Patrick Hogan - Main Task PowerPoint


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Patrick Hogan - Main Task PowerPoint

  1. 1. ContentsComparing the Similarities and Differences within the Magazines I AnalysedQuestionnaireQuestionnaire ResultsEditing/Manipulation of ImagesEvaluation
  2. 2. Comparing the Similarities andDifferences within the Magazines I Analysed
  3. 3. DJ – Front Page
  4. 4. Top of the Pops – Front Page
  5. 5. Kerrang! – Front Cover
  6. 6. The Front Cover SimilaritiesOn the front covers of all three magazines, there are large images which gives us an instant impression for who themagazine is directed towards, such as within Kerrang! it is focused on people who like Rock, where as the Top of the Popsmagazine is more directed towards females.The masthead of all three magazine are very large and stand out, this grabsthe audience’s attention instantly making them know what magazine they arelooking at the first time they see it.All the magazines use cover lines to tell the audience what is inside the magazine. The magazine use different colours tomake certain things stand out more to the audience suggesting they are more important.
  7. 7. The Front Cover SimilaritiesAll of the magazines have a colour scheme rather than using a large range of colours. the Top of the Pops uses one specific Kerrang! Magazine The DJ magazine uses colour which is Pink which is related to its uses black, red and red, blue, black and target audience which is females as we white. white. often relate the colour pink to be more feminine.
  8. 8. SimilaritiesThe Front Coverincentives are used on the front of the Kerrang! Magazine and the DJ magazine, such as the Kerrang magazine uses a posterto try and attract it’s audience telling them if they get this magazine then they will receive a special poster. This is the samefor the DJ magazine, however, instead it uses a free CD for the audience to try out and because it is free, the audience willmost likely get it as people enjoy getting stuff which is free.All the magazine uses different backgrounds for their cover lines to try and make them stand out also, such as Kerrang! Usesa blue background to try and draw the audience’s attention, and the Top of the Pops uses yellow, which is a bright colourand stand out to the audience.
  9. 9. DJ – Contents Page
  10. 10. Top of the Pops – Contents Page
  11. 11. Kerrang! – Contents Page
  12. 12. SimilaritiesContents PageWithin the contents page, all three magazine use images to get the reader to know which are the moreimportant pages. The magazines have a page number next to the image, which is the same format within allthree magazines. They also have less important pages going around the outside of the images and are lessnoticeable than the images.The magazines also use different font styles to make some pages stand out more specifically than the othersby the use of words being bold or in a different colour.The Top of the Pops magazines and the Kerrang magazine both show pages from their magazine to try andget the audience to know which pages are better to look at first than others.The Top of the Pops magazines and the Kerrang magazine both continue their colour scheme from the frontpage which suggest it is a house colour.
  13. 13. DJ – Double Page Spread
  14. 14. Top of the Pops – Double Page Spread
  15. 15. Kerrang! – Double Page Spread
  16. 16. SimilaritiesDouble Page SpreadWithin the double page spreads on the magazine, there is a lot of information for the audience to read, sothis shows that the target audience must have a specific interest about the topic.All three magazines, Kerrang!, Top of the Pops and DJ magazine, all use different images across the doublepage spread to keep the audience interested and make the magazine look more interesting rather thanplain.Both the Kerrang! and the Top of the Pops magazine both use a colour scheme of black and red throughoutthe double page spread, using red to make more important things stand out more than the large bodies oftext.The DJ magazine and the Kerrang! magazine have quotes in the bottom left of the page which are quitelarge and is noticeable suggesting they are more important and draws the audience in.
  17. 17. DifferencesThe Front CoverAlso the type of language which is used on the front cover is very different again, as the Kerrang! magazineuses a phrase “Heavy F**king Metal” which tells us instantly the target audience for this magazine will bepeople who are more mature rather than young children. However, the Top of the Pops magazine has“Omg” which is used by many young people. This again tells us instantly the target audience is going to beyounger people who will understand what this means, suggesting that the magazine is relying on theaudience to already know.As well as this Kerrang! uses rhetorical questions to try and draw the reader in so they are using differenttechniques to grab the audiences’ attention. However the other magazines do not use methods such as this.This goes against codes of conventions as the other magazines have not used this sort of technique.The image on the front of the Kerrang! Magazine is more of a stereotype whereas the image on the front ofthe Top of the Pops magazine is more of an idol,. This suggests that you can be like her if you read thismagazine.
