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AAF Final Nissan Plans Book

  1. 1. InnovationTimeline190019031914192019291930TollhouseCookiesSunglassesTrafficLightRadioRemotecontrol19331942194919511958 The First Datsun sedan arrives in the U.S.19631973198319971998200120042011200620102006MP3 PlayerGoogleArtificial HeartFacebookNissan 1st Electric RacecarNintendo WiiApple iPadNissan LeafMobile PhoneInternetLava LampRandomAccess MemoryLEGODuct TapeNissanWindshieldWipersWirelessSignaling
  2. 2. THE CONTENTS01EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Purchasing a car is a big commitment. For most, it is one of the biggestfinancial commitments of their lives. When Central Edge began studying thepsychographics of our consumers, many things became clear. This is a brandloyal generation with high expectations from companies. When it comes tocars, it is not features, colors, or even price that drives them to purchase acar. They believe a company should do more than just provide products orservices. They also have an expectation of community involvement. They wantto know how that brand is going to benefit them in their everyday lives. Over the past seven months, we conducted extensive research andstrategized the most effective way to reach our target market. Central Edgeassociates spent a day in the life of numerous Multicultural Millennials to walkin their shoes. We crafted Cultural Analysis Maps to help guide us through thecampaign and uncovered barriers that were stopping them from purchasingNissan vehicles. On the following pages, we present the strategies and executions thatwill be effective in increasing market share among Multicultural Millennialswho are 18 - 29 years-old. Our campaign is not grounded in MulticulturalMarketing, but it is grounded in being culturally aware. Our campaign willreinforce that Nissan is the most innovative automotive company in the world.Central Edge is confident that we have met all your objectives and exceededNissan’s expectations. In short, we have been as innovative as Nissan.- Scott Whisenhunt, Account ManagerThe Summary………....................…………………..1Edge of Advertising…………......……….........…….1TheAnalysis….......……………......…………………..2The Research………...............…..………………3 - 4The Findings……....………………………………….…5The SWOT.................…………………........…………6The Insights……....……………………………………..7TheTarget.............…….............……………………..8The Competition….....………......……….........9 - 10The Decision........……………..……...............……11The Process……......….…….................…………..12The Objectives……....…………......………………..13TheStrategy………....….....…...…………………….14The Vision……...........................…………………..15The Creative.............…..….…………………. 16 - 18The Storyboard…................……………………….19The Relationships……….………..................20 - 24The Plan............................................................25The Tactics.............................………...…….26 - 28The Numbers………..........…….......……………….29The Chart…...……………………...…………....30 - 31The Follow Up...……………………………………….32Appendix and Team Roster.…………Back CoverWe are a diverse group of students with different majors, interests andideas, but we all have the same belief that our clients and their brandssuccess comes first. With inventive ideas and strategy, our mission is toaccomplish all of Nissan’s aspirations and desires. We believe we havedone all of that and more.- Central Edge CommunicationsWE ARE THE EDGE OF ADVERTISING.
  3. 3. Multicultural Millennials: Nissan:Nissan Campaign Driving Insight:THE ANALYSIS02• As much as they are separated and defined by their culture andheritage.They are joined by their pursuit of being a part of the whole.• They respect the past, but they look to the future fully confident thatthey can change it and correct the mistakes of those who wentbefore them. They believe they can change the world.• When it comes to buying a new car – they want style, features,speed and reliability… but their choice is driven by two factors:money and life-stage. These two factors will assist the consumer inmaking their final choice.• They do not trust companies – and they don’t trust the advertisingdone by most companies.• Consumers expect companies to pay a price for the right to dobusiness. They want to buy from companies that do more than justmake money.• Nissan does not have a distinctive or clearly defined personalitywith its prospects.• Nissan makes the Evoked Set list of most Multicultural Millennials,but it is so near the bottom that if they find a good deal on a higherranking competitor – they never even look at a Nissan.• Nissan really is an innovative company…that is not just advertisinglingo (although our prospects don’t really understand what Nissanmeans by Innovation, and they aren’t really sure why they shouldcare).• Nissan is a company that pays back on a global basis - althoughour prospects view “paying back” as a more localized response.• Nissan really does have a reason why it does what it does – beyondjust making money. Their mission and vision is defined as “enrichingpeople’s lives.”While we gathered and analyzed information, we discovered several key truths about MulticulturalMillennials and Nissan. These key findings drove the Central Edge response to the problems andopportunities identified in this challenge as well as our overall campaign strategy. Ultimately, these keytruths led to the insights that drove this campaign.“Everything we do, we do because we believe in innovation. We believe in building cars that are unique anddeliver superior value. The way we challenge the status quo is by building quality vehicles that are more efficient,more beautiful, and more innovative than ever. We believe all companies should be good citizens in the globalcommunity, and to that end, we focus on and contribute to humanitarian aid, support education, and care forthe environment. We just happen to make great vehicles.”
  4. 4. Understanding MulticulturalMillennials and Nissan.We executed six different types of research to understandand gain insight into the lifestyle of Multicultural Millennialsin the U.S. to shape our campaign and build a long-termrelationship between Multicultural Millennials and Nissan.ObjectivesUnderstand the purchasing habits of MulticulturalMillennials when purchasing a vehicle.{ {{ {{{} }} }}}Understand the commonalities among MulticulturalMillennials in the U.S.Explore/understand cultural influences. (lifestyle &generational)Analyze Nissan’s competitors and understandtheir brand identities with Multicultural Millennials.Identify the meaning of “Innovation” with ourselected sub-segments and how they perceive it.Discover the most profitable and effective media toreach Multicultural Millennials in the U.S.THE RESEARCH03
  5. 5. To delve deeper into thespecific problems with the brandand expand the knowledge andunderstanding of the target.They were conducted to establishcontrast and comparison between carconsumers in varying categories.2869IN-DEPTHINTERCEPTINTERVIEWSINTERVIEWSTo develop a working knowledge of culturalinfluences, commonalities and the attitudestoward Nissan, and it’s competitors.20 FOCUS GROUPPARTICIPANTSAnalyzing the everyday lifestyle influencesof the target in day-to-day surroundings.6PSYCHOLOGICALSHADOWS730One-on-one interviews tolearn more about the specificcharacteristics of the targetmarkets’ decision making process.19STREETINTERVIEWSTOTALIMPRESSIONSRESEARCHTo illustrate interlocking relationshipsbetween a variety of different conceptsand ideas among the target market.6CULTURAL ANALYSISMAPPING STUDIESTo gather detailed information of thetargets’ opinions of the brand andcompeting brands.301PERCEPTUALSURVEYSTo establish the targets’ opinions, buyinghabits, and media outlets consideringNissan and major competitors.287ONLINESURVEYS04
  6. 6. MulticulturalMillennialsAfrican 1.07 %American Hispanic 1.28 %Chinese .09%U.S. Population2.4497.56%%3243 57%% %41%more likely than theaverage to have ahousehold incomeabove $60,000.more likely thanothers to haveattended college.MulticulturalMillennialsare... Understanding MulticulturalsLifestyles AnalysisHow They View Cars:THE FINDINGS05• Covet the latest technology andwill pay more than the averageconsumer to buy what theywant.• Simmons data reports thatthey are 86 times more likely tospend time on the internet thanother demographics.• Each sub–segment bases itsmajor purchase decisions on style,function,quality and reliability.• Want to be defined by theirchoices in music, art, andcelebrity association.• Base their purchasing on morethan product – they wantbrands they trust and believehave a purpose.• All three sub-segments are107 times more likely than othertargets to watch television forrelaxation and information.• Magazines have an amazingSimmons index of 643 amongour target, which means thetarget is 543 times more likelythan the rest of the populationto read magazines.• • Treasure tradition and theircultural heritage while seekingconvergence andbecoming a part of the whole.• Respect the older generationand value the ethics andstandards of the past.• Believe they can and will makethe world a better place.• Don’t trust advertising butwant to find brands that theycan trust and believe in.• Believe their car should expresstheir personality.• Drive to gain a sense of free-dom.• Want a car that can be person-alized and fit into their lifestyles.• Ideal car is fast, exciting andfriendly to the environment.• Prefer cars that stand out fromthe others.
