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  1. 1. LIFEBOAT & LIFE RAFT DRILLS Launching a totally enclosed davit launched lifeboat as a drill. Once i get the order from the master to launch the lifeboat/liferaft,i shall make sure that i have been properly briefed about the situation,carry proper means of communication,wear proper PPE/PPC,have enough and adequate lighting on the deck,power on the deck (if it is a davit launched liferaft ,power for the davit)and enough manpower to carry out the job. The lifesaving appliances (SART and EPIRB) is also carried by the ppl incharge. From stowage position: 1. External checks 2. Muster – head count and attired properly for abandon. 3. External checks on lifeboat – remove electric, falls wires are tight, hanging off pennants are removed, harbour pins are not in place, falls preventer device is fitted. Ensure the painter is stretched and made fast to the deck. 4. Check communications 5. Remove gripes –( if lowering to the embarkation deck ensure bowsing tackle / Tricing in pennants are fitted and load at embarkation. ) 6. (If launching from the stowage position ) Load the boat with crew evenly to spread the load. 7. Ship the plug 8. Personnel have lifebelts on and understand procedure allocating jobs to bow man and pin man, and to assist with brake. 9. Confirm for verbal confirmation to abandon ship, when given start the engine. Close hatches, ‘air on’ and water deluge system if fitted. 10. Ease on the remote brake until the davit is full out. 11. Allow the boat to stop swinging, (as a drill launching party to activate the brake) 12. Release the brake again, as the boat descends to just above the water and stop. 13. Remove fall preventer device, when personnel back inboard lower the boat to the water. 14. The pin man would be observing the hydrostatic interlock to move in an upwards direction from safe to active. 15. Remove the pin and release the onload release system. 16. Go ahead on engines and release the painter. 17. Take the boat to a safe place – marshal and clear any liferafts. Recovery of lifeboat 1. Ensure that the hooks have been re set and the pin re inserted into the release mechanism. standby by bow man and sternman. 2. Approach slowly at an angle top the forward hook and hook on. 3. Manoeuvre the boat to bring the after hook in to position. 4. All inside sit down strapped in . 5. Request the weight be taken and the lifeboat taken just out of the water. 6. Pin man observes the hydrostatic interlock, locking into ‘safe’ . inspect the hook connections fore and aft and insert fall preventer device. 7. Recover the boat. OPEN TOP LIFEBOAT as a drill Consider, would I fit fall preventer devices, but as this is an off-load release system, I would follow the recommendations of the IMO and lower it to the water and recover it first (MGN1803) Alarm Muster Headcount Cross check people understand their duties Ensure they are properly attired All equipment is in good working order Send 2 me to ensure the tricing in pennants are properly attached the plug is shipped and the painter has been stretched Remove the man ropes and place in the boat Men out of the boat Look over the side Remove the Gripes and clear them Ensure the harbor pins have been removed Break out the embarkation ladder Lower the boat down to the embarkation deck Tricing in pennants will bring the lifeboat down and into the vessel
  2. 2. LIFEBOAT & LIFE RAFT DRILLS (equal tension on falls wire and tricing in pennant). Put the bowman and stern man into the boat Rig the bowsing in tackles, rig to disadvantage in the boat Release the tricing in pennants together Load passengers and seat them in the boat as low down as possible Nominate stern man, bowman and ensure they know their duties with regards to the fall block and boat hook When all understood start the engine Ease off on the bowsing in tackles and ship them Look over the side to ensure it is clear Let go on the run Let go the after hook first, then the ford hook Drop back onto the painter Bear off. CONVENTIONAL LIFERAFT as a DRILL Alarm (7 short 1 long) Muster Headcount Cross check people understand their duties Ensure they are properly attired All equipment is in good working order eg SART/EPIRB/extra rations Remove the webbing and the senhouse slip Remove the painter from the HRU and make it fast to a strong point Look over the side and remove the railing if required Pull out some slack on the painter Throw the life raft over the side Put over the embarkation ladder Tug on the painter to inflate Coxswain would descend down the ladder and draw with the painter under his arm to draw the life raft towards him Try and get in the life raft dry Inspect to ensure it is safely inflated and no leaks Board all passengers Pull the painter in short and cut it Get to a safe place Stream the drogue Close the door and start to maintain - DAVIT LAUNCH LIFERAFT Alarm Muster Headcount Cross check people understand their duties Ensure they are properly attired(PPE) All equipment is in good working order Remove the senhouse slip Connect that to the on/off load release system on the falls wire Pull out the painter and make it fast to a strong point Pull out the container retaining line, make it fast opposite the painter Pull out the bowsing in lines and make them fast loosely at the ships side Swing out the davit Look over the side Hoist the life raft so she is now over the side but held in by the bowsing in lines Pull the short inflation line, the life raft inflates Pull in on the tricing in lines and mouse to the ships side Coxswain to go in and inspect Board all passengers 1 at a time stability back to the chambers feet to the centre Ease off on the bowsing in lines Coxswain look below to see it is clear Pull the remote break release As the life raft descends about 3m above the water PRIME the on/offload release system As the life raft meets the water the on/off load release system should automatically release Pull the painter in short and cut it Get to a safe place Stream the drogue Close the door and start to maintain
  3. 3. LIFEBOAT & LIFE RAFT DRILLS FREEFALL LIFEBOAT drill Alarm Muster Headcount Cross check people understand their duties In the muster ensure that the crew line up in the nominated numbers for entering the boat Ensure that extra lashings (falls preventer device) have been fitted to the lifeboat and the falls wire attached Removal of lifejackets, helmets and immersion suits and stowed on the floor in the lifeboat Coxswain is the last to join and faces forward Ensure the crew are strapped in with 4 point harness full secure and head strap If practicing the release mechanism (minimum of people onboard), coxswain in the launch position to remove the pin and pump the hydraulic ram until release.