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Topography and Countours for LA Students
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Topography and Countours for LA Students


This was my presentation for my construction class i hope you find this useful to you

This was my presentation for my construction class i hope you find this useful to you

Published in Design
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  • 1. LA 395First Project
  • 2. Contours Standards & Uses In LAby Muhammad Ali Sarai 0558588
  • 3. presentation Contests❖ What are Contour Lines ? ❖ Different Types of Contour Lines standers in❖ How To Draw Contour Deigns (Large Scale , Small Lines ? Scale)❖ Important terms . ❖ Slopes❖ Importance of Contour ❖ Examples Lines in LA?
  • 4. What are Contour Lines?❖ An imaginary line in topographic maps that pass through points of equal elevation vales to show the hight from the sea level.
  • 5. How to Draw Contour Lines❖ To Draw Contour lines We Must Know a few signs :-❖ Site Survey❖ Spot elevations❖ The lines❖ how to connect them
  • 6. Spot Elevations❖ It is Describing the hight Of this Spot From the reference Point (Usually sea level)
  • 7. Contour Lines❖ They are the Lines that represent an Area with the Same value (high)
  • 8. Mistakes in Drawing
  • 9. Terms that Must be known❖ Ridge :- a long & narrow elevated piece of land .❖ Valley a Depression between hills with a River flowing through it.
  • 10. Importance of Contour In a Design❖ The World was not created Flat Thus we As professionals Must understand the land we are Given. & cause minimal impact to the environment we are designing
  • 11. Importance of Contours❖ Functional Reasons :-❖ To fit the Design in the Site.
  • 12. Importance of Contours❖ To provide Surface Drainage.❖ To Create a wind or Noise barer
  • 13. Importance of Contours❖ To add more Soil depth
  • 14. Importance of Contours❖ To Correct Undesirable Land forms
  • 15. Slopes❖ When Studying Contours we Must Study & understand Slopes .❖ To calculate a Slope we Divide the vertical hight On the Horizontal distance .❖ The smoother the Slope the easier it is to pass on it.
  • 16. Types of Slops❖ in small scale Projects the way we deal with levels is Dif than the Way we deal with them in large scale projects
  • 17. Importance of Contours❖ Esthetic Reasons :-❖ To Create interesting Landforms
  • 18. Importance of Contours❖ To Hide Designs in nature❖ To Capture or Hide Views
  • 19. Dangers Of a Sloped Site❖ Land Slides :- Cause a step ❖ Rain when rain falls On slope when rain falls the Site it will need a Moves the Soil Or Drainage system to see the Expansion in the Soil path of the water n how it which makes will Accumulate on the Ground .
  • 20. Small Scale Contours❖ Which include Ramps Steps & levels in open Areas.❖ Ramps .❖ Bridges .
  • 21. Ramps❖ Normal Ramps❖ Ramp slopes should be no greater than1 :12 or 8 .33 percent❖
  • 22. Bridges
  • 23. Recommended Gradients
  • 24. References❖ Environmental analysis W.Mash❖ Time Saver LA❖ Site planning Lynch❖ Norman booth❖ La345 Presntaion PHD. F Daghistani