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MUC110 LEC10.Music in Film
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MUC110 LEC10.Music in Film


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Basic Overview of Music in Film

Basic Overview of Music in Film

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  • 1. Music in Film © 2007
  • 2. Music in Film The primary function of music in film is: To enhance the emotional content of the film & the support the visual story Film music includes: • Soundtracks- generally created from pre-recorded music • Scores- dramatic, instrumental music, generally created as an original work for a specific film © 2007
  • 3. Music in Film: Soundtrack The soundtrack team includes: • Music Supervisor • Licensing assistant • Attorney © 2007
  • 4. Music Supervisor Role • Develops budgets and managing contracts • Chooses appropriate music • Manages the licensing process • May manage all music aspects of a film, including Score development © 2007
  • 5. Music in Film: Soundtrack Creating the Soundtrack: • Song selection • Licensing (synch, mechanical, master use) • Editing • Mastering • Manufacturing © 2007
  • 6. The Soundtrack Process • Film Director develops a vision for sound design needs- based on film content and emotional tone of the film • Film Director hires a Music Supervisor to run all aspects of soundtrack development • Music Supervisor conducts research, makes song selection; MS helps Film Director to emphasize storylines, emotion, time period and cultural location. © 2007
  • 7. The Soundtrack Process • MS helps manage any recording sessions that must happen • MS works with Film Director and Music Editor to integrate songs into film • MS works with record labels and publishers to obtain all appropriate licenses for music in film and music on soundtrack © 2007
  • 8. Music in Film: Score Creating the Score: • Composition • Orchestration • Copying • Arranging • Recording • Editing © 2007
  • 9. Music in Film: Score The scoring team includes: • Music Editor (aka cutter) • Composer • Assistant composers • Orchestrators • Studio Musicians © 2007
  • 10. Music Editor Role •Oversees of tracking and managing the different pieces of music used in the production •Creates temp track •Manages “spotting process” •Attends recording sessions to help composer track “cues” •Edits final work into film © 2007
  • 11. The Scoring Process: • Film Director develops a vision for sound design needs- based on film content and emotional tone of the film • Film Director works with music editor to map out specific needs for music and sound on a scene by scene basis • After first take of film is shot, music editor creates and lays in a “temp score” © 2007
  • 12. Music in Film The scoring process: • Film director hires and directs a composer • Music editor creates “spotting notes” to guide composer • Composer works alone or with an orchestrator to write the final score-- in sections (based on “cues”) • Final score is edited and recorded © 2007
  • 13. Professional Resources • • • • • • Film Music Magazine • Mix Magazine © 2007
  • 14. Professional Resources •Billboard Film and TV Music Conference •Film Music Institute-- • Classes in composing & arranging •UCLA Extension-- • Classes- in music business, music supervision •Berklee- • Classes in Film Scoring © 2007
  • 15. Placements for new artists • Digital cable and satellite television • Multimedia and video games (now larger than the film business and the music business combined in the U.S.) • Independent films • Student/Low-Budget films • Advertising and corporate videos © 2007