Environmental Crisis: The moment to act is now.Today is the first day of my life. I was born today, when I woke up. I woke...
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Today is the first day of my life


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Today is the first day of my life

  1. 1. Environmental Crisis: The moment to act is now.Today is the first day of my life. I was born today, when I woke up. I woke up in a world where the sky is not as blue as they said; where the flowers do notsmell the way they are supposed to; where the garbage and the things that people nolonger use are thrown into those which once were green paths. I was born in a worldwhere people walk along the streets without looking at each other instead of living andcommunicating as equals. I was born in this world. A world that has been submitted to acoming extinction because of the emanations of greenhouse-effect gases, deforestation,genocide, hunger, human and animal exploitation and hundreds of other factors whichhave only one big responsible: Human Race. The human race was created by God with a purpose: ‘Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earthand subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and overevery living thing that moves on the earth.’ God said we had dominion over the other living creatures and that the Earth was ourplace to live, a gift from him to us. I am not here as a Christian woman and I am not here to quote lines from the Bible. I amhere as a person who asks you to have in mind that when someone gives you a presentyou take care of that present. Mother Earth is our present, life is our present, so we need to remember that when wecut a tree, when we throw garbage to the ground, when we throw something in the sinkbecause we might think it will dissolve in the water, when we see a person mistreating ananimal because it’s in its way or just for fun. Global Warming and the entire planet’s destruction are happening now and it gets worseand worse every minute. We are the only solution to this problem and using daylight everyday or helping someonehomeless with something to eat, may be little but big steps to save our most precious gift:life.