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  • 1. 9th December , 2013 Chinese COLOR SORTER as low as Pak Rs 22 Lakh Only A Time Limited Offer Contact: Cell: 0300 414 3493 Daily Rice E-Newsletter by Rice Plus Magazine www.ricepluss.com News and R&D Section mujajhid.riceplus@gmail.com Cell # 92 321 369 2874
  • 2. Share developments in rice and allied sectors, Promote the Concept of Knowledge Economy Dear Sir/Madam, YOUR IDEA has a great worth---JUST share it through RICE PLUS 1000+ stakeholders of rice industry read & apply various ideas and analysis written by the authors. Be the part of Rice plus authors For more information visit www.ricepluss.com,www.publishpk.net Contact mujahid.riceplus@gmail.com ,riceplus@irp.edu.pk TOP Contents - Tailored for YOU Latest News Headlines…           Cambodia's rice exports up 94 pct in 11 months Japan May Remove Support for Rice Farmers PH rice stock good for 72 days, BAS says Rice pledging to go on despite House dissolution NACC to conclude investigation on G-2-G rice deal with China soon Bulk buyers, millers stay away from rice market LSU Ag Center looking at three promising rice varieties for 2014, 2015 USDA sees fall in India's rice output, exports this year: Report TABLE-India Grain Prices-Delhi-Dec 09 Nagpur Foodgrain Prices Open-Dec 09 Daily Rice E-Newsletter by Rice Plus Magazine www.ricepluss.com News and R&D Section mujajhid.riceplus@gmail.com Cell # 92 321 369 2874
  • 3. Detail of NEWS Cambodia's rice exports up 94 pct in 11 months (Globalpost/GlobalPost) Advertisement Cambodia's rice exports up 94 pct in 11 months PHNOM PENH, Dec. 9 (Xinhua) -- Cambodia exported 332,000 tonnes of milled rice in the first eleven months of this year, up 94 percent from a year earlier, according to government data released here Monday.The Southeast Asian nation sold rice to 63 countries and regions, with Poland, France, Malaysia, Thailand, the Netherlands and China as the main buyers.Hean Vanhorn, director of the single window secretariat for facilitating milled rice exports, said the surge in rice exports would encourage farmers and producers to increase productivity and quality so as to compete in international markets ."Cambodian rice now has broader markets overseas," he said. " This is a golden chance for farmers, producers, and exporters to increase rice production and quality in order to meet the needs in international markets."Late last month, Cambodian fragrant rice was awarded the world' s best rice for the second straight year at the global rice tasting competition held in China's Hong Kong.With more than 80 percent of the population being farmers, Cambodia produced 9.31 million tonnes of paddy rice last year. Besides local consumption, it had about 3 million tonnes of milled rice left over for exports this year.The country aims to export 1 million tonnes of milled rice a year from 2015.Last year, it exported 187,115 tonnes of milled rice, earning 132 million U.S. dollars, according to the Ministry of Commerce. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed Japan May Remove Support for Rice Farmers A proposal from Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's government to remove production quotas and cash payments to rice producers is meeting resistance from small farmers in the country. Paul Burgener Published: Dec 9, 2013 Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party has a history of retaining payments to specific interest groups, so this is a significant departure from their typical policies. Domestic agriculture has lagged the industrial sector in adopting new technologies and the current subsidy and quota program have kept small inefficient farms competitive for years as many in the country argue that removal of the program will lower food costs to consumers and reduce government expenses. Daily Rice E-Newsletter by Rice Plus Magazine www.ricepluss.com News and R&D Section mujajhid.riceplus@gmail.com Cell # 92 321 369 2874
