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2nd qr2013
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2nd qr2013


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The Quarterly Report of Edmund Rice Services presenting its report on its activities in Maasin City.

The Quarterly Report of Edmund Rice Services presenting its report on its activities in Maasin City.

Published in: Education
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  • 1. QUARTERLY REPORT APR. 1- JUN. 3O, 2013 BACKGROUND TO THE QUARTER: DEVELOPMENTS & HAPPENINGS IMPACTING ON EDMUND RICE SERVICES: 1) Study Leave for Daryl Valdez Mon. Apr.1st. : Darryl departed to do two and a half months of study at the Leyte Normal University in Tacloban to prepare for his Board Examination which would provide him with national recognition as a Social Worker. Dennis Fernandez began with ERS on Mon. April 8th, temporarily taking up a position left vacant by Daryl in the Community Development Activity project. Congratulations to Daryl on his success in the Examination held in Cebu City on June 18 & 19. Daryl resumed duties at ERS on June 24. 2) Candidates’ Ministry Immersion: During the Second Quarter, two young men participating in the Edmund Rice Brothers’ Candidacy Program began an immersion experience in the three Ministries of Edmund Rice Services Maasin. Name Position Mr. Adones Tolibas Candidate Mr. Dennis Fernandez Candidate
  • 2. 3) Departure of Brothers for Commitments in their respective Countries: Bro Graeme Leach departed for Port Moresby Wed. Apr. 3rd returning on Apr. 10th; Bro. Roshan D’Cunha left Sun Apr. 14 for an Advocacy Workshop in Geneva sponsored by Edmund Rice International and involving the Universal Periodic Review by the U.N. of three countries, and for Assembly meetings in India and Australia; Bro. Theo Alvares left May 6th for meetings in India and Australia. Bro. Graeme Leach departed for Brisbane for vacation followed by Brothers’ Assembly May 30th. and Bro Paul Coster departed for the Assembly in Brisbane followed by vacation, June 23rd. 4) Mid-year summer Vacation 2013; Fri. Apr.26th: ERS staff commenced their mid-year vacation around five working days and resumed activities on Mon May 6th on which day the feast of Blessed Edmund Rice was celebrated with a prayer service and a lunch. 5) Social Work Interns from Maasin City College: May 10th. The four interns Rolly C. Arot, Jaybee E Nunez, Keecyl S. Macasero, and Bebei Lou P. Eralino – completed their internship of 500 hours with Edmund Rice Services Maasin. ERS staff were happy to support these young persons in their professional development and all four proved to be good ambassadors of Maasin City College and ERS. Mr. Daryl Valdez following his return to ERS in late June, participated in the Field Instruction Program at Maasin City College at the request of the MCC Dean in preparation for a new set of 4 interns to be received by ERS. 6) Visit of Bro. Bernard White May 13-28: Bro. Bernard visited ERS Maasin for a period of two weeks accompanying staff in the various services. He proved to be a congenial and encouraging presence in activities of staff, accompanying them on patrols. 2
  • 3. 7) Advocacy Reports as of May 14, 2013 and end of June: Reports as of May 14 and of June end, were sent to Bro. Peter Harney of Edmund Rice International, Geneva. GROUPS FORMED AND FOCAL ADVOCACY CONCERNS No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Focal Advocacy Groups and Concerns Environment (Concern: Disaster preparedness) The Elderly (Concern: Neglect of the elderly and neglect of their rights) Integrity of Election Process (Concern: Vote-buying) Parenting & Guidance of Youth (Concern: Children begetting children) Rights of People with Disability (Concern: Non-recognition of rights Rights of Youth (Concern: Harassment & Bullying especially in schools) Notes on above Groups:  No. 1: Environment (Concern: Disaster preparedness) There was networking with the NGO, AFFIRE through BTS participating in a Questionnaire that they sent regarding the environment and climate change.  