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Portfolio Maarten Terberg

  1. 1. > Portfolio Maarten Terbergmaarten@maartenterberg.nl
  2. 2. > VSO De Lasenberg De Lasenberg is a school offers education to students with challenged intellectual faculties who are unable to learn Apart from that there is a gymnastics area, offices and the main entrance. Around the wings there is a corridor that at a normal pace. Most of them have a social distortion as connects them all. In the middle of the corridor there is an ZMLK/ZMOK school, Soest well. The age of the students ranges from 11 to 20 years. open atrium that gives space and light. This composition of assignment due to won competition spaces makes sure the students of different age levels have For the new building the concept is used that the location their own place and entrance and can use the professional client : s Heerenloo is the outermost point of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug, a hill training areas without bothering each other. range in the heart of the Netherlands. Here the ice ended projectarchitect, during the ice age. The school is composed of four “ice floes” A school that is amplified to a very specific group of users, Jorissen Simonetti architecten that accomodate different functions: two wings with four in which the philosophy of teaching is translated into a groups of students that all have their own entrance. spacial concept. 2007-now (under construction)
  3. 3. eerste verdiepingbegane grond
  4. 4. > AHOED Bussum At the former location of a demolished nursery in Bussum a site has become available to build a medical centre. One way from it’s surroundings through the dark brick and tight details. A building with a particular function that gives an of the fundamental ideas is the maintaining of the view accent to the neighborhood. Health Centre, Bussum on th green surroundings. A big atrium on one side of the ex- and interior building makes this possible. This project was published in : Vijftien jaar commissie In form and materialisation the choice was deliberately Ruimtelijke kwaliteit Bussum : Jose van Kampen client: Stichting Lodewijk de Kort to contrast the surrounding buildings to make this public (fifteen years commitee of Spacial quality Bussum) building stand out. To balance out the dark brick of the architect, façade the interior is kept light and bright. Specific coloring This project was nominated for the Spacial qualityprize 2007, Orbit Architecten accents help to identify the different functions of the multi- municipality of Bussum usage building and glass walls create lines of sight between 2004-2005, realized them. The Medical Centre distinguishes itself in a positive
  5. 5. > Villa Almere Th plot is in the area of the Building Expo Almere 2001 with the “Gewild Wonen” (desired housing) theme. Flexibility is one of the fundamental ideas of Gewild Wonen and private house, eilandenbuurt ("island eighborhood") applies also to the development of this particular house. Almere The red-cedar front façade is the backbone to the current structure and future expansions of the house. These blocks client: private are 5 meter wide. Doing so the broad front originated that gives a powerful image in the street. In the heart of the assistent designer house the main hall is located that divides the building as Orbit Architecten a glass strip. 2002/2005, realized
  6. 6. > De Boulevard At the border of order between Rotterdam en Rozenburg two apartment buildings are developed. Sculptural buildings that can become a reference point for both Housing, Rotterdam/Rozenburg municipalities. client : Koudijs Bouw By making cuts in the main volumes and giving these a strong contrasting colour, monotony is prevented and projectarchitect, the outer space is defined. This way the functions in the Jorissen Simonetti architecten building are clearly read out. 2010-now; under development
  7. 7. > MC Geuzenveld At the ground level of an apartment building in Geuzenveld, Amsterdam a medical centre with general practitionars and a pharmacy was realized. Medical centre, Amsterdam interior design With a long and tight groundplan and daylight coming in from only one side it was a challenge to create a livable client: OPG/Mediveen vastgoed situation. A solution was found by a creating light and sunny corridor that runs across the complete length of the architect, building and forms the backbone of the plan. Orbit Architecten An oval, internal square ends the corridor and together they give structure to the space. At the oval the front offices, 2004-2005, realized pharmacy and waiting areas are located.