  • 4. Brazil soybean seeding at record pace Dry weather in the early part of the soybean planting season slowed progress until mid-October, but the pace has picked in the later part of the seeding season. During the last half of October, farmers planted 45% of the expected crop in Mato Grosso as the pace was just under 300,000 acres per day. Increasing demand has seen acres shift from corn to soybeans in Brazil for this crop and farmers are determined to get the increased beans planted on time. EU economic growth slow to recover Gross domestic product growth in the European Union continues to be slowed by government austerity measures and private sector debt reduction. The projected GDP growth is 1.1% for 2014 in the eurozone and it is expected to increase to 1.7% for 2015. This slow growth is expected to keep unemployment rates at record levels through at least all of 2015. Big U.S. crops turn to export demand Lower prices and larger crops have opened the door for increasing exports from the U.S. Nearly 14 billion bushels of corn and 3.3 billion bushels of soybeans need to be moved this year with increasing exports taking up a large portion of the needed demand growth. Early fall sales have been strong with USDA already beginning to increase their export projections for both crops. Look for export demand to drive market prices well into the spring as this large crop is moved. CLOSER LOOK Variability impacts Australian wheat production Harvest is bringing entirely different results to Australian wheat farmer depending on the location of each operation. Growers in the west and south are bringing in an above average yielding crop following a crop year with near perfect growing conditions and excellent weather for harvest. In the east, things are much different as the crop has faced season long drought, late frost, and heavy rains during harvest.Forecasting total production has been challenging with yields ranging from 5 to 60 bushels per acre, depending on location and weather. Overall expectations for the crop are better than last year, but not at record levels because of the disappointing crop in the eastern region. USDA has pegged the crop at 25.5 million metric tons, but the range of guesses is anywhere from 22.5 MMT to 28.5 MMT from trade and government sources around the world. The damaged crop in the east is playing the biggest role in the variability as the crop needs to be harvested before the impact of drought and frost can be accurately quantified. An Australian crop at the bottom of that range could offer support to world wheat prices as the market searches for the wheat necessary to fill the void. Small crops in the U.S., Argentina and Black Sea region will be covered somewhat by bigger crops in the European Union and Canada. World stocks-to-use levels could be tighter than any year since 2007/2008 if the Australian crop just meets USDA projections. Anything below that level might create some concern in world markets. Daily Rice E-Newsletter by Rice Plus Magazine www.ricepluss.com News and R&D Section mujajhid.riceplus@gmail.com Cell # 92 321 369 2874
  • 5. PH rice stock good for 72 days, BAS says By Ronnel W. Domingo Philippine Daily Inquirer 10:22 pm | Monday, December 9th, 2013 The country’s rice stock grew to 2.44 million metric tons as of Nov. 1, or 37.7 percent more than the volume a month earlier, as the bulk of the year’s main harvest reached storage a week before Supertyphoon “Yolanda” struck.However, the total rice supply during the period was 12.4 percent smaller than the 2.78 million MT recorded a year ago.According to the Bureau of Agricultural Statistics, the inventory was good for 72 days’ consumption.Based on the government’s measure of rice self-sufficiency, supply must exceed yearly demand by 90 days’ worth of buffer stock.Of the total stock, about three-fifths or 43 days’ worth of rice was with households while about one-fourth or 19 days’ worth was in commercial warehouses.Households were keeping 1.45 million MT by volume while commercial warehouses held 640,000 MT.The National Food Authority was keeping 350,000 tons, which was about one-seventh of the total stock and good for 10 days. This prompted the NFA to import 500,000 MT to top up its stock, part of which had been used in relief efforts for people affected by typhoons, particularly of Supertyphoon “Yolanda.”The NFA is mandated to maintain a buffer stock that should last for 15 days which, at a national consumption rate of 34,000 MT daily, is about 500,000 MT.The Philippines’ rice producing regions have been badly hit by a series of typhoons and monsoon