Thieves through time

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  • 1. THIEVES THROUGH THE TIMEWe made the choice of a unit about thieves, because their evolution through thetime is surprising. Beyond the robbery, the working to success which meansmanipulate people, think of a plan, etc. Nowadays, many people take examplefrom reality to turn it into movies, or books. Those persons created charismaticcharacters, with a smart spirit, actually, characters able to make plans with bit.BONNIE AND CLYDE, FAMOUS EXAMPLEHistorical Importance of Bonnie and Clyde: It was during the Great Depression thatBonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow went on their two-year crime spree (1932-1934). Thegeneral attitude in the country was against government and Bonnie and Clyde used that totheir advantage. With an image closer to Robin Hood rather than mass murderers, Bonnieand Clyde captured the imagination of the nation.Dates: Bonnie Parker (October 1, 1910 -- May 23, 1934); Clyde Barrow (March 24, 1909 --May 23, 1934)On one of Clydes first robberies after he was released, Bonnie went with him. The plan wasfor the Barrow Gang to rob a hardware store. (The members of the Barrow Gang changedoften, but at different times included Bonnie and Clyde, Ray Hamilton, W.D. Jones, BuckBarrow, Blanche Barrow, and Henry Methvin.) Although she stayed in the car during therobbery, Bonnie was captured and put in the Kaufman, Texas jail. She was later released forlack of evidence.While Bonnie was in jail, Clyde and Raymond Hamilton staged another robbery at the end ofApril 1932. It was supposed to be an easy and quick robbery of a general store, butsomething went wrong and the stores owner, John Bucher, was shot and killed.Bonnie now had a decision to make -- would she stay with Clyde and live a life with him onthe run or would she leave him and start fresh? Bonnie knew that Clyde had vowed never togo back to prison. She knew that to stay with Clyde meant death to them both very soon. Yet,even with this knowledge, Bonnie decided that she could not leave Clyde and was to remainloyal to him to the end.[]This extract explains the first couple’s robbery. Indeed, Bonnie when she start to steal, wasinexperienced. Clyde just keep on robbing. 1) Give some explanations on why Bonnie had a difficult choice to make. How may she have felt? 2) Bonnie and Clyde are nowadays symbols. How did the historical context help them ?
  • 2. […]But the true story of Bonnie and Clyde is very different from the Hollywood fantasy.And as two new books reveal, it is even more extraordinary.Their deaths were certainly violent in the extreme. On the day of their demise, Clyde Barrow,who was just 25, was driving along in his socks, while Bonnie was eating a sandwich in thepassenger seat.Near Gibsland, they stopped to greet the father of one of their gang members - but it was atrap. A six-man posse of Texas and Louisiana troopers was waiting in ambush and openedfire.No warnings were issued and the couple were given no opportunity to surrender. Clyde diedinstantly - the first shot took off the top of his head.But Bonnie was only wounded and began screaming - a scream so terrible that their principalpursuer, former Texas Ranger Frank Hamer, fired two more shots into the defenceless 23-year old at close range.I hate to bust the cap on a woman, especially when she was sitting down, the laconic Hamersaid afterwards. But if it wouldnt have been her, it would have been us.Their bodies were riddled with 25 bullets each, even though Bonnie Parker had never beencharged with a capital offence.The pair had become notorious after two years on the run and the crime scene quicklydescended into a bizarre circus.[ ]The text points out how the famous couple ends. 1) Resume the text. 2) What do you think about this ? Exchange your opinion with your neighbour. 3) Comment the following picture.
  • 3. On May 23, 1934, policemen hid along a road. When Bonnie and Clyde appeared in anautomobile, policemen opened fire, they were killed at once.
  • 4. ROBIN HOOD A FAIR THIEF : STORY OF PIERCE EGANRobin Hood was the earl of Huntingdon, but as he come back from Crusades, the villagechanged… Here began his famous fight : Robin Hood became the symbol of the defender ofpoor people, against all the unfairness. the start to 02:20OCEAN ELEVEN : THIEVES IN MOVIEFrom 14:10 to 15:43 1) Describe with your own words the top three of thieves that the guy just did. 2) What is he trying to explain? Should the two others rob three casino in the same time?=> Talk about how thieves evoluted through the time (did they get better? Worse?)