  7. 7. THE SWOT06Our Central Edge campaigntackles these barriers andmisconceptions which include:• Lack of brand perception.• Cognitive resonance in today’soversaturated auto industry.• Creating new and reviving longlasting relationships and brandfavorability with MulticulturalMillennial Americans.• Always on the edge of Innovation.• Quality cars at reasonable prices.• Variety of styles and features tomeet most consumer expectations.• Company is already engaged inon-going innovative research.• Nissan has a strong andestablished corporate citizenshippolicy.• Strong environmental initiatives.• Create a brand identity thatdistinguishes Nissan from itscompetitors.• Develop an online and socialmedia relationship with MulticulturalMillennials.• Opportunity to alter the purchaseprocess.• Create brand loyalty by gaining thetrust of the Millennial generation.• Community involvementopportunities to put Nissan in theconsumer’s day-to-day lives.• Nissan has an inconsistentbrand identity.• Weak brand position amongconsumers.• No persona in the market.• Fragmented web presence.• No existing relationship withmulticultural sub-segments.• Innovation from their competitors.• Competition for Millennialmarket share.• The economy.BarriersStrengthsWeaknesses ThreatsOpportunities
  8. 8. Hispanic-AmericansChinese-AmericansAfrican-Americans• Primarily an urbanmarket.• Psychological focuson cultural elementsof music, fashion andlanguage.• Believe that what theybuy should make astatement about you.• Committed toindividuality and pride.• Heavy users of electronicmedia.• Proud of Latino heritagewhile merging Hispanictraditions with Americancustoms.• Identify with countryof origin.• Values are important.• Respect elders.• Believe helping othersis imperative beforeone can reachself-actualization.• Speak English & Spanish.• Brand conscious.• Interested in currenttechnology.• Value career successhigher than they valuemarriage, children,religion and wealth.• Rely on consumerreviews.• Chinese media, is mostlyconsumed by first andsecond generationChinese.Multicultural Millennial MindsetDistinguished by their culture and family heritage, Multicultural Millennials are also diverseand empowered by their uniqueness and traditions. Unified, they are the future. They area part of the first generation of true digital natives. Multicultural Millennials are born into aglobal culture and defined by unifying, not distinguishing attitudes.THE INSIGHTS07{{{}}}
  9. 9. THE TARGET08All multicultural segments are unique, and in many ways, that uniqueness influences their shopping and buying habits, butwhen it comes to buying new cars – our research confirms that their buying habits are minimally influenced by culturalheritage – it is driven instead by their life stage and economic status, factors which impact virtually all car buyers.When it comes to buying cars…despite theirdifferences…four factors rise to the top ofthe influence set for all three segments:style quality price life stage{ }These factors separatethem into two Primarybuying segments andone secondary market• Lower end of age category• Just finishing school; starting careers• Style and price driven• Feature desirous• First new car purchase• Usually single• Often a family assisted purchase• Competitively confused• Peer influence is high• Family input is important• Probable Nissan Purchase: Versa and Altima• Older end of age dynamic• Building career• Style and feature driven• Price sensitive• With a partner – often a family• Concerned about family and peerimpression• Influence buying decisions• Opinion leaders on purchase choice• Provide financial assistance for some buyersSTARTERSDRIVERSPARENTSWith younger elements of our target market parents are also a key sub-segment. Frequently Multicultural Millennial parentsare important purchase influencers and may also purchase or co-sign for their child’s first car. Central Edge addresses thiskey public through the development of special sales promotion plans, parent specific marketing materials and selectedmedia placements.The Third Sub-Segment/Tertiary:
  10. 10. THE COMPETITION09How to distinguish Nissan from its competition?Our research clearly told us that when our prospects think aboutcar brands and begin the car selection process, they have difficultyseparating one car’s features from another…and that they have NO CLEARperception of NISSAN as a BRAND and assign NO BRAND PERSONALITY to itscars.The Buying ProcessWhat consumers do first in the buying decision process is recall theperception of a brand. Once they have accessed their evoked set ofbrands, built on awareness and perception- only then do they begin tocontrast features.How do we expand saleswith Multicultural Millennialsbeyond 25 percent? Howdo we stand-out from ourcompetitors?By creating a distinctbrand personality andposition, not just bycreating awareness offeatures.Making it into the evoked set is in great part determined by howconsumers perceive our brand in comparison with its competitors.They know our name... but they don’t connect with us. Nissan lacks astrong brand identity or personality.It’s not about comparing features…it’sabout realizing what connects usand what makes us memorable.Automotive Industry Market ShareWall Street Journal - September 2011Nissan ranks 4th insales in the total carmarket and 3rd inMulticultural Millennialsmarket share with 25%of its sales comingfrom these prospects.NissanHyundaiOtherGMFordToyotaHonda8.8%4.9%30%19.7%16.6%11.5%8.5%{}
  11. 11. Central Edge used the Vehicle Innovation Strategy Framework to define the personalities of Nissan and its competitive set inorder to clarify brand personas. We have developed a campaign designed to distinguish and create a distinctive brandpersonality for Nissan to build stronger and specific brand recall…a true competitive difference. This concept is based on aspecialized application of Brand Archetypes and their ability to relate to car buyers.Our campaign is carefully designed to shift Nissan’s brand perception with Multicultural Millennials from the Fast Followerto the Architectural Revolutionizer. By strategically positioning Nissan’s Innovation and building new relationships withMulticultural Millennials, we will show them that Nissan does much more than make vehicles. They make vehicles to improvetheir lives and the way they move through the world.Create a distinctposition andbring the brandposition to life…The key to out performing our competition….THE COMPETITION10The Brand BuilderBrand-oriented, Product innovations, Mid-size volumes, High-end customersFast FollowerImproves innovations andbrings themtothemass-marketMass-Market AdapterAdapts andimproves existingproduct innovations, LowcostsArchitectural RevolutionizerFocuses largely on process innovation, Shifts from mass to niche-marketsHigh-End OptimizerPremium product, Innovations by systems and components enhancementCost and Process SpecialistInnovations based on new manufacturing processesVertical Kia Motors Logo 1/C - 100% Pantone 1807
  12. 12. It’s all about the brand.…it’s all about what Multicultural Millennials think about the brand.It’s about what happens when the decision to buy a new car is made.THE DECISIONWhy isn’t Nissan at the top of MulticulturalMillennials go to list?• Our prospects tell us they don’t have any perception ofNissan that makes it stand out from the crowd.• They tell us increasing features and claims haveblended into a muddle of confusion. They remind usthat once one company has a new feature it is quicklycopied.• It is true that all we can own is our consumer’s perceptionof our brand..• Our first challenge is to create a distinct personality thatdistinguishes Nissan from other brands…an identity withwhich our prospects can build a relationship and trust.Central Edge research made us reconsider whatwe thought we knew about buying a new car:• We discovered that Nissan is in the evoked set… but it isnear the bottom of that list.• Our prospects have a difficult time separating advertisingfor one brand of car from another.• Prospects are confused about the features offered byone brand compared to another.• Two factors determine our prospect’s final decision:1112Desire for style but mostimportant are money andfinancing options.Life stage needs…youngand single or settling downand starting a family.{ }
