IP	  Management:	           	  Creating	  Value	  by	  Protecting	   Knowledge-­‐Based	  Assets	                          ...
Understanding	  Intellectual	          Property	  	  
What	  is	  Intellectual	  Property?                                      	                www.gilbertslaw.ca	  
Canadian	  IP:	  By	  the	  Numbers                                           	             The	  percentage	  of	  Canadi...
Types	  of	  IP	  Protection	                                  Patent	     Trade	                                         ...
IP	  =	  Value	  Capture	                         $12.5	  Billion	  ÷	                         17,000	  Patents	          ...
Patents	         	  www.gilbertslaw.ca	  
Patents                                   	   A	  patent	  is	  used	  to	  control	  how	  an	  advantage	            of	...
Eureka?                              	  	  Invention	  means:	  -­‐ 	  New,	  useful,	  non-­‐obvious	  machine,	  manufac...
The	  Right	  Stuff                                                    	             Patentable	                          ...
Shhh	  …	  Patent	  laws	  can	  be	  strict.	  	  Any	  of	  the	  following	       things,	  if	  done	  prior	  to	  _i...
Patent	  Preparation	  and	  Filing	  1.  Understand	  inventorship	  and	  ownership	      •  Who	  has	  a	  right	  to	...
Should	  I	  Just	  Keep	  It	  Secret?                                                       	                   Patent  ...
Branding	          	   www.gilbertslaw.ca	  
Trade-­‐marks                               	   Ultimately,	  the	  trade-­‐mark	  represents	  the	     reputation,	  qua...
What	  Could	  Be	  a	  Trade-­‐mark?                                                            	                        ...
The	  Sword	  and	  the	  Shield	               www.gilbertslaw.ca	  
The	  Good,	  the	  Bad	  and	                   the	  Forgettable      	                   Suggestive                    ...
How	  to	  Best	  Protect	  your	  Brand	                     Obtain	  Trade-­‐mark	  Registrations       	  •    Formaliz...
The	  Living	  Brand	  •    Use	  proper	  marking	  and	  ownership	  notices	  •    Avoid	  genericization	  •    Use	  ...
Ponder	  this…	                             What	  do:	             POST-IT escalator                                 ASPI...
Let s	  Get	  Social                                                	  Ø         192	  million	  domain	  names	  registe...
The	  Online	  Assumption	    Assumption	                                       Reality	      Brand	  Inc.	             	 ...
Managing	  Intellectual	  Property	                                      	                www.gilbertslaw.ca	  
Good	  Housekeeping	  Know	  Your	  IP	   •  Use	  invention	  disclosure	  forms	  to	  capture	  inventions	  rather	  t...
IP	  Hurdles	  vs.	  IP	  Barriers                                                            	           Survey	  the	  I...
Apple/Samsung	                                     The	  latest	                 $1	  billion	  damages	  award	  v.	  Sam...
AIDS	  in	  Developing	  Countries                                              	  IP	                Gilead	  had	  devel...
Thank	  You	  	         www.gilbertslaw.ca	                      	            416	  703	  1100	  
IP Management - Entrepreneurship 101 (2012/2013)
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IP Management - Entrepreneurship 101 (2012/2013)


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Intellectual property (IP) is the lifeblood of every knowledge-based start-up or venture. Learn how to identify and manage your intellectual property in a strategic way and examine how it fits in with your overall business model. A large part of your competitive advantage will depend on your ability to protect and properly exploit or commercialize your product or service innovations. IP law provides the framework for protecting and commercializing these innovations. Presented by Gilbert's LLP.