rains in the past several monthsYolanda, alone, destroyed at least P1.2 billion worth of palay, according to the Department of Agriculture.On top of that, the supertyphoon put a strain on the NFA’s inventory as it had to release stocks to devastated areas.As of Dec. 4, the grains agency had given out 713,307 bags of rice since the start of the year, mainly to agencies involved in relief operations for people affected by natural and man-made calamities.The bulk of the stocks released, totaling 597,707 bags, went to Yolanda survivors. The rest went to those affected by various typhoons that hit other parts of the country earlier, the earthquake that struck Bohol and Cebu, the standoff in Zamboanga and the exodus of Filipinos back to Mindanao due to another standoff in Sabah, Malaysia. Rice pledging to go on despite House dissolution Date : 9 2556 BANGKOK, 9 December 2013 (NNT) - The Ministry of Commerce will press ahead with the controversial rice pledging scheme for farmers although the prime minister has already dissolved the House of Representatives. Director-General of the Internal Trade Department Somchart Soithong said the first round of the 2013/2014 rice mortgage program would be continued since it had already been approved by the Cabinet. However, the second round of the program would need to be reviewed by the new Cabinet, he said. The first round of the 2013/2014 rice pledging program, which will run until February next year, accepts rice from farmers at 15,000 baht a ton and the second round 13,000 baht a ton.As for the problem of delayed payment to the farmers, the director-general said the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives had started paying the farmers with the budget worth 50 billion baht. The Ministry of Finance is in charge of the payment. Daily Rice E-Newsletter by Rice Plus Magazine www.ricepluss.com News and R&D Section mujajhid.riceplus@gmail.com Cell # 92 321 369 2874
  • 6. NACC to conclude investigation on G-2-G rice deal with China soon Saturday, 07 December 2013 By NNT - See more at: http://www.pattayamail.com/business/nacc-to-concludeinvestigation-on-g-2-g-rice-deal-with-china-soon-32794#sthash.iVPf9eY6.dpufBANGKOK, 5 Dec 2013, The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) expects to wrap up its investigation into the Government to Government (G-2-G) rice deal with China, as it has already received ample information on the case. The NACC earlier agreed to extend the period of its investigation on former Commerce Minister Boonsong Teriyapirom’s involvement in irregularities in the 2011/2012 season of rice pledging scheme, saying it had not yet received needed information from the Public Warehouse Organization (PWO). It revealed further that, on the case of the G-2-G rice deal with China, the NACC found that the deal was done with 2 agencies appointed by the Chinese government, and the evidence received was not sufficient to prove whether the deal was a G-2G contract. The NACC also found that several Thai officials and private individuals had been involved in the irregularities.According to Secretary of the NACC, Witaya Akompitak, his agency has finally received the information required from the PWO, which comprises 34 documents used in transporting the pledged rice from 180 warehouses from all over the nation. Mr. Witaya said the NACC would need approximate 1-2 weeks to go through all the documents, saying, however, it would quickly conclude the investigation as soon as it can.Meanwhile, Deputy Commerce Minister Yanyong Puangrach said he would cooperate with the NACC, instructing the Department of Internal Trade, the Department of Foreign Trade, and the PWO to facilitate the NACC's probe, providing the agency with whatever information it needed. Bulk buyers, millers stay away from rice market KARNAL, DEC. 9: Rice market may rule range-bound in the coming days with bulk buyers keeping away from the market, said trade experts.Rice prices were unchanged amid tepid selling on Monday.Due to lack of trading at all levels, prices of almost all rice varieties remained unchanged, said Amit Kumar, proprietor of Ginni Rice.There is no bulk buying in the market currently as traders have adopted a wait-and-watch policy following too much volatility in the market in the recent past, he added.Only need-based buying is taking place and the situation of the market was anticipated, said Tara Chand Sharma, proprietor of Tara Chand and Sons.Lack of participation by bulk buyers and millers is the prime reason behind the current situation, he said.Market may continue to rule Daily Rice E-Newsletter by Rice Plus Magazine www.ricepluss.com News and R&D Section mujajhid.riceplus@gmail.com Cell # 92 321 369 2874