  13. 13. Central Edge looked at biology to understand how we process, understand, and respond to messages. Part of thebrain (the Neocortex) is responsible for rational and analytical thought and language. The other two sections areresponsible for all of our feelings of loyalty and trust, in addition to human behavior and decision making.• When we communicate from the Outside-In, we are talking to the neocortex - most car advertising that stresses a list of facts,features, and benefits is delivered there. People exposed to these messages can process complex advertisements, but thosemessages do not drive behavior.• Advertising that is Inside-Out talks directly to the part of the brain that controls behavior. Inside-Out advertising is based onan emotional relationship - this is where gut decisions come from - it means breaking through to change perceptions withperceptual impact... if we can communicate to prospects why Nissan is a different company - why they do what they do andhow that makes them distinct... that causes consumers to respond through positive behavior.12ProblemRecognitionThe NISSANBuying Decisionprocess“I know!”As the Multicultural Millennialnew car buyer goes through thedecision process and reachesthat final decision point… theywill be able to say…Our goal is not to sell to people who need a new car. Our goal is to sellto people who believe in what we are and why we do what we do.“I need anew car!”InformationSearchTalk to:FamilyFriendsDealers Look atOptions:GETCONFUSEDEvoked SetAsk “Whatbrand do Ilike & Why?”Look for acompany Ibelieve inand trustDiscover:“I knowwhat todo.”ReadReviewsTHE PROCESS{ }
  14. 14. OBJECTIVES13Marketing Objectives:• To increase enquiry to salesconversion rate from 4% to 7%.• To increase Nissan showroomand online enquiries amongMulticultural Millennials to1,457,914 units.• To increase Nissan’s share ofmarket with Multicultural Millennialsby 13% (15,187 units).Communication Objective:Our communication objective is to builda distinct and memorable persona amongMulticultural Millennials by generatinga carefully crafted relationship-orientedbrand identity.Positioning Statement:To Multicultural Millennials Nissan is theautomobile company that utilizes technologyand innovation not only to make great cars,but to connect people, and their communitieswhile enriching people’s lives and the waythey move through the world.Creative Objective:Our objective is to generate creativethat doesn’t add to the existing clutterof car advertising. We will generate abrand personality that reflects the voiceand attitude of Multicultural Millennialswith ads that lead them to search forinformation about Nissan and why it isan innovative company that’s workingto enrich peoples’ lives.
  15. 15. THE STRATEGY14Multicultural Millennial Americans are very complex.They are tech savvy, unique and know they are thefuture. Most importantly they don’t like advertisingand they don’t trust companies.In our research it became more evident that, in orderto break through and build a lasting relationshipwith them, we had to do two things:IN SHORT, we are working to beas Innovative as Nissan.12We had to break negative perceptions and create a newperception of Nissan as a car company that does muchmore than just build vehicles. A perception that we are acompany that enriches their lives by contributing to theircommunities, environment and their world.We have to move Nissan to the Top ofMulitcultural Millennials evoked set, which ultimately willincrease long lasting brand favorability for generationsto come.• In Today’s automotive market, consumers aresaturated with different styles, colors and messages.Our campaign strategy does much more thanadvertise cars to our target. It is carefully designedto forge a new relationship with them. By relatingINNOVATION for ALL to their everyday lives.• From the beginning, Central Edge planners were morethan convinced that adding “just another tag line”wouldn’t be successful.• Plain and simple, it would just confuse them.• Our campaign is carefully designed to impact andmake the Innovation for All thememeaningful to Multicultural Millennials.• Our campaign executions must reach Millennialswherever they are, whatever they see, whenever theysee it.• We are using a combination of traditional, non-traditional and inventive communications strategies.Why No Slogan?• Central Edge tested dozens of them…mostseemed trite and expected.• None of them strengthened the concept ofinnovation – and we wondered if they would cloudNissan’s existing use of two strong taglines: • Shift the Way You Move… • Innovation for All• Finally, we asked “Would a sub-campaigntucked under the overall Nissan advertisingumbrella be too different from its core?” and,most importantly – why diminish the strengthof an established campaign; an identifyingelement that continues to build brandawareness… Why not create a campaign themethat expands and blends for our prospect base?{{}}
  16. 16. THE VISION15HOW WE GOT THERECentral Edge Brand Idea:Big Idea:Creative Vision: Creative Executions:Creative Language Use:Multicultural Millennials seek to do business with trustworthy companies that contribute tothe world by enriching peoples’ lives.Innovation is more than a tagline - it’s what we do. It’s the driver of how MulticulturalMillennials think. Innovation is what they do, and how they choose to spend their money.They want to be a part of companies that do more than make a profit.• Central Edge creativefocuses on giving ourprospects a voice.• Our campaign willassist Nissan in buildinga dynamic interactiverelationship with Millennials,where they can express theirthoughts with a companythat’s striving to be a leaderof innovation.• We will create anenvironment whereprospects believe in ourcompany and brandbecause they understandwhy we do business andhow our innovations willenrich their lives.• Central Edge creative executions are from the point-of-view and in the voice of ourprospects. Print and broadcast feature members of our prospect base in moments andsituations in their lives. It conveys how their life choices relate to the cars that are a part oftheir world.• Campaign executions are designed to be distinct and stand out from other car advertising.Virtually all executions are interactive and are created to utilize distinct and engagingtechnology.• Central Edge research confirms that the majority of Multicultural Millennials are Englishlanguage fluent and may or may-not read and write in their cultural language. However,our research also confirmed that spending some of our budget on Multicultural languagespecific ad placements made sense. First of all, parents are of significant influence inthe decision to purchase a new car among the lower age range of our prospect base.Many of this groups parents are first generation American, utilize native language mediaand are most influenced by messages in their native language. Thus, most advertisingwill be placed in English and in English language media, however we will use selectedpublications and broadcast media to specifically target Hispanic language and Chineselanguage speaking prospects and their influences.• Specialized media will include magazines, newspapers, Hispanic language magazines andHispanic and Chinese language television with language specific out-of-home messageplacements.Nissan’s Vision Statement: Enriching peoples’ lives
  17. 17. CREATIVETHE16
  18. 18. Aurasma is an augmented reality platform created by Autonomy Corporation. Primarily designed for 3Gand 4G mobile devices. It uses the device’s video camera to recognize pre-trained images and overlayan image or video so that the video tracks as the camera is moved.• Nissan will incorporate Aurasmaimaging into all print materials inorder to generate totally interactiveprint. Whether our prospects arereading a magazine, riding onpublic transit or sitting in a laundromatdoing household chores, they willbe able to enter the world of Nissanvideo or gaming.• Gaming options include Nissancore auto racing, maneuvering testsand create your car engagementopportunities. As the premier of Fastand Furious 7 approaches, there willbe an opportunity to participate ina gaming contest to win Fast andFurious Decal Sets.“Aurasma provides a single platform for bringing static images, brands and advertisements tolife with interactive content. It closes the gap between the real and virtual wolrld to deliver dynamic,informative and entertaining experiences to the exact segment of people you want to reach.”THE CREATIVE17
  19. 19. THE CREATIVE18Outdoor BoardXbox LiveLaundromatWeb Banner