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IP Management - Entrepreneurship 101 (2012/2013)

  1. 1. IP  Management:    Creating  Value  by  Protecting   Knowledge-­‐Based  Assets       November  21,  2012    Nathaniel  Lipkus,  Matthew  Powell  &  Ashlee  Froese  
  2. 2. Understanding  Intellectual   Property    
  3. 3. What  is  Intellectual  Property?   www.gilbertslaw.ca  
  4. 4. Canadian  IP:  By  the  Numbers   The  percentage  of  Canadian  science  or   20   technology  businesses  that  have  sought  IP   protection  of  any  kind   The  percentage  of  R&D  expenditures  by   Canadian  universities  that  are  captured  as  1.14   revenues  down  the  road  (compare  to  5%  for  the   United  States)   Billions  of  dollars  in  net  licensing  revenues  that   4.5   Canadian  entities  pay  to  foreign  entities  because   Canadians  are  buyers  not  sellers  of  IP   Canada’s  rank  out  of  24  developed  nations  on  an   17   OECD  innovation  scale  (despite  being  7th  in   R&D)   www.gilbertslaw.ca  
  5. 5. Types  of  IP  Protection   Patent   Trade   Trademark   Secret   Your   Business   Design   Copyright   www.gilbertslaw.ca  
  6. 6. IP  =  Value  Capture   $12.5  Billion  ÷   17,000  Patents   $735K  per  Patent   $4.5  Billion  ÷   6,000  Patents   $750K  per  Patent   Brand  Value:   $77.8  million  (US)   www.gilbertslaw.ca  
  7. 7. Patents    www.gilbertslaw.ca  
  8. 8. Patents   A  patent  is  used  to  control  how  an  advantage   of  a  particular  invention  reaches  the   customer.    Exercise  control  by  forcing  competitor  to:  -­‐  Eliminate  advantage  from  their  offering   altogether;  -­‐  Provide  advantage  only  under  license;  or  -­‐  Find  a  different  way  to  achieve  advantage.   www.gilbertslaw.ca  
  9. 9. Eureka?    Invention  means:  -­‐   New,  useful,  non-­‐obvious  machine,  manufacture,  composition  of  matter,  art  or  process,  or  a  new  useful,  non-­‐obvious  improvement  in  one  of  these  things.     www.gilbertslaw.ca  
  10. 10. The  Right  Stuff   Patentable   Not  Patentable  Process  for  recursively   A  digital  image  of  a  sunset  (See:  sharpening  an  image  in  a  digital   copyright)  camera.  Process  for  arbitrating  between   A  stylistic  wave  icon  displayable  con_licting  keystrokes  on  a  smart   on  a  smart  phone  (See:  trade  phone  keypad  using  word   mark  or  industrial  design)  rankings.  Process  for  streaming  digital   A  feature  length  digital  _ilm  (see:  video  to  a  wireless  device.   copyright)  Recessable,  hinged  legs  on  a   Layout  of  keys  on  a  computer  computer  keyboard   keyboard  (See:  industrial  design)  Hand  sanitizer  formulation.   Attractive  hand  sanitizer  bottle   (See:  industrial  design)   www.gilbertslaw.ca  
  11. 11. Shhh  …  Patent  laws  can  be  strict.    Any  of  the  following   things,  if  done  prior  to  _iling  can  result  in  an   invalid  patent:  -­‐  Public  disclosure  of  the  invention;  -­‐  Use  of  the  invention;  -­‐  Sale  of  the  invention;  -­‐  Offering  the  invention  for  sale.  Different  countries  have  different  requirements.  BEST  PRACTICE:  _ile  for  patent  _irst.   www.gilbertslaw.ca  
  12. 12. Patent  Preparation  and  Filing  1.  Understand  inventorship  and  ownership   •  Who  has  a  right  to  be  named  an  inventor?   •  Who  has  a  right  to  own  the  patent?    2.  Prepare  patent  application   •  Prepare  description,  drawings  and  claims.  3.  File  patent  application   •  Paperwork  +  patent  application  +  fees  in  each  country.   •  Use  fee-­‐deferral  techniques  when  patenting  in  more  than  one  country.  4.  Negotiate  With  Examiner(s)  (“Prosecution”)   •  Will  have  to  wait  awhile  to  hear  from  Examiners  (2-­‐3  years  sometimes).   •  Use  progress  with  one  Examiner  to  speed  up  examination  elsewhere.  5.  Receive  Granted  Patent   www.gilbertslaw.ca  
  13. 13. Should  I  Just  Keep  It  Secret?   Patent   Trade  Secret  Details  of  invention  published  by   Details  of  invention  can  be  kept  patent  of_ice  after  18  months.   secret  forever.  Can  stop  others  even  if  they  come   Cannot  stop  others  if  they  come  up  with  the  invention   up  with  the  invention  independently.   independently.  For  inventions  that  would  not  be   For  inventions  that  would  be  hard  for  a  competitor  to  _igure   extremely  dif_icult  for  a  out.   competitor  to  _igure  out.  Example:  Using  collets  for   Example:  Method  of  applying  bonding  shaped  substrates  to  a   forces  to  a  semiconductor  submount  of  a  semiconductor.   substrate  for  extremely  fast     bonding  of  light  emitting  diodes.     www.gilbertslaw.ca  
