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Qr 0313 maasin

  1. 1. QUARTERLY REPORT JAN. 1- MAR.31, 2013 BACKGROUND TO THE QUARTER: DEVELOPMENTS & HAPPENINGS IMPACTING ON EDMUND RICE SERVICES: 1) Commencement Date 2013;Wed. Jan.2nd : ERS resumed activities for 2013. 2) Social Work Interns from Maasin City College Jan.15th : Four interns -Rolly C. Arot, Jaybee E Nunez, Keecyl S. Macasero, and Bebei Lou P. Eralino - were officially signed on for a period of 500 hours internship with Edmund Rice Services Maasin. From January 21, the interns began accompanying staff of the three ministries with a view to their being immersed in the planning, delivery and monitoring of services aimed at empowering those in situations of poverty or need. The support of formation of young professionals is seen as an ongoing, mainstream activity of Edmund Rice Services. 3) ERS Staff Recollection Day; Wed. Jan.30th : ERS staff joined by DSAC staff held
  2. 2. a staff recollection day at Shalom Centre. Input was provided by Rev. Fr. Harlem Gozo. 4) Interviews for New Staff Appointment Tues. Feb.5th :Following on the advertisement of a position for Rural Nurse within the ERS Community Based Rehabilitation Service, 12 applicants (7 females and 5 males) were short-listed and invited for interviews. One male and one female failed to present for interview. The applicant selected for an offer of the position was Mr. Christian Dorias. Christian joined the staff commencing his induction period on Friday Mar. 1st . 5) Advocacy Workshop Wed. Feb.13-Fri. Feb.15th : The workshop was conducted by Bro. Peter Harney of Edmund Rice International, Geneva. A range of Faith-based organisations and NGOs were invited to join ERS and DSAC for the workshop. A total of 44 persons participated. There were representatives from FOBI (a local co- operative promoting education and shelter for indigent families), IDEA/LIAD (Association focussing on needs of people with hearing impairment), St. Joseph’s Home, BEC (Basic Ecclesial Community organization), and the UCCP (A Church within the Methodist tradition) and SDA (Adventist) churches. Committees were formed to follow through by means of advocacy on what were proposed by participants as possibly critical issues. GROUPS FORMED AND FOCAL ADVOCACY CONCERNS No. Focal Advocacy Groups and Concerns 1 *Centerfor Children convicted of criminal behaviour within So. Leyte (Concern: Children to be accessibleto family) 2 Environment (Concern: Disaster preparedness) 3 The Elderly (Concern: Neglect of the elderly and neglect of their rights) 4 Integrity of Election Process (Concern: Vote-buying) 5 Parenting & Guidance of Youth (Concern: Children begetting children) 6 Rights of People with Disability (Concern: Non-recognition of rights) 7 Rights of Youth (Concern: Harassment & Bullying especially in schools) * Further investigation on the existing situation by Group 1 resulted in the group being dissolved with members joining other groups. Reasons for dissolving the group included fewness of numbers through under-reporting of children engaged in criminal behaviour in So. Leyte Province; local programs being required rather than a residential centre.
