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Tips on career and an insight into everything that’s happening around the world. What more can one ask for? Expand your horizons with MUST University’s Newsletter this August!

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MUST University - Your Window to All Information!

  1. 1. MUST MattersWorld’s Largest University AUG 2012
  2. 2. Table Of Contents World’s Largest University Table Of Contents1- Editorial 22- Cover Story: 5 Reasons Why 3 Your Resume is Never Read3- Expert Corner: Help! My Boss Is Allergic To New Ideas! 44- World Events: The World Expo 2012 55- Testimonial: MUST University’s Better Tomorrow Program Helped 6 Guarantee A Future For Myself6- Person in Focus: Hillary Clinton On Women’s Equality & Empowerment 7
  3. 3. World’s Largest UniversityEver wonder why that company you applied to never called back? The problemcould be with your resume. Numerous candidates holding excellent credentials end up losing out on great job opportunities, simply because their resumewasn’t up to the mark. This month’s cover story, ‘5 Reasons Why Your Resume is Never Read’, talks about the common mistakes made while drafting a resume and how you can avoid them. As part of our celebration for Women’s Equality Day, this month, we put the spotlight on former First Lady and current Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.Ranked as the second most powerful woman in the world by Forbes magazine,Hillary Clinton has paved the way for the socio-economic development and the fulfillment of rights of women in America. Find out more about her many achievements in our Person in Focus. We hope you will find this month’s edition interesting and highly informative. Happy Reading!
  4. 4. 5 Reasons Why Your Resume Is Never ReadWondering why you never receive a phone call for a job interview? Maybe your resume fails to make an impression on the employer/recruiter.Most job applicants make very common blunders that force the employer to toss their resume out the window.Here are the top five reasons why your resume is never read.1. Your resume has an awful layout/presentationYour resume has 20-30 seconds to make an impression on the reader. If it fails to do so, then you probably need to work on it. Work hard onthe layout and overall presentation of your resume as it creates the first impression on the reader. The layout of your resume is as important asthe content itself. Make sure you use an appropriate format with well-defined sections, allowing the readers to find the information they arelooking for. Avoid errors and spelling mistakes. Keep your resume short and to-the-point.2. Your resume is not focused or relevantKeep your resume as relevant as possible. It should not include a long list of your responsibilities from your previous jobs, especially if theinformation is irrelevant to the job to which you are applying.3. Your resume still has an objective statementAvoid adding a vague, general and long-winded objective/goal at the top of your resume. It simply tells the employer what you want, insteadof telling them what you bring to the table. As an alternative, add a short description of your unique talents and key attributes that can makean impact on the reader.4. Your resume is not keyword-optimizedYour resume should be keyword-optimized. For that, you need to use the relevant keywords mentioned in the job description. Before sendingyour resume, read closely the job description and the skills/qualifications required for the ideal candidates. Make sure you meet the criteriaand mention each credential in your resume.5. You haven’t mentioned your core competenciesDoes your resume tell the employer about your accomplishments and core competencies that make you the best fit for the job role? Adddetails about the problems you solved, the procedures you implemented, the trainings you attended or delivered, the improvements you madeand the objectives you accomplished in your past jobs. You can also add details about any awards/recognition you received from your pastemployers. Identify your strengths and skills and make a list. Don’t forget to connect them with the job description.Hope the above tips help you get to the interview stage. Happy Resume Writing! 03
  5. 5. Providing Answers To All Your Career Related ProblemsHelp! My Boss Is Allergic To Should I Get A Job Or ShouldNew Ideas! I Go Back To Grad school?Question: Question:Our company has undergone some major changes, I recently graduated with a major in English. Myparamount of which is the entry of a new parents keep telling me that with such a major, it ismanagement. The new higher-ups are encouraging us unlikely I will be able to find a good job, hence theyto devise innovative ways to boost our productivity are suggesting I go back to a graduate school to getand generate new revenue channels. My team a master’s degree, which will help better my jobmembers and I have come up with a lot of unique prospects. The reason I don’t want to apply isideas that we believe will help the company enhance because I am tired of studying and now want someits profitability. The problem is with my boss, who is real, hands-on work experience. My parents arefrom an old school of thought. He has been working insisting I go ahead with pursuing a master’s degreefor the company for a very long time and strongly (they’re even willing to foot the bill!). Please advise.believes in the traditional way of doing business and,therefore, rejects any new or unique idea presented A. There is no doubt that it has become immensely tough forto him. I seriously think his actions are harming the graduates to find good jobs. Statistics show that there has onlycompany but I am afraid to go over his head. What been a slight increase in the number of new graduates gettingshould I do? employed.A. Your problem is unfortunately a very common one. In many A lot of students, as a result, are opting for master’s degreecases, the resistance to new ideas is a direct result of not just one programs at traditional universities as well as online universities,boss’s perspective towards business but an entire company’s as a way of either increasing their marketability or ‘hiding out’ untilculture that is averse to innovation and change. The best the job market gets better. Your situation, though tough, is not aapproach to deal with this problem is to mould your presentation hopeless one. What you need to do is to first determine what yourin a way such that it is easy for your boss to understand. Instead goals are.of overwhelming him with a truckload of ideas, outline it to him For a variety of professions, a master’s degree is a at a time with supporting arguments. Another way is to Yet, there are some which don’t really require going back to gradpresent your ideas as beneficial for him as well as the company. school. Many employers value work experience as much as aBy doing so, your boss will become more open to your postgraduate degree. What you can do is talk to people you knowsuggestions. who work in the field you would like to enter and ask them howTrying to see things from his perspective will also help you they got there. In the end, it all depends upon what your futuredevelop a strong presentation. Innovation is risky; businesses plans are and what career you would like to pursue.stand to lose a large amount of money should a particularbusiness proposition fail. You can start by suggesting a trial ofyour new idea on a small scale, just to check the efficacy of itsresults.If even that fails, then you might want to consider bypassing himin the hierarchy. You have your higher- ups’ willingness to innovateas your trump card. It is most likely that they will support you inthe implementation of your ideas, even if your boss doesn’t.Ultimately, if it’s good for the company, there is no reason whythey should say no. 04