  20. 20. :30 Second Spot “Wall of Innovation” THE STORYBOARD19The wall will be constructed in key DMAs and allow Millennials to come together and show their ideas of innovation. They will be able to write ordraw whatever they feel belongs on the wall. It will be an all day process with a stationary camera that will show a fast forwarded time-lapse ofpeople coming and going. At the end of the commercial the wall will drop to reveal a Nissan Altima.Constructing the WallVO: Everyone has their own idea of innovationVO: What does innovation mean to you?VO: At Nissan we believe in INNOVATION for ALLClose-up of the constructionof the wallPlacing the innovation is’”signatop the wallFirst person taking the paint toshow their own idea of innovationClose-up of girl paintingPeople begin to gather andget involvedClose-up of people starting tojoin in on the wallMore people become involvedThe wall begins to fill withpeoples’ ideas of innovationClose-up of the artbeing painted One last display of the innovationis’” sign after the wall is filledThe walls fall to reveal aNissan Altima
  21. 21. • The challenge of public relations – building public relationships – demands that expenditure of PR efforts, time, and monies be focused onlyon things that bring positive attention to the organization and brand, contribute to fulfilling the organization’s commitments, and help to buildpublic awareness through positive publicity.• Nissan already has an established three-prong commitment to corporate citizenship involvement through humanitarian aid, education andenvironmental improvement – all with an on-going link to the corporate mindset of Innovation.• It is an essential mandate of Central Edge public relations programming that our campaign efforts maintain compatibility with that established focus.• All public relations efforts will function under the singlevoice umbrella of the Innovation Generation. Allprogramming efforts will be publicized and implementedthrough use of the InnovationForAll.com, Facebook pageand social media publicity efforts.• Expand Nissan’s core values of education, environmentalawareness, and humanitarian aid to generate awarenessof the Innovation Generation as the voice of NissanMulticultural Millennials.THE INNOVATION GENERATIONPublic Relations Objective:African American• Howard University• Morehouse College• Hampton University• Tuskegee University• Xavier University of Louisiana• Florida A&M• North Carolina A&T State• North Carolina CentralHispanic American• Texas A&M International• University of Phoenix• University of Texas - Pan Am• Texas State Technical College• Boricia College• Los Angeles Mission College• New Mexico State• Miami Dade CollegeChinese American• University of California• Riverside• Rutgers• Polytechnic University NY• MIT• University of Pennsylvania• Cornell University• Stanford• University of MarylandTHE RELATIONSHIPS20{ }Innovation Generation Awards:• Prospects enrolled in one of the highly populatedmulticultural institutions will have the opportunityto participate in a program designed to recognizestudent participation efforts that bring enrichment toothers’ lives.• On-campus publicity consisting of newspaper ads,posters and social media will urge eligible students tosubmit an online application consisting of a 60-to-90second video summarizing previous involvement andefforts toward localized projects that relate to Nissan’spriorities of humanitarian assistance, environmentalawareness and educational improvement.• One representative from each of the colleges listedbelow would be awarded a $5,000.00 grant andbecome a finalist.• Finalists’ videos will be shown on Nissan’s InnovationGeneration Webpage. Webpage visitors will beasked to vote for the best project. The winner willreceive a $10,000.00 personal grant and $20,000.00 tobe awarded to their local cause or focus.Top Multicultural Enrollment Schools
  22. 22. • Nissan will provide “mentorships” for youngMulticultural Millennials who participate inand are selected as winners in a unique andinnovative internship challenge.• Nissan Design America is home to some of themost innovative minds in the automotive industryof North America. They design everything frompreschool furniture to golf clubs in order to keeptheir design eyes sharp.• Prospective students will be encouraged to submitan innovative creation of their own to competeagainst other entries and for an opportunity towin a mentorship.• The mentorships will take place at the NissanDesign America studio in California where thestudent winners will work alongside creativeprofessionals to gain industry experience,learn new design techniques and explore otherinventive avenues.• Four winners will receive a paid trainee positionfor six-months at a stipend of $30,000.00 and theopportunity to apply for a full-time position at aNissan entity.21Under criteria of the Nissan Foundation, localdealership boards will meet twice a year to fundgrant applications from local schools, civic groupsand youth organizations that focus on developingenvironmentally positive initiatives within the localsetting that benefits the needs of MulticulturalMillennial areas.Funding for the grants will come from Nissan‘sseed funds of $20,000.00 to each of the selected10 DMAs and through local fund-raisingactivities by local Nissan dealers.Applications can be found online at the InnovationGeneration website. Grant amounts will range between$500.00 to $1,500.00 with a maximum of 5 grants fundedduring each semi-annual meeting.Grants will fund green activities ranging from developingsustainable green gardens to installation of solar power forlocal youth centers.This concept will be implemented on a geographicalroll-out plan initiating first in the DMAs with the highestconcentration of Multicultural Millennial populations.Grants will be weighted to favor activities withinmulticultural residential/business areas in the 7identified communities of NYC, Miami, Atlanta, Houston,Dallas, Chicago, and Los Angeles.GIVE GREENTO GO GREENEDUCATION INNOVATION:Nissan MentorshipsNissan Foundation Local GrantsTHE RELATIONSHIPS
  23. 23. THE RELATIONSHIPS22AFTER HOURS DEALER CONCERTS MOVIE THEATRE OPENINGSINNOVATION KITSALL-STATE INSURANCE PARTNERSHIP PROMOTIONPARENTS WHO PAY PROMOTION12Nissan will sponsor a series of after-hours concerts atthe two-largest dealer locations in Los Angeles, NewYork, Houston, Miami and Dallas. The concerts willfeature “The Sounds of Innovation”—Nissan’s promotedIndie music groups. Nissan’s Sound of Innovation pageon MySpace will allow participants to vote for areagroups to appear at the concerts and allow free musicdownloads and access to promotional CDs. Concertsrequire a ticket which can be secured only from NissanDealers in the region. Local dealers who host the eventwill co-pay all promotional costs for the events withNissan providing concert travel, equipment, and set-upfees. Concerts will feature a mini-car show, test drivesand give-aways.Nissan will present special Opening NightEvents at movie theatres in our 7 key DMAs tocoincide with the local opening of Fast andFurious 7. Openings will feature car shows intheatre parking lots, prize giveaways, andan augmented reality version of Nissan’sfast and Furious featured vehicles. Drawingswill be held for prizes including Fast andFurious Car Decal sets, Innovation Kits, T-shirtsand tanks. Tickets will be available at Nissandealerships located in close proximity tocore Multicultural residential areas.Nissan will distribute Innovation Kits at thebeginning of each semester at the topuniversities for Multicultural Millennial enrollment.The kits will include everything students needto keep Nissan in their minds throughout thesemester: A flash drive with the Nissan logowith preloaded information on the nearestdealerships and upcoming events, car airfresheners, AUX cables, a planner, a keychain,and water bottle. Students will also receive aninvitation to test drive a Nissan. Those who returntheir test drive invitation and complete the drivewill receive an Innovation T-shirt and a chanceto win free textbooks for a semester.Nissan will partner with All-State Insurance for a limited time promotion whichwill offer 6-months of free car insurance with purchase of a Nissan core model.The promotion will be available in key DMA markets at select dealerships for alimited time and available for a maximum of 500 vehicle purchases. Costs ofthe promotional insurance will come from auto sale mark-ups and partnershipcontributions from the promotional advantages given to All-State.For younger members of our target market, parents are critical totheir car buying process. Central Edge proposes two promotions tomaximize the impact of this relationship.Parents who co-sign for purchase of a new Nissanshould receive an annual “skip a payment option”if they finance through a Nissan approved financialinstitution. The forgiven payment should coincide withheavy expenditure times of year such as the holidaysor back-to-school in August or September.For parents who already own a Nissan and guidetheir child toward purchasing a Nissan as their first car,we propose a Brand Loyalty Discount which allowsa discounted price for the second purchase. Thediscount should range between 10 – 15% dependingon price and features.SALESPROMOTION