  3. 3. 6) Visit by Dr. William Sultmann and Bro. Shane Wood. Mon. Mar.11th .- Thurs. Mar.14th .Dr. Bill Sultmann is the Director for Mission and Ministry of the Oceania Province and Bro. Shane Wood has responsibility for supporting mission and ministries in that part of the Oceania Province that comprises the Developing Nations. Both visitors held meetings with the Brothers and participated in some of the meetings and activities of the staff. ACTIVITIES INVOLVING ERS TEAMS WORKING JOINTLY. 1) BTS Staff Assistance to CMA-Delivered Parent-Youth Relationship Enrichment (PYRE) Recollections for 4th Year Students: BTS staff have assisted CMA in working with parents and students in these Recollections promoting love and reconciliation encounters between high school youth and their parents. Such collaborative delivery of recollections for final year high school students took placeinMaasin City, Baugo, Ibarra, San Rafael, Ichon and Nonok National High Schools. 2) CBR and CMA Meeting with Superintendent DepEd (Maasin City) concerning Implementation for Personality Development Seminars for 3rd Year High School Students: Feb 21st . Mr. Genis Murallos (Superintendent, Education of Maasin City), received Brothers Theo Alvares, Graeme Leach and ERS- CBR nurse, Mrs. Jennifer Maraon graciously in the Maasin City Education Office. The proposed Seminar Program for 3rd year High School students in which ERS-CBR staff will take a leading role in delivery, was discussed and supported by Mr. Murallos. Bro. Theo proposed a Planning Meeting with Principals of partnering High Schools for April 2nd . The proposed Edmund Rice Clubs for high schools were also discussed. 3) CBR and BTS Collaboration in Community Based Development (CBD) Activity in8 of the Poorest of Communities: Having formed 4 cross-Service pairs of ERS staff, each pair of staff was assigned to a parish to work with 2 very poor settlements in each of the 4 parishes; linking with parishioners involved in leadership within the Basic Ecclesial Community (BEC) movement. In venturing into this project, ERS consulted with the diocesan director of the BEC movement, the respective parish priests of the parishes of Macrohon, the Cathedral, San Rafael and
  4. 4. Asuncion; also the BEC leaders of each of the parishes. The ERS staff-pairs are supported by the interns and the methodology is for the ERS staff to accompany the communities in discerning their own situation with communities and their leaders identifying solutions in terms of community development. The role of ERS is to support the leadership of the communities themselves in finding ways forward and taking action-initiatives themselves. Each Monday, the whole working day is devoted to this activity. While Bro. Roshan and Bro. Graeme accompanied staff for the initial meeting with the parish priests, subsequent meetings with the priests and BEC and community leaders of the 8 settlements of the 4 parishes are to be conducted by the 8 respective ERS staff members who are to take individual responsibility for their facilitation and promotional support of the community development which is to be led and brought about by the leadership of the communities themselves. A system of monitoring, evaluation, group sharing and accompaniment will be put into place in relation to the CBD Activity. 4) All 4 ERS teams: Launching of ERS at Sogod National High School: January 29, 2013- The ERS has widened its services by adopting another school from Southern Leyte Schools Division, the Sogod National High School. This is actually the second adopted school that belongs to the So. Leyte Division and this is, for the present time, the farthest school that will be catered for through ERS-CMA services.The launching was attended by the Sogod National High School faculty headed by their principal, Mr. Timbang with approximately 1,200 students of2,200 enrolled for the school year 2012-2013. Also, the program was graced by the Sogod Parish priest, Msgr. Astillo who in his speech expressed his appreciation at ERS finally coming to the high school students of Sogod. The launching was completed by the signing of the MOA between the School authority and the ERS leadership. 5) ACTIVITIES & ACHIEVEMENTS OF THE 3 RESPECTIVE SERVICES CHILD ASSISTANCE/BACK-TO-SCHOOLING SERVICE - ERF(A) FUNDED 1) Consultative Meetings in the Interests of Livelihood Training and Activities:Much attention was given to planning and securing networking relationships during the quarter in the interests of: a) Carpentry Training in Lunas, meetings were held with PSWDO (social welfare), TESDA (government training), COMELEC (commission of elections), COA (commission on audit), LGU (local government unit)- Lunas b) Horticulture & Food Processing Training meetings were held with DA (department of agriculture) and LGUs of Sta Cruz and Lunas. c) Rope Twining Training, meetings were held with AFFIRE (a cooperative NGO), and several LGUs d) Distribution of Animals to Households (goats & pigs): meetings were held with the Heifer Foundation, the Mag-uugmad Foundation and DOLE (department of labour and employment) and the DSAC (diocesan social action center). Forward progress is dependent on networking and sharing of resources and responsibilities.
