiers Hall of Fame. Among them are Congresswoman Maxine Waters; Assemblyman Steve Bradford; Tim Watkins, CEO of the WLCAC; Marqueece Dawson of the Community Coalition; Percell Keeling & Apryl Sims, owners of Simply Wholesome Health Food Store and Restaurant, and several others. Nearly 400 guests attended the breakfast to support the efforts of the organization and were able to meet and greet other local leaders.

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Pathways To Your Future - Frontline Soldiers Awards Breakfast

  1. 1. Theme: “Where Were You when you were 18? Were you homeless?” Greetings from PATHWAYS TO YOUR FUTURE Board Chair and the Board of Directors!P athways To Your Future has experienced change and growth over this past year. PTYF engaged in capacity building and as an outgrowth of capacity building, the Board of Directors and Dr. Micheal Williams of Messiah’s Ministries & Services engaged in a very fruitful Strategic Planning Process.The Strategic Plan was made possible with a grant from The John Burton Foundation.The Strategic Plan took shape through an iterative process of facilitated group discussions, research, drafting,and review. In completing this strategic planning process, PTYF has a consistent framework for articulatingour purpose, values, roles, objectives, strengths, and weaknesses. Our Strategic Plan provides a roadmap to afuture where the needs of our organization and our constituents are better served.PTYF is now poised to not only continue its current operations, but also strategically develop comprehensivesupportive services and organizational capacity that will develop a one-stop state-of-art facility with sufficientspace to accommodate its administration and supportive services for more foster and homeless youth. PTYFStrategic Plan assures Los Angeles’ foster and homeless youth that their adulthood lifestyles and careers canbe achieved and realized.Please support our efforts, as we continue to provide the highest quality of homeless housing and supportivehousing services to our homeless and at-risk youth in Los Angeles County.Sincerely,Gerald ThompsonPTYF Board Chair 3
  2. 2. Pathways To Your Future - 15th Anniversary Frontline Soldiers Awards Breakfast and Fundraiser WELCOME FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTORD ear Friends, On behalf of Pathways To Your Future, Inc., I would like to welcome you to our 15th Anniversary of the Frontline Soldiers Awards Breakfast and Fundraiser. We are thankful that you have joined us this morning as we highlight and celebrate the accomplishments of our distinguished list of“Frontline Soldier Hall of Fame” Recipients.For more than twenty years, Pathways To Your Future (PTYF) has been on the frontline providing comprehen-sive health, education, and human supportive services to Los Angeles County foster and homeless youth.Moreover, the founders of PTYF have been providing significant service and unwavering leadership whichover the years have built an organized network of men and women strategically designed to foster unity, soli-darity and economic empowerment toward the reduction and elimination of gang killings/violence fueled byalcohol, tobacco & other drug abuse which insured that this population and age group would have a betterquality of life beyond the violence risks of failure and hopelessness.To date, more than 5,225 Los Angeles County youths of diverse ethnicity, culture, and gender have benefittedfrom PTYF and Frontline Soldiers efforts to provide win-win programs and services which make the differ-ence between a young life shackled by a legacy of crime, drugs and homelessness to one that propel them intoeducational success, reputable career engagements, and a crime free future.Thank you for joining us this morning to acknowledge and commemorate the sung and “unsung” leaders of thecommunity that assist in changing the lives of those in need every day . Your support and generous contribu-tions make it possible for Pathways To Your Future to change lives of hundreds of youth each year and tobuild a better future for our communities in Los Angeles County.In Service,Linda B. Thompson 4
  3. 3. Theme: “Where Were You when you were 18? Were you homeless?” BOARD OF DIRECTORS ADVISORY BOARD Gerald Thompson “Sweet” Lou Johnson Chair Los Angeles Dodgers Co/founder Pathways To Your Future Louis Gosset, Jr. Gerald Burgess Actor, Humanitarian Vice Chair Burgess Consultants Joaquin Phoenix Consultant Actor, Philanthropist Gwendolyn Howard Pastor Austin Williams Secretary True Vine Baptist Church One Hot Chef Catering Caterer /Student Stan Dowells Homeless Outreach Cherlyn Martin Program CM Consultants Homeless Housing Consultant Stuart Nacht 4-Site Development Inc. Joy Rayside SPADVA James Malone Owner Wells Fargo Henry Hudson Darryl Patterson CrossRoads Christian Center Patterson Development Pastor Waymon BakerL. A. County Department of Mental Health Community Worker 5
  4. 4. Pathways To Your Future - 15th Anniversary Frontline Soldiers Awards Breakfast and FundraiserOUR MISSION“To provide comprehensive education, health and human services to reduce homelessness ofunderserved foster and homeless youth while promoting their development and enriching the communities of Los Angeles County.” VISION STATEMENTPathways To Your Future envisions that all transition aged youth have hope for a brighter fu- ture with a clearly defined path that leads to self-reliance, self-sufficiency and independent living for a better quality of life. GUIDING PRINCIPLESHomeless youth are not a homogeneous group, their individual needs, expectations, and hopefor the future will be different. Based on this principle, services provided must be diverse, ad-dressing the individual needs of each client on a case-by-case basis. Youth receiving servicesshould be allowed to navigate their journey into the future in a collaborative effort with theservice provider which, in turn, will empower them to make decisions that will change thedirection of their lives.Youth who receive services should play a significant role in the decision-making process re-garding his/her housing and supportive housing needs. This empowerment principle willbuild confidence, courage and character.The goal is to successfully transition youth from teens to adults. As facilitators guiding themon the path to a brighter future, youth will be equipped with basic life skills, education andother resources so that they can take ownership in the choices they make in life. 6
  5. 5. Theme: “Where Were You when you were 18? Were you homeless?” This year’s theme:WHERE WERE YOU WHEN YOU TURNED 18? WERE YOU HOMELESS? 7
  6. 6. Pathways To Your Future - 15th Anniversary Frontline Soldiers Awards Breakfast and Fundraiser 8
  7. 7. Theme: “Where Were You when you were 18? Were you homeless?” 9
  8. 8. Pathways To Your Future - 15th Anniversary Frontline Soldiers Awards Breakfast and Fundraiser 10
  9. 9. Theme: “Where Were You when you were 18? Were you homeless?” Senator Curren Price Dodger Great “Sweet” Lou Johnson Actor/Philanthropist Joaquin Phoenix Academy Award Winner Louis Gossett Jr. Martin Ludlow 11
