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Helping to improve the efficiency of your hiring process whilst reducing your hiring spend.

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Maachu Sourcing Platform

  1. 1. Helping to improve the efficiency of your hiring process whilst reducing your hiring spend December 2013 Confidential
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. Maachu - What We Do “Maachu works with clients to source and filter candidates against clearly parameterized job requirements more efficiently than existing providers.” 3
  4. 4. Maachu - The Benefits We Deliver “Maachu brings greater efficiencies to the talent acquisition professional by reducing hiring costs, reducing the time to hire through more precise sourcing, and improving the quality of candidates delivered.” 4
  5. 5. Maachu Value Chain Employers Maachu Job Keys Candidate Match Notification Employer name give-up Interview confirmation Candidates Job Key Career Pass Maachu Career Pass Job Match Notification Candidate Name give-up Interview Confirmation Match Notify Candidate & Job Value Chain Social Media Recruitment Detailed Metrics Marketing Hiring Dep’t HR Candidate Extensive Job Key Library Real Time Matching Maachu Screener Matching 5
  6. 6. WHY IS THE SCREENER SO IMPORTANT? Maachu Screener – Fine Tuning the Candidate Pool
  7. 7. Talent Sourcing - Declining Efficiency Talent Pool Information “Pay to post” on job Little or no correlation of employer role to boards not generating candidate skills (job interest from high description to CV) quality talent Top Talent have no easy way of shopping around Top talent doesn’t trust current online technologies (privacy concerns) Hidden Candidate Processing Human capital intervention too high Requires customization for every job CV format versus technology mismatch Inputs not always complete,valid and current Workflows don‟t help to reduce the operational backlogs Largely in unstructured form and unwieldy to process Candidates complain of poor candidate experiences Variable Sub-Optimal The Agents External recruiters restrict the free flow of information Talent Acquisition professionals are limited in the volume of roles that can be dealt with at one time RPO‟s complain about bad data Difficult
  8. 8. Maachu Takes the Job to the Candidate Candidates become Consumers Employer supplies Maachu with the Job Description Identify core * hiring criteria from JD Work with employer to configure ad + Maachu Job Key™ to fit core criteria Use our screener to refine candidate pool Advertise the opportunity (branded or not branded) using social media Analyse + fine-tune to optimize ad conversion results ** Maachu supplies employer with an active pool describing itself in the context of real jobs Notes: * Core criteria are those that can be quantified using data parameters ** See slide titled ‘ The Conversion Funnel‟
  9. 9. Five Core Pillars to Maachu‟s Electronic Sourcing Defining jobs and marketing them according to their core criteria Pooling of real candidates wanting to be found…who define themselves against these core criteria Anonymous electronic candidate profiling and matching based off these criteria Smart screening capability to identify trade-offs in certain criteria Optimized for mobile for easy application
  10. 10. Candidates follow each step towards the „Conversion’ Exposed to Ad Candidates have NO option to skew their CV to the JD Clicked on Ad Done in 5-8 minutes Registered Completed Career Pass Upload CV Our USP is that we WON‟T allow candidates out of the tunnel until they complete their CareerPass and upload their CV PROFILE IS COMPLETE AND UNBIASED Candidate Ad Conversion Funnel Workflow
  11. 11. Targeted Ad & Landing Page
  12. 12. Reuters FXAll Relationship Manager Hong Kong Results (Actual) Candidate Flow November 2013 Sales Candidates in Hong Kong Minimum education: Bachelors 3-5 years of experience Languages: English, Cantonese, Mandarin Strong matches >80% 123 69 8 4 3
  13. 13. • Deeper parameterization of core criteria is critical to reducing the pool before a recruiter‟s time is allocated! • Examples include: Criteria Description Captured in Career sites? Job Boards? LinkedIn? 1 Identification of occupation being sought, then specific position identification No; Applications are specific to a post 2 Work Permit – related questions; willing to relocate Rare in Asia-Pac 3 Salary; offered, current, sought Rare; too confidential 4 Garden leave; notice period No; comes later 5 Industry expertise Assumed; not validated 6 Relevant Markets i.e. equities? India? Rarely; leave it to the CV 7 Specific tasks required to perform No; leave it to the CV 8 Specific skills / accreditations/ systems No; leave it to the CV 9 Other skills or specialisms useful to have No; leave it to the CV DEEPER PARAMERIZATION IS CRITICAL What‟s So Different about Maachu‟s Job Profiling?
