How to Handle Negative Comments

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How to respond to and handle negative blog comments

How to respond to and handle negative blog comments

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  • 1. How to Handle Negative Blog Comments
  • 2. Mack Collier – Social Media Strategist
    Stay in touch with me here:
    Blog –
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    You can find this presentation online at:
  • 3. Perception
  • 4. Reality
  • 5. You can’t ignore negative comments or ‘bury’ them…
  • 6. When customers
    receive a response
    from a company
    after posting
    feedback, 33%
    then post a positive
    review, and 34%
    delete the original
    negative review.
    Source: Harris
  • 7. If you handle negative feedback correctly, you can often convert a ranter into a raver
  • 8.
  • 9. How to Handle Negative Comments
    • Respond, and quickly – piling on can happen
    • 10. Identify your role with the company
    • 11. Be respectful of comments left, don’t lose your cool
    • 12. Politely respond, address the points raised, correct any misinformation
    • 13. Give readers a way to contact you for further comments
    • 14. Answer additional comments left
  • How you handle the first conversation, leads to the second one
  • 15.
  • 16. The article is filled with inconsistencies. One thing I did get from this article is, I will never buy furniture from Hardwood Artisans.
    Let's see... he pays his craftspeople $20 an hour without health benefits, charges $6k-8k for a bed, and is building a $700k house... what's wrong with this picture?
    The furniture is not only expensive, it's exploitive.
  • 17. Here’s what I suggested to Alison….
    Clearly identify who you are and your relationship to the company
    BE RESPECTFUL of the opinions expressed
    Thank the commenters for their opinions, and politely offer your response
    Politely correct the misinformation in the article
    INVITE the commenters to continue to discuss this with you here in the comments PLUS give them your email address
    If they leave additional comments, answer them
  • 18. Here’s the comment Alison left
    Hi, I'm the Director of Marketing for Hardwood Artisans.
    Thanks to all the commenters for all the interest in Hardwood Artisans. I do have one quick correction, no fault of Tom's. We've had health insurance available through the company since August of 2007. Employees can elect to take advantage of the company plan, but some have their own plans or get insurance through their spouses. Personally, I have the company plan.
    If anyone would like more information or has more feedback, feel free to email me at or post here. I'm always happy to answer questions.
    Alison Heath
  • 19. After Alison left that comment, the tone of the comments changed…
    “It sounds like a nice company “
    “We have been buying furniture from Hardwood Artisans for twenty years. The furniture holds up really well. “
    “I wish there were more companies like this. “
    “I've been a client of HA for over 15 years…These guys build stuff my grandchildren will later fight over. “
    “Still, if nothing else, my hat is off to Alison for being willing to step into the lion's den to answer questions “
  • 20. What about real trolls?
  • 21. Create a Comment Policy For Your Blog
    Encourage comments, and clearly explain what type of comments are acceptable
    Spell out exactly what type of language is acceptable
    You NEVER have to let a comment that attacks you or your readers stand, or one with profanity
    If you moderate comments, let readers know
  • 22. Any Questions?