  18. 18. DifferencesContentsBoth Kerrang! and Top of the Pops carry on their colour scheme from the front page. Whereas the DJ magazine goesagainst this code of convention and uses a different colour scheme, thus making it stand out more significantly that the restof the magazines.The Kerrang! Magazine also have a body of text which is talking to the audience trying to get them to read certain pagesbefore any others. Also because of specific language which is used within the text, it makes it look as if they are personallytalking to you and are thanking you for buying this magazine. Whereas the rest of the magazines do not which challengescodes and conventions.Within the contents page of the Kerrang! Magazine they are trying to get the audience to subscribe to the magazine byusing a yellow background which makes it stand out more, and by saying “Only £5.50 a month” trying to suggest that this isnot a lot of money and make it stand out. This again goes against what the other magazines have done.
  19. 19. DifferencesDouble Page SpreadThe magazines use different ways in order to split the text up to make it easier to read and understand, such as Kerrang!use large capital letters, and is coloured red which makes the writing stand out more significantly than the rest. Whereasthe DJ magazine only use sub titles to split the text up. The Top of the Pops magazine use different text boxes and havesmall red circles going along the outside of the text boxes, this makes its more easier to read. Some methods of splitting upthe text are more efficient such as Kerrang’s method.The type of language which is used within the large body of information is also different, such as within Kerrang! The use ofthe word “ Fucking” suggests that the target audience are going to be more mature and older whereas you would not findthis sort of language within Top of the Pops are the target audience is younger than that of Kerrang’sThe DJ magazine does not continue through with a colour scheme within the double page spread which again goes againstthe codes and conventions as both Kerrang and Top of the Pops have used a colour scheme of black and red.
  20. 20. Questionnaire
  21. 21. QuestionnaireWhen answering the questions please circle your answer and write where it is appropriate. Thank you.1) What is your Gender? Male Female2) How old are you?0 – 15 16 – 30 31 – 45 46 +3) What is your current Occupation Status?Unemployed Employed4) What is your Postcode?5) How often do you buy Music Magazines?Never Sometimes Regular6) What kind of music do you listen to?Rock Pop R&B OtherIf you circled other please specify on the following line:………………………………………………………………………………………………………7) What would you like to read about within a music magazine?Gossip Gig Guides Charts Local appearances by bands8) What would appeal to you the most when buying a music magazine?Design Colour Popularity of the magazine
  22. 22. Questionnaire (Continued)9) What other sort of things would you like to see within the music magazine?Horoscopes Puzzles Sport Adverts10) Which of the following names stand out to you the most for a music magazine?The Edge Wired Sound Out11) Do you like pull out posters?Yes No12) Do free gifts attract you to a music magazine?Yes No13) Would you subscribe to any music magazine?Yes No14) How much would you be willing to buy a music magazine for?£1.00 - £2.00 £2.01 - £3.00 £3.01 - £4.00 £4.01+15) Would you prefer if the music magazine was in Black/White or in Colour?Black/White Colour16) What colours appeal to you?Blue Red White Green YellowPink Purple OtherIf you circled other please specify on the following line:…………………………………………………………………………………………
  23. 23. Questionnaire (Continued)17) Do you think current music magazines have too much on the front cover, too little ofjust right?Too much Too little Just right
  24. 24. Questionnaire Results What is your Gender?As there were more males which answered I 10 9will make my magazine predominantly aimed 8towards males rather than towards females, so Amount 6 5this will effect what sort of content I put inside 4of the magazine and the colour scheme. 2However I could also challenge this and add 0 Male Femalecontent balanced for both Males and Females. GenderThe majority of people who answered my How old are you?questionnaire are aged between 16-30, so I will 13have to use language which they will 15understand. I could also use abbreviations for 10 Amountwords such as “Omg” which Top of the Pops 5 0 0 1magazine used themselves, as this will be 0aimed mainly towards a younger audience who 0-15 16-30 31-45 46+should know what abbreviations such as Age“Omg” stand for.
