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Using TouchMath in a kindergarten or first grade setting.

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Touchy, touch math

  1. 1. Learning How to Add in the Kindergarten Classroom using Touch Math Skills Created by: Brenda Mushlock Touchy, Touch Math
  2. 2. Ms. Mushlock’s Classroom Use  First used as whole group instruction unit  Teacher will walk students through adding and subtracting (single and double digits)  Introduce mathematics center activities to be used with TouchMath  Incorporate TouchMath worksheets (already purchased by district) with each Unit in the program
  3. 3. About Touch Math  Makes Math FUN!  Adding Objects  Gives meaning to numbers that students come to school having memorized with no actual meaning for  TouchPoints on the numbers engage students in their own learning regardless of learning ability or style.  “2 is not just a number; it is a concept, a quantity” states Lisa Beck, founder of TouchMath. “Touch Math: The Alphabet of Mathematics”. Innovative Learning Concepts Inc. 2000. rten.welcome . Viewed on June 25, 2013.
  4. 4. How to Use it  Students begin by entering Unit 1  Easy steps of counting, adding and subtracting only up to 5  Unit 2 consists of progressing with skills up to the number 9  Unit 3 helps give meaning to the numbers 1-20  Unit 4 helps students with measuring, data collection and beginning geometry skills  Students are given index cards with various numbers on them  The “3” will have three objects or “dots” at each reference point to represent the number.  Shows students a concrete representation of what the number stands for.  “Touch Math: The Alphabet of Mathematics”. Innovative Learning Concepts Inc. 2000. /index.cfm?fuseaction=fre estuff.welcome&gPage=5
  5. 5. Touch Math Grid Each number has “touch points” for students to touch while counting the numbers. Students are to touch dots TWICE when dots are placed inside of each other as in numbers 6-9. “Touch Math Grid”. Viewed on June 25, 2013.
  6. 6. Centers Activity with PomPomsStudents are to place pompoms on touch math grid which helps in creating meaning between number shapes and amount of objects that correspond.
  7. 7. Touch Math Uses Covers all Common Core Standards for Kindergarten Level! Used for: 1. Counting (1-100) 2. One-to-One Correspondence 3. Greater Than/Less Than 4. Number Sequencing 5. Adding with Objects/Touch Point Objects
  8. 8. Touch Math Addition Videos  Touch Math Touching/Counting Patterns Video:  Touch Math Addition Video:
  9. 9. Addition Practice
  10. 10. Addition Examples
  11. 11. Double Digit Addition  Watch this Video before completing whole group task.  “Touch Math First Grade Software”. Viewed on June 26, 2013. m/watch?v=97V4CR M8QWY
  12. 12. Subtraction Video and Information  Watch these videos on subtraction before beginning the examples!  Youtube Video: “TouchMath First Grade Software” Viewed on June 26, 2013.  Visit this site and click on the video to watch before completing whole group exerciese. “TouchMath Subtraction”. We Are Teachers; Ideas, Information, Inspiration. Viewed on June 26, 2013. resources/details/touchmath-subtraction
  13. 13. Subtraction with Touch Math: Examples
  14. 14. Double Digit Subtraction  Click on this video before completing whole group activity on double digit subtraction (counting back)  Fits with Common Core Standards for K-1st grade!  Image from: “TouchMath: Math Teaching and Learning”. Viewed on June
  15. 15. Measuring with Touch Math  View the site on TouchMath measuring using the Teddy Bear Measurement activity. There are 10 questions for the students to go through! Have fun!  After viewing see centers activity in math centers area. Use Bears, worms and marshmellows to measure various items around classroom. Record on printout.  “Kids Maths Games- Elementary”.
  16. 16. Interactive Sites with TouchMath  Now lets put what you have learned to the test. View these sites to add, subtract and measure using the skills you have learned. Remember to count on, count back and touch the designated areas on the numbers if you need to. HAVE FUN!   Cool-math Games: Numbers http://www.coolmath- subtraction.html
  17. 17. Additional Resources  Touch Math Uses Page: Picture courtesy of “Touch Math: The Alphabet of Mathematics”. s.products&CATID=90&Pid=197. Viewed on June 25, 2013.  Centers Activity Picture courtesy of: Brim, Shelee. “Math- Touch Points”. Pinterest. Viewed on June 25, 2013.  Addition Practice: “2 + 1”. http://specializedreadingmathprograms.providence.wikispa Viewed on June 26, 2013.  Subtraction Practice: “Specialized Reading and Math Programs”. specializedreadingmathprograms.providence.wikispaces.n et Viewed on June 26, 2013.