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2013 has arrived! And what better way to start the new year than with new and exciting perspectives on career, personal development and world events! Be on top of your game with this month’s cover story on how to manage education with a full-time job. Revel in the glory of famed Australian cricketer Ricky Ponting by reading about his contributions to the game in Person in Focus. Find out how you can also become a successful entrepreneur with our student testimonial. Travel around the world and see how other nations of the world celebrated the New Year in World Events. And finally, say goodbye to all your career-related worries with our Expert Column. Everything you will ever need is right here at MUST University!

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Start a new beginning with MUST!

  1. 1. MUST MattersWorld’s Largest University JAN 2013
  2. 2. Table Of Content World’s Largest University Table Of Contents1- Editorial 22- Cover Story: The Balancing Act: 3 Work with Education3- Expert Corner: Companies 4 Dealing with Employee Retention Issues4- World Events: 2013 5 Celebrations across the globe5- Testimonial: MUST University helped me 6 in my entrepreneurial endeavors6- Person in Focus: Ricky Ponting 7 Retires from Test Cricket
  3. 3. World’s Largest University Season’s Greetings to all our readers!! MUST University wishes you all the best for the festive break and a happy & prosperous 2013. This month, in our cover story we will tell you how you can manage your personal and professional commitments while pursuing a degree. In the section, Person in Focus, we will also be discussing the professional achievements of acclaimed Australian cricketer Ricky Ponting. In addition, in our World Event Section, we have collected information of the hottest and most happening places that celebrate the New Year amid a lot ofglitz and fanfare. We hope you will find this month’s newsletter entertaining and informative. Happy holidays & happy reading!
  4. 4. The Balancing Act: Work with EducationGone are the days when just children and young adults used to Online universities provide flexibility and convenience toreturn to school by fall season. As online education continues to working adults as they are free to choose online studyoffer the luxury of studying from virtually anywhere and anytime, programs from various online schools and are making amoms, dads and even grandparents, are going back to school to career out of it. For instance, if you work in an organization aspursue higher education that will ultimately not only enhance their a manager pursuing studies at an online university, an offeringpersonal development but also help them achieve their career of business and management would suit you best. Theseobjectives and ambitions. online universities provide a plethora of majors for you to choose from, thus giving you the freedom to choose aFor many working adults, the decision to return to school and program that is most related to the field you are currentlypursue a degree provides them with an opportunity to help put their operating in. Not only do these universities have high qualitycareer back on track as it helps them refocus on whats important, education programs that are unparalleled by traditionalsuch as, enhancing their skill set and developing other capabilities brick-and-mortar universities, they also offer efficient studentthat will ultimately help them increase their earning potential and and alumni services along with high quality career develop-make them become more attractive as potential employees. ment services, all of which aim to help students journey atHowever, returning to school to pursue higher education can turn the university be a smooth one and even facilitate in theirout to be a rather daunting task, with many adults struggling to personal and professional development.strike a balance between work, family and education. Enrolling in adegree program at a traditional university is out of the question for MUST University, a pioneer in online education, ensures itsuch people as it is highly difficult for them to take out time from their provides its students with the opportunity to pursue higherbusy schedules to attend classes that are part of a proper semester studies without having to sacrifice their personal and profes-routine. sional commitments. Dedicated education consultants and student representatives are on hand 24/7 to attend toIn such cases as the ones outlined above, online education has students and alumnis queries while expert career andproven to be the solution for those who want to earn a high quality guidance counselors are available to help students developdegree without compromising on other responsibilities and commit- the skills and capabilities needed to help them achieve theirments, whether its attending their childs soccer game or working career ambitions and goals. If a promising and highly fulfillinglate at the office to meet a big deadline. Offering immense flexibility career combined with solid academic credentials is whatand convenience, online institutes provide these adults the opportu- youre looking for, then you should look no further than MUSTnity to improve their career prospects or enhance upward social University.mobility with self-paced and incredibly structured degree, diplomaand certification programs. These programs consist of tools andsoftware made available to the student to enable him/her to attainthe education he/she needs from the comfort of his/her own home.Tools such as video lectures, online course material and discussionforums help students get the maximum out of their student experi-ence and ensure that they do not lose out on high quality teachingand learning that are normally associated with a traditional class-room setting. 03
  5. 5. Companies Dealing with Employee Retention IssuesQuestion:“Although the job market is not as robust as it once was, companies still have problems retaining their top employees. Why do theiremployees want to leave their current, secure job and take the risk of some place new?Diane EngramManager HR, SportswestAnswer:Dear Diane:The reason is because they do not feel they have room to grow and develop their careers within the organization. If employees are seekingopportunities elsewhere and they are not the employees the company wants to leave, then company should look into their careerdevelopment programs.Career development often gets mistaken for something that takes a lot of time and resources. Career development is much more thanspending money to send an employee to a training course and can be as simple as giving them exposure to online education that isaligned with their aspirations and company goals. It is also as simple as giving them exposure to mentors and other leaders and peersfrom whom they can learn.The expert is a Senior HR Manager at a Fortune 100 company in the United States 04