  5. 5. 2) Livelihood Training: a) Rope Twining Training was conducted in Maria Clara (52 participants), Sta. Cruz (30 participants), NonokNorte (47 participants) and Ibarra (42 participants). b) Integrated Crop Management/ Horticultural & Food Processing Training was held in Lunas (46 participants). 3) Consolidation of Assisted Children’s Values and Motivation: : The BTS team have commenced a new program with children being assisted with daily school lunches and school supplies for the classroom. The program has the title of “KABILIN” which is a Visayan word meaning “Treasure”. The children are being reminded that schooling is an important opportunity for them “to put in a effort to learn, to persevere, to lift themselves up, to advance themselves, to gain the knowledge to make own their lives better, and to have the knowledge and skills to contribute to making the world a better place, to find the treasure.” During the quarter, groups of children were spoken to in the following schools: Maria Clara (30), Ibarra (51), San Rafael (30), Nonok (40), Lunas (40), Sindangan (35). Principals have even asked the BTS staff to speak to additional groups of other children not on the feeding program. 4) Assistance for Learners in the Alternative Learning System: 10 ALS learners were assisted with their transportation fares to enable them to present themselves for their accreditation examinations. Also school supplies were provided for 80 ALS Learners in Maasin 2 District. 5) Contact with the Poorest Families: Contact is sustained through House-to House Visitation as well as arranging meetings. During the quarter home visitation was carried out in Maria Clara (30), Sindangan (25) NonokNorte (40) and ERS facilitated a meeting of parents of children being assisted in Ibarra. 6) Income-Generation to Support Child Assistance Feeding Program: To generate in-country income towards our feeding program we have undertaken to establish a piggery which would initially house 20 pigs. It is located on a diocesan
  6. 6. property in Barangay Sumayud, Macrohon which is 3km away from the brothers’ house. Our ERS Fund Development Officer, AnacrisCreencia has relentlessly worked towards getting all necessary permissions from the appropriate authorities. We are into 20 days of work and the progress so far is phenomenal – thanks to Edmon P Siano’s (engineer) skills in planning and managing the project. If all goes well, the piggery should be functional in a month’s time housing 20 piglets for fattening for three months before selling them for meat. The system used in the piggery is Korean (not the North!) which uses the least amount of water and labor; and when functioning, the whole operation is also almost totally odorless. Once ready, it will be managed by the diocesan care-taker who lives on the property. Thanks to the Diocese in providing the use of the land and to ERF(A), for the funding to kick-start the project. 7) CURRENT BTS STATISTICS AT MARCH 31, 2013 CHILDREN AND YOUTH CURRENTLY ASSISTED MALE FEMALE TOTAL Note: Loss during quarter Note:Addition during quarter Children in regular Elementary schools Students in regular High Schools Alternative Learning Elementary Alternative Learning High School 184 11 65 102 167 05 50 56 351 16 115 158 - Increases of 53 males 27 females Increase of 10 males Cumulative . 1st .Q 2013 362 278 640 - Cumulative . Year-end 2012 299 251 550 TRAINING OF ADULTS DURING 2013 (CUMULATIVE ULATIVE) TITLE OF COURSE MALE FEMALE TOTAL Integrated Crop Management Training Cumulative . 2012 Cumulative 1st . Q 2013 23 26 173 216 196 242 Rope Twining Cumulative 1st Q 2013 42 146 188 TOTALS: 1st .Q 2013 68 362 430