  14. 14. Branding     www.gilbertslaw.ca  
  15. 15. Trade-­‐marks   Ultimately,  the  trade-­‐mark  represents  the   reputation,  quality  and  expertise  of  a   company.  Nike  Inc.   www.gilbertslaw.ca  
  16. 16. What  Could  Be  a  Trade-­‐mark?   Traditional  Trade-­‐marks  •  Single  word            SUBWAY                  •  Group  of  words          BURGER  KING        •  Group  of  numbers        967-­‐1111  •  Slogan                                          DUDE  YOU RE  GETTING  A  DELL  •  Design  (with  words)  •  Design  (without  words)   Non-­‐Traditional  Trade-­‐marks   Three-­‐Dimensional   Colors     Distinguishing  Guise   Sound   www.gilbertslaw.ca  
  17. 17. The  Sword  and  the  Shield   www.gilbertslaw.ca  
  18. 18. The  Good,  the  Bad  and   the  Forgettable   Suggestive CoinedDescriptive Generic www.gilbertslaw.ca  
  19. 19. How  to  Best  Protect  your  Brand   Obtain  Trade-­‐mark  Registrations  •  Formalized  protection  of  business  asset  •  Increase  value  of  your  company  •  Registration  certi_icate  is  evidence  of  ownership  •  Exclusive  use  •  Rights  are  country-­‐wide  •  Renewable  registration  periods  •  Access  to  Federal  Court  judgments  •  Springboard  for  international  protection    •  Other  avenues  (domain  name  disputes,  social  media  etc.)   www.gilbertslaw.ca  
  20. 20. The  Living  Brand  •  Use  proper  marking  and  ownership  notices  •  Avoid  genericization  •  Use  trade-­‐mark  properly  •  Consistently  use  the  trade-­‐mark    •  Continue  to  use  trade-­‐mark  properly    •  License  properly  •  Police  vigilantly    •  Audit  the  wares/services  •  Renew,  renew,  renew   www.gilbertslaw.ca  
  21. 21. Ponder  this…   What  do:   POST-IT escalator ASPIRIN KLEENEXzipper plasticine BAND-AID have  in  common?   www.gilbertslaw.ca  
  22. 22. Let s  Get  Social  Ø  192  million  domain  names  registered    Ø  126  million  online  blogs    Ø  27.3  million  daily  tweets        Ø  350  million  people  on  Facebook            Ø  90  trillion  emails  sent  in  2009   www.gilbertslaw.ca  
  23. 23. The  Online  Assumption   Assumption   Reality   Brand  Inc.       .ca .jp   .us       .eu .xxx   .museum BRAND.com   .net .info   twitter/BRAND  Facebook/BRAND   .mobi .co .uk .me www.gilbertslaw.ca  
  24. 24. Managing  Intellectual  Property     www.gilbertslaw.ca  
  25. 25. Good  Housekeeping  Know  Your  IP   •  Use  invention  disclosure  forms  to  capture  inventions  rather  than  rely  on   notebooks.   •  Use  spreadsheets  to  track  brands,  inventions,  patent  applications,  patents,   trademarks,  copyrights,  trade  secrets  Ensure  IP  Ownership   •  Ensure  IP  being  created  at  the  instruction  of  the  company  by  employees,   outside  contractors  etc.  is  owned  by  the  company   •  Establishing  formal,  written  agreements  early  reduces  costly  disputes  later   •  Maintain  a  repository  of  employment  agreements,  outside  contracts,   nondisclosure  agreements,  supply  agreements  Conduct  Periodic  IP  audits   www.gilbertslaw.ca  
  26. 26. IP  Hurdles  vs.  IP  Barriers   Survey  the  IP   Avoid  barriers   Protect  your  own   Landscape   Overcome  hurdles   IP  along  the  way  Who  owns    background  IP?   Act  early!  What  patents/designs   Can  you  license?  Cross-­‐could  block  you?   license?  Partner?  Co-­‐exist?  What  businesses  are   Can  you  invalidate  branding  like  yours?   blocking  IP?  Any  big  players  to  plan  for?   Any  ways  to  insure?   www.gilbertslaw.ca  
  27. 27. Apple/Samsung   The  latest   $1  billion  damages  award  v.  Samsung   Sanctions  against  Apple  by  UK  court   Antitrust  investigations  into  Samsung   www.gilbertslaw.ca  
  28. 28. AIDS  in  Developing  Countries  IP   Gilead  had  developed  breakthrough  ARVs:  Viread,   Truvada  –  covered  by  patents  around  the  world  Problem   No  infrastructure  in  developing  world:  1,000-­‐paEent   penetraEon  (and  not  for  lack  of  trying)  Solu8on   15%  developing  country  license  to  Indian   manufacturers  /  discounts  to  wholesalers:  led  to   generic  penetraEon  of  2.9  million    1/3  of  HIV  pa8ents  treated  in  developing  world  take  a  Gilead  drug   www.gilbertslaw.ca  
  29. 29. Thank  You     www.gilbertslaw.ca     416  703  1100