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music video coursework task

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Task stills exercise

  1. 1. Task stills exercise Song One (Jade’s first choice) Strawberry Swing by Coldplay - We have chosen this image from Strawberry Swing because of the way it manipulates perspectives, and tricks your eye into thinking that the character is travelling in a different direction, despite the whole video being made up of chalk drawings. The soft tune of the song is a juxtaposition to the video that involves action and super heroes, which mirrors Coldplay’s genre, because they are both mainstream and alternative at the same time. Song Two (James first choice) 1991 By Azealia Banks - its simple and puts the attention on Azealia herself. The mirror effect is retro and distorts your view. The video comes under HipHop/Rap but it doesn’t convey the HipHop/Rap genre; which reflects her style and what she wants to do with her music. I strongly suggests that we should use the costumes and style for our own video.
  2. 2. Song three (Selima’s first choice) Katy Perry- last Friday night - The video has an 80s teen film feel to it. The colours help to reinforce the genre of 80’s pop, the costume that Katy has chosen to wear conforms to the stereotypical 80’s fashion, especially with the fluorescent lycra and crinkled hair. What makes this video really stand out if that it has been made for a very specific audience which grew up in the era, which means her audience can relate to the content of this music video. Song Four (Jades second choice) This is Gospel by Panic! At The Disco -This video is extremely unique and presents a lot of double meaning and metaphors in both the lyrics and the music video. For example in this still image we see he singer being physically bound by ropes, whilst singing the lyrics, “If you love me let me go” This provides imagery that is very powerful for a viewer, particularly one that has experienced these feelings before and creates a bond between the musician and fan. The lighting in this video is also consistently dark with little light, creating many shadows that suggest a dark theme to the video and a possible misjudgement of character.
  3. 3. Song Five (James second choice) Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel - this quirky stop motion music video was defined one of the greatest music during the mid 80s. this stands out not only for its breakthrough special effects created by Animation founders Ardman animations but for its critical acclaim and winning music video of the year. I personally agree and therefore I have chosen this music video Song six (Selima’s second choice) bounce by Iggy Azalea - though this song falls into hip hop the video has a much lighter more pop feel to it. The video has a classic Bollywood genre to it which is more realistic than overly sereotyped. I like how she has chosen to set the video in India, portraying
  4. 4. the local people of the area and incorporating them into her theme. This specific screen shot that I have chosen, connotes her dancing with a psychedelic background, which has hints of sepia to give a vintage 60’s look.