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Affordable Touring Taiwan Tainan
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Affordable Touring Taiwan Tainan


Affordable Touring Taiwan Tainan

Affordable Touring Taiwan Tainan

Published in Travel , Business , News & Politics
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  • 1. Touring Taiwan: Power Point Presentations Taichung Tainan Member:B96200033 Nicky . B96200044 Joby . B96200035 Joanne.
  • 2. Second Stop We go to Tainan
  • 3. Cultural Highlights Nankunshen Dai Tien Temple is the largest and oldest Wang Yeh Temple in Taiwan. There is Kun Yuan, Hu Yuan, Hai Shan Pavilion and other facilities. Every year, on April 26 and 27 (lunar calendar), people gather here for the yearly exuberant festival. Historical Background Nankunshen Dai Tien Temple is located in Tainan County, consisting of 2 temples, which worship Wu Fu Chien Sui and Wan Shan Yeh respectively. Legend goes that Wan Shan Yeh was a shepherd boy of a Ching emperor. He practiced Buddhist principles in Kang Lang Shan and became a Buddha here. Wu Fu Chien Sui came to Taiwan later also in the Ching Dynasty. As they both wanted to build a temple here, they had a fight over the land. Goddess of Mercy mediated between them and suggested they both build a temple here to help local people.
  • 4. Nankunshen Daitian Temple Address : No.976, Kunjiang Village, Beimen Township, Tainan County 727  (台南縣北門鄉鯤江村 976 號 ) TEL : 06-7863711-3 By Bus: 1. From Tainan, take Shingnan Bus to Nankunshen station. 2. From Sinying, take the Sinying Bus to Nankunshen station. Car : 1. (From North) Freeway 1 -> Exit at the Sinying Interchange -> Yanshuei -> Provincial Highway 19 -> Yijhu -> County Highway 172 -> Provincial Highway 17 -> Nankunshen. 高速公路→新營交流道→鹽水 ( 過境 )→ 台 19→ 義竹→縣 172→ 海寮→台 17→ 南鯤鯓 2. (From South) Freeway 1 -> Exit at the Madou Interchange -> County Highway 171 -> Syuejia -> County Highway 174 -> Provincial Highway 17 -> Nankunshen. 高速公路→麻豆交流道→縣 171→ 新營→線 174→ 南鯤鯓
  • 5. Budai Hailiao Yanshuei interchange Xinying Yijhu Syuejia Madou Madou Interchange Haidiliao High way Nankunshen Daitan temple
  • 6. Cigu Salt Mountains The salt mountain that looks like a snow mountain from distance was originally the place for Taiwan Salt Corporation to pile salt. No matter when, there are always two high and big mountains there. Artists also call them the north mountain and the south mountain. The salt mountain with a height of almost 4 floors, Taiwan Salt Corporation did not open it for tourists to climb in the past and tourists could only stand at the mountain foot and looked up. Then Taiwan Salt Corporation built many stairs by the mountain so that tourists can climb up along the stairs. You will never experience the huge salt mountain until you climb to the top and look far into the distance. Cigu Salt Mountain has become the local scenic wonder. Tourists can go to there from Provincial Highway No.17 and the address is No. 66, Yancheng Village. The open hours are 9:00~17:30 and free for visiting but NT$100 for parking.
  • 7. In this park there are two Salt Mountains: the highest peak of Salt Mountain, and the north peak of Salt Mountain, which used to be the piling space of Cigu Saltern. Measuring 20 meters (7-floor tall), the highest peak was once the last place to dry the salt of Cigu Saltern, piled with about 60 thousand tons of salt. Over a long period of time, the peak have been naturally crystallized with the dust in the air to form a rigid surface. Looking like a giant rock standing in a desert, it has become the landmark of Cigu.
