Relentless Recession Strategies


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Relentless Recession Strategies

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Relentless Recession Strategies

  1. 1. Relentless Recession Strategies February 11, 2009 Yvette Lincoln High Tide Empowerment, LLC
  2. 2. Dynamic Economies When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Gets Going! What Direction Are You Going Toward? How Relentless Are You About Getting There? Navigate Your Career!!
  3. 3. Self Assessment & Evaluation Starting Salary Signing Bonus Relocation Vacation Healthcare Benefits Retirement Benefits Business Travel Job Demands Discounts/ Perks Navigate Your Career!!
  4. 4. Strategy & Knowledge Carpe Diem- Seize the Day!! – Start Your Career Search As Early As Possible Envision Your Ideal Position – What, Where, Why and How Become Versed in Current Events – Newspapers, Hoovers, Money Magazines, Stock Markets Politics – Economic Stimulus, Tax Programs, Government Funding Navigate Your Career!!
  5. 5. Strategy & Knowledge Emerging Technologies – Cell Phones, Video Games and Defense Weapons Consumer Spending – Disposable Income and Layoffs Target Stable Industries – Healthcare, Food and Infrastructure Networking – Gather Industry Information and Connections Navigate Your Career!!
  6. 6. Expand Your Toolkit Double Major in your Academic Studies – Engineering and Business Add a Minor to your Studies – Mathematics, Statistics, Finance Become Fluent in a Foreign Language – Spanish, Mandarin, German Join a Professional Organization/Certification – NSBE, SWE, APICS Navigate Your Career!!
  7. 7. Experience Is Valuable Internships – 3 Month Interview With Real World Experience Co-ops – 6 Month Interview With Real World Experience Student Research – Valuable Experience in an Academic Environment Volunteer Opportunities – Giving Back to the Community/ Industry Navigate Your Career!!
  8. 8. Broaden Your Horizon Explore Related Industries – Pharmaceutical to Food Cross Functional Skills – Leadership, Multitasking, Expert Computer Skills Business Sectors – Corporate, Private, Non Profit Entrepreneurial – Lay The Foundation For Your Dream Career Navigate Your Career!!
  9. 9. Out of the Box Thinking Geographical Limitations – East , West, North or South Can Be Industry Dependent International Experience – Global Powerhouse or Emerging Markets Rotational Programs – 2-3 Year Programs With 6-8 Month Assignments Accommodating Is Attractive – Remain As Flexible As Possible Navigate Your Career!!
  10. 10. Career Options Pro & Cons Fulltime Employment – Stable Environment and Consistent Experience Consulting – Flexible Positions With Various Exposure Temporary Positions – Possibility of Fulltime Employment/ Reassignment Part Time Employment – Less Than Standard Work Week Navigate Your Career!!
  11. 11. Securing The Offer Ask Specific Questions – Recruiters and Interviewers Investigate The Fine Details – Contractual Obligations and Non Compete Clause Termination Conditions – “For Any or No Reason” Establish Relationship – Contact With HR, Manager or Associate Navigate Your Career!!
  12. 12. Conquer Mission Impossible Continue Your Job Search – Internet, Career Fairs, Conferences Multiple Interviews – Every Experience Is Opportunity to Practice Offer Comparison – Leverage to Negotiate and Compare Rescinding an Acceptance – Professional Etiquette Navigate Your Career!!
  13. 13. Continuing Education Graduate School – Master’s Degree – PhD Program Business School – MBA Professional Degrees – Juris Doctorate – Medical Doctorate Parallel Path Your Options Navigate Your Career!!
  14. 14. Dynamic Economies When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going! What Direction Are You Going Toward? How Relentless Are You About Getting There? Navigate Your Career!!
  15. 15. Thank You!! Yvette Lincoln, Certified Career Coach High Tide Empowerment, LLC