No 3: Integrity of the Election Process. (Concern: Vote-buying) This group conducted a successful say-no-to-vote-buying-campaign and dissolved after the elections.  No 5: Rights of People with Disability (Concern: Non-recognition of rights) This group has yet to produce a report and declare where it is going.  No 6: Rights of Youth (Harassment & Bullying) A meeting was held with the DepEd City officials concerning which schools to target. It was agreed to target Maasin City National High School with which the ERS Campus Ministry Animation team was already working. ACTIVITIES INVOLVING ERS TEAMS WORKING JOINTLY. 1) Prison Youth: Easter 2013: APR. 1: In the spirit of Blessed Edmund Rice’s ministering to prison inmates, ERS representatives visited the two prisons in Maasin City... the Province Jail and the City Jail. There are 45 youth inmates in the Province and the City Jails between the ages of 17 and 25 yrs. Easter gifts aimed at assisting in their personal care of self were distributed. 3
  • 4. 2) CBR and CMA Staff collaborating, to develop strategies to deliver Modules of the Personality Development Seminar for 3rd Year High School Students: The teams met twice during the duration of the 2nd Quarter. 3) CBR and BTS Teams Collaborating in Community Based Development (CBD) Activity in 8 of the Poorest of Communities: All staff of the two teams met twice on this task and the 8 staff undertook to further the implementation of the program by 8 communities in four parishes. Meetings were held with Basic Ecclesial Community (BEC) Leaders, Chapel Presidents and house-to-house visitations conducted of the poorest settlements selected. The first reports on the work in the four parishes were presented with Fr. Harlem Gozo, Director of the Diocesan Social Action Center attending and assisting in the reflection on the reports. 4) CBR, CMA & BTS: A meeting was held with Fr. Ronald Marcojos, the new administrator of the San Rafael Parish to brief him on the activities of ERS on the basis of the agreement with the previous Parish Priest and Parish Council. Brothers Paul, Theo, Graeme and Mrs. R. Oclarit participated in this meeting. ACTIVITIES & ACHIEVEMENTS OF THE 3 RESPECTIVE SERVICES CHILD ASSISTANCE/BACK-TO-SCHOOLING SERVICE - ERF(A) FUNDED 1) Consultative Meetings in the Interests of Livelihood Training: Integrated Crop Management and Food Processing Training were topics of two planning meetings held with each LGU of Cambooc and Bilibol. The 4
  • 5. Department of Agriculture was also consulted concerning its involvement in such training. There has been contact also with the organisation called TAG FIBERS concerning a possible collaboration in livelihood training and activities. 2) Livelihood Training Activity: One batch of 30 participants undertook the Integrated Crop Management training which the Department of Agriculture helped to deliver. 3) Encouragement of poor children to start the school year with One-off, practical assistance: The BTS conducted 8 TIGUM days for disadvantaged children in 8 barangays. This involved negotiation with respective Barangay 5
  • 6. Councils who on the whole gave full support to the days’ activities. 312 children of the poor were assisted to face the school year with kits of classroom supplies; some provided by ERS, others by local donors. 4) Meeting with Local Area Carers: Regarding new enrolees in the feeding program, briefings of several Local Area Carers looking after 8 groups of children were held. The new enrolees were confirmed as beneficiaries only after their socio-economic status was verified through house-to-house visitation. 5) Assistance for Learners in the Alternative Learning System BTS has continued to network with and support agencies including the DepEd itself as well as ALS students in their study programs. The DepED invited ERS to become a direct deliverer of ALS programs. This invitation ERS refused since it would mean moving away from our policy of supporting local, community-based agencies taking the lead-role in delivering alternative learning programs. Our role is to link with and support the development of local, sustainable initiatives not to take over the community’s responsibility. 