CSE 111 Cs Fundametals
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CSE 111 Cs Fundametals






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CSE 111 Cs Fundametals Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Notre Dame of Midsayap College Midsayap, Cotabato A.Y. 2010-2011Vision-Mission: We envision to bring the best of Notre Dame Spirit to Asia and the rest of the world. As a Filipino academic community, Notre Dame of Midsayap College commits herself to empower each person to lead meaningful life and to make a positive difference through quality, relevant and liberating education.Course Number: CSE 111Course Title: CS FundamentalsCredits: 3 units Laboratory / 2 units LectureNumber of Hours: 54 hours / 36 hoursPre-requisites: NoneCourse Description: This course is concerned with the information processing cycle, computer hardware, software, an introduction to current and popular microcomputer tools. Students acquire skills in the use of popular software from basic to advance topics covering PC operating system, word processing, electronic spreadsheets and presentation programs, and the importance of internet and html programming.General Objectives: This course is designed to provide knowledge and understanding to students about computer system, information system concepts and use word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, the importance of Internet and HTML documents.Subject Goals: At the end of the course, the students are expected to: • Acquire knowledge and skills required operation of information system, • Understands the fundamental aspect of computer, • Identify and understand the mechanism and functions of computer hardware, • Identify and understand the mechanism and functions of system and application software, • Create documents, spreadsheets, presentation, html • Apply the basic application of computer fundamentals
  • 2. Key Concepts: computer, users, procedures, data/information, software, hardware, communications, information systems, word processing, electronic spreadsheets, presentation programs, html, internet.Course Requirements: • Quizzes and assignments • Officially scheduled examination • Research through the internet • Reporting • Portfolio – WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT, HTMLReferences: * Books *Textbook R1 - Antole,Abano, Ariola. Introduction to Information Technology. 2003. Trinital Publishing, Inc. *References R2 – Peter Norton. Introduction to Computers, 5th Edition, Mc Graw-Hill. R3 – Sawyer, Williams, Hutchinson, Using Information Technology, Brief Edition. 1997. International McGraw Hill. R4 – O’Leary, Computing Essential, Brief. 1998, McGraw-Hill *Internet http://www.oneil.com.au/ http://www.jegsworks.com/ http://www.grassrootsdesign.com/intro/Prepared by: Michaelangelo R. Serrano CITE FacultyNoted by: Engr. Ronniel D. Labio, MIT CITE Dean
  • 3. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES LEARNING CONTENTS TIME LEARNING VALUES INFUSED REFRENCES EVALUATION ALLOCATION ACTIVITIES At the end of thediscussion, the students is I. Computer Systemexpected to: * Discussion * Appreciation R1 Quiz, Recitation,a. Familiarize themselves a. Introduction to computer 5 hours * Lecture * Awareness R2 Homework with the computer b. Elements of computer system * Respect R3b. Identify the elements of c. Classifications of computers * Courtesy R4 computer system d. Capabilities and Limitations of * Cooperationc. List the classification of computers * Discipline computers e. History of Computingd. State the capabilities and limitations of computere. be familiar with the history of computing At the end of the term, II. Information System Conceptsthe students is expected to:a. Identify the functions of a. Introduction to Information 5 hours * Discussion * Appreciation R1 Quiz, Recitation, information system in system * Lecture * Awareness R2 Homework, group an organization b. Types of Information System * Respect R3 discussionb. Identify the types or c. The communication process * Courtesy R4 fields of information d. Elements of information system * Cooperation system e. The information system * Disciplinec. Understand the development life cycle communication process, data, information and systemd. Describe the interplay of the elements of the systeme. Understand the system development life cycle
  • 4. At the end of the term, III. MS Word 2003 – Wordthe students is expected to: Processinga. Define and understand 10 hours * Discussion * patience R1 Quiz, Recitation, word processing a. What is a word processing? * Lecture * Appreciation R2 Homeworkb. Familiarize the MS b. MS Word 2003 environment * Demonstration * Awareness R3 Word environment c. Keyboard & mouse familiarization * Respect R4c. Identify the parts and its and its functions * Courtesy functions of keyboard d. Opening MS word application and * Cooperation and mouse creating, saving and opening * Disciplined. Create, save and open documents * understanding files or documents e. Save vs. save as & close vs. exite. Understand the use of f. Editing commands save & save as and g. Viewing documents, insert page close & exit numbers, symbols & picturesf. Familiarize the use of h. Formatting commands edit commands such as i. Inserting tables and merging a cell cut, copy & paste, undo j. Printing a documents & redo & learn the spell Laboratory exercises & grammar checkers a. Lab Ex1. List & identify each 10 hours * Computer Activity Assignmentg. Familiarize in inserting function of MS Word 2003 page numbers, symbols, environment. pictures & viewing the b. Lab Ex2. Demonstrate and list each functions of keyboard and mouse. documenth. Be acquainted with the c. Lab Ex3. Perform to create new document, save/save as, open, close, format commands exit application and, shutdown ai. Create a table and computer. merge a cell d. Lab Ex4. Creating a new documentj. Print a document and apply the edit, format, insert commands. (charts) e. Lab Ex5. creating tables and merge a cells (calendar, class schedules) f. Lab Ex6. Printing ( using page set-up)
