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  • If you don’t have these things --- hang in there and follow along. These slides and info are available online!Different ways to get to the dashboardLocate the following: -Your document that you brought with you Your image, if you have one- A website, any will do, open in a separate tab, window, and minimize. We’ll be using these in a bit…
  • Different ways to get to the dashboard
  • Quick tour of some of the Dashboard menus you will likely need to use first, and more frequently moving forward.Go to Privacy – select: I would like my site to be private…. Save changes = if you don’t want the site to be ‘live’ while you are working on it this morning.
  • This should look like a familiar set of tools – formatting, etc. Highlighted the ones we are going to use.
  • - Initiate new post- Type in a draft title – you can change it later! – this will be part of your automated URL
  • Upload/insert – Media – Polls - Forms
  • NCDA - PDI Tech Tools - Blogging Basics

    1. 1. Blogging BasicswithWordPress.comMelissa A. Venable, PhDEducation Writer/BloggerInside Online Learning | OnlineCollege.orgPDI Workshop | #NCDA2012
    2. 2. Objectives and Materials• Create a blog site that includes an initial blog post.• Practice basic administrative tasks in the dashboard.• Review helpful resources for new bloggers.You should have:• account (i.e., login and password)• Established blog site (i.e., address, title)• Draft first blog post (.doc, .docx, .txt)• Image file – optional (.jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png)
    3. 3. Let’s get started!• Log in to your account• Go to the Dashboard
    4. 4. Main menu to access comment tracking,statistics, spam, etc.Add new, categories, tags, view list of allAdd new, view list of allThemes, widgets, header, background, etc.General, privacy, social media sharing, etc.
    5. 5. Add media files Edit HTML code Insert Link Paste from document Undo!
    6. 6. Creating a New Post1. Open new post draft2. Enter title3. Copy/Paste from existing document4. Upload image5. Add a link6. Save draft7. Preview8. Publish!
    7. 7. From the Dashboard:• Posts• Add New 1 2
    8. 8. 3
    9. 9. 4
    10. 10. 5
    11. 11. 76 8
    12. 12. How is it going so far?
    13. 13. Explore the OptionsSettings• General - blog title, email, time zone, …• Reading – page display, # of posts, …Appearance• Themes – colors, columns, features, custom options, …• Widgets – drag and drop to add to interface (Recent Posts, Search, Twitter, …)
    14. 14. Why WordPress?• Free account options• Easy and intuitive administrative side• Future options - pro version, self-hosted version, custom options• Blogging community
    15. 15.
    16. 16. Thank you!Melissa A. Venable, me at Roundtable #4-2 on Friday: “Professional Development for the Career Services Blogger”