  • 8. Cigu Seafood Street salt water tilapia, meritrix, fresh shrimps, fresh oysters and a variety of fish. The more famous restaurants in seafood street includes Ange seafood store(the first store in seafood street), Fishing village fresh seafood, Fengxing seafood store, Youyuan seafood store, A-tang seafood store, the Red Windmill, Tongyi seafood store, Tongda seafood store etc. The price of the restaurants is accepted by the mass population. That is why they are always crowded in holidays. The Seafood Street is located along County Road No. 176? and starts business from 10 a.m. to 9:00p.m. On the sides the County Road 176 of Dacheng Village, Cigu Township, there are restaurants everywhere with seafood sighs. The road has become local- known seafood street. Tourists can have local special food of the fresh Milk fish,
  • 9. Address : No.69, Yancheng Village, Cigu Township, Tainan County      台南縣七股鄉鹽埕村 69 號 TEL : (06) 780-0691 By Bus:Take Singnan Bus whose station is near Tainan Railway Station or Jiali Station to Cigu.(Singnan Bus Service Number : 886-6-265-3121) By Car: 1.Exit the Freeway No.1 at Madou Interchange -> County Highway No.176 heading to Cigu direction -> Provincial Highway No.17 -> follow the signs to each scenery. 國道 1 號(中山高速公路)下麻豆交流道,接 176 號縣道往佳里方向,抵達後再往七股方向轉 台 17 線往南,即可循指標抵達。 2. Exit the Freeway No.3 at Sinhua SIC -> switch to Freeway No.8 and exit at the Sinji Interchange -> Provincial Highway No.19 heading to Jiali direction -> County Highway No.176 heading to Cigu direction -> Provincial Highway No.17 -> follow the signs to each scenery. 國道 3 號,新化系統交流道轉入國道八號,新吉交流道下,接 19 號省道至佳里,再往七股轉 入 176 號縣道,再轉到台 17 線上,潟湖區內有路標指示。 Cigu Yan Mountain
  • 10. •Popsicles are produced by TAIYEN low-sodium salt. There are 3 flavors: smoked plum, egg yolk and almond walnut. Up to a million popsicles was sold in one year. Now they come with 3 some flavors: blue-green alga and salty popsicle. Customers now have more options to choose from. One popsicle costs 15 dollars.
  • 11. Yi zhan farming resort ( 驛站休閒農場 ) Yi zhan is a farm which is rebuilt from old railway carriages. The carriages are painted with different patterns or themes, e.g. Chinese calligraphy, Nature. People can walk into the carriages in which there are lots of plants, and old decorations of the trains. Beer barrels are standing one by one on the corridor in between the carriages, they are actually the tables used for meals. Next to the carriages, there is a farm where you can find some ducks playing around. At there, u can feel the nature and relax urself. Learning to plant the fruits or vegetables may be also another interesting activity you may try there.
  • 12. Before After
  • 13. In there you can see many kind of animal, such as horse 、 duck…you also can take your pet to there, but I think the most special is this PIG ! It name is 豬古力 , it is very close to human ,I think that name trans in English is call chocolate …now piggy become more than before… look!! it is do excise !! Every weekend have live band in there, you can enjoy in the music and relax !! If you don’t have plan on weekend, Yi zhan is the good choose for you !! There are many Taiwan aborigine style decorate!!
  • 14. Yi zhan farming resort ( 驛站休閒農場 ) • Address : No.226-8, Zihlong Village, Jiali Township, Tainan County  台南縣佳里鎮子良廟 226-8 號 • TEL : ( 06)726-4625 • Time : 10 : 00-23 : 00 • Driving from Moduo Interchange to the direction of Jiali for about 5 minutes • rooms service can be provided for meeting and gathering.
  • 15. madou
  • 16. Opening : every year's May to Octobe 08:00~18:00 Ticket : full-price ticket 100      Half-price ticket      30 person of above associations 20 % off Address : No.205, Kunshen Rd,South District, Tainan City 702,Taiwan (R.O.C.) 台南市南區鯤鯓路 205 號 TEL : (06)2620059 Mashagou Beach ( 馬沙溝海水浴場 )