  • 5. At the end of the term, IV. MS Excel 2003 – Electronicthe students is expected to: Spreadsheet 10 hours * Discussion * patience R1 Quiz, Recitation,a. Define and understand * Lecture * Appreciation R2 Homework word processing a. What is Electronic Spreadsheet? * Demonstration * Awareness R3b. Understand the data b. Data types of MS Excel * Respect R4 types of MS Excel c. MS Excel 2003 environment * Courtesyc. Familiarize the MS d. Creating a new workbook, saving * Cooperation Excel environment and opening a workbook * Disciplined. Create, save and open a e. Inserting, deleting, renaming * understanding workbook worksheetse. Insert, delete, rename a f. Editing commands worksheet g. Formatting data typesf. Familiarize the editing h. Performing calculations commands i. Creating chartsg. Familiarize the j. Printing spreadsheets formatting commands (undo & redo) a. Lab Ex1. List & identify each 8 hours * Computer Activity Laboratory exercisesh. Use the sum, average function of MS Excel 2003 Assignment and if function and auto environment. sum b. Lab Ex2. Perform to create newi. Create a charts/graphs workbook, save/save as, open, close, exit application.j. Print a workbook c. Lab Ex3. Creating a new workbook and apply the edit, format, insert commands and merge a cell. d. Lab Ex4. Create and apply basic command functions of MS Excel. e. Lab Ex5. Creating a different chart/graph. f. Lab Ex6. Printing a workbook and graphs( using page set-up)
  • 6. At the end of the term, the V. MS PowerPoint 2003 -students is expected to: Presentation 8 hoursa. Define and explain a. What is MS PowerPoint? * Discussion * patience R1 Quiz, Recitation, MS PowerPoint b. PowerPoint presentation do’s * Lecture * Appreciation R2 Homeworkb. Understand the do’s and don’ts * Demonstration * Awareness R3 and don’ts using the c. MS PowerPoint Environment * Respect R4 * Courtesy presentation d. Basics of MS PowerPoint * Cooperationc. Identify the MS e. Working with text * Discipline PowerPoint f. Working with slides * understanding environment g. Delivering and managing thed. Explain the important slide show Laboratory exercises term and perform to 8 hours * Computer Activity Assignment create and design a. Lab Ex1. List & identify each presentation using function of MS PowerPoint 2003 autocontent wizards, environment. design templates or b. Lab Ex2. Perform to create new blank presentations presentation, save/save as, open,e. Familiar with cut, close, exit application. copy & paste, format c. Lab Ex3. Creating a new presentation and apply the edit, and edit a text and use format, insert commands and textbox merge a cell.f. Create, insert, delete, d. Lab Ex4. Create a new edit a master slide, presentation using the autocontent insert pictures and wizard. multimedia in the slide e. Lab Ex5. Create a master slideg. Present presentation and insert pictures. using slide transition f. Lab Ex6. Create presentation and animations using slide transition and animations g. Lab Ex7. Printing a slide presentation ( using page set-up)
  • 7. At the end of the term, the VI. Introduction to Internetstudents is expected to: 5 hours * Discussion * patience R1 Quiz, Recitation,a. Define and discuss the a. What is Internet? * Lecture * Appreciation R2 Homework importance of Internet b. Internet basic terms * Demonstration * Awareness R3b. Define the common c. How Internet works? * Respect R4 terms used in the internet d. History of Internet * Courtesyc. Understand how internet e. Internet browsers * Cooperation works & learn to connect * Discipline f. Searching information on the * understanding to the internetd. Discuss the history of web internet g. Creating an E-Mail addresse. Identify search engines h. Chat and games on the web that allows users to i. Downloading and uploading search the web files or documentsf. Learn the basic commands to search and a. Lab Ex1. List & identify different 8 hours * Computer Activity Laboratory exercises use the feature web and browsers. Assignment picture links of a search b. Lab Ex2. Apply the cut, copy and engine paste command. Use the basicg. Create an Email Address commands and search any topic. & familiarize the c. Lab Ex3. Creating a new email environment and learn to address attach files/documents d. Lab Ex4. Identify and list freeh. Experience the online online chat and games. chat and games on the e. Lab Ex5. Download internet web topics and other using anyi. Learn in downloading browser. Upload information or and uploading files using the Email. files/documents, save, copy and paste information/pictures
  • 8. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES LEARNING CONTENTS TIME LEARNING VALUES REFRENCES EVALUATION ALLOCATION ACTIVITIES INFUSED At the end of thediscussion, the students is VII. Basic Webpage 5 hours * Discussion * patience R1 Quiz, Recitation,expected to: Development * Lecture * Appreciation R2 Homework * Demonstration * Awareness R3a. Define and describe a. What is HTML? * Respect R4 * Courtesy web page, websites b. History of HTML * Cooperation and HTML c. Basic HTML Elements * Discipline documents d. Fundamentals of Webpage * understandingb. Discuss the history of e. Formatting web documents HTML f. Linking pagesc. Create a simple g. Advance HTML Elements HTML document h. Introduction to web publishingd. Understand the i. Other web development tools structure of HTML and concepts document * Computer Activity Laboratory exercisese. Use attributes in a. Lab Ex1. Create personal 8 hours Assignment formatting HTML information using the basic html document elements.f. Use anchor tags to b. Lab Ex2. Create a page with links link other web and. resources c. Lab Ex3. create a page using theg. Use list, table, form, advance HTML elements and frames in d. Lab Ex4. Search and register in a free web page. structure web pagesh. Discuss the importance of web publishingi. Identify other web development