Wall street english campaign


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Wall street english campaign

  2. 2. OUTLINE 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Market overview SWOT Wall Street English Objectives Audiences Strategy – Positioning – Commitment – Message Execution Summary (Q&A)
  3. 3. 1. Market overview: * Nowadays there is a large number of English centers in Vietnam (concentrated in Ho Chi Minh City). Based on multiple criteria, the centers can be divided into some following groups English: •Children: Yola, Appollo, Ila, ... •Pupils, students: ACET, Appollo, VUS, ... •Adults: Appollo, CLEVERLEARN Vietnam, equest, ... •Online Learning: tienganh123.com, hellochao.vn, ... * The demand for learning English is increasing significantly
  4. 4. 2. SWOT Wall Street English (WTE) S: have a global brand reputation W: Newly entered in Vietnam, did not have many branches O: Adult Market has not attracted attention T: The market has too many English centers
  5. 5. 3. Objectives * Increase awareness of people about WTE (especially the target audience) * Increase the number of students in WTE
  6. 6. 4. Audiences: * Target Audience: •Male / Female, living in Ho Chi Minh City, 22 - 35 years old •Class: AB •At the present time, they're working and they always want to achieve more success in their life and their job. Moreover, they do not want to miss any opportunity. * Related group: •Parents of children aged between 16-22 living in Ho Chi Minh City •Class: AB •Parents always want the best things for their children as well as hope for their children’s successful future.
  7. 7. 4. Audiences (The target audience) Current behavior Desire behavior Want to improve English level but wonder about the educational institutions and lack of motivation Learn in Wall Street English. Challenge "There are too many English centers. All advertisements are the same: the native speaker, commitment to improve English after learning, the advanced methods, ... Let’s think about people’s desire to learn but they are stuck in picking up one choice. Also, those advertisements are really reliable, aren’t them? Plus some people will talk themselves – Oh, I am fine with my current English level, why I have to invest more?”
  8. 8. 5. Strategy – Positioning - Commitment – Message Strategy WTE does not focus on the aspects that every center still covers: good teachers, good facilities, good approaching method, ... WTE FOCUES ON influencing customer phsychology by emotional factors, motivating them and building relationships between two parties. Positioning When mentioning WTE, we want customers to think: "WALL STREET ENGLISH is not only a high quality center English, but also a place that inspires me (learner) to reach out and get more successful in life”
  9. 9. 5. Strategy – Positioning - Commitment – Message Commitment We - Wall Street English always support you to be more successful in your life. Never limit yourself because success is always created by yourself. Message OWN SUCCESS With this message, target audience will be motivated to study and dare to get more success; related groups would expect their children to pay more attention to their own success.
  10. 10. 6. Execution The campaign will be divided into 4 phases: Phase 1: Desire success Phase 2: Deserve success Phase 3: Own success Phase 4: Share success
  11. 11. Phase 1: Desire success [Inspiration] Reminded of the past - when we were a child, we always desired and were willing to try any possibilities to get the things we wanted, always dreamed of beautiful dreams for the future? So why do we no longer crave for something? Tools: POSM, Lifting Frame, Clip
  12. 12. Phase 2: Deserve success [Motivation] Emphasizing the leaners’ present that they always fulfill their jobs, that they are always friendly to everyone else, that every day they always try to improve themselves. They deserve to be successful so don’t let anything stop them on the way to success! Tools: POSM, Lifting Frame, Clip
  13. 13. Phase 2: Deserve success Such mirror will be hung up in the offices, kitchens, toilets in order to remind target audience.
  14. 14. Phase 3: Own success [Creating trust] Emphasizing in the near future what they can achieve when they have a fluent English: promotions, opportunities to study abroad, expanding relationships, chances to be more successful in life Tools: POSM
  15. 15. Phase 4: Share success WTE will be the first English center in Vietnam having attention in foreign language of all society. A team of collaborators will be established with the mission to help poor children, disabled people learn English. WTE will be the sponsor and supporter in extensions of English using. This will create a positive effect in the whole country, as well as be bound to attract wide press coverage. This will result in bringing WTE image closer to people. Tools : Social networks, Newspapers
  16. 16. 7. Sumary ( Q&A) 1. Who are we talking to? Worker, with average income, always wants to be more successful in life (slide 6) 2. What is the problem experienced by our prospect at the moment? •Uncertainty about choosing one English center. •Lack of motivation to learn (slide 7) 3. What do they think before receiving our message? •Every English center is the same with the “best” quality. •English level is acceptable for the current job. (slide 7)
  17. 17. 4. What is the solution provided by our product/service/brand? Marketing makes a difference from other centers (slide 8) 5. What do we want them to think after receiving our message? WSE is not only a high quality English center, but also a place that inspire “me” to grow/rise up/to reach out and be more successful in life (slide 8) 6. What do we want them to do after receiving our message? •WTE becomes T.O.M when they introduce to their friends and for themselves •They access the website, call the hotline for advice on courses •They have a higher motivation to learn English to be more successful, and choose WSE
  18. 18. 7. What is the Proposition? We - Wall Street English always support you to be more successful in your life. (slide 9) 8. What is the support to back up this promise? To provide inspiration, motivation. To have social responsibility (slides 9-15) 9. What other ways can Wall Street English can help them? The system is international with more than 450 centers in 28 countries - The maximum students in each class is 4 - Methodology was certified by Cambridge University – WSE offer flexible learning time – WSE have professional foreign teachers – Learning environment is completely in English - 97% of learners success - Commitment for learner to have a good result or refund instead.
  19. 19. THANK YOU! Cuong Nguyen Van