  7. 7. COMMUNITY BASED REHABILITATION (CBR) SERVICE-ERF(A) FUNDED 1) Community Screening andOphthalmic Clinic: In preparation for the coming Cataract surgical mission assisted by ERS, the ERS-CBR nurses conducted free cataract screening at SalvacionOppusYniguez Memorial Provincial Hospital right after the Christmas vacation. There were 120people screened during the week-long screening. This number would have been greater if only the weather during this week had not been dangerous for the clients to travel from the hills to the hospital for screening. 2) The Cataract Mission Jan 11 – Jan 14: The Cataract Surgical Mission was led by Dr. Lemuel Gatchalian. Cataract screening was on-going while the cataract surgery was being performed in the operating room. A total of 41 patients underwent eye surgery. Six of them were ptyregium patients. 3) Referred Children- Refractive Assessment: Along with the cataract surgery, the ERS-CBR team also asked Dr. Lemuel Gatchalian to perform objective and subjective refraction assessment on selected students with vision problems. There were 6 students assessed, 4 of them were hearing impaired and were accompanied by their teacher. 4) Human Interest Story – Mercy Action: A couple from Limasawa Island came to ERS after being referred by a local private EENT doctor. The husband (Mr. Ybanuez), a poor tradesman, had an eye injury from a penetrating nail. While he was doing carpentry work,
  8. 8. the nail hit his right eyeball on being hammered. He was referred by ERS to Dr Gatchalian in Tacloban City and was accompanied by Mr. Israel Mayorca RN, ERS-CBR Health Officer. Dr Gatchalian repaired the wound. At present Mr. Ybanuez right eye is unable to see because the iris is detached. 5) Further Human Interest, Mercy-action Stories: Mercy-action visits have been carried out. Dr. Bill Sultmann witnessed the real situation of the poor Filipino families when he accompanied two ERS nurses doing home visit to a 10-year old girl with physical disability. The girl has had haemorrhoids from a very young age. The girl is in need of surgery to remove the haemorrhoids. She has been given a pair of crutches given by ERS through mercy action fund. Because of the fixed and awkward, angular position of the girl’s leg, it could be advantageous for her if her candidacy for orthopaedic surgery were to be explored. On the other hand, Parental Initiative occurred when a mother brought her 1 year old child to ERS for medical assistance. She handed over a prescription of Stafloxin suspension, an anti bacterial drug. The child had a swollen right cheek. According to the mother, the condition started 10 days prior to their visit to ERS with both cheeks affected. The child was treated with the drug mentioned earlier. A week after treatment, the Left cheek has healed but the right cheek was still swollen. With the support of ERS, a doctor was seen who lanced the swelling, much to the relief of the child. 6) Identification and Intervention initiatives by ERS: In the duration of the First Quarter 2013, 17 elementary schools with 1 national high school were screened and interventions were carried out in accord with need. (See statistics of clients involved below.) 7)Donation of supplies: Feb 26, 2013. The ERS networking partner, the Cataract Foundation Bacolod, donated for individual children 6 graded spectacles for children with refractive error in various schools, which were prescribed by Dr Gatchalian. Many thanks.
  9. 9. 8)STATISTICS FOR ERS-CBR EYE/VISION AND EAR/HEARING SCREENING: Cumulative .2012 1st . Q.2013 Cumulative community 2013 No. children 17 elem.s+1hs children 6,438 1,720 1,720 M 3366 881 881 F 3,072 839 839 in school &community Cumulative .2012 1st . Q. 2013 Cumulative. 2013 No. adults adults 1,171 121 M 350 34 F 821 87 in school &community Cumulative.Year-End 2012 Cumulative 1st . Q 2013 Children+adults Children+adults 7,609 1,841 3,716 915 3,893 926 EYE PROBLEMS IDENTIFIED: EYE OPERATIONS:P/FOLLOW-UP Ref errors Cataracts Others. Cataracts Other Operations Follow-Up Action Cumulative .2012 Cumulative .1st .Q.2013 414 143 209 50 160 85 45 8 56 36 7 6 63 42 ASSISTIVE DEVICES ISSUED Spectacles H/Aids Crutches W/Chair Cumulative .2012 Cumulative .1st . Q 2013 111 7 1 1 1 EAR PROBLEMS IDENTIFIED: PEOPLE FOLLOWED-UP Cumulative .2012 Cumulative 1st . Q. 2013 1,808 315 1,606 impacted wax 285 112 otitis media 24 90 other 6 1,071 175 CLIENTS RECEIVING MEDICATIONS TOTAL EYE EAR OTHER CONDITIONS Cumulative .2012. Cumulative1st . Q.2013 1,300 246 4 43 1,283 198 13 5