  • 7. around current levels even in the coming days.In the physical market, Pusa-1121 (steam) sold at Rs 8,800, while Pusa-1121 (sela) quoted at Rs 7,750-7,800 a quintal. Pure Basmati (Raw) quoted at Rs 12,500. Duplicate basmati (steam) sold at Rs 7,500. Sharbati (Steam) sold at Rs 5,000-5,100 while Sharbati (Sela) quoted at Rs 4,650 . Permal (raw) sold at Rs 2,350 while Permal (sela) was at Rs 2,400 . PR-11 (sela) sold at Rs 3,200 while PR-11 (Raw) quoted at Rs 3,000. PR14 (steam) sold at Rs 3,350 . Paddy arrivals About 10,000 bags of PR paddy arrived and quoted at Rs 1,300, around 20,000 bags of Pusa-1121 arrived and sold at Rs 3,7004,350 , while 5,000 bags of Sharbati arrived and sold at Rs 2,100-2,200. 500 bags of Pure Basmati sold at Rs 5,750-5,800 , about 2,000 bags of DB sold at Rs 4,100- 50 while around 5,000 bags of Sugandha-999 was at Rs 2,750-2,800 a quintal. (This article was published on December 9, 2013) Keywords: Rice rates LSU Ag Center looking at three promising rice varieties for 2014, 2015 LSU AgCenter scientists are looking at three new rice varieties with high yields and increased resistance to blast that could be released in 2014 or 2015, rice breeder Steve Linscombe says.Dr. Linscombe, resident director of the LSU Rice Research Station in Crowley, La., and a team of researchers stepped up their work on the new lines – CL 271, CL Jazzman and CL 2171 – all Clearfield rice varieties – after Louisiana experienced a severe blast outbreak in 2012.“We think CL 271 will be a very competitive, medium grain variety that will address some issues we have with our other medium grain varieties,” said Linscombe, a speaker at the USA Rice Federation Outlook Conference in St. Louis.“The only current Clearfield medium grain variety, CL 261, is a high-yielding variety, a high-quality variety. However, it is susceptible, primarily, to blast disease, and we saw that when we had the severe blast problems in 2012. That led us to expedite trying to get a new Clearfield variety out there that had good attributes, especially very good blast resistance, and we think CL 271 will address that.”The LSU AgCenter has released two high-yielding, conventional medium grain varieties, Jupiter and then Caffey, “and any Clearfield medium grain we release has to compete very well with those two varieties,” says Linscombe, who delivered the research report for Louisiana at the Outlook Conference. At four locations in 2013, CL 271 produced an average of 9,258 pounds of rice per acre while Jupiter harvested 8,876 pounds and Caffey, 8,809 pounds per acre. In the Uniform Regional Nursery in 2013, CL 261 made 10,497 pounds of rice per acre and CL 271, 10,050 pounds of rice.“In the absence of any blast pressure, CL 261 is a highyielding variety,” Linscombe notes.Louisiana growers have also been expanding their acreage of Jazzman 1 and Jazzman 2, aromatic varieties that have proven to be increasingly popular in specialty rice markets. Growers planted Daily Rice E-Newsletter by Rice Plus Magazine www.ricepluss.com News and R&D Section mujajhid.riceplus@gmail.com Cell # 92 321 369 2874
  • 8. about 30,000 acres of the two in 2013.“We think this line, CL Jazzman, may address some of the yield issues we have seen with the first two Jazzmans and, certainly, having the Clearfield trait is going to be an asset in helping us expand where we can go with these specialty varieties,” he said. (Clearfield rice is not genetically modified but is the product of natural selection of lines that are tolerant to Newpath, Clearpath and Beyond herbicides.).CL Jazzman has consistently produced significantly more rice than Jazzman 1 and Jazzman 2 in a variety of tests at the LSU Rice Research Station and other university research stations, Linscombe said. (In one set of trials, CL Jazzman produced 3,000 more pounds of rice than Jazzman 2.).