  24. 24. MULTICULTURALEVENTS23 THE RELATIONSHIPSFIFA CONCACAF GOLD CUP SPONSORSHIPNissan will become the official automotive sponsor of the FIFA Gold Cup.The Gold Cup is the largest North American region soccer tournament.Sponsorship will include content in the 200,000 -plus, programs printedduring the tournament; declaration as Official Car of the Series; video spotsdisplayed on the stadium scoreboard before, after and during halftimeat the event. Sponsorship arrangements are made through Soccer UnitedMarketing. This event is as big-time as football’s Superbowl or collegebasketball’s Final Four with our target market.YOUTH-OF-THE-YEAR CULTURAL RECOGNITIONSNissan will sponsor competitions to identify and recognize the Youth- of- the Yearin the African, Chinese and Hispanic American communities. Those competingfor the award are nominated online at Nissan’s InnovationForAll.com website.Nominees will submit a 30-to60 second video on a culturally appropriate topic.Competitions will coincide with:• Black History Month - February 2014• Hispanic Heritage Month - Sept 15-Oct 15 2013• Chinese New Year –- January 2014Winners will be announced during:• BET Awards - June 2013• Latin Grammys - November 2013• Chinese New Year Parades in New York City, Los Angeles and SanFrancisco.Winners and finalists will receive scholarships and travel awards.ETHNIC FILM FESTIVALSEthnic Film Festivals are one of the hottestemerging trends in the country and theaudience base is a representative of thestrongest new car prospects in our targetsegments. To reach those prospects Nissanwill become an Opening Night Sponsor atthree major film festivals around the country.Sponsorships will include signage programs andprovide customized car transportation for starsand directors of films to venues.• New York City’s Urban World Film Festival• Chicago’s Latino Film Festival• San Francisco’s International AsianAmerican Film Festival
  25. 25. Nissan Public Transportation Seat TakeoverCentral Edge will place Nissan vehicle seats in selected DMAs. Theywill replace regular seats in subways and on public transit. It willgive Multicultural Millennials the experience of riding and sitting ina Nissan vehicle. Key DMAs such as NYC, LA, Houston, Miami, SanAntonio, Dallas.Nissan Road GamesNissan will have 2 pathfinders that travel across the country andengage our target in special events such as basketball, soccerand golf tournaments. These pathfinders will be specifically alteredto be apart of the tournament, with modifications such as clampon expandable basketball goals, and trunk soccer goals. Theparticipants will be given Nissan merchandise (i.e soccer balls,basketballs, t-shirts and water bottles). The Road Games will takeplace as pre-events at scheduled sporting events and randomlyvisit neighborhoods in key DMAs, including, NYC, WashingtonD.C., Miami, Atlanta, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Chicago,Albuquerque, Los Angeles.To keep consumers aware of the Road Games, they will bestreamed live on the InnovationGeneration.com website along witha complete calendar of scheduled events. Promotional advertisingwill precede visits to target cities.Digital GraffitiIntroduction of new Nissan models will be celebrated in our keycities with a rolling 3D projection Digital Graffiti Show. The rollinglight show will be projected across main buildings in New YorkCity, Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, and Dallas. The computeraugmented showcase of Nissan cars and music will be projectedfrom a rolling van after dark. Production and projection costs areminimal. Projections will be planned for high concentration areasduring evening hours.24THE RELATIONSHIPSThe dealership experience has always been a battle of dealers vs.customers. With new technology, 85% of buyers are doing researchonline before going to dealerships. Nissan must capitalize on thisby creating virtual showrooms online.Virtual Showrooms include:Central Edge recommends that Nissan initiate a one-year testrun of the Innovation Zone at two dealerships in each of our top 5DMAs. The Innovation Zone will be a section in showrooms that usestechnology to engage and empower consumers. It will include:• Information that will generate trust and transparency suchas photos, pricing, product features and inventory, as well asoutside links to car reviews by industry leaders.• Transparent Pricing: Consumers already have access towhat a car costs, so dealers with transparent pricing will beseen as responsible.• Scheduling Appointments: Consumers will feel as thoughthey are setting the terms for dealer interaction.• Corning Glass Walls: Corning makes tough, sleek touch-screen glass that will allow Nissan to show videos, point-of-purchase ads and information about vehicle options. Thesewalls will be used by consumers and sales associates tovirtually browse the dealerships.• Augmented Reality: Another component of the InnovationZone is the augmented reality section. Customers will usespecialized glasses to view a 3D version of any Nissanmodel. With assistance of sales associates consumers cancustomize a vehicle completely from colors to features. Thiswill allow customers to walk around the virtual vehicles andopen doors to see inside their personalized car.• QR Codes: We will place QR codes on vehicles alongsidethe traditional information sheets. By using the Nissanapp or any generic QR reader, consumers will be linkedto photos, videos and reviews, and a feature that allowsthe customer to signal for a sales associate at theirconvenience.In-Store ExperienceGuerilla Marketing{{}}
  26. 26. • The plan is designed to incorporate a variety of media to assure delivery of our message to our highly mobile and difficult to impact targetsegments. • The plan is designed to expose Hispanic, African American and Chinese American Millennials to Nissan advertisements throughout their daily lives with media that they use frequently.• Included are magazines, Spanish magazines, Spanish newspapers, outdoor and transit media, Spanish language network TV, spot TV, cable TV,and the Internet. A significant percent of the budget is allocated to internet, network TV, cable TV, and magazines. • Simmons data reports that Multicultural Millennials are 86 times more likely to spend time on the internet than the other demographics. • Our three target sub-segments are also 107 times more likely than other targets to watch television for relaxation and information. • With Multiculturals, magazines have an amazing Simmons index of 643. This means the target is 543 times more likely than the rest of the population to read magazines.THE PLAN25MEDIA OBJECTIVES:RECOMMENDED MEDIA SELECTION RATIONALE:MEDIA STRATEGIES:1. Create positive awareness within the Multicultural Millennial population that Nissan not only makes great vehicles, but also uses technology andinnovation to make the world a better place for all.2. Promote Nissan through local media to our multicultural segments in the areas where they live.3. Establish a unique brand presence and consumer awareness of Nissan’s role in innovation beyond the automobile industry.1. To utilize traditional and non-traditional media vehicles that reach our target in their residential and academic spheres, and to deliver messagesat times when the target’s information and entertainment aperture is open.2. To deliver media throughout the year in a pulsing pattern with heavy-ups in preparation for new product introduction and key sales periods -specifically during the third and fourth (September – December) quarters to reinforce awareness of new model introductions.3. To use added impact, local advertising in densely populated Multicultural Millennial areas - specifically New York City, Los Angeles, Houston,Dallas, Chicago and Miami where the majority of our target market can be found. This includes out-of-home, theatre and special events. • Secondary high population metropolitan areas, such as Atlanta, Dallas, San Diego, San Antonio, will be impacted through narrownational and cable ad buys, national publications, and internet advertising.4. To use an effective blend of magazines, outdoor, transit, spot and cable television, as well as dedicated specific publications and broadcastmedia to deliver appropriate levels of reach, frequency and impressions to impact the market.5. To use language specific media to deliver messages to culturally specific programming choices, such as WWE and World Fútball (soccer). Thesehave a high priority viewing for Hispanic and Chinese markets.