  10. 10. CAMPUS MINISTRY ANIMATION SERVICE- OCEANIA PROVINCE FUNDED 1) Water-tank Turn-over to Ibarra National High School Feb 18: Due to lack of water supply in Ibarra National High School, the ERS together with its sponsors decided to help the school in obtaining a water system of their own. Assisting such a project not only addresses the need of providing drinkable water for the students but also promotes the hygiene welfare and hygiene education of the student community and provides a system of sanitation for the school. Despite heavy rains that flooded the site, the project was finally ready to use last February 15, 2013. In the turn-over ceremony last 18th of February ERS formally handed down the water system to the care of Ibarra National High School. It was also then that the representative of Maasin City Schools Division, Mr. Salapi together with the Barangay Council, PTA body as well as the Student’s Body expressed gratitude and thanks to the generosity of the ERS and to its sponsors. The speed with which the project was completed was due not only to the active participation of the school community (Parent-Teacher Association) and voluntary support of the local government, but also because of the drive and effective supervision of the Architect, Julius Cabachete and his staff. 2) Support for Student Well-Being through provision of a Comfort Room Block in Baugo National High School: The implementation of this construction project impeded by a confluence of unfortunate hold-ups is now underway through the intervention of the Architect, Julius Cabachete. It is expected that the City Hall will contribute through the provision of labour; and it is anticipated that the completion of the project will be reported on in the next quarterly report. This project is funded largely through the generosity of the students of Seymour College in Adelaide. 3) CMA’S Meeting with So. Leyte’s School Divison Deputy Superintendent, March 7: Bro. Theo and the CMA staff met the Deputy Superintendent of So. Leyte’s Schools Division, Mr. Arthuro Isip to ask for DepEd approval for the upcoming Principals and coordinators meeting of all the adopted schools of ERS this coming April 2nd, which includes the two high school that are covered by his division (Ichon and Sogod High Schools). Bro. Theo informed Mr. Isip about the agenda for the
  11. 11. meeting. Also, he was informed that the meeting will include the planning of the ERS program for the entire next school year. 4) Catechists’ Recollection, Mar. 14th : This recollection was delivered in the Sta Nino de Ibarra parish Hall for 20 female catechists from the Ibarra parish including the Maria Clara Chapel sector. 5) Spiritual Animation in Conjunction with “Parent-Youth Relationship Enrichment (PYRE)”: The CMA team (assisted in the planning by the advice of Sr. Jacquelyn Clemencio) undertook this program in 6 schools for Final Year (4th . Year) High School Students. The program customarily is delivered towards the end of the academic year. Feedback from both students and parents is generally very positive. As noted above in the report on ERS teams working jointly or collaboratively, individual members of other ERS teams assisted CMA in the delivery of this mainly, two-day weekend recollection program. BTS department staffs, Daryl Valdez and Rosavilla Oclarit. We were also assisted with the very kind and helpful youths of Ma. Clara, Dennis Fernandez, Adones Tolibas and Andrew Abinon. The following schools availed of and benefited from the program: January 27- 28, 2013- Baugo National High School February 15- 16, 2013- Ibarra National High School February 22- 23, 2013- San Rafael National High school March 01- 02, 2013- Maasin City National High School March 08- 09, 2013- Nonok Norte National High School March 15- 16, 2013- Ichon National High School
  12. 12. The legal entity for Edmund Rice Services, Maasin is Edmund Rice Brothers the Philippines, Inc. 6) STATISTICS FOR ERS-CMA CAMPUS MINISTRY ANIMATION ACTIVITY No. No. particpnts MALE FEMALE TOTAL RECOLLECTIONS Cum.2012 20 recollections 1139 1351 2490 2013 1st . Q. 6 schools Students Parents 320 71 280 375 600 446 1st . Q Catechists 0 20 20 TREE PLANTING 2012 1 school No students 41 69 110 OTHER STUDENT PROGRAMS 2012 3 Nutrition Prog No. this Q. 739 746 1485 TRAINING STUDENT LEADERS 2012 1 Previous 23 26 49 TRAINING H/S TEACHERS 2012 1 Previous 19 38 57 A FINAL MESSAGE: Many thanks to you all who have assisted Edmund Rice Services during the First Quarter of operations in 2013 and a Blessed Easter Season to all. Br. Paul Coster cfc (Program Leader) ... for the Brothers and Staff