  10. 10. Pathways To Your Future - 15th Anniversary Frontline Soldiers Awards Breakfast and Fundraiser Keynote Speaker HILL HARPER Hill Harper is an award winning actor, bestselling author and philanthropist. Hill is the au- thor of three New York Times bestsellers: Letters to a Young Brother, Letters to a Young Sis- ter, and The Conversation. Letters to a Young Brother was named “Best Book for Young Adults” by the American Library Association in 2007. Hill currently stars on the hit televi- sion drama CSI:NY as Dr. Sheldon Hawkes. CSI is the most successful television franchise in history. To date, his collective writing and acting work has been recognized with sixNAACP Image Awards: Outstanding Literary Work: Debut Author (2007), Outstanding Literary Work:Youth/Teens (2007, 2008), and Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series (2007, 2008, 2009). Hill has also ap-peared in numerous prime-time television shows and feature films including For Colored Girls, The Sopranos,ER, The Game, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Lackawanna Blues, He Got Game, The Skulls, In Too Deep, TheNephew, and The Visit. He is the founder of the Manifest Your Destiny Foundation, dedicated to empowering,encouraging, and inspiring underserved youth to succeed through mentorship, scholarship and grant programs.Hill graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. from Brown University (and was valedictorian of his depart-ment) and cum laude with a J.D. from Harvard Law School. He also holds a master’s degree with honors fromHarvard’s Kennedy School of Government and honorary doctoral degrees from Howard University, Winston-Salem State University, Cheyney University, Westfield State College, and Tougaloo College. Hill travels fre-quently as a motivational speaker and resonates with a wide range of audiences including youth, adults, andcouples. Named one of People Magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive, he lives in Los Angeles. Master of Ceremony Harry Lennix Harry Lennix is an award winning film, television, stage, and radio actor, born and raised in Chicagos South Shore neighborhood. Growing up, Harry was active in baseball and Catho- lic school: as an altar boy and musician. Harry’s childhood goal was to become a Dominican Priest, but not just any priest--the first black Pope. Harry acted upon an opportunity to per- form in the annual school musical: Guys & Dolls, resulting in a life-long devotion to the art of presentation and production.Harry received various scholarships while studying and working at Northwestern University, where he ma-jored in Communications. He also began acting in the professional theater, receiving increasing amounts ofrecognition for his prodigious skill. Post-university, Harry worked simultaneously as a Civics and Music teacher in the Chicago PublicSchools. Harry won his first film role in The Package (1989), and his second in The Five Heartbeats (1991).Harry later moved to Los Angeles where he has enjoyed a distinguished career as an actor on the big and smallscreens as well as on the international stage & made his Broadway debut in 2007. His film career includes leading and supporting roles in Ray, The Matrix sequels, Julie Taymor’s Titus,Barbershop 2, The Human Stain, Stomp the Yard, and State of Play. His television career includes series regu-lar and guest starring roles in ABC’s Commander in Chief, 24, ER, and House, MD. For Showtime he wasReverend Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. in Keep the Faith, Baby. Harry lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Djena. His is currently working on the upcoming horror film:Evidence and will appear as General Swanwick in the latest installment of Superman: Man of Steel. Musical Guest New Directions Veterans Choir The New Directions Veterans Choir is an award winning a cappella group that sings renditions of doo-wop, soul, traditional gospel and popu- lar music. The choir consists of current and former residents of New Di- rections transitional facility comprised of men and women who have served proudly in the United States Military. Another element they have in common: following their service to our country, they became homeless. 12
  11. 11. Theme: “Where Were You when you were 18? Were you homeless?”The Frontline Soldiers is holistically designed to build an organized network of menand women strategically designed to foster unity, solidarity and economic empower-ment toward the reduction and elimination of gang killings/violence, alcohol & otherdrug abuse and the prevention of HIV/AIDS to ensure a better quality of life for all.Core ComponentsWe recognize that women often hold the family together in light of social ills. We embrace thegreatness in women as they answer the call of leadership and give support of great men.Faith-Based Empowerment Team (FBET): There is but one ultimate authority and that oneis God. This team is responsible to keep the Frontline Soldiers mission spiritually focused andto keep faith-based communities, churches and efforts involved in all we do.Unity and Solidarity Empowerment Team (USET): This team is responsible for developingstrategies designed to create a climate that promotes unity and solidarity that empowers thecollective.Economic Empowerment Team (EET): This team develops insightful economic plans andstrategies for identifying and securing financial resources thus generating economic power.Event Planning Empowerment Team (EPET): This team is responsible for developing andplanning all events and activities rooted in community spirit. This includes activities such asThe Gathering of Men Breakfast, unity marches, community protests, rallies and other em-powerment activities. This effort includes contacting necessary parties to secure site, permits,equipment, time frame available, event set up, and logistical arrangements for events.Mentor Empowerment Team (MET): This team is responsible for researching processesand presenting a manhood/womanhood training model for the implementation of training clinic(s) that focuses on enhancing skills that support positive transitions into manhood/womanhood.Political Action Empowerment Team (PAET): This team serves as a voice for social policyin political arenas that result in building political alliances and updating programs efforts to-ward policy and service delivery. 13
  12. 12. Pathways To Your Future - 15th Anniversary Frontline Soldiers Awards Breakfast and Fundraiser HUMANITARIAN AWARD Timothy Watkins, President/CEO, Watts Labor Community Action Committee (WLCAC) Timothy Watkins, Sr. is the fourth President and CEO of the Watts Labor Community Action Committee. Watkins also serves as the President and CEO of the Greater Watts Devel- opment Corporation (GWDC) a WLCAC Corporate subsidiary and as the founder of the Greater Watts Transportation Corporation (GWTC). Additionally, Watkins founded and co- chairs the Watts Public Policy Institute and the Watts Renaissance Project, a community based coalition of grass-root organizations and individuals dedicated to responsible planning and development in Watts. Watkins’ focus is on sustainable community development through social enterprise,environmental policy, and industrial sector initiatives and has been a champion for local participation in the mainstreamof life in Los Angeles through political and social activism. He is currently authoring MudTown, a historical perspectiveof life in Watts over the past century He currently serves on the boards of the