  27. 27. THE TACTICS26Spanish LanguageTelevision:NetworkTelevision:Newspapers:Out-of-Home:Magazines:• Univision• Telemundo• Focused Buys will include: o European Style Fútball / World League Soccer o FCA Boxing o Wrestling• Simmons data verifies popularity of Spanish language programming among Multicultural Millennials.• Proposed buys will focus on delivering Fútball/Soccer and FCA cage boxing. These are extremely popular with ourprospects.• Spanish language newspapers are recommended in order to intensify focus on the Hispanic market. Ads will beplaced weekly in all 3 publications. Each ad will be 2/3rds of a page.• Central Edge’s campaign for Multicultural Millennials will use minimal network television focusing and instead usespot, cable and local placements. This decision is based on the reliance of existing Nissan sponsorships and partici-pation in sports programming, the Olympics and Nissan’s ongoing Heismann sponsorship.• We recommend purchase of outdoor boards, mass transit signs and shelters to reach our prospects when they mostwish they had a car or a new car.• A combination of subway posters, subway car wraps, billboards and bus advertisements will be used.• Simmons data indices among African American, Chinese and Hispanic Millennials for use of public transportationare high.• African-American index of 244.• Chinese American index of 151. .• To best target the demographic, all outdoor advertisements will be run in California, New York, Texas, and Florida.These areas have the highest percent of the total target.• Most placements will have the impact of a 25 showing.• Bus wrap designs will convey oversized Nissan cars on the road.• Shelters, trains and bus cars will feature interactive Aurasma key codes. These will allow travelers to use their smartphones to activate commercials or Nissan car games while they travel.Placements will include 2-page spreads and full page spreads, as well as 4 color ads printed on recycled paper andbound into selected publications.• Selections are based on Simmons Choice 3 data which confirmed Multicultural Millennials read a wide variety ofmagazines. o 12-month placements are planned for the following titles: Game Pro, AutoWeek, Glamour, In Touch and Men’s Fitness.• 6 ads for the year will run in magazines of similar genres, rotating months.
  28. 28. 27Cable Selections:Spot Market:Internet:• Multicultural Millennials are highly likely to watch these selected cable television channels.• African American Millennials are 391 times more likely than the non-multiculturals to watch MTV.• Chinese American Millennials are 165 times more likely than the non-multiculturals to watch MTV.• Hispanic American Millennials are 147 times more likely than the non-multiculturals to watch MTV.• KXLA and WMBC-TV-Sino Vision are selected cable channels that are geared toward the Chinese American Millennial.• Non-specified time placements will be determined by ratings for programs preferred by members of the targetedMulticultural segments.Spot television buys are a key element in reading our prospects.• We will buy time in the four states with highest Multicultural Millennial population density and also with the highestnumber of Nissan dealerships.• Message delivery will have the most impact on urban areas including additional cities in Texas. Georgia and Illinois.CHANNELS:WEBSITE SELECTION:• The internet sites were chosen to provide wide reach across all three targets at an efficient price.• Costs for Google and Facebook are based on per-click charges.• Charges on other sites are based on the placement and size of each advertisement.• Multicultural Millennials are most likely to visit sites that allow them to download music, movies, games, etc.THE TACTICS
  29. 29. 28Video Games:Laundromats:• We will insert Nissan signs, posters and ads featuring Nissan core campaign cars intovideo games using Microsoft’s Xbox Live platform.• We will engage in 5 games that appeal to our demographic and geographic areas. Average cost-per-click: 15 cents Projected reach: 50,000 a month Projected cost: 50,000. x .15 = 7,500 x 12 = $90,000 Per year placement: $20,000 TOTAL COST: $ 110,000• We will lease the rights to put washer and dryer wraps and signage in the ten largestlaundries in the five cities with the largest concentration of Multicultural Millennials.Many of our prospects are apartment dwellers and frequent area laundromats. Whenthey are there they tend to look for something to do with that spare time.• We will activate each poster and most wraps with Aurasma which will allow visitors to openinteractive games,concerts or videos.Movie-TheatreAdvertising:• We will advertise in the top 10 theatres that our target market frequents. Cities includeNew York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio.• Advertising will run from May – August and during November and December of 2013.• Ads will break with a “Fast and Furious” Car Show and prize sponsorship that will coin-cide with theater openings of Fast & Furious 7 on May 24, 2013.• The Special Opening Event will take place only at the largest theater in each city for thefilm opening.• Movie ads will run throughout the summer and pre-holiday on 10 screens in 6 cities.There will be 180 spots per day for 163 total days.• This will result in a total of 29,340 spots at an average cost of $26.13 per :30 spot.THE TACTICS
  30. 30. Media $79,566,269.00 Contingency $3,001,731.00Agency Fee $10,000,000.00Print Production • Photography $150,000.00 • Design $250,000.00Interactive • Aurasma $125,000.00 • Digital Grafitti $300,000.00 • Video/Interactive Games $80,000.00 • YouTube Page Elements $250,000.00Broadcast / Internet Production • Banner Ads $30,000.00 • Videos (3) $60,000.00 • Television Spots $500,000.00 • Movie Theatre Ads $100,000.00Guerilla Marketing • Road Game Cars (2 Pathfinders) $80,000.00 • Road Game Staff $160,000.00 • Equipment $40,000.00 • Operation Costs $55,000.00 • Publicity $50,000.00 • GiveAways (Basketballs, Decals, Shirts) $120,000.00 • Innovation Kits (100,000 @ $2.00 each) $200,000.00 • Nissan Seat Takeovers $156,000.00Dealer Showrooms • Corning Glass Wall Interactive Experience $300,000.00 • Dealer Training $50,000.00 • Trainer $50,000.00 • Training Video $50,000.00 • Packets $10,000.00 • Dinners for Sales Representatives $100,000.00PROMOTIONSDealer Concerts • Equipment (Sound System, Lights, etc.) $250,000.00 • Fencing $60,000.00 • Security $125,000.00 • Giveaways $150,000.00 • Musicians $750,000.00Movie Theatre Openings (7 Markets) • Car Shows $21,000.00 • Give-Aways $35,000.00 • Augmented Reality $35,000.00 • Emcee / DJ $35,000.00 • Fast & Furious Decal Sets $5,000.00 • Movies Promo. Partnership $100,000.00In-Store Experience --- Implementation $500,000.00Publicity $25,000.00FIFA GOLD Cup Sponsorship $100,000.00Film festival sponsorships $150,000.00Cultural recognitions $125,000.00PUBLIC RELATIONS • Publicity $50,000.00 • Innovation Generation Website / Creation & Maintenance $100,000.00 • Video $75,000.00 • Scholarships & Mentorships $200,000.00 • Local Grant Seed Money $110,000.00 • Scholarships & Mentorships $160,000.00 • In-Store Experience --- Implementation $500,000.00 • Parents Who Pay Promotion $150,000.00 • All-State Promotion $300,000.00Campaign Evaluation $55,000.00TOTAL CAMPAIGN BUDGET: $100,000,000.00THE NUMBERS29