  8. 8. > No Limits, Only Friends When entering the terrain you enter a new world; a place dominated by sports, specially for disabled children; a place a view over the bordering open “polder” area, a clubhouse and a swimming pool area. In front of the building are a where they can feel free and natural. playground and a paved area which are sheltered by green Sportscentre for disabled children slopes that can be used to sled off during winter. BNA Young Architects Competition The entrance road along the terrain is flanked by a hockey- Under own name - 2006 and a track field. In the distance you can see the sportscentre. Above all the copper slating of the multifunctional activity The silvergrey sculpture with its tight edges and dynamic area can be seen. For both the in- and outside this element Honorable mention glass faces is in contrast with its green surroundings. Grass works as a reference point. From the modest entrance of slopes give the building give the edgy building a softer side. the complex the reception area and circulation area are The building consists of three volumes: a sports hall with disclosed from which all functions can be reached in short
  9. 9. lines. The reception area does not only flow spatially into for a movie or a play, during a party the floor can be joined flow into each other there is a lot of social interactionthe bar/dining area, but also into the circulation area on with the bar area floor to make a dancefloor by opening between the children and control of the management.the first floor. both sides. Jury report: "A distinct building that gets an honorableAlong this circulation area with voids the internet / gaming The first floor is accessible for all people, regardless of their mention. The plan NO LIMTS:ON LY FR I EN DS hasrooms and the lounges are located. These have views off all handicap. For people in wheelchairs the ride to the first floor sculptural qualities and is convincing in its architecturalthe sports fields where parents can comfortably supervise is an attraction in itself. Once upstairs the stands of the development."their kids. These areas form the heart of the building, a swimming pool, the sports hall and the activity area can beplace where all users can meet each other. The activity hall reached without doorsteps. A number of access ramps in-has multiple usage opportunities. The hall can be darkened and outside of the complex give people in wheelchairs the opportunity to ride down. Because of the fact that spaces begane grond verdieping
  10. 10. > Lisse, Geestwater Urban masterplan & architecture, 330 houses. assignment due to won competition. client : Stek Wonen/Kuiper Real Estate projectarchitect (in team of 4) Jorissen Simonetti architecten 2006-now; under developmentA water pattern around the plot area gives the planit’s backbone, with a middle channel as bearer of thestructure, specific directions and the running of the ditcheswith a central point in the middele of the plan area. Theexpansion area marks the border between the permittedurbanization possibility and the open Veenweidegebiedof the Poelpolder. The original elements in the landscapeare used to give the plan it’s structure.The new urban area Geestwater is divided in four areaswith an own green structure, dwelling typologies, livingatmospheres and architecture. The future inhabitants canchoose to live in the heart, in the green, at the wharf or atthe water. Cohesion is created by using specific colors andmaterials throughout the complete area. In this way it willbe recognized as one plan. This is amplified by the uniformfurnishing and materialization of the public space.
  11. 11. > MMyspace Our aim is to connect the area back to the center of Emmen, and bring structure and identity to the now uncorrelated The new built blocks are characterized by the raised wooden deck, and two main typologies of urban fabric. spatial arrangement on the site. The center of Emmen is The architecture refers to the Drenth’ “plaggenhut”. The competition inner urban development, Emmen characterized by several open spaces (the market, the zoo, name is derived from the material used for the roof: Europan 10 the cemetery), connected by Wilhelminastraat. peat (“plag”). Plaggenhutten were little sculptures with Under own name - 2009 This idea is transplanted to the site: all land owned by sometimes only a door, sometimes a frameless window the housing corporation, the municipality, and industrial and in some cases a white-framed window. buildings that are about to be acquired are cleared to Like plaggenhutten, the new dwellings have vegetation create an empty green space. The new built blocks are roofs on top, but the walls will be made of dark slate. characterized by the raised wooden deck, and two main Window openings are sober and minimal, at specific typologies of urban fabric. locations accentuated by white window frames.