6) The Heifer Foundation: This poverty alleviation NGO operates on the basis of donating livestock to the poorest families in an area. Further impacts on areas are effected through beneficiary families entering into a covenant of passing on the first couple of offspring to other poor families of the area (passing on the gift). In so doing the first beneficiaries earn ownership of the initial livestock donated. ERS envisages entering into a program with the Heifer Foundation but only under the umbrella of the Diocesan Social Action Center (DSAC) since it would be required that the program target up to one-thousand families. An information-sharing meeting of ERS and DSAC with the Heifer Foundation, is expected to be held sometime in July or soon after. 7) Child and Youth Film Festival: This festival was organised and sponsored by Plan International and involved children and youth actually making films on critical issues which call for advocacy. Ms. Rosavilla Oclarit and Mr. Daryl Valdez representing ERS staff, attended this function. Ms. Oclarit was given a 6
  • 7. role of interacting with the children and youth film makers on the content of the films presented. 8) Income-Generation to Support Child Assistance Feeding Program: Construction of the Piggery Project started on March 4, 2013, was finished and was handed over by the assigned Engineer, Mr. Edmon Siano on April 25, 2013, ready for use with lights and water working and bedding for the piglets prepared. On May 14, 2013, 20 healthy piglets were delivered which cost PHP 43,300.00. In mid- June, two pigs being sick were injected with antibiotics by the technician. After one day they looked normal and healthy. On July 3, 2013, 6 pigs were given multivitamins (Belman) due to having less weight compared to the other pigs. Around June 24, 2013 and the last week of June 2013, 3 buyers visited the piggery: they will buy the pigs at harvest time. Thanks to the Diocese of Maasin for the use of the land and to ERF (A) for the funding to start the project. We look forward to this piggery as a source of recurrent income for feeding the children. Congratulations to Ms. Ana Cris Creencia, the Fund Development Officer of ERS, on seeing through the successful launching the first batch of piglets and inaugurating an efficient operation. Note: The capacity of the Piggery is a yearly output of 90 pigs (3 batches of 30 piglets per year). The yearly profit on the piggery operating at such full capacity, will support 18 poor children in school for a year. 7
  • 8. 9) CURRENT BTS STATISTICS AT MARCH 31, 2013 CHILDREN AND YOUTH CURRENTLY ASSISTED Children in regular Elementary schools MALE FEMALE TOTAL Note: Loss Note:Addition during quarter during quarter 184 167 351 - Students in regular High Schools 11 05 16 Alternative Learning Elementary 65 50 115 Increases of 53 males 27 females Alternative Learning High School 102 158 Increase of 10 males 56 Cum 2012 Tigum 12 23 35 (Tigum: One-off Ed’l Boost) Tigum 1st Q 0 nd Tigum 2 Q 149 163 312 Cum Tigum 2013 149 163 312 st Cum. 1 .Q 2013 362 278 640 Cum. Year-end 2012 299 251 550 TRAINING OF ADULTS DURING 2013 (CUMULATIVE) TITLE OF COURSE MALE FEMALE TOTAL Integrated Crop Cum. 2012 23 173 196 st Management Training 1 . Q 2013 26 216 242 ND 2 Q 2013 13 17 30 st Rope Twining 1 Q 2013 42 146 188 TOTALS: Cum. 2013 81 379 460 BACK-TO-SCHOOLING (BTS) & LIVELIHOOD TEAM Name Ms. Joyce Billones Ms. Blezie Escabal Ms. Rosavilla Oclarit Mr. Daryl Valdez Bro. Roshan D’Cunha Position Educationist Welfare Officer Welfare Officer Social Worker Co-ordinator 8