Watts Labor Community Action Committee, Watts Economic Develop-ment Advisory Council, Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science, Green Dot Charter Schools, Greater WattsDevelopment Corporation, African American Women’s Public Policy Institute, Watts Renaissance Project, and theWatts Area Reform Council. His election in 2000 came after serving thirty-five years as a volunteer in many capacities. During his presidencyat WLCAC, Watkins launched the Watts Renaissance Project with other local leaders to provide community-based per-spective on local planning initiatives and priorities. He also formed the Watts Public Policy Institute to serve as an insti-tutional resource for grass-roots policy research and development. His drive for local participation in the redevelopmentof Watts led to an unprecedented master plan for the Central Avenue Corridor. His commitment to develop a 2-1/2 acreurban farm on 103rd Street in the heart of Watts serves as a model for other community development corporations tofollow. EXCELLENCE IN COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD Captain Brent F. Burton, President, Junior Firefighter Foundation Captain Brent F. Burton was born and raised in the Crenshaw/Leimert Park district of the city of Los Angeles. In 1982 at the age of 16, Burton became an Explorer Scout with the Los An- geles City Fire Department. In 1985 at the age of 19 he became a member of the Los Angeles County Fire Department. At the age of 21 he became a certified paramedic. At the age of twenty eight, Burton promoted to the rank of Captain. At the time of his promo- tion, he was the youngest company officer in the Department. His demonstrated leadershipand ability enabled him to earn this position. During his 28 year career in the fire service, he has been able to serve invarious capacities and develop major projects. Prior to being hired by the LA County Fire Dept, Burton was introduced to the Stentorians; an organization ofBlack firefighters in Los Angeles founded in 1954. He quickly became a member. Within 2 years of joining the organi-zation, he became a member of the Executive Board. Burton gave a total of 16 years of service as a Board member andserved as President of the Stentorians for 10 years. He is the current President of the African American Firefighter Mu-seum, which was established in 1997. Burton is very active in the Los Angeles community as a collaborator with many organizations, elected officials,activists and schools. Burton has assisted many young men and women in becoming firefighters and helped those on theDepartment promote to positions of higher authority. Burton currently serves as an instructor at the Carl Holmes Executive Development Institute that is held annuallyon the campus of Dillard University in New Orleans La. He is the founder of the Stentorians’ Junior Fire Cadet Programthat targets elementary school students in the areas of self-determination, character building and physical fitness. He isalso the Chair of the Mentoring Committee for the 100 Black Men of LA, and is the Board chair of the LA Cares Men-toring Movement. Burton is currently assigned to L.A. County Fire Station 170 in the City of Inglewood. His company is desig-nated as Light Force 170. He can be reached at 14
  13. 13. Theme: “Where Were You when you were 18? Were you homeless?”BUSINESS EXCELLENCE AWARDPercell M. Keeling, Founder and OwnerSimply Wholesome RestaurantApryl E. Sims, General Manager,Simply Wholesome RestaurantThe guy everyone sees running along Slauson, through Ladera, Ingle-wood and Culver City, with the beard and locs swinging, that’s Percell!Percell Keeling, Founder and Owner of Simply Wholesome, a Healthfood Store and Health oriented Restaurant with a Caribbean flair. Born inLos Angeles, at the age of 15 he set the National Interscholastic recordfor the ½ mile run with a time of 1:52:08. That record still stands today. Percell Held the Morningside High Schoolrecords for the 880 and 660 Yard and set numerous other records. He graduated from UCLA in 1971 with a major inEconomics & minor in Sociology. Always one who believed in giving back to the community, in 1976 Percell returned to his alma mater to coachcross-country when he learned the high school students were without a coach. An entrepreneur from the moment he graduated from college, Percell sold athletic shoes and equipment to highschools and local colleges in the late seventies and early eighties. During this time he purchased ‘The Nutrition Center’inside the Jack La Lane Health Spa in Inglewood, California. It was there that Percell was introduced to the world ofsupplemental health and nutritional products. As a lifelong vegetarian and runner, creating a business out of selling nutritional products was a natural directionfor his life to take. The move to open a health-oriented center occurred when Percell accepted a challenge posed to himby a friend. “I remember that I complained about not having a healthy food establishment to eat in, in my own neighbor-hood,” he recalled. “One day, a friend of mine said, ‘Well, why don’t you open a restaurant?’, so I did.” Simply Wholesome was born in 1984 in a 1000 square foot leased storefront on the Souththeast corner of Slau-son and Overhill Streets, in Los Angeles. The community responded positively to the food, shakes and products. Sim-ply Wholesome soon grew out of that space. In 1994, the present home of Simply Wholesome was purchased on theSouthwest corner of Slauson and Overhill Streets . The entire project from start to finish (real estate agent, de-signer, architect, contractor, all tradesmen, and landscaper) was facilitated by customers and residents of thiscommunity. The new 5500 square foot facility opened in December of 1995. Percell tries to be consistent in everything he does. He continues to run almost daily for the pure pleasure andfeeling of running as well as the excellent health benefits running provides. He enjoys providing the best product possi-ble to his customers while also providing vital work experience to many whom would otherwise go unhired.Apryl Sims Apryl is happy to be part of the Simply Wholesome team. She brings fifty years of practical living experiencecoupled with over thirty-five years of Marketing, Sales and Management expertise. Educated at Howard University(BBA Marketing 1984), she is the proud disciple of the late Dr. Lawrence Johnson. Apryl also completed a certificateprogram for entrepreneurs at UCLA’s Anderson Graduate School of Business in 1994. Apryl’s connection to Simply Wholesome came through her later father, Larry Sims. (Percell Keeling and LarrySims had a unique relationship. In 1971 when Percell became the High School State Track Champion in the 880 yarddash, Larry, was in the audience. When Larry first met Percell in 1984, he not only reminded Percell of that race, he toldhim his winning time and how he ran the last 220 yards. That first meeting began an unlikely friendship that concludedwith Percell entrusting the construction rehabilitation project to Larry’s company.) She is blessed to have been able towork with, and for her father for the last nine years of his life. Their company 333 Construction physically transformedthe former Wich Stand, into what is now the home of Simply Wholesome. This was the capstone project for 333 Con-struction. Customers and community residents performed every phase of this project from Structural Design, InteriorDesign and all Trades. Following in the footsteps of her father (who believed every parent was obligated to teach their offspring how tofish, so they would eat for life), Apryl has a passion for people and loves to encourage and assist people in doing thatwhich makes their heart sing. To that end, Apryl and Percell have been responsible for developing many communitybased entrepreneurs. Simply Wholesome proudly sells products made by over forty-eight vendors of color. Addition-ally, many young people have had the opportunity to learn many marketable skills under Apryl’s tutelage and mentor-ship. 15
