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Certificate list dry

  1. 1. STATUTORY CERTIFICATE LIST SL. Name of the Certificate NO Convention / Issued Code by st 1 anniv Surveys Conducted 2nd 3rd 4th anniv anniv anniv Form Attached Remarks th 5 anniv Max 64 no of Shares/Owners Name and Address 1 Certificate of registry 2 Safe Manning Document Solas MCA 3 Safety Equipment Certificate Solas MCA / Class 5 yrs Initial A P/A A/P A Renewal 4 Cargo ship safety construction certificate(SAFCON) Solas Class 5yrs Initial A IM/A IM/A A Renewal 5 Cargo ship safety radio(SRT) Solas Class 5yrs Initial P P P P Renewal Solas-Load Line convention Class 5yrs Initial A A A A Renewal 6 7 8 International Loadline Annexe 1 : International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate Annexe 2 : Certificate Of Fitness Annexe 3: Document of complaiance 9 for Carriage of Dangerous Goods Annexe 4 : International sewage 10 pollution prevention 11 Annexe 5 : No Certificate MCA Validity Marpol Class Marpol MCA Marpol Class Depends on factors** 5yrs MCA Marpol 5yrs 5yrs Initial Initial A A A/IM A/IM IM/A IM/A A A Renewal Renewal Initial 5yrs Initial Renewal Form -E Form-E-Equipment List Initial survey by MCA Except fire prevention, means of escape, Fire safety Form-R Form-A ,FormB(Tankers) Initial by MCA, Annual & Renewal by class Documents: Oil Record Book:part 1 and Part 2 SOPEP Manual This Certificate of fitness is for chemical tankers and gas carriers. Documents: Cargo Record Book P & A Manual SEMPEP
  2. 2. STATUTORY CERTIFICATE LIST 12 Annexe 6 :International Air Pollution Prevention ( IAPP )*** Marpol Class 5yrs Initial Interim or Initial Interim or Initial Interim or Initial 13 Document of compliance(DOC) ISM MCA 5yrs 14 Safety management Certificate(SMC) ISM MCA 5yrs 15 International ship security certificate ISPS MCA 5yrs Tonnage Class 5yrs IMO MCA 5Yrs Initial 18 Ship sanitation certificate ILO PHO 6 months Initial IM/A IM/A A Renewal A A A A Renewal Issued to the Company, Copy onboard IM IM Renewal Interim certificate is valid for 6 months IM IM Renewal Initial International Labour Organisation(ILO-178) A 16 International Tonnage Certificate 17 19 Safe Manning Document MCA 20 Bunker civil liability Certificate MCA 21 Antifouling 22 EIAPPC 23 SOPEP Approval 24 Cargo Securing manual Initial Insured Period Until system change d Renewal IM IM Renewal Renewal Issued by Port healthofficer As Long as Criteria is met as given under MGN 1767 All Ships Solas MCA Initial Solas Engine manuf acture Initial Marpol MCA Initial Solas MCA Initial Record of anti fouling
  3. 3. STATUTORY CERTIFICATE LIST **as per MGN 1767 Specific factors to be taken into account in determining the safe manning level include : .1 frequency of port calls, length and nature of the voyage; .2 trading area(s), waters and type of operations in which the ship or vessel is involved and any special requirements of the trade or operation; .3 number, size (kW) and type of main propulsion units and auxiliaries; .4 size, type of ship, and layout; .5 construction and equipment of ship; .6 cargo to be carried or operational requirements; .7 method of maintenance; .8 extent to which training activities are conducted on board; and .9 how the proposed complement will deal with various emergency situations that may arise; .10 navigational duties and responsibilities as required by STCW 95 including the following: .1 plan and conduct safe navigation; .2 maintain a safe navigational watch; .3 manoeuvre and handle the ship in all conditions and during all operations; .4 safely moor and unmoor the ship; and .5 maintain safety whilst in port. .11 Cargo handling and stowage: .1 plan and monitor the safe loading, stowage, securing, carriage and unloading of cargo. .12 Ship specific operations: .1 the nature and duration of the operation(s) the ship undertakes and local environmental conditions. .13 Ship operations and care for persons onboard, and maintaining life-saving, fire-fighting and other safety systems in operational condition: .1 maintain the safety and security of all persons on board and keep life saving, fire fighting and other safety systems in operational condition, including the ability to muster and disembark passengers and non-essential personnel; .2 operate and maintain watertight closing arrangements; .3 perform operations necessary to protect the marine environment; .4 provide medical care on board; .5 undertake administrative tasks required for the safe operation of the ship; and .6 participate in mandatory safety drills and exercises. .14 Marine engineering tasks and duties: .1 operate and monitor the ship’s main propulsion and auxiliary machinery; .2 maintain a safe engineering watch; .3 manage and perform fuel and ballast operations; and .4 maintain ship’s engine equipment, system and services. .15 Electrical, electronic and control engineering duties:
  4. 4. STATUTORY CERTIFICATE LIST .1 operate ship’s electrical and electronic equipment; and .2 maintain ship’s electric and electronic systems. .16 Radio communications: .1 transmit and receive information using ship communication equipment; .2 maintain safe radio watch; .3 provide communications in emergencies. .17 Maintenance and repair: .1 carry out maintenance and repair work to the ship and its machinery, equipment and systems, as appropriate to the method of maintenance and the repair system used. ***Note: under Annexe 6 Marpol : IAPPC has 5 sections 1. Ozone depletion substances: No Certificates ; Ozone record Book to be maintained 2. Nox: EIAPPC: Engine International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate 3. Sox : NO Certificates : Documents: Bunker Delivary Note(BDN)-to be retaiained for 2 yrs , Sulphur Record Book 4. Volatile Organic Compound: No certificate: Document- Vapour Emission Control Plan 5. Shipboard Incinerators: Certificate for Approval of Incinerators