“So we are cautiously optimistic that this is going to address some of the Jazzman issues that we have seen commercially,” he said. “It also has very good grain appearance and very good aroma. At least up to this point, it looks like it can be a keeper.”.Linscombe said CL Jazzman has been one of the more challenging varieties he has tried to bring into the LSU AgCenter fold. After he planted 400 rows of LA 2505 (CL Jazzman) at the winter nursery operated by several universities and seed companies in Puerto Rico, drift from a herbicide killed nearly 90 percent of the plants that emerged.Later in the season, a zinc deficiency further delayed the development of the crop. Researchers didn’t harvest the surviving rows until June and weren’t able to plant the seed from the new line in the U.S. until July 3. That meant they couldn’t harvest the plots in Louisiana until mid-November. “But we did succeed in increasing the seed of that variety. ”A Clearfield long grain, CL 2171, is probably a year behind CL 271 and CL Jazzman, according to Linscombe. “We’re looking for something that has the yield potential of CL 151 and has very high quality and very good disease resistance, especially blast resistance, and we think we may have it all put together in this particular line.”“CL 151 has been a good variety for us, but after the blast issues we had in 2012, we need to get something out there in place of it. CL 152 has been a good variety with extremely good quality, but it just doesn’t yield as consistently for us as CL 151.” For more information, go to http://deltafarmpress.com/rice/jazzman-new-aromatic-rice-variety USDA sees fall in India's rice output, exports this year: Report PTI Dec 8, 2013, 11.49AM IST Tags:USDA|rice prices|rice output|exports|crop damage (India's rice output is likely…) NEW DELHI: India's rice output is likely to decline to 103 million tonnes in 2013-14 on crop damage and exports are also expected to be lower at 10 million tonnes, a latestUSDA report says.The likely crop damage has pushed up domestic rice pricesstrongly in November and this has been a major concern for the government, which may liquidate rice stock in the local market to check prices ahead of general elections, it said. Daily Rice E-Newsletter by Rice Plus Magazine www.ricepluss.com News and R&D Section mujajhid.riceplus@gmail.com Cell # 92 321 369 2874
  • 9. TABLE-India Grain Prices-Delhi-Dec 09 Mon Dec 9, 2013 3:04pm IST TABLE-India Grain Prices - Delhi - Dec 09 Rates by Asian News International, New Delhi Tel: 011 2619 1464 Indicative Previous Grains opening close (in rupees per 100 kg unless stated) ---------------------------------------------------------Wheat Desi 1,900-2,800 1,900-2,800. Wheat Dara 1,725-1,925 1,725-1,925. Atta Chakki (per 10 Kg) 215-240 215-240. Roller Mill (per bag) 1,830-1,930 1,820-1,920. Maida (per bag) 1,950-2,050 1,950-2,050. Sooji (per bag) 1,825-1,925 1,825-1,925. Rice Basmati(Sri Lal Mahal) 12,000 12,000. Rice Basmati(Lal Quila) 11,500 11,500. Rice Basmati(Common) 7,500-7,950 7,450-7,900. Rice Permal 2,400-2,550 2,400-2,550. Rice Sela 3,200-3,400 3,200-3,400. I.R.-8 2,350-2,450 2,350-2,450. Gram 3,150-3,450 3,150-3,450. Peas Green 3,350-3,550 3,350-3,550. Peas White 2,600-2,700 2,600-2,700. Bajra 1,300-1,550 1,300-1,550. Jowar white 1,850-2,100 1,850-2,100. Maize 1,500-1,800 1,500-1,800. Barley 1,400-1,450 1,350-1,400. Guwar 3,300-3,900 3,325-3,900. Source: Delhi grain market traders. Nagpur Foodgrain Prices Open-Dec 09 Mon Dec 9, 2013 2:07pm IST Nagpur, Dec 9 (Reuters) - Gram prices in Nagpur Agriculture Produce and Marketing Committee (APMC) moved down in absence of buyers amid increased supply from producing regions. Notable fall on NCDEX, high moisture content arrival and downward trend in Madhya Pradesh gram prices also pushed down prices, according to sources. Daily Rice E-Newsletter by Rice Plus Magazine www.ricepluss.com News and R&D Section mujajhid.riceplus@gmail.com Cell # 92 321 369 2874