  14. 14. REAL RESULT: Imagine 5 matched candidates within 1-14 days leading to 1 hire! Faster Cheaper • Go direct – cut agent‟s fees • Reduce your LinkedIn spend • Reduce your job board spend • Cut retention fees • Stop spending on systems to process those that don‟t matter to you • • Faster sourcing /screening/ response turnaround times means freeing up internal recruiter to do more hiring Faster screening decreases your overall time to hire which gets people started, faster! Better Quality • Less manual errors in screening • Clean/normalized job and candidate data • Maachu = same pool quality as LinkedIn; but ours are ready • Maachu layers in matching to ensure better fit • Maachu filters imposters MAACHU DELIVERS HARD AND SOFT BENEFITS So What Effect Does “all of this Tech” Have?
  15. 15. Build Identify Pull Store •Build Maachu Job Keys™ for the roles in our platform •You are in control of how long they are open for •Maachu will continually conduct target advertising whilst requistions are open •Identify a portfolio of your “bread and butter” profiles •These will be regular role types month-on-month, quarter- onquarter •Once the role types start “populating” (pull), Maachu pushes matches to you until you tell Maachu to stop •Gaps are identified very quickly ie the “Purple Squirrels”?, too many profiles (cut) •Single database storing all your screening activity for planning. reporting, audit, compliance purposes •Maachu‟s pool is constantly growing – get high level stats on job seekers GETTING STARTED How to use Maachu for Talent Pooling?
  16. 16. Social • We benchmark ourselves against social media programs • We verify that candidates profiles are real, complete and comparable • We target to communities “direct” based on users habits and sites visited Networks Employer Branding Data Hiring Internally Mobile Recruiting • The anonymity of our site ensures brands with poor rep‟ receive the best candidate in a fair and equitable manner • Higher profile brands can elect to be visible through Maachu website • Unique structured data model • Client can access and analyse candidate data through various online interfaces • Client can get electronic downloads of the data • Additional derived data sets can be created ie Maachu ValueMe™ • HR and TM teams more efficient and can process more hiring • Reduces reliance on agencies • Use Maachu to benchmark against the “live market” applying for jobs • Designed from inception for optimal mobile experience • Geo based advertising • Candidates can build their profiles in 5 minutes • Candidates get their match notifications through emails or SMS AT THE FOREFRONT OF ELECTRONIFICATION Maachu‟s Response?
  17. 17. Cost per Sourcing Cycle Discounted Annualized Fixed Fee with commit to Level maximum (USD) N/A Level 1 Annual Sourcing Cycle Volume Unlimited $800 Base Annualized Fee at Level maximum (USD) N/A 2 1101-2000 $900 $2,113,000 $1,690,,400 3 650-1100 $1000 $1,303,000 $1,042,,400 4 401-650 $1100 $853,000 $682,400 5 251-400 $1200 $578,000 $462,400 6 151-250 $1400 $398,000 $318,400 7 66-150 $1600 $258,000 $206,400 8 26-65 $1800 $122,000 $97,600 9 Up to 25 $2000 $50,000 $40,000 • You will receive matches for each Sourcing Cycle completed based on predetermined requirements • Pricing is based off bands to allow you to fix in fees but also qualify for discounts based off incremental volumes • Ability to lock in additional 20% discountif you pre-commit to a given level • Pay up front or in arrears – up to you • If Sourcing Cycle not completed, then you pay nothing • If you exceed your initial level, then we invoice you at the new level MAACHU‟S PRICING FRAMEWORK Transaction-Based and Transparent Pricing
  18. 18. Implementation Considerations We are compatible with all ATS platforms Maachu‟s tech support team will work closely to integrate Maachu with your inhouse system, ATS and/or RPO solution Integration process will be defined at the implementation stage We will review all technology aspects – security, logins, disaster recovery
  19. 19. Maachu Trials Trial universe – select several open job roles Trial resource – assign internal contact to work with Maachu Customer Service Trial Guidelines – 30 days or 3 Sourcing Cycles Technology Aspects – assign login(s), initial discussion on feed requirements Legal – review by HR/legal Training – Maachu will commit training resources during the trial