  12. 12. > Spinnaker The gracious spinnaker sail was the inspriration for the sculptural core, the eye-catcher of this building. Around and outside. In certain occasions the deck turns vertical and becomes a façade. This façade is open to the outside the core a wooden deck is “wrapped”. This deck is disclosed at certain places and even openable. Alle the rooms in Competition floating house, s-Hertogenbosch from the wharf and makes it’s way around the core to the the house have interaction with the water and the sky. design under own name, 2006 top. From the wharf the residents can leave their car on Doing so this waterhouse gives a contemporary content to the lower part of the deck while beneath it they can dock traditional feelings of comfort, romance and freedom. a boat. The deck is also a terrace for all the spaces in the core and is in that way the connection between inside
  13. 13. > 3KN1, Almere The plan 3KNS-1 is a section of the masterplan in Almere that evolved from Europan 5, a European design buildup follows the sound-outline in opposite direction. At ground level commercial space is realized that has its competition. De plots will be filled in with a mix of houses, orientation towards the rest of the masterplan area. The Living/working, Almere commercial area and recreation. dwellings at the other floors have their orientation to the This plot is at the front of the masterplan and that reflects other, sunny side. client: Domus Vastgoed in the design. The plan consists of 2 blocks: a long one and a higher one that is cut out to two sides and ends the plot The dwellings in the headbuilding have workspace projectarchitect, and the whole area. connected to them. In this way the required mix of living Jorissen Simonetti architecten and working is created. This composition from low to high has a reason: because 2007-now; under development of problems with noise pollution of the train track, the
  14. 14. > Jenga study : vertical city BNA / Ymere / Proper Stok 2010In a city there are usually three levels of scale to bedistinguished: a house is located in a neighborhood, moreneighborhoods make up a city. Every level of scale has Itsown level of provisions, public- and private outerspaceand disclosure. The link between dwelling and city, theneighborhoods, is what misses in most vertical cities ofthe past. Because of this, they don’t function.Jenga introduces the concept of neighborhoods in thevertical context. These form the building blocks of thisvertical city. The blocks each have a theme: it can be aneighborhood of student dwellings, one with familyhouses, an office block, public provisions etc.They can be used randomly, depending on what thedemand is. Together they form the city.Public space grows with the scale: a balcony for a dwelling,a collective space in the neighborhood and big parks andsquares for the city.
  15. 15. public space:At ground level there is a raised deck thatfunctions as a public park. Underneathis the parking area, out of sight. On theninth floor is a public park.disclosure:A main route goes along the deck-and roofpark. Vestibules function asstreets. Every Neighborhood consists of a block of 27x18 meters, is 3 stories high and has one connection to the rest of the city. Disclosure within the neighborhood is through an own structure. The blocks are flexible: the three stories can be freely arranged. The groundplan is easily modified because of a column structure. The façade is also flexible: there are closed, open, half open and balcony segments.neighbourhoods:Jenga exists of blocks. Every block canhave any function and forms a smallneighbourhood.semi public space:Every neighbourhood has its ownpublic outer space. Every dwelling hasa private outer space as well.
  16. 16. more projects....
  17. 17. > Curriculum Vitae Personalia Working experience Education Name: Maarten Terberg (MSc) 2007 - now : 1996-2003: Technical University Delft, Architecture Jorissen Simonetti Architecten, location Maarssen - Organisation and design of the built environment and e-mail: maarten@maartenterberg.nl (Utrecht) public space, technical development, visualisation - Projectarchitect: through drawings and (computer)modelling. date of birth: 20-11-1976 - Responsible for design and process in the different de sign stages. (Esthetical) guidance of the project team in - Graduation project: place of birth: IJsselstein (ut) the draft and building stages of the project. Transformation Citroën garage Amsterdam to sports museum. nationality: Dutch www.jorissensimonettiarchitecten.nl 1995 Technical University Eindhoven, Faculty of 2007: Architecture Freelance architect several assignments for office buildings. 1989 -1995 - VWO Bonifatius College, Utrecht 2004 - 2007: Orbit Architecten, Amsterdam/Almere. extra - Architect, assistent designer. Honorable Mention BNA Young Architects Competition 2005/2006, entry: No Limits:Only Friends. - Sketching and designing in different design stages; technical drawings in draft stage; projectmanager in Softwarekennis building stage. AutoCAD; Maya ArcPlus; ArcRender; Artlantis www.orbitarchitecten.nl Vectorworks; Cinema 4D Adobe Photoshop, Indesign; 1999 - 2001: Microsoft office; dAdB Design Delft - Delft Design collaboration , founded during university with co- Languages students. Dutch : native speaker English : fluent, verbal and written Duits : verbal fluent, written good Frans : verbal reasonable
  18. 18. www.maartenterberg.nl