  31. 31.                            COSTIMPRESSIONS                    CPMApr-­‐1313-­‐MayJun-­‐13Jul-­‐13Aug.  2013Sept.  2013Oct.  2013Nov.  2013Dec.  2013Jan.  2014Feb.  2014Mar-­‐14Apr-­‐1431  7  14  21  28        5    12    19    262    9    16    23  307      14    21    28        4    11    16    1  8  25  4  11  18  251  8`5  22  29        6  13  20  27  6  13  20  273  10  17  21  281  8  15  22  29  5  12  19  262  9  16  23  2  9  16  23  30  7  14  21  28MAGAZINESGamePro12$1,560,00030,173,520.00                              15AutoWorld6$430,818                                            7.325.17258.81Maxim12$370,3203,008,781,600.00                    12.31Glamour6$1,578,720144,123,178.00                          111.79Cosmo6$1,708,70018,240,082.00                              93.68Parents6$846,03513,278,972.00                        63.17Us  Weekly,$675,83712,055,854.00                              93.43Shape12$1,256,161.0019,880,136.00                              5.53        Mens  Fitness12507,78022,500,57622.56In  Touch12$93,926.0067,200,000.00                        13.97People  En  Espanpol12$38,106.006,000,000.00                            18.85Latina12$286,43510,200,000.00                        27.54Sur  Padres12$54,827.006,480,000.00                            84.6Mag.  TotalSPAN.  NSPHoy  (LA)52$1,131,040.007,436,000.00                            2.93          Herald  (Miami)52$279,552.00634,000.00                                  8.06          El  Diario(NYC)  $279,5522,756,000.00                            2LaInformacion  (TX                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          52$279,5525,200,000.00                            10.34Out  of  HomeFLORIDABus  Shelters6$240,044.006,294,318191Bus  Wraps11$269,500.0014,103,881.00                        1.96BillboardsHispanic25AA$141,750.00110,364,8001.28African  Amer.50HA$350,000.002,991,744,0000.12HOUSTONBus  Shelters6$80,044.001,472,000.0054.37Bus  Wraps11$38,500.00                2,904,000,13.25Train  Wraps4$132,000.001,936,000.00      68,18Bus  Cards100$66,000.0099,189,0000.67Billboards50AA$284,375.00178,684,800.00                  1.59HispanicAfrican  Amer.50HA439,110.00$                                                                2,716,22,4001.62NEW  YORKBus  Shelters6$210,000.00590,334,7210.36Bus  Wraps5080,250.002,035,799.0039.41Train  Wraps4$132,000.00678,599,7500.1960HA$588,000.00672,00087.568AA$666,400.00351,232,0001.940CA$280,000.00752,00037.2Train  Cards750$141,750.00                            11,099,20,0000.13LOS  ANGLES  &SAN  FRANCISCOBus  Shelters6X276,088.0092,224,1450.41Bus  Wraps11X2$726,000.00761,207,250.000.05Train  Wraps2X2$152,50064,080,4831.19Train  Cards750X2$189,000.00480,603,625.000.2BillboardsHispanic120HA  X2$596,400.00507,042,2001.18African  Amer.22AA  X2$224,000.00253,521,1000.44Chinese15$192,000.003,563,784,0000.03CHICAGO$342,500.00Billboards22CA$127,050.00208,775,0000.6166HA$334,950.00219,206,4001.52Train  Cards200$1,052,000.001,755,930,0000.97Bus  Wraps4$192,000.002,107,123,2004.04Laundromats20$100,000.001,755,93056.94DALLAS/FWBillboards35AA$191,110.00114,366,0001.6755HA$306,075.00194,48017.73Train  Cards100$287,700.00862,400,0000.33Bus  Wraps4$408,000.00156,844,8002.6Laundromats20$100,000.001,345,20074.34ATLANTABillboards35AA$191,100.004,002,810,0000.4855HA$306,075.0019,282,725,0001.59Bus  Cards150$1,125,000.003,796,260,0000.33Bus  Wraps4$171,000.002,626,848,0000.65Laundromats20$100,000.002,626,848,0000.3857zNETWORK  TV$5,634,673.00FOXFamily  Guy18$4,768,697.00                                        650,70,00073.29X-­‐Factor13$4,868,697.00                                        635,05,00076.66CWVampire  Diaries221,296,384.00$                                                              290,40,00044.64CPMTHECHART30
  32. 32. 57zNETWORK  TV$5,634,673.00FOXFamily  Guy18$4,768,697.00                                        650,70,00073.29X-­‐Factor13$4,868,697.00                                        635,05,00076.66CWVampire  Diaries221,296,384.00$                                                              290,40,00044.64SPAN  TVUnivision83$1,296.00123,172,009.00                  0.1123,17Telemundo132$9,960.00103,999,000.00                  0.09103,99CABLE  TVAdultSwim240$1,221,600.0095,040,000.00                        13BET337$1,980,000.00148,954,000.00                  13.34E180$1,009,800.00151,987,000.00                  6.64G4360$1,832,400.00116,316,000.00                  15.75MTV300$1,454,000.00182,100,000.00                  7.98TV  One730$1,460,000.00155,400,000.00                  9.4VH1730$2,474,000.0094,675,000.00                        26.13KXLA365$1,168,000.00270,302,000.00                  4.32WMDC730$321,200.0091,125,000.00                        3.52INTTERNETCars.Com$42,481.0010,406,952.00                        4.08Downlooad.com$1,929.00310,488,000416Facebook.com$4,000,000.003.68Google.com$4,000,000.001,678,572,000.00            2.38Yahoo.com$2,539,000.00                151,73,52,0001.67104,158,000  HULU.com$1,349,000.00$292,416,000.004.6Pandora.com$1,349,000.00  30.000,000  4.61YouTube.com$8,714,980.00                      10,571,52,0000.82MySpace$2,500,000.00PinInterest$250,000.00NON-­‐TRADITIONALMovie  Theaters$774,140.004,400,000.00                            1.75Dealer  Concerts$350,000.0025,00014Product  Placement$350,000.00217,100,000.00                  1.61Digital  Graffiti$150,000.0040,0003.75Augmented  Reality$515,000.0050,000.0010.3LaundromatWraps  &Decals$122,400.00250,0002.067956626955,935,717,761.00        $79,566,269.00MEDIA  TOTAL1,802,386,583,400TOTAL  IMPRESSIONSCampaign  Totals:83  Reach4.3    FrequencyPromo%on/PR  4%  Produc%on  3%  Agency  Fee  10%  Con%ngency  3%  Magazine  11%  Out  of  Home  12%  Television  30%  Internet  25%  Non-­‐Tradi%onal  2%  Media  total  budget  31MEDIATOTALSTotalExpenditure: $79,566,269.00TotalGrossImpressions: 55,643,301,761Reach: 83Frequency: 4.3INTERNET