  6. 6. 2013 Celebrations across the globeEvery year as the clock nears midnight on December 31st; the world Londonholds its breath...and cheers as the clocks strike twelve. For many With 2013 in full swing, hit the streets for the New Years Day parade,people, New Years Eve can be disappointing -- theres so much which have seen more than 10,000 musicians, dancers and acrobatshype in the lead-up to the event that when it actually comes around, take over the town for the 2013 event, themed "Hats Off To London --it often falls short of the mark. Celebration Capital of the World." Securing a river side perch, booking a Thames cruise or even better, secured a spot at the London Sky Bar,However, certain destinations around the world offer such spectacu- the views from there were unmatched and count down to the annuallar greetings to the New Year, that you may want to seriously fireworks display launched from the foot of the 135-meter-tall Londonconsider braving the throngs for a front-row seat. Eye Ferris wheel.Hong Kong SydneyThis year, for the first time, the citys midnight fireworks displayed The entertainment was launched early in the day with a series of aerialjourney across town, beginning at the sea and moving along Victoria acrobatics shows, followed by a traditional indigenous cleansingHarbor to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wan ceremony: smoke flows across the harbor from Aboriginal and TorresChai. Strait Islander vessels, removing the water of negative spirits.The best places to view were; the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza, There was an early fireworks show for families and a flotilla of boatsthe promenade from the Avenue of Stars to Hong Kong Cultural which transformed with waves of color and light, but the real draw wasCentre, the promenade at Golden Bauhinia Square in Wan Chai and the midnight fireworks show on Sydney Harbour Bridge.the area near Central Pier. DubaiNew York Never shy of making a grandiose statement, Dubai sees in the NewThis year more than one million people were the part of New Yorks Year with a bang literally. The worlds tallest building, the Burj Khalifa,ball drop celebrations on New Years Eve, at around zero tempera- was the launching pad for a multimillion-dollar pyrotechnics displayture, with live entertainment provided by the likes of Taylor Swift, Psy (also claiming to be the largest of its kind in the world), which seesand the Neon Trees. choreographed fireworks cascading down the 828-meter-tall skyscraper to the tune of Arabic and world music notes.As it has done for the past 105 years, the ball around 3.6 meters indiameter, studded with 2,688 Waterford crystals and lit by 32,256 The fun continued on the beach at the Atlantis, The Palm resort whereLEDs descended from the flag pole at Times Square, dropping 21 the annual Sundance festival sees headlining acts Ellie Goulding, Ritameters in 60 seconds. Ora, Roger Sanchez and Paul Van Dyk entertain revelers into the early hours of 2013, back dropped by more fireworks, of course.At the stroke of midnight, a blizzard of colorful confetti was releasedfrom the roof tops and party-goers treated to renditions of Auld LangSyne and Frank Sinatras New York, New York. 05
  7. 7. MUST University helped me in my entrepreneurial endeavorsIt was my good fortune that I found out about MUST University and its online education programs. I hadbeen associated with a logistics company for over 5 years, and had to be on the move because of thenature of my job. I always worked hard and gave my 100% when it came to performance, but when itwas time for appraisal; the company ignored me because I did not have the required degree to getpromoted.I thought about joining a university to complete my degree, but I could never save the money required toattend a conventional college or university. I had gained enough experience from my job to start my ownbusiness and hence I left my job. In the first few months, I realized I could not connect with my workersand there was a communication gap between them and me. I knew this was my own problem, becauseI always had issues with managing things and was never formally trained for it. This is where MUSTUniversity helped me out.There was no other way I could have improved my management skills because I never got the time toattend a university. When I applied for MUST online, there were numerous options made available to me.The course that helped me out the most was their technical communications course. It actually taughtme the value of HR and how I should come down to their level when doing business. The remarkablething was that I could attend my classes at any time I wanted. The study material was always availableonline 24/7, and whenever I had any difficulty, there were faculty and staff available. The ease andflexibility with which I got through my education at MUST University would not have been possibleanywhere. I feel blessed that I am a part of this university. 06
  8. 8. Ricky Ponting Retires from Test Cricket:Ricky Ponting had the numbers, the attitude and the competitiveness Not only did he master his batting skills but even managed to make histhat made him one of the most prolific batsmen of the 2000s. team win two consecutive World Cup trophies by scoring a quickWhether he is on the ground as a captain, or as a batsman on the century in the 2003 final and leading his team to victory in 2007."Therepitch you can’t help but notice his greatness and sportsman spirit. is tenaciousness about him. He walks out and believes. Hes not goingHere is a look at the batsman’s career spanned over 17 years in to be intimidated by any one. I appreciate seeing guys who come outinternational cricket. and have a particular presence," said West Indies great, Viv Richards while appreciating Ponting.A sneak peek into Ponting’s career: Ponting’s retirement from international cricket is a loss to both Austra-There have been ample twists and turns, as is predictable in a career lian cricket as well as the entire cricketing world!as extensive as Ricky Ponting’s. The action days of the Tasmanianstar started in 1995 when he went out to the ground for the first timeand struck 96 runs against Sri Lanka at Perth, Australia. Followingthat knock, it took him some time to become a permanent featurethe team. The initial few years were firm, but not precisely prolific. Hescored 1,377 in 24 matches at a strike rate of 38.25 till the summerof 1998.It was in the winter of the year 1999 that Ponting found out his formand used up the following one and a half years working on his skills.He did well, and scored another 1,453 in 23 Tests at a strike rate of48.53 till the summer of 2001. There was no stopping him after that.For the next six years, he reigned over the world of cricket. Hisbatting skills were nearly matchless from the winter of 2001-02 to thesummer of 2008. He was regarded as the best batsmen in the worldduring this time. Ponting appeared in 72 Tests throughout this phase,and made 7,269 runs at 67.93 with the help of 28 centuries. 07
  9. 9. W or l d ’s L a r g e s t Uni v e rsi t y Contact UsIn case of any queries, you can contact our education consultants 24/7 via: Phone: 1-866-533-MUST (6878) Request Callback , Chat and Email Us 08