  25. 25. Questionnaire ResultsThe majority of the people who answered my What is your current Employment status?questionnaire were Employed rather thanUnemployed, this tells me that they are able toafford more expensive magazines whereas 36%people who are unemployed would not be able Employedto, as 36% is still a large proportion, I may have Unemployedto consider lowering the prices so that they will 64%be able to afford my magazine.My target audience is based within the areas ofB5 and B8, which are located in WashwoodHeath, Ward End, Saltley, Digbeth, Highgate,Lee Bank.
  26. 26. Questionnaire Results How often do you buy Music Magazines?My target audience buys magazinessometimes, however some never buy 8 6 6magazines, which tells me that I must 6 Amount 4challenge codes and convention and do 2 2something different which will attract the 0audiences attention. Never Sometimes Regular How Often What kind of music do you listen to?6 people answered R&B, 6 people 7 6 6 6answered Pop and 6 people for Rock, as 6 5 Amountthis was these were the highest answers, 4 3 3 2 2my magazine will most likely be aimed 2 1 1 1 1 1towards one of these categories, as Rock, 0Pop and R&B is what interests my target ive e p e Co p try Al ime Du B ck nk di nc Po te R& Ro Pu un at In bs Da raudience the most. G rn te Type of Music
  27. 27. Questionnaire Results What would you like to read about withinPeople would also prefer to read about the magazine?Local appearances and Gig Guides rather 8 6 7 5 5than Charts and Gossip, which tells me Amount 6 4that if I were to make the audience more 2 0engaged I would have to include these Gossip appearance Gig Guides Charts s by bands Localsubjects. Topic What would appeal to you the most whenThe Design of my magazine is majorly buying a music magazine?important as people have said that this is what 10 9attracts them towards the magazine the most, Amount 8 5 6 4so it is essential I use the correct design for my 4magazine. 2 0 Design Colour Popularity of the magazine What area appeals the most
  28. 28. Questionnaire Results What other sort of things would you like toThis tells me that people would like to see see within the music magazine?some relevance to sport, Puzzles and 8 7 6 7Horoscopes within the magazine which Amount 6 4 2shows that the target audience would like to 2 1 0have additional things to do and interact rts ne t es s or lewith the magazine. No ve op Sp zz Ad sc Pu ro Ho Topic Which of the following names stand out toThe name of a magazine which interests the you the most for a music magazine?target audience the most was ‘Wired’ which 10is going to be the name of my magazine as 8 8this is the most popular choice that people Amount 6 5have answered. 4 1 2 0 The Edge Wired Sound Out Title
  29. 29. Questionnaire Results Do you like pull out posters?I have also found out that incentives makethe target audience more likely to buy the 29%music magazine as shown by people Yesanswered they like pull out posters and Nofree gifts, so I must include some sort of 71%incentive when creating my own magazine. Do free gifts attract you to a m usic m agazine? 12 10 10 8 Amount 6 4 4 2 0 Yes No Yes/No
  30. 30. Questionnaire Results Would you like to subscribe to any m usic magazine?The majority answered ‘No’ they would notsubscribe to any music magazine, this may 9 8 8be because no current music magazines 7 6 6interests them, which shows me that I must 5 4 3do something different from current code 2 1and conventions. 0 Yes No Ye s /No What colours appeal to you? 10The main three colours which appealed 9 8 9towards my target audience is Red, Blue 8 7 7and White, which will most likely be my 6 Amount 5 4 4colour scheme as this would attract my 4 3 2 2audiences attention as it will stand out and 2 1 1 1 1appeal more tot them. 0 Blue Red White Green Yellow Pink Purple Orange Gold Black Colour
  31. 31. Questionnaire ResultsMy magazine will most likely be priced£2.50 as 6 people answered £1 - £2.00 How m uch w ould you be w illing to buy a m usic m agazine for?however 8 People answered above£2.01. Also the price would be £2.50 7 6 6because I will have to cover ink costs and 6 5paper costs as the majority of my 4 3audience would prefer to have Coloured 2 1 1magazines rather than it being 1 0Black/White £1.00 - £2.00 £2.01 - £3.00 £3.01 - £4.00 £4.00 - £5.00 Pric e Would you prefer if the music magazine was in Black/White or in Colour? 15 12 10 Amount 5 2 0 Black/White Colour Black and White / Colour