  33. 33. THE FOLLOW UP32EVALUATION• Success of Central Edge’s Innovation campaign for Nissan will be measured through the use of ON-GOING CAMPAIGN MONITORING.• The primary challenge for our evaluation is to measure an increase of Multicultural Millennial market share.• This will be measured by tracking the increase in sales for each sub-segment by quarter.• Monthly tracking studies will be done to measure impact of the campaign on the following: • Number of sales to 18- 29 year-old Multicultural Millennials • Retention rate of the target market • Brand awareness and perception of Nissan • Perception of dealership experienceDIGITAL EXPERIENCE• We will track campaign success via Facebook and Twitter Analytics.• Success of these social media vehicles will be measured monthly by employees.• Google Analytics will be used to track the success of our micro-sites.• Perception of digital aspects will be evaluated by surveys before, during, and after the campaign. Surveys will strictly be given to members of the designatedtarget market.CAMPAIGN METRICS• Metrics to be evaluated include: • IMAGE METRICS: the intangible elements of brand identity that include, Awareness, Recognition, Relevance, Preference, and Loyalty. • IMPACT METRICS which determine performance and are the most critical elements in determining brand equity. They include, Market Share, Profitability, Price Premium, Perceived Quality, and Brand Associations.• These will be evaluated utilizing online focus groups, real-time surveys, instant feedback, creative testing, consumer brand communities, Social Network analysis,and MTV Trendwatch partnership.CAMPAIGN EFFECTIVENESS• The campaign will also be measured against successful attainment of marketing, communications, and creative objectives generated by the campaign.THE PITCH:The perception may be that Millennials are hard to reach. But are they really?As a generation that prides themselves on being outspoken, they make it clear what they’re looking for in a company. They’ve told ussome things matter more than others, and that they won’t buy what you do until they buy why you do it.They want companies who believe what they believe and understand their values. What they value goes beyond great products andfeatures. They value the intangibles of life—things like a better world, a sense of purpose, and the endless pursuit of innovation. Theseare all things Nissan strives to achieve on a daily basis. They just happen to make great vehicles. Millennials need to be remindedthat Nissan is an extension of their own thoughts on innovation and the world.Millennials are changing the way business is done and the reasons products are bought. Thus, traditional ad campaigns aren’tregistering. These insights lead us to craft a brand campaign that showcases the relationship between Nissan and Millennialscentered around their ideas of innovation. Together, the ideas are limitless and ever-changing, which creates something that will lastfor generations to come—Innovation…for all.
  34. 34. THE TEAMAccount Manager: *Scott WhisenhuntAccount Supervisor: Will Gattenby & *Jordan ScottCreative Director: *DeOren RobinsonAdvertising Planner: Bill RicknerProduction Manager: *Ashley Laws & Jennifer StoverDigital / Interactive Managers: Ryan Martin & Chris FloresPublic Relations Director: Tessa Burris & *Rachel PrinceSales Promotion Director: Morgan TwyfordBroadcast / Digial: Caleb Everett & Cameron FitzgeraldMedia: Ryan Martin, Matt Farthing & Casey WomackMulticultural: Mel Yasuda, DeOren Robinson & Jhonny MillaArt Director: MacGregor MerrittAd Designer: David HindsBook/ Presentation Designer : Carly LeMay Book Editor: Cameron FItzgeraldADDITIONAL TEAM MEMBERS: Brittany EddinsNida NizamiHannah PuryearAlllison RathgeberBrooke RoshellADVISORS: Sandra MartinMike BreslinJill LambethBrad KeimSPECIAL THANKS: SandRidge Petroleum – David KimmelOklahoma City Advertising ClubUniversity of Central OklahomaDr. Roz Miller, Chair Department of Mass CommunicationDr. Pam Washington, Dean, College of Liberal Arts1. Brand Amplitude.“The Millennial Handset: A Snapshot Guide to Everything Gen Y,Car Innovation Framework.” 2011.2. Center, Pew Research.“Millennials: A Portrait of Generation Next - Confident.Connected. Open to Change.” 2010.3. Edelman, StrategyOne and.“The 8095 Exchange: Millennials, their actionssurround brands, and the dynamics of reverberation.” 2010.4. Experian Simmons Data. 2012.5. Getty Images, Inc. 2012.6. How Great Leaders Inspire Action. Dir. LLC TED Conferences. Perf. Simon Sinek.2009. Web.7. Nissan.“Nissan North America: Multicultural Innovation.” Case Study. 2012.8. Nissan USA. 2012.9. Oliver Wyman Automotive.“2015 Car Innovation: A Comprehensive Study OnInnovation in the Automotive Industry .” 2012.10. Precision Group.“Develop an Advertising Campaig: With Original Assessment .”2010.11. Teixeira, David Medland & Ruy.“New Progressive America: The MillennialGeneration.” 2010.12. The “Millenials” Are Coming. CBS News. 2007.13. “The Nielsen Company.” Ratings. 2012.14. “U.S. Census Bureau.” Demographic. 2012.• Getty images• Nissanusa.com• CBS news 2007• Simmons Data• AAF NSAC Nissan Case Study• US Census Data• Nielson Ratings• The 8095 exchange: Millennials, their actions surrounding brands, and thedynamics of reverberation. Edelman and StrategyOne. 2010• Pew Research Center: Millennials: A portrait of generation next. Confident.Connected. Open to change.feb 2010• Center for American Progress: New Progressive America: The MillennialGeneration. David Medland and Ruy Teixeira• 2015 Car Innovation: A comprehensive study on innovation in the automotiveindustry Oliver Wyman Automotive• Develop an Advertising Campaign: With Original Assessment• The Millennial Handset: A Snapshot Guide to Everything Gen Y Car InnovationFramework Oliver Wyman Automotive• Media Handbook, Media Week Marketer’s Guide to Media, 2011.APPENDIXCompetition Team LeadershipAppendix