  14. 14. Pathways To Your Future - 15th Anniversary Frontline Soldiers Awards Breakfast and Fundraiser EXCELLENCE IN PUBLIC SAFETY AWARD Deputy Chief Patrick Gannon, Commanding Officer, Operations-South Bureau, Los Angeles Police Department Deputy Chief Gannon was born and raised in Los Angeles and is a third generation Los Ange- les Police Officer following after his father who retired in 1973 and his grandfather who retired in 1952. Deputy Chief Gannon’s eldest son, Michael is also a Los Angeles Police Officer. Deputy Chief Gannon began his career as a Police Intern in 1976 and entered the Los Angeles Police Academy in 1978. He was promoted to detective in 1985, sergeant in 1989 and to lieu- tenant in 1997. As a lieutenant he was assigned as the Officer-In-Charge of the Internal Af- fairs Rampart Corruption Task Force.In July 2000, Deputy Chief Gannon was promoted to Captain and began working a succession of operational commandsin South Los Angeles which tend to be the most violent areas in the City of Los Angeles. In 2007, he was promoted tothe rank of Commander and was responsible for consolidating homicide investigations in South Los Angeles along withhaving functional supervision for all gang enforcement and gang crime investigations in South Los Angeles. ChiefGannon was one of the first police administrators to champion the use of hard core gang intervention in South Los Ange-les. This effort has helped to significantly reduce gang violence in this portion of the City.In January 2010 Gannon was promoted to Deputy Chief and is currently serving as the Commanding Officer of the Op-erations-South Bureau. Deputy Chief Gannon graduated from California State University Dominguez Hills with aBachelors Degree in Public Administration and from the University of Southern California with a Masters Degree inPublic Administration. He has also successfully completed the Senior Management Institute for Police in Boston and theWest Point Leadership Program. Gannon has received a number of awards for community policing and in 2011 he re-ceived the President’s Award for Community Partnerships from the Police Officer’s Association of Los Angeles County.EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION SERVICE AWARDDr. Andrew Kennedy, Director, Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE), retiredDr. Andrew Kennedy currently works for Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) as a Professional Develop-ment, Curriculum and Instruction Coordinator K-12 and serves as an Core Adjunct Faculty in the Education Departmentfor National University. Dr. Kennedy is responsible for assisting the LACOE divisions of Special Education, JuvenileCourt Schools and Alternative Education in implementing a comprehensive Standards Based Curriculum and Profes-sional Development Educational system. Dr. Kennedy provides leadership for tri-divisional curriculum committeescomposed of teachers, school site administrators and other ancillary central office coordinators. Under Dr. Kennedy’sleadership the committees have developed power standards that align with local and statewide assessments, selected in-structional materials to be adopted, created content area pacing plans, curriculum maps, and initiated courses of study tobe congruent and coherent with the California Core Content area standards.Dr. Kennedy provides training, technical assistance, and coaching to Principals, Assistant Principals and school facultiesin implementing standards based education in the core content curricular areas (i.e. Mathematics, History/Social Science,English Language Arts, Visual and Performing Arts, and Physical Education) and in implementing Professional Learn-ing Communities and Response to Intervention (RTI). He also has developed professional development workshops in allsubject areas and organizational leadership.Dr. Andrew Kennedy received his doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of California at Los Angeles(UCLA), his masters in Urban Education from University of Southern California (USC), and Bachelors degree in Psy-chology from Pepperdine University.Dr. Andrew Kennedy is passionate about education for our 21st century student. He believes all children can learn andsucceed in school and No Child should be Left Behind in achieving his or her high school education, preparation for col-lege and opportunity to enter a career that will support a meaningful living in American society. 16
  15. 15. Theme: “Where Were You when you were 18? Were you homeless?” HEALTHY COMMUNITIES LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE AWARD Ernest Roberts, PVJOBS Ernest M. Roberts is the Executive Director for Playa Vista Job Opportunities and Business Services (PVJOBS), a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting our local, at-risk and multiple-barriered citizenry in attaining self sufficiency through meaningful, career-oriented employment. A native of Los Angeles, Roberts is a graduate of the Watts Skills Center, where he learned the fundamentals of electronics. He held a series of technical jobs that eventually led to work at Hughes Aircraft. As a research assistant, Roberts was primarily responsible for testing and troubleshooting control systems for communication satellites in Hughes’ Space and Commu-nications Division.Personal experiences led him to dedicate his life to uplifting the at-risk. Roberts started his own company, The HouseDoctor, a construction and home improvement service business, which hired exclusively from the at-risk community.Deeply empathetic and detail oriented, Roberts now runs the day-to-day operations of PVJOBS, utilizing his more than23 years experience in the technical and construction fields. The community-based organization was created in 1998 tofulfill a Los Angeles City Council mandate to provide construction employment opportunities for at-risk local residentsat the Playa Vista development site.Today, as a result of its advocacy, PVJOBS works with several major construction projects. There are currently morethan 100 collaborating community-based organizations providing life skills training and making referrals to PVJOBS foremployment.Under Roberts’ direction as its first executive director, PVJOBS has grown into a major community-based organization,filling over 5000 employment positions with multi-barriered persons. It has also become a major advocate for the inclu-sion of our local at-risk population in mainstream employment.Roberts received his bachelors degree in psychology from USC where he graduated cum laude with departmental hon-ors. He is also former President of the West Los Angeles College PACE Alumni Association. Roberts currently resideswith his wife, Juliette, in the Crenshaw district of Los Angeles and is the proud parent of six children and grandparent toten others.HEALTHY COMMUNITIES LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE AWARDEddie Meador, Senior Counselor, Castle WestEddie came to Los Angeles from Dallas, Texas in 1956. He spent most of his youth and young adult life inand out of jail, and abusing drugs. Eddie is a recovered heroine and cocaine abuser and has been clean since1973. His recovery started through a program called Bricks in Los Angeles. Initially, Eddie went to Bricks for90 days, then eventually starting volunteering. He later went to the USC School of Medicine and earned hiscertification as a Counselor. He returned to Bricks and worked there for 10 years as a Counselor I & II andlater in the ex-felon program. Eddie joined Castle in 1985 where he currently serves as Sr. Counselor and Co-ordinator. His passion in life is helping people, and dealing with addicts. 17