  • 10. FOODGRAINS & PULSES GRAM * Gram varieties showed weak tendency in open market on lack of demand from local traders amid increased supply from producing belts. TUAR * Tuar fataka best and medium varieties recovered in open market on increased buying support from local traders amid weak supply from producing regions. Restricted overseas supply also boosted prices. * Major wheat and rice varieties zoomed up in open market here on renewed marriage season demand from local traders amid tight supply from producing regions. * In Akola, Tuar - 4,300-4,450, Tuar dal - 6,700-6,700, Udid at 4,800-5,100, Udid Mogar (clean) - 5,700-6,000, Moong - 6,800-7,200, Moong Mogar (clean) 7,700-7,900, Gram - 3,300-3,500, Gram Super best bold - 4,400-4,600 for 100 kg. * Other commodities remained steady in open market in thin trading activity, according to sources. Nagpur foodgrains APMC auction/open-market prices in rupees for 100 kg FOODGRAINS Available prices Previous close Gram Auction 2,525-2,670 2,560-2,730 Gram Pink Auction n.a. 2,100-2,600 Tuar Auction n.a. 3,800-4,050 Moong Auction n.a. 4,300-4,500 Udid Auction n.a. 4,300-4,500 Masoor Auction n.a. 2,600-2,800 Gram Super Best Bold 4,200-4,400 4,200-4,500 Gram Super Best n.a. Gram Medium Best 3,550-3,900 3,750-4,100 Gram Dal Medium n.a. n.a. Gram Mill Quality 3,500-3,550 3,500-3,600 Desi gram Raw 3,000-3,100 3,150-3,350 Gram Filter Yellow n.a. n.a. Gram Kabuli 7,700-10,000 7,700-10,000 Gram Pink 7,700-8,100 7,700-8,100 Tuar Fataka Best 6,800-7,000 6,700-6,900 Tuar Fataka Medium 6,400-6,600 6,300-6,600 Daily Rice E-Newsletter by Rice Plus Magazine www.ricepluss.com News and R&D Section mujajhid.riceplus@gmail.com Cell # 92 321 369 2874
  • 11. Tuar Dal Best Phod 6,200-6,300 6,200-6,300 Tuar Dal Medium phod 5,600-5,900 5,600-5,900 Tuar Gavarani 4,200-4,300 4,200-4,300 Tuar Karnataka 4,500-4,600 4,500-4,600 Tuar Black 7,000-7,100 7,000-7,100 Masoor dal best 5,400-5,500 5,200-5,300 Masoor dal medium 5,100-5,200 4,800-4,900 Masoor n.a. n.a. Moong Mogar bold 8,400-8,600 8,500-8,700 Moong Mogar Medium best 7,800-8,200 8,000-8,200 Moong dal super best 7,200-7,500 7,300-7,500 Moong dal Chilka 6,700-7,000 6,700-7,100 Moong Mill quality n.a. n.a. Moong Chamki best 7,000-7,400 7,200-7,400 Udid Mogar Super best (100 INR/KG) 6,700-6,900 6,700-6,900 Udid Mogar Medium (100 INR/KG) 5,900-6,300 5,900-6,300 Udid Dal Black (100 INR/KG) 5,300-5,800 5,300-5,800 Batri dal (100 INR/KG) 4,000-4,200 4,000-4,200 Lakhodi dal (100 INR/kg) 3,000-3,100 3,000-3,100 Watana Dal (100 INR/KG) 3,250-3,350 3,250-3,350 Watana White (100 INR/KG) 3,100-3,200 3,100-3,200 Watana Green Best (100 INR/KG) 5,700-6,300 5,700-6,300 Wheat 308 (100 INR/KG) 1,700-1,800 1,600-1,700 Wheat Mill quality(100 INR/KG) 1,700-1,750 1,650-1,700 Wheat Filter (100 INR/KG) 1,700-1,900 1,600-1,800 Wheat Lokwan best (100 INR/KG) 2,000-2,450 1,850-2,300 Wheat Lokwan medium (100 INR/KG) 1,950-2,050 1,700-1,900 Lokwan Hath Binar (100 INR/KG) n.a. n.a. MP Sharbati Best (100 INR/KG) 3,100-3,600 3,000-3,600 MP Sharbati Medium (100 INR/KG) 2,600-2,900 2,500-2,900 Wheat 147 (100 INR/KG) 1,500-1,600 1,400-1,500 Wheat Best (100 INR/KG) 1,600-1,700 1,500-1,600 Rice BPT (100 INR/KG) 3,200-3,400 3,000-3,300 Rice Parmal (100 INR/KG) 1,850-1,900 1,850-1,900 Rice Swarna Best (100 INR/KG) 2,400-2,600 2,300-2,500 Rice Swarna Medium (100 INR/KG) 2,200-2,400 2,000-2,200 Rice HMT (100 INR/KG) 4,300-4,500 3,900-4,300 Rice HMT Shriram (100 INR/KG) 4,800-5,200 4,700-5,200 Rice Basmati best (100 INR/KG) 11,000-13,500 9,000-13,500 Rice Basmati Medium (100 INR/KG) 6,300-7,600 6,100-7,600 Rice Chinnor (100 INR/KG) 5,500-5,800 5,000-5,500 Rice Chinnor Medium (100 INR/KG) 5,100-5,300 4,900-5,100 Daily Rice E-Newsletter by Rice Plus Magazine www.ricepluss.com News and R&D Section mujajhid.riceplus@gmail.com Cell # 92 321 369 2874
  • 12. Jowar Gavarani (100 INR/KG) 1,450-1,600 1,450-1,600 Jowar CH-5 (100 INR/KG) 1,750-1,850 1,750-1,850 WEATHER (NAGPUR) Maximum temp. 29.0 degree Celsius (84.2 degree Fahrenheit), minimum temp. 10.1 degree Celsius (50.1 degree Fahrenheit) Humidity: Highest - n.a., lowest - n.a. Rainfall : nil FORECAST: Mainly clear sky. Maximum and Minimum temperature likely to be around 30 and 10 degree Celsius respectively. Note: n.a.--not available (For oils, transport costs are excluded from plant delivery prices, butincluded in market prices.) For Advertising SPECS & RATES Contact: Advertising Department Mujahid Ali mujahid.riceplus@gmail.com +92 321 369 2874 Daily Rice E-Newsletter by Rice Plus Magazine www.ricepluss.com News and R&D Section mujajhid.riceplus@gmail.com Cell # 92 321 369 2874