  32. 32. Questionnaire ResultsMost people felt that current magazines had just the right amount on thefront cover, which tells me that I must not do more, or little than currentmagazines do as it may appear to be too busy or too spacious. Do you think current music magazines have too much on the front cover, too little or just right? 7% 14% Too much Too little Just right 79%
  33. 33. QuestionnaireI completed my questionnaire by going to a location with was specific with my target audience, this wasin town, outside of HMV, where I asked people who were coming out from the shop or who looked likethey were going into the shop.However, I asked 14 questionnaires out of 30 as I was unable to get any more people to answer thequestions.
  34. 34. Editing of ImagesI am going to use programs such as “Macromedia Fireworks” and “Adobe Photoshop” to edit andmanipulate my images in order to improve them and make them stand out significantly more thanthey do.
  35. 35. Original image EditedMethods I decided to use the crop tool as the original image had other people who were not needed. This then changed the colours of the image to stand out more than it originally did.
  36. 36. Original image EditedMethods I changed the saturation, Hue and lightness of the image. I then chose to use the ‘Burn Tool’ which darkened my image.
  37. 37. Original image EditedMethods I decided to change the colour curves in order to make the colours in the picture stand out more and give it more of a tone..
  38. 38. Original image EditedMethods I increased the brightness and contrast of the image so it is clearer to see. I then changed the colours of the image and made them stand out more than they originally did..
  39. 39. Original image EditedMethods I changed the colour levels. This made the guitarist the main focus of the image. As there is only light around him, where as the rest of the image is not as bright.
  40. 40. Original image EditedMethods I decreased the brightness of the image as it was very bright before hand.
  41. 41. Evaluation In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?My music magazine attempts to develop on forms and conventions of real music magazines. Due tomy analysis, my magazine has similar styles of those Music magazines which I analysed, especiallyKerrang! as they use the same genre as I am doing, which is Rock.Within my Magazine I will use mature language rather than in appropriate language, unlikeKerrang’s magazine who use language such as: “Heavy F**king Metal”. This suggests that myMagazine is more appropriate for my target audience.I developed on normal forms and conventions of real Music magazines by having an interviewmixed with some background information of the band. This would be different from othermagazines such as The Top of the Pops magazine which only had a interview, and other magazines,such as Kerrang, which have a large amount of information. So in order to improve anddevelopment, I added both a interview and information about the band into one in order to be agreater interest to the target audience.The font style of the title which I am going to be using will be different to other magazines,however the font will be similar sizes, as larger titles catches the eye of the audience. This is similarwithin other magazines, such as in Kerrang.
  42. 42. Evaluation How does your media product represent particular social groups?My music magazine is specifically aimed at people who enjoy rock music. This is shown by the images ofRock bands on the Front cover, Contents and Double page spread. As these are Rock bands, people whoare buying the magazine will have a specific interest with that sort of music, so they can relate more towhat is being said, as it will mean more to them.Also the style of font which I am going to be using suits the target audience more, as it looks and suits thestyle of magazine, such as other rock magazines, such as Kerrang!The age range for my Magazine will be 16-30 year olds. My magazine represents this age group by usingappropriate language which they will be able to understand.