  16. 16. Pathways To Your Future - 15th Anniversary Frontline Soldiers Awards Breakfast and Fundraiser HEALTHY COMMUNITIES LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE AWARD Bobbie Owens, Director, Mini Twelve Step House As the Executive Director of the Mini Twelve Step House, Inc., Bobbi Owens has provided lead- ership, strategic vision, and effective alcohol and drug rehabilitation services for women and their families suffering from addictive disorders. Since joining the organization in 1989, Ms. Owens has tripled the budget while ensuring the policies, practices and programs remain relevant to a special population that is often neglected, misunderstood and under represented. Respond- ing to the shift in our nation’s priority while keeping the services relevant and ahead of the tech- nology curve, Bobbi and the board of directors adopted a policy of “continuous learning”.MTSH services assist women and their families in rebounding from homelessness, mental illness, economic depression,domestic violence and family separation caused by addiction. Founded in 1971, the programs have grown from one tofour locations inclusive of South Central Los Angeles and the City of Compton. The passion and relentless dedicationof Bobbi Owens has kept Mini Twelve Step ahead of the curve in spite of challenges brought about by a shift in our na-tion’s priority and administration. Thousands of lives have been saved and families reunited by her efforts.In partnership with the board of directors, Ms. Owens recently led the Mini Twelve Step House into a sound mergerwith JWCH Institute, Inc., a 50 year old, premier health care organization serving the neediest citizens of Los AngelesCounty. JWCH Institute, Inc, with the merger, will become a full service health home, saving sparse resources, whilefully integrating services which will be of huge benefit to the respective organization’s stakeholders.She is the executive producer of the film “Sistuh,” released in 1998, which reveals the depth, dignity and growth ofwomen impaled by substance abuse, violence and poverty. It won the Black Cinema Society’s Best DocumentaryAward in 1998. She created and authored a column entitled “Recovery and Addiction” for Our Weekly Newspaper fortwo years 2005-2006. She is the co-author of Windows of Life, a collection of inspirational stories of humor, tragedy,and triumph. The stories capture the essence of our community and the everyday mishaps of living life as it comes. Shewas featured in Essence Magazine (feature story) “One Grandmother’s Story 1996 and was presented with the SojournerTruth Award, 1996 by the Black Advocates in State Service for outstanding commitment and service to women andcommunity. Bobbi continues to share her expertise by sitting on various community boards. She favors assisting organi-zations servicing neglected women and their families in depressed urban communities. HEALTHY COMMUNITIES LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE AWARD Erick Cerda Employment Resource Coordinator, Los Angeles Probation Department Mr. Erick Cerda has a plethora of knowledge in the area of Job Development and in leverag- ing community resources with the appropriate population. Mr. Cerda has worked in the fol- lowing capacities: Los Angeles County Probation Department as an Employment Resource Coordinator, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Department of Public Social Services and Work Source Center. The above have give Mr. Cerda the knowledge and experience necessary to help him excel at his current position as an Employment Resource Coordinator working at the LA County Probation Department Day Reporting Center (DRC).At the DRC Mr. Cerda is charged with assisting high risk male adults between the ages of 18 and 25, with all of theirbasic needs and eventually training, preparing and assisting them to find stable employment.Mr. Cerda is able to connect this population with the adequate services to help them maintain steady income while theycomplete their training, through referrals to different community partners. Mr. Cerda conducts various job readinesscourses that help prepare the clients from the DRC for the mainstream. These efforts combined with the Cognitive Be-havioral Evidence Based Courses taught at the DRC help groom the clients for their transition into the employment field.This has allowed Mr. Cerda the ability to assist many of the DRC clients in their efforts to find stable employment.Mr. Cerda has a Bachelors Degree in Business Management and a Master Degree in Public Administration. Mr. Cerdawas also an EMT-Paramedic; he keeps his license active because he participates every year on the Baker to Vegas RelayRace, Mr. Cerda is the Swarm Peace Officer Volunteer for the Probation Department for this event. 18
  17. 17. Theme: “Where Were You when you were 18? Were you homeless?” HEALTHY COMMUNITIES LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE AWARD Eric Marts, Deputy Director County of Los Angeles Dept. of Children & Family Services - Bureau 2 Eric Marts came to Los Angeles from Louisiana at the age of four and was raised in the Watts community of South Central Los Angeles. Eric graduated from David Starr Jordan, the local high school and completed his undergraduate work at the University of Redlands in Redlands, California obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology. He attended the California State University of Long Beach to obtain his Masters degree in Public Administration. Eric Marts began his career with the County of Los Angeles as a Deputy Probation Officer at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall in 1975. In 1979, Eric went to the Department of Children and Fam-ily Services to work as a Children’s Social Worker in the former Southwest office (Region VI) and was promoted to Su-pervisor after five years. Eric’s supervisory experience also included the Exposition Park and Pomona offices. He laterbecame Senior Departmental Personnel Technician at Maclaren Children’s Center where, among other personnel duties,he was responsible for investigating complaints during a period when Maclaren was experiencing many challenges. After the Maclaren assignment, Eric became the Civil Service Advocate advocating on the