  6. 6. Bringing People Closer World Expo 2012World Events: The World Expo 2012The World Expo 2012 recently concluded at Yeosu, South Korea on the 12th of August. This event was an International Expositionrecognized by the International Exhibitions Bureau (BIE) which opened on the 12th of May and ran for 3 months. The theme of the Expo was“The Living Ocean and Coast” with subthemes of “Preservation and Sustainable Development of the Ocean and Coast,” “New ResourcesTechnology,” and “Creative Marine Activities.”More than 100 countries and international organizations took part in this massive event which saw almost 8 million visitors during its 3 monthtenure.This was Korea’s second world fair after 1993. The World Expo 2012 celebrated the world’s oceans and coasts. The event, which was heldon a 62-acres site, saw foreign nations share the International Pavilion with separate pavilions for Korea; a theme pavilion, an aquarium,corporate pavilions and performance venues.History of World FairsThe first World Fair was held in 1851 in London. The objective was to allow people to share their ideas, experiences, cultures and scientificadvancements on a shared platform for new inventions. This has inspired millions of people from around the world to grow and learn bycoming together.Through such fairs, people are given the chance to explore new cultures, advancements in science & technology and the latest inventions.The purpose and goal of holding such fairs has changed with time. While still representing the commercial needs of society, they also presenta picture of people’s hopes and aspirations with regard to how they view the future.The world has become a global village; trade and cultural exchange has facilitated the process of bringing people from different backgroundscloser. Through such fairs, people can be provided valuable insight into others’ lives, thereby encouraging tolerance and respect betweendifferent races and creeds. 05
  7. 7. Securing a Better Future MUST University’s Better Tomorrow ProgramMUST University’s Better Tomorrow Program Helped GuaranteeA Future For Myself Being a single mother of two children, aged 8 and 10, has its challenges, most of them financial. Currently, I am working as a Legal Executive at a local law firm. We live in a small rented apartment in the middle of the city. As of late, I was having a tough time making ends meet; hence, I am now seriously considering changing jobs as my current salary, quite frankly, is not enough to pay for the rent of our apartment and my children’s education, not to mention other expenses. However, before doing so, I wanted to apply for a Master’s degree in Law as I felt that it will increase my worth as a potential employee and help me enhance my skills and capabilities. Unfortunately, my financial situation, at the time, did not allow me to pursue my education needs. Additionally, I did not want to compromise on the time spent with my children. This put me in a deep fix; to find a university that promoted a master’s degree program that was affordable and had flexible timings seemed like an almost impossible task. Just when I was about to lose hope, a friend suggested I check out MUST University’s Better Tomorrow program. After reading about the program’s features on MUST University’s website, I figured it was worth a shot. Soon after I had enlisted for the program, I realized that it was probably the best decision I had ever made. Through MUST University’s Better Tomorrow program, I was able to gain access to high quality education at virtually no cost! As per their agreement, MUST University and various education ministries around the world contribute 80% and 20% to the fund respectively, so that numerous students are given the chance to pursue a high standard of education. In addition, in order to help students acclimatize themselves with the program, native education counselors are present to answer students’ queries. Local faculty is hired to enhance students’ learning with the help of highly structured and comprehensive academic theories combined with real-life insight. Thanks to MUST University’s Better Tomorrow Program, I am now on the road to securing mine as well as my children’s future. Barbara Zane, Minnesota 06
  8. 8. Champion of Women’s Rights- Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton On Women’s Equality and EmpowermentHillary Clinton has always stood up for women’s equality and empowerment. Even at the time when she was the First Lady at the WhiteHouse, she was the leading voice for women’s rights and equality not only in the United States but in other emerging democracies acrossthe globe."Yes, it is hard to believe that even here at home, we have to stand up for women’s rights and reject efforts to marginalize any one of us,because America needs to set an example for the entire world," Clinton said. "And it seems clear to me that to do that, we have to live ourown values and we have to defend our own values. We need to respect each other, empower all our citizens, and find common ground ”Holding a very prestigious position as the Secretary of State, Clinton has a no-nonsense attitude, which is why she has been ranked thesecond most powerful woman in the world by Forbes.In her tenure as Secretary of State, Clinton has helped women start businesses,encouraged them to take part in politics and, most importantly, motivated them to build their strengths and courage.Clinton, in one of her statements, said that she had met a young Muslim woman who had been working in partnership with the U.S.Embassy to build Tunisias democracy."I told her that in America, in Tunisia, anywhere in the world, women should have the right to make their own choices about what they wear,how they worship, what jobs they should do, and what causes they should support. These are choices women have to make forthemselves, and they are a fundamental test of democracy."Clinton firmly believes that America can bring a positive change in the world through women empowerment and equality, especially in thirdworld nations. 07
  9. 9. W or l d ’s L a r g e s t Uni v e rsi t y Contact UsIn case of any queries, you can contact our education consultants 24/7 via: Phone: 1-866-533-MUST (6878) Request Callback , Chat and Email Us 08