  • 9. COMMUNITY BASED REHABILITATION (CBR) SERVICE-ERF(A) FUNDED 1) Commitment to Personality & Character Development Seminars for 3rd Year National High School Students April 2: The CBR team represented by Jennifer Maraon participated in the meeting with school heads of national high schools of the City and the So. Leyte Division. The CBR team made a commitment to deliver the seminar to several high schools in the current school year. 2) Eye and Ear Screening of Children: Screening sessions were conducted for 7 elementary schools and 2 communities. 751 children were screened; 389 being male and 362 being female. 4 children were identified as having congenital cataracts and operations were arranged for 3 of these. Surgery for the 4th child has been deferred to a later date. 3) Eye and Ear Screening of Adults: The number of adults screened during the quarter was 809 (290 males; 519 females). 178 were identified with eye problems. 48 cataract operations for adults were conducted and in addition 10 pterygium operations. There are 27 adults with immature cataracts waitlisted for operations in the future. The staff participated in the pre-operation screening clinics held at the Provincial Hospital of So. Leyte. 9
  • 10. 4) Screening of Hearing Impaired Children: The CBR team conducted screening tests of eyes and ears of new enrollees (6 males; 4 females) of LIAD (Leyte Island Association of the Deaf) in Tomas Oppus Pilot School, to prepare these children for the coming school year 2013-2014. Health teaching was also conducted for the parents. 5) Human Interest Story – Mercy Action: During the screening of one barangay in Maasin City, a young boy was found 5 years old with cleft lip and palate , and a girl, of 12 years of age from Sogod, So. Leyte with cleft lip. It will be arranged for these children to benefit from the surgical mission under the “Smile for the Lord program” to be held at the Provincial Hospital of So. Leyte August 6-8, 2013 in connection with the 45th Founding Anniversary of the Diocese of Maasin. 6) Further Human Interest, Mercy-action Stories: Mercy-action visits to the girl mentioned in the previous quarterly report have continued. The haemorrhoids while still problematic have improved. The girl’s parents and the girl herself have a positive attitude to the possibility of orthopaedic surgery. The situation will continue to be monitored until the point is reached that the local doctor is satisfied that the girl is in a condition of readiness for her to be referred to the specialists in Cebu for surgery. 7) Child Health Awareness Raising for Disadvantaged Children: All 5 CBR staff have assisted BTS and the Barangay Councils in the delivery of the 8 TIGUM days 10
  • 11. conducted during the quarter. The instruction delivered to the children in an engaging manner covers topics of health, nutrition and hygiene. 8) Protocols for Specialist Surgery in Cebu City for Children in Need: A staff visit to Cebu was undertaken to obtain information from two hospitals, VSMMC (Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center) and PSH (Perpetual Succour Hospital) regarding the process of hospitalization and sponsorship for mercy action clients, especially children, requiring orthopaedic surgery and/or heart surgery. 9) STATISTICS FOR ERS-CBR EYE/VISION AND EAR/HEARING SCREENING: Cum.2012 M F 1st. Q.2013 No. children 3,072 2nd Q. 2013 17 elem.s+1hs 2nd.Q 2013 7 elem.s+23 comm’ties 6,438 1,720 Cum.2012 2,471 No. adults 1,171 1st. Q. 2013 121 2nd Q. 2013 881 839 751 389 children Cum. 2013 3366 adults 809 Cum. 2013 362 1,270 1,201 M 350 F 821 34 87 290 in school & com’ty 519 324 930 in school & com’ty 606 Cum. Year-End 2012 Chn+adults 7,609 3,716 3,893 Cum. 1st & 2nd. Q 2013 3,401 1,594 1,807 Chn+adults EYE PROBLEMS IDENTIFIED: EYE OPERATIONS: P/FOLLOW-UP Ref errors Cataracts Others. Cataracts Oth Ops F-U Action Cum.2012 1st.Q.2013 414 143 209 160 45 56 7 63 50 85 8 36 6 42 11
  • 12. 2nd.Q 2013 181 39 108 34 51 10 61 Cum. 2013 324 89 193 42 87 16 103 ASSISTIVE DEVICES ISSUED Spectacles H/Aids Cum.2012 111 1st. Q 2013 7 nd 2 Q 2013 5 Cum 2013 12 Crutches W/Chair 1 1 1 1 EAR PROBLEMS IDENTIFIED: PEOPLE FOLLOWED-UP Cum.2012 1,808 1,606 impacted wax 112 otitis media 90 other 1,071 1st. Q. 2013 315 2nd Q 2013 206 Cum 2013 285 185 515 470 24 6 175 21 12 78 45 18 253 CLIENTS RECEIVING MEDICATIONS TOTAL EYE EAR OTHER CONDITIONS Cum.2012. 1,300 4 1,283 13 st 1 . Q.2013 246 43 198 5 nd 2 Q. 2013 136 10 120 6 Cum 2013 382 53 318 11 COMMUNITY BASED REHABILITATION (CBR) TEAM Name Ms. Jennifer Maraon Ms. Christine Ozon Mr. Israel Mayorca Mr Lester Montederamos Mr. Christian Dorias Bro. Graeme Leach Position Urban Health Officer Urban Health Officer Rural Health Officer Rural Health Officer Rural Health Officer Co-ordinator 12
