Social selling 5 steps to your goal


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  • Social selling is a modern prospecting methodology that fills your funnel with opportunities.Keywords:Steps, Goal, achievement, process
  • Your industry has shifted. Your customers are smarter. They are more educated. Most importantly, they are time starved. They only have time to meet with people they know and trust.Think about the last 3 successful meetings you took with a buyer or recommender. Were they referred to you by someone you trust, or a cold call?. Social selling will shorten the sales process and allow you to build a network of clients based on trust.
  • We are not saying ALL email and cold calling is ineffective but without a process based strategy like WSE GRANQPOP and SOCIAL SELLING enhancements a shotgun approach to prospecting for sales will not be effective in reaching your goals What is Social Selling?Social selling is a modern prospecting methodology that fills your funnel with opportunities.What Does Social Selling Do?Social selling generates meetings with decision makers inside your target prospects.What Does it Mean to Use Social Selling?It means your sales team can make its number without dependencies on other departments.
  • In upcoming modules we will dive into many of the Social Selling vehicle's including how to instructions to get you started
  • Not long ago, you could cold call and email your way to appointments. Now, it seems you have to fight to get into every deal. As a result, our sales team is missing out on revenue opportunities. Signs this is happening to you are:It’s getting harder for sales reps to get at bats these days. It didn’t used to be that way. Get More At Bats with Social Selling .
  • You can also Leverage and measure multiple other social selling platforms in a blended sales &marketing approach i.e.;FacebookSlideShareYouTubePintrestGoogle+While continuing to use cold calling and email for both continuity and your personal effectiveness metrics and time allocation
  • If you are not sure how to develop the persona – ask questions from potential existing and past clients. See step 3Think about how and why our GRANQPOP process sequence dictates we DO NOT lead with product as product rarely speaks to buyer personas
  • In addition to these bullets we can do some great follow up training & content modules on the “ how to’s ” . LinkedIn also has an abundant amount of content on these subject. Let us know if you would find value in further instruction.
  • Pictures really are worth 1000 words Ana Hoffman has uploaded 57 presentations on SlideShare, including several that have been viewed by well over 100,000 viewers.“Speak in images, not only in words. Master teaching your audience in a few slides what others would teach in a blog post, and you’ll own Slideshare.”~ Ana Hoffman, Traffic Generation Cafe
  • Your Personal Brand is an intangible asset but can become the most valuable asset of your career. From it your future economic benefits flow. Managing your psychology as the platform from which you create, develop, and manage your Personal Brand is critical as you advance in your professional career. It reflects your awareness of who you are; it exhibits your ability to clearly communicate who you are; it suggests the product and even the benefits of what you offer, and it positions you as distinct from others in your field; it speaks of your business personality.
  • Social selling 5 steps to your goal

    1. 1. Step 1 Understand the changes in corporate procurement and select to open the right doors for you Step 3 Ask questions until you really understand their value Step 5 Maintain your sales process and measure Social Selling results Step 4 Learn & Practice content development for Social Selling Step 2 Understand Buyers Persona & Motivation 5 steps to making your sales SOCIAL SELLING Part1 Introduction
    2. 2. Agenda The objective for the session, is to review 4 new additional ways to modernize your sales process: 1.Understanding the New Buyer 2.Using Social Selling to Get in Deals Early 3.Modernizing Your Sales Process 4.The New ‘A’ Player Sales Rep Today’s module focuses on bullet #2: Social Selling.
    3. 3. • Ignoring a conversation doesn’t make it stop.
    4. 4. The Case for Social Selling You may be wondering if social selling is relevant for you. Here are some statistics from trusted sources that are worth your consideration: 4.4% - email open rates (source: Google). Batch and blast email campaigns don’t work. Your buyers (and you) are saturated with emails every day. If you think you can outshout hundreds of others via email, good luck. 1-3% - cold calling appointment rate (source: American Association for Inside Sales Professionals). When was the last time you answered your desk phone? An unknown call to your mobile phone? If you’re ONLY spending on tele-prospecting, you’re certainly challenged by the below……….. 84%- # of B2B decision makers who begin their buying process with a referral (source: Edelman Trust Barometer). Ask yourself what you did the last time you entered the market with a need. Maybe a new sales or marketing leader. A potential venture capital or private equity firm. Did you take a cold call? Respond to a recruiter’s email? Or, did you pick up the phone and call someone you know for help? The value of reps who can sell socially is growing
    5. 5. Understanding Buyers & Purchase Advocates Your industry's have shifted. Your customers are smarter. They are more educated. Most importantly, they are time starved. They only have time to meet with people they know and trust. • Ask some of your existing clients about the last 3 meetings they took with a sales rep. • They were likely referred to your client by someone or something they trust, not a cold call. • Our sales team also needs the ability to sell this way.
    6. 6. • Will it get easier?
    7. 7. Introduction to Social Selling
    8. 8. A Solution is in Plain Sight • The number 1 platform for B2B social selling is LinkedIn. Why? • Over 300M subscribers • A self-updated database with more accurate information than any other database • A direct route to decision makers who purchase your products
    9. 9. Prospecting Best Practices - steps 1 - 5 Step 1: Approach the Right Doors Determine your team’s 100 dream prospects (and fewer for an individual) Map out possible entry points or relationships you can leverage to reach them Determine buying centers in each prospect
    10. 10. Target your vertical based on YOU your experience, knowledge and passion Step 2: Buyer Centric Messaging Map out your Buyers & Purchase Advocates by verticals Develop Persona for each with the following components o Role Summary o Fears o Personal Objectives o Business Objectives o Scorecard Metrics All messaging should be created to speak to the Personas Think educating vs. selling to help buyers
    11. 11. Research – Research - Research Step 3: Use Social Listening Follow these Buyers using LinkedIn and other social channels. Determine what they find important by looking at the following: o LinkedIn endorsements – what do they want to be known for? o Content they publish – what are they talking about? o Groups they belong to – how can you be relevant to them?
    12. 12. Content is KING & includes visuals Step 4: Refine Writing Skills Outline writing guidelines Show current state writing examples – emails, LI invitations, content Provide best practices to reference audit writing samples Test copy results – iterate and use what works
    13. 13. Learn & Engage in multiple social media and platforms Step 5: Incorporate Social Selling Start simple with LinkedIn Build out networks by adding buyers Leverage connections to get introduced to buyers Broadcast quick wins via chatter, email, meetings, etc. Publish best practices to spread learning Track metrics around each of the 5 steps listed. Build momentum by broadcasting quick wins realized from the execution of each.
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    15. 15. In Closing - go Social