Department’s behalfat both the Civil Service and the Employee Relations Commissions. He went on to become Deputy Regional Adminis-trator in the El Monte office. In 2000, Eric Marts was requested to develop and implement a new bureau called the Bu-reau of Child Protection. Further, while managing this bureau, Eric developed and implemented a new service deliverymodel, the “Point of Engagement (POE),” which was designed to reduce the number of children entering foster care andhelp to increase reunification and permanency efforts. The POE service delivery model has been highly successful andis now a “countywide front-end approach.” Eric Marts is now the Deputy Director for Services Bureau 2 of Los Angeles County’s Department of Childrenand Family Services where he oversees the Child Protection Hotline and the Emergency Response Command Post. Ad-ditionally, Eric Marts oversees four regional operations that include the Compton Project, Vermont Corridor, Wateridge,and the West Los Angeles offices. HEALTHY COMMUNITIES LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE AWARD Marqueece Harris-Dawson President and CEO, Community Coalition As President and CEO of Community Coalition, Harris-Dawson has been working arduously to improve the social and economic conditions in South Los Angeles that lead to crime, vio- lence, substance abuse and poverty. Harris-Dawson came to the helm of Community Coalition in 2004 following years of dedi- cated hard work as a community organizer, leader and director. Previously, Community Coali- tion founder Karen Bass, the U.S. Representative for Californias 33rd congressional district, led the organization as its Executive Director. Founded in 1990, the Community Coalition isbest known for leading nationally recognized grassroots campaigns that include groundbreaking nuisance abatementwork to close over 150 liquor stores and educational justice campaigns to transform the quality of public education. Inthe 1990s, Harris-Dawson served as the director of the Community Coalition youth project, South Central Youth Em-powered Through Action (SCYEA), leading the Proposition Better Buildings campaign to expose the poor conditions atSouth Los Angeles high schools. Arming youth with disposable cameras to document the poor conditions of theirschools, and training them to advocate for badly needed repairs at their campuses, Harris-Dawson helped students win$153 million in school repairs in 1999.Along with a host of Board and Committee posts, Harris-Dawson has been recognized with several community commen-dations, recognitions and awards including the coveted Do Something “BRICK” Award and Liberty Hill Foundation’sUpton Sinclair Award. Harris-Dawson was recently honored with The California Wellness Foundation (TCWF) Sabbati-cal Program Award that funds a three-month long sabbatical. Harris-Dawson is a Morehouse graduate and has also re-ceived a certificate in non-profit management from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. He is currently an AspenInstitute Fellow for New Leaders. 19
  18. 18. Pathways To Your Future - 15th Anniversary Frontline Soldiers Awards Breakfast and FundraiserPROGRAMWelcome/Announcements ..................................................................... Darren HendonOpening Prayer .......................................................................... Pastor James Jones JJ 2004 Frontline Soldier Recipient, Gangsters for Christ, California Cease Fire Committee & the Watts Gang TaskforceIntro of M.C. .............................................................................................. Joy Rayside Master of Ceremony: HARRY LENNIXMusical Selection ........................................................................ New Directions ChoirBlessing of the Food ........................ Pastor Austin Williams, True Vine Baptist Church 2002 Frontline Soldier Recipient * * Breakfast is Served * *Video Presentation .............................................“History of Pathways To Your Future”PTYF: Past, Present & Future ...................................................... Dr. Micheal Williams Messiah’s Ministries & ServicesAcknowledgements .............................................. Gerald E. and Linda B. Thompson Founders, Pathways To Your FutureReflections on the Theme ........................................ Pathways To Success former client “Where Were You When You Were 18? Were You Homeless?”Video Presentation ................................................................................. 2011 Breakfast"Frontline Soldiers Prayer" .................... Pastor Edward Turner, Power of Love Church 2003 Frontline Soldier Recipient 2011 FRONTLINE SOLDIERS HALL OF FAME AWARDSIntroduction of Keynote Speaker ........................................................................... M.C. Frontline Soldiers Awards Breakfast Keynote Speaker ACTOR/AUTHOR PHILANTHROPIST DR. HILL HARPERPresentations/Remarks ....................................................... Gerald & Linda ThompsonAdjournment Closing Prayer ....................................................... Pastor Gerald Burgess 2003 Frontline Soldier Recipient 20
  19. 19. Theme: “Where Were You when you were 18? Were you homeless?” Frontline Soldier Hall of Fame Recipients 2011HUMANITARIAN AWARD Timothy Watkins, President/CEO, Watts Labor Community Action Committee (WLCAC)BUSINESS EXCELLENCE AWARD Percell M. Keeling, Founder and Owner, Simply Wholesome Restaurant Apryl E. Sims, General Manager, Simply Wholesome RestaurantEXCELLENCE IN COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD Brent F. Burton, President, Junior Firefighter FoundationEXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION SERVICE AWARD Dr. Andrew Kennedy, Director, Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE), retiredHEALTHY COMMUNITIES LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE AWARD Ernest Roberts, PVJOBS Bobbie Owens, Director, Mini Twelve Step House Eric Marts, Deputy Director, County of Los Angeles Dept. of Children & Family Services Marqueece Harris Dawson, President and CEO, Community Coalition Erick Cerda, Employment Resource Coordinator, Los Angeles Probation Department Eddie Meador, Senior Counselor, Castle WestEXCELLENCE IN PUBLIC SERVICE AWARD U.S. Congresswoman Maxine Waters, California 35th Congressional District State Assemblymember Mike Davis, California 48th District State Assemblymember Steve Bradford, California 51st District Gloria Gray, Board Member, West Basin Municipal Water District BoardEXCELLENCE IN PUBLIC SAFETY AWARD Deputy Chief Patrick Gannon, Los Angeles Police Department, Operations – South BureauLEGACY AWARD Muhammad Ali Nassardeen, Founder and President, Recycling Black Dollars* Cesar Calderon, former Executive Director, Soledad Enrichment Action (S.E.A.)* *Posthumous award 21