  • 13. CAMPUS MINISTRY ANIMATION SERVICE- OCEANIA PROVINCE FUNDED 1) Evaluation and Planning Meeting April 2: The meeting was attended by 28 teachers from Maasin City Division and 1 from So. Leyte Division. The evaluation of past activities of ERS in partnership with the schools was positive. CMA, BTS and CBR staff presented their role in providing services to the high schools. Programs for 2013-2014 were timetabled so that a co-ordinated forward calendar plan was developed so that services could be shared equitably across the schools without conflicting commitments. The school authorities themselves selected their times for activities. 2) Recollection Day for Maasin City College Students of Social Work April 8: 13 students (11 female 2 male) participated in a recollection with the theme: “The grace of knowing myself... and God in my life.” The recollection was held at the Edmund Rice Convento in Maria Clara. The recollection day was a first for ERS working with 13
  • 14. students at the college level. 3) Other Recollections: Grade 7 Recollection days were held in Lunas National High School and Baugo National High School (29 males; 29 females) 4) Regional Days & Conventions: April 11-14: Staff participated on the Regional Youth Day convention in Maasin with youth from 3 Archdioceses and 5 dioceses participating. Also a first regional convention was held at Holy Name University Tagbilaran City. The two conferences of this Convention were on re-evangelizing the campus through liturgical celebrations and transforming the faith on campus through Catechism. 5) Meetings:  With Sr. Jacqueline OSF: Sr. Jacqueline is keen to have ERS-CMA recognized at the National level as a Campus Ministry Agency.  With Mrs Violeta Alocilja (Superintendent) and Mr. Arthuro Isip: The purpose was to have the years plan recognized. Mrs. Alocilja was keen to encourage ERS to develop partnerships with San Juan, Canipaan and Hinunangan High Schools So. Leyte.  With Msgr. Oscar A. Cadayona for the purpose of signing the MOA between ERS and the Parish.  With Fr. Ronald Marcojos: to update Fr. Ronald on the implications of the MOA.  With Mr. Rolando Timbang, principal of Sogod: The principal appointed three persons to be coordinators of each service. 6) Workshop for Recollection Facilitators: Sr. Jacqueline conducted at ERS, a one day workshop for staff including 2 from CMA, 4 interns. 3 CBR nurses, on the foundations of recollection-facilitation. 14
  • 15. 7) STATISTICS FOR ERS-CMA CAMPUS MINISTRY ANIMATION ACTIVITY No. No. MALE participants FEMALE TOTAL RECOLLECTIONS TREE PLANTING OTHER STUDENT PROGRAMS TRAINING STUDENT LEADERS TRAINING H/S TEACHERS Cum.2012 20 recollections 2013 1st. Q. Students 6 schools Parents nd 2 Q 2 schls Students 2013 Cum Students 1st. Q Catechists 2012 No 1 school students 2012 Nutrition 3 Prog 1139 1351 2490 320 280 600 71 29 349 0 41 375 29 309 20 69 446 58 658 20 110 739 746 1485 2012 1 Previous 23 26 49 2012 1 Previous 19 38 57 CAMPUS MINISTRY ANIMATION TEAM Name Ms. Eva Doron Mr. Jason Laure Mr. Roland Mendoza Bro.Theo Alvares Position Development Liaison Officer Person/Development Officer Spiritual Development Officer Co-ordinator 15
  • 16. FINANCE ADMINISTRATION & SUPPORT (FAS) TEAM Providing essential administrative technical support for respective ministry activities, as well as the collaborative ventures, is the FAS team. Name Liza Sacro Ana Cris Creencia Kristoper Rex Oraiz Rey Ampo Bro. Paul Coster Position Admin, Finance Officer Fund Development Officer Bookkeeper Janitor Program Leader A FINAL MESSAGE: Many thanks to you all who have assisted Edmund Rice Services during the Second Quarter of operations in 2013. Bro. Paul Coster cfc (Program Leader) ... for the Brothers and Staff. The legal entity for Edmund Rice Services, Maasin is Edmund Rice Brothers the Philippines, Inc. 16