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Taking Your Blog to the Next Level: Building Excitement, Readership and Community!
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Taking Your Blog to the Next Level: Building Excitement, Readership and Community!


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Next Steps With Your Blog: Building Excitement, Readership, and Community!
  • 2. Only 1 in 6 people trust company blogs
  • 3. Most companies blog with their best interests in mind, instead of focusing on creating valuable content for their readers.
  • 4. Let’s clear the air right now…
  • 5.
  • 6. Marketers would do better to embrace one of the four strategies prominently used by bloggers to attract readers, build conversations , and engage community members in sharing their experiences with their online peers. – Forrester’s Laura Ramos, ‘How To Derive Value From B2B Blogging’
  • 7. Why do most company blogs suck?
    • Because the blog is used to promote the company
    • Because the bloggers don’t answer or encourage comments
    • Because posts are infrequent, random
    • Because the blog has little to no pictures and is boring visually
    • Because the blog creates little value for its readers
  • 8. Your blog isn’t Times Square…
  • 9. Your readers want value from your blog. Period. End. Of. Sentence.
  • 10.  
  • 11. Don’t blog about Kodak’s cameras, blog about photography
  • 12. Don’t blog about Best Western, blog about traveling
  • 13. Don’t blog about HomeGoods’ products, blog about interior decorating
  • 14. Don’t blog about your tax-preparation software, blog about how I can save money on my taxes
  • 15. Don’t blog about your realtors, blog about the area where you sell properties
  • 16. People read your blog to: A – Learn something they didn’t know B – Because they have a problem that needs solving C – Be entertained D – Get information or help with your products/services E – Learn how they can help you make more money (Guess which one doesn’t belong…)
  • 17. No (successful) blog is an island…
  • 18. By visiting, commenting on and linking to other blogs, you are creating trails back to your own…
  • 19. Find ways to put the spotlight on your readers and showcase them
  • 20. If someone leaves a great comment to your post, point that out!
  • 21. Encourages comments from readers Makes special mention of readers that leave comments
  • 22. Your Posting Pattern Affects Readership
    • Posting regularly increases readership
    • Write a set number of posts a week
    • Space your posts out, no big gaps
    • Train your readers
  • 23. Blog has several pictures that catch the reader’s eye and make the blog more appealing
  • 24. Readers want to see what you look like (No really, they do!)
  • 25. Is this the best blog idea ever?
  • 26. These are not your blog’s readers…
  • 27. … these are your readers. Real people with real faces and real names living real lives.
  • 28. So how do you connect with people on your blog?
  • 29.
  • 30. Look at your blog through the eyes of your reader. Ask yourself ‘why would they care?’
  • 31. Find your blog’s ‘bigger idea’… … that makes your content valuable and relevant to your readers.
  • 32. Instead of posting about How to Use LinkedIn… … this post shows readers how to use LinkedIn to get a job .
  • 33.  
  • 34.  
  • 35.  
  • 36.  
  • 37.  
  • 38. Keys to creating an exciting company blog
    • Create content that your readers can find value in
    • Encourage feedback from your readers
    • Leave your blog
    • Post regularly
    • Make it pretty
    • Be thankful
    • Shift your mindset
  • 39. Give them a reason to care .
  • 40. Mack Collier – Social Media Consultant Stay in touch with me here: Blog – Twitter – Email –