  20. 20. Pathways To Your Future - 15th Anniversary Frontline Soldiers Awards Breakfast and Fundraiser EXCELLENCE IN PUBLIC SERVICE AWARD U.S. Congresswoman Maxine Waters, California 35th Congressional District Congresswoman Maxine Waters was elected in November 2010 to her eleventh term in the House of Representatives. Congresswoman Waters represents a large part of South Central Los Angeles, the communities of Westchester and Playa Del Rey, and the diverse cities of Gardena, Hawthorne, Inglewood and Lawndale. She continues to be a senior member of the House Committee on Financial Services, serving as the Ranking Member of the Subcommit- tee on Capital Markets and Government Sponsored Enterprises. She also serves on the Sub- committee on Insurance, Housing and Community Opportunity, and the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations. An integral member of Congressional Democratic Leadership, Congresswoman Waters serves as a Chief DeputyWhip and as a member of the Steering & Policy Committee. Prior to her election to the House of Representatives in 1990, Congresswoman Waters served 14 years in theCalifornia State Assembly, & rose to the powerful position of Democratic Caucus Chair.She is a co-founder of Black Women’s Forum, a nonprofit organization of over 1,200 African American women in theLos Angeles area. In the mid-80s, she also founded Project Build, working with young people in Los Angeles housingdevelopments on job training and placement. She is lauded by African American entrepreneurs for her work to expand contracting and procurement opportu-nities and to strengthen businesses. One testament to her work is the Maxine Waters Employment Preparation Center, amultimillion dollar campus providing education and employment opportunities to residents of the Watts area. Maxine Waters was born in St. Louis, Missouri, the fifth of 13 children reared by a single mother. She beganworking at age 13 in factories and segregated restaurants. After moving to Los Angeles, she worked in garment factoriesand at the telephone company. She attended California State University at Los Angeles, where she earned a Bachelor ofArts degree. She began her career in public service as a teacher and a volunteer coordinator in the Head Start program.She is married to Sidney Williams, the former U.S. Ambassador to the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. She is themother of two adult children, Edward and Karen, and has two grandchildren. EXCELLENCE IN PUBLIC SERVICE AWARD State Assemblymember Steve Bradford, California 51st District Assemblymember Steven C. Bradford represents the 51st District, comprised of the communi- ties of Hawthorne, Lawndale, Inglewood, Lennox, South Central LA, Westchester, Gardena, Willowbrook, Playa Vista, and parts of Ladera Heights and West Compton. As a member of the Assembly, Mr. Bradford is focused on providing all children with a qual- ity education and healthcare. Additional priorities include public safety, economic develop- ment in the district and across California, and affordable housing. As the new Chair of the As- sembly Utilities & Commerce Committee, Assemblymember Bradford is focused on supplier diversity, stimulating green job opportunities for all Californians, and balancing investment in new technologies with ratepayer protection.In 1997, Mr. Bradford was elected to the Gardena City Council—the first African American to hold this post. Through-out his tenure in office, he held regular Up-Close Open Council Office Sessions, which provided opportunities for con-stituents to provide him with vital input. He has worked for major companies like IBM and Southern California Edison,and served his community as the program director and recycling coordinator for the Los Angeles Conservation Corps.He also served as the Director of Solid Waste for the City of Compton and the District Director for the late Congress-woman Juanita Millender-McDonald, where he honed his knowledge of many public policy and legislative issues. Oneaccomplishment of which Mr. Bradford is most proud, is that he is responsible for putting Gardena on the map with itspopular free Jazz Festival held annually in August at a local park and featuring well-known internationally recognizedrecording artists. Mr. Bradford is actively involved in leading his community. He has served as a member of the Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. Cultural Committee of Gardena, chair of the Black History Month Celebration Committee, a PTAmember, and as president of the Hollypark Homeowners Association. Assemblymember Bradford’s history in the district began when he moved to Gardena with his family, at agenine, and attended Purche Avenue Elementary School, Henry Clay Junior High School, and Gardena High School. Fromthere he went on to San Diego State University and Cal State, Dominguez Hills, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree inPolitical Science and a Paralegal Certificate. 22
  21. 21. Theme: “Where Were You when you were 18? Were you homeless?” EXCELLENCE IN PUBLIC SERVICE AWARD Gloria Gray, Board Member, West Basin Municipal Water District Board Gloria D. Gray dedicated her 36-year career to the Los Angeles County Departments of Human Services and Health Services in the areas of community relations, administration, health care management and human resources. In 2009, Gray was appointed to the Metropolitan Water District (MWD) Board of Directors and the L.A. County Board of Supervisors to serve on a water quality Community Task Force. She is currently a Vice Chair of the MWD Board and serves on the Executive Committee, Organization, Personnel and Technology Committee, Legislative Committee, Communication and Education Committee, and Special Committee on Bay-Delta. In April 2010, former Assembly Speaker Karen Bass appointed Gray to the Delta Stewardship Council.For her devoted years of community service, Gray has received several awards and commendations from severalorganizations, including the 2009 Power Pac Award from the Los Angeles African American Political Action Committeeand the 2009 Female Democrat of the Year for the 51st Assembly District as well as recognition from numerous electedofficials.Gloria earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Redlands, a Health ServicesManagement Certificate from the University of California Los Angeles, a Louis Allen Management Certificate from theLA County Department of Health Services and a Masters in Governance Certificate from the California School BoardsAssociation.In 2003, Gray retired from the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services. She is a proud mother of twodaughters, grandmother of five grandchildren and one great-grandchild. EXCELLENCE IN PUBLIC SERVICE AWARD State Assemblymember Mike Davis, California 48th District Assemblyman Mike Davis was elected to serve the 48th Assembly District in 2006 which encompasses a myriad of diverse communities including: Arlington Park, Athens, Chester- field Square, King Estates, Koreatown, Lafayette Park, Magnolia Square, North University Park, University Park, Vermont Knolls, West Adams, West Park Terrace and Wilshire Cen- ter. Prior to assuming office, Assemblyman Davis served as a Senior Deputy Supervisor for L.A. County Supervisor Yvonne Burke, District Director for Congresswoman Maxine Wa- ters during her tenure in the California State Assembly and continued to serve in this role when she was elected to Congress. He helped coordinate the opening of the Maxine Waters Employment PreparationCenter and fought to make sure that South Los Angeles residents got relocation benefits during the expansion of the Har-bor Freeway, as District Director of the 48th Assembly District Office. Assemblyman Davis also helped to establish the Denzel Washington Pediatric Pavilion at Martin Luther King,Jr. Hospital and also fought for diversity among the construction staff at the King Hospital Trauma Center Constructionsite during the 1994 construction project while serving as Senior Deputy Supervisor for the Second District, Los AngelesCounty. Assemblyman Davis earned his Bachelors Degree in history from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte;a Masters of Public Administration Degree from California State University at Northridge; and a Masters of Arts Degreein Behavioral Science with a concentration in Negotiations and Conflict Management from California State University atDominguez Hills. Additionally, he completed Innovations in Governance Program at the John F. Kennedy School ofGovernment at Harvard University. He is also the first elected official to graduate from the Executive Master of Leader-ship Program at University of Southern California’s School of Policy, Planning and Development. 23