  43. 43. Evaluation What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?My Music Magazine could potentially be sold within Bauer Media. Baueralready has Music magazines which it sells, they are; Kerrang!, Q, Mojo andEmpire. As these magazines are already established and are very popular.This shows that Bauer are a very Influential and produce quality magazineswhich are read by many readers which could be beneficial for me.As Kerrang! are apart of Bauer and my music magazine offers a more of adevelopment on codes and conventions, which Kerrang use. So my magazinecan offer more to this industry. It will also allow my magazine and Kerrangsmagazine to become involved with each other, this could lead to a moresuccessful franchise. This could also lead to an increase in popularity as bothmy magazine and Kerrang’s magazine could mention each other in their ownmagazine. This as a result could increase interest.My magazine could also be beneficial to Bauer as Kerrang! Has a genderratio of (Females) 38.1%:61.9% (Males). So my magazine can offer a more ofa balance in gender so it will appeal to a wider audience.
  44. 44. Evaluation Who would be the audience for your media product?My audience will be aimed at people who are aged 16-30, I found this out my asking people their age within myquestionnaire, and this is the age group of which was answered the most. The majority of my audience will be Primaryaudience, who will be the ones who are going to the shops to actually buy the magazine.My audience also like the genre of Rock, this also shown within my questionnaire which was handed out, this as a resultwas one of the most popular answers. So I must provide content within my magazine which appeals to this audience.However, I will also have a secondary audience. These will be people who come across the magazine, but they did notnecessarily buy it fro them selves. It could be people such as brothers and Sisters who come across the magazine withintheir older brother’s or Sister’s room, and they would like to be like them so they also decide to read the magazine.64% of the people who answered my questionnaire said they are employed, so they will most likely be higher up on theAcorns classification scale. As a result, this shows that these people will have some money to spend. So I will provide mymagazine at a price which they can afford. This means that the majority of people who will read my magazine will havesome sort of income.
  45. 45. Evaluation How did you attract/address your audience?Uses and Gratification suggest that my audience will want to be more like the people which they see on the magazine,and they will feel the need to be associated with a certain group. I will be attracting people who enjoy rock music, so thegroup which I will be attracting are “Rockers”.The audience will also be able to relate to the magazine as their favourite bands or band members will be within themagazine, so they will become more interested with the magazine as it has a specific interest with what they enjoy.Also as the age range of my magazine will be 16-30, it means there will be more teenagers reading the magazine, so theywill want to know more about celebrities or idols lives, so they can perhaps be more like them. My magazine can offerthis to them which will attract the audience even further.I also found out what the audience wanted though the questionnaire which I handed out. This told me what sort of musicthey enjoyed listening to. Also I was able to see which their favourite colours are so I was able to use this in order to drawtheir attention in more closely.
  46. 46. Evaluation What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?I used many different technologies within the production of my magazine, I usedDesktop Publishing, which included software such as Publisher, Fireworks andPhotoshop which helped me to create electronic drafts and manipulate my images.I also used Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress which helped me create the layout formy magazine.These technologies required a lot of time in order to be able to be used correctly.However it helped me enormously as I was able to manipulate images eventuallywith practice with the software.I also required help when using the software, this shows the difficulty of thesoftware, as it was much harder to advance from the use of Publisher which I usedin my preliminary task to the more advanced software which I used for the maintask.The software is also not very expensive as it was industry standard software, whichmeans it was already installed on the computers which I was using.
  47. 47. Evaluation Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?I have learned that analysing already made products can help you give ideas and enable you to develop your productmore, as it allows you to compare your product to premade products.I also learned that in order to create a product such as this, it requires a lot of research in order to find out what yourtarget audience actually wants.Also getting a photograph to use for the front covers and other pages was very difficult as it required a clear view, thistook a lot of time to be able to do, so if I had a lot more foresight, it would have been a lot easier to do. As there was notalways concerts playing at the time which the genre of my Music magazine was focused on. So I learnt that I would need alarger time frame and more preparation in order to get an image which would be of use.I also found out that using software such as Photoshop, takes time to get use to, due to it being very complicated.However by doing this I feel that I have learned more about how to manipulate images.