  22. 22. Pathways To Your Future - 15th Anniversary Frontline Soldiers Awards Breakfast and FundraiserLEGACY AWARDMuhammad Ali NassardeenFounder and PresidentRecycling Black DollarsPosthumous awardRecycling Black Dollars (RBD) founder Muhammad A. Nassardeen was a light of the community. The revered business-man, community leader and activist passed away from a sudden heart attack at age 54 on Thursday, October 11, 2007.He was one of California’s premier proponents of minority business ownership and empowerment. Nassardeen’s RBDhosted networking sessions designed to maximize opportunities for Blacks to exchange business cards, names and otherbusiness information. “We like to keep models of possibilities in front of our young people, so they can see people whoare doing things, who are making money, whom they can emulate or imitate,” Nassardeen once said. Nassardeen’s hope-ful vision for the future was evident in his dealings with the youth. For author Trizah Morris, whose young son was men-tored by Nassardeen, the impact of his work touches her on a very personal level. “He taught me the power of spendingwith our own people,” she says emotionally. “When I met him, I was actually coming out of being homeless for sixteenmonths. I had written a book and he put me in contact with people to help promote and publish the book. But I had noidea about business and commerce … until he brought it to my attention.”LEGACY AWARDCesar Calderonformer Executive DirectorSoledad Enrichment Action (S.E.A.)Posthumous awardThe remarkable life of Cesar Calderon, who recently passed at the age of 45, can be described as one of an extraordinary,tireless and accomplished champion of alternative education programs for young people in Los Angeles, especially thoseon the margins of inner city communities. Prior to his passing on January 17, 2011, Cesar was the President and ChiefExecutive Officer of Soledad Enrichment Action, Inc., a nonprofit organization that provides alternative education pro-grams and support services to at-risk youth and their families throughout Los Angeles County. He held that position be-ginning in 2004 and previously he was the organization’s Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer.Although Cesar quickly succeeded professionally, he always took care to develop himself as a man, a husband, a father,son, a mentor, and a friend. He believed strongly in the importance of personal growth and improvement, not as a matterof self-interest, but as a way to give more fully to the world in which he lived. He saw potential in everyone, especiallythose who had been given up on-certainly by society but for some, even by their own families. However, he knewthrough his own experience that the solution was not just to “help” but rather to empower. As a result, a philosophybased on teamwork combined with self-improvement and self-empowerment permeates the mission of the organizationthat he served so skillfully. 24
  23. 23. Theme: “Where Were You when you were 18? Were you homeless?” 25
  24. 24. Pathways To Your Future - 15th Anniversary Frontline Soldiers Awards Breakfast and Fundraiser 26
  25. 25. Theme: “Where Were You when you were 18? Were you homeless?” 27
  26. 26. Pathways To Your Future - 15th Anniversary Frontline Soldiers Awards Breakfast and Fundraiser 28
  27. 27. Theme: “Where Were You when you were 18? Were you homeless?” 29
  28. 28. Pathways To Your Future - 15th Anniversary Frontline Soldiers Awards Breakfast and Fundraiser Email: Congratulations to Frontline Soldier Hall of Fame Inductee Marqueece Harris-Dawson Congratulations & all Awardees from to the Frontline Soldiers Hall of Fame Inductees from Landry’s LimoTransportation provider for Actor Hill Harper 30
  29. 29. Theme: “Where Were You when you were 18? Were you homeless?” 31
  30. 30. Pathways To Your Future - 15th Anniversary Frontline Soldiers Awards Breakfast and Fundraiser CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FRONTLINE SOLDIERS INDUCTEES AND PATHWAYS TO YOUR FUTURE Salutes PTYF and theFrontline Soldiers 32
  31. 31. Theme: “Where Were You when you were 18? Were you homeless?” Ronda Dixon Exe. Director CONGRATULATES Congratulations! PATHWAYS TO To YOUR FUTURE Frontline Soldiers Award Recipients FOR 15 YEARS OF WORKING WITH THE Dixon Recovery Institute YOUTH OF“Recover your dreams build your life” LOS ANGELES COUNTY 33
  32. 32. Pathways To Your Future - 15th Anniversary Frontline Soldiers Awards Breakfast and Fundraiser 34
  33. 33. Theme: “Where Were You when you were 18? Were you homeless?” Congratulations to Pathways To Your Future & Frontline Soldiers Inductees Ed Keane Associates 573 Pleasant St. Winthrop, MA 02152 Phone: 617-846-0067 Fax: 617-846-1767 35
  34. 34. Pathways To Your Future - 15th Anniversary Frontline Soldiers Awards Breakfast and Fundraiser 36
  35. 35. Theme: “Where Were You when you were 18? Were you homeless?” Sponsors: Gold: SEIU Local 721 Silver:L.A. County Board Of Supervisors, Mark Ridley Thomas PV Jobs Waste Management Toyota CityLites Community Coalition Media Sponsor: Supporters: Eva & Richard Overturf MaDonna Banks Katie Barwig Barry EasdaleMarlene Smith Hochman, Salkin, Rettig, Toscher, & Perez Law Firm Cory Stigile Hotel Carmel Assemblymember Steve Bradford Angelica Rangel Cease Fire Committee Shirley Ashford Georgio Rossi 37
  36. 36. Pathways To Your Future - 15th Anniversary Frontline Soldiers Awards Breakfast and Fundraiser Acknowledgements Committee Members Adrianne Orr Joy Rayside Barry Mack Kandee Lewis Carlton Griffin Lorraine Dillard Cherlyn Martin Lotoya Clarence Allen Mark Johnson Cornell Ward Nicole Thompson Darren Hendon Pastor Austin Williams Dyann Crosby Rene Avelar Gerald Burgess Samuel Sutherland Gwen Howard Sergio Paz Henry Brown Tori Bailey Henry Hudson Vicki Lindsey Herve Gordon Wayman Baker Jessica CrenshawSpecial thanks to Sign with Me and founder, director D’yann Crosby andTheresa “Mama T” Sharp for providing sign language interpreting for the deaf and hard of hearing audience participants. Photography: Michael Riddick Video Production Services: Kael Beverly, Beverly Boy Productions DJ/Sound & Video Engineer: James Brown, New Horizon Enterprises Flower Arrangements: Sullivan Scott, Flowers by Scott Event Coordinator/Graphic design: Arnetta Mack, Mack Enterprises Unlimited 38
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