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Find out where the companies will be located at the Michigan Tech Spring 2010 Career Fair

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Multi Purpose Room Map

  1. 1. Michigan Tech Career Services & Alpha Kappa Psi Present the Multi-Purpose Room Spring Career Fair 2010 Tuesday, February 16, 2010 87 86 85 84 83 82 81 80 79 78 77 76 75 Table Table Table Company Company Company 88 No. No. No. 74 1 Herman Miller 34 Sentry Ins urance Tyco Fire Suppres s ion & 67 2 CN 35 Alliance Laundry Sys tems , LLC Building Products 89 73 3 Sys tems Control 36 Department of Defens e 68 BAE Sys tems 4 BOSS Snowplow 37 Packaging Corporation of America 69 Kiewit 90 20 21 38 39 55 72 5 Baker Hughes 38 Union Pacific Railroad 70 OSI (Open Sys tems International, Inc.) 6 Enbridge Energy 39 Plas core, Inc. 71 DTE Energy 54 7 Bemis Company, Inc. 40 Stryker Corporation 72 Norfolk Southern 91 19 22 37 40 56 71 Heartland Bus ines s Sys tems / 41 Cons umers Energy 73 U.S Army Health Care Recruiting 8 Avas tone Technologies 42 Skans ka 74 Michigan Tech MBA 9 Mindovo, Inc. 43 Kimberly-Clark Corporation 75 Michigan Tech Army ROTC 18 23 36 41 53 57 70 10 SME (Soil and Materials Engineers , Inc.) 44 Auto-Owners Ins urance Company 76 Ford Motor Company 92 11 Social Security Adminis tration 45 Penins ula Copper Indus tries 77 AECOM 17 24 35 42 52 58 69 12 U.S. Army 46 Drug & Laboratory Dis pos al, Inc. 78 Continental AG 13 ROWE Profes s ional Services Company 47 Roehl Trans port 79 Michigan Tech Graduate School 93 16 25 34 51 59 68 14 CSX Trans portation Indian Health Service - 80 Kohler Co. 48 15 Cliffs Natural Res ources US Public Health Service 81 Neenah Paper 43 16 Harley-Davids on Motor Company 49 Epic 82 Archer Daniels Midland 15 26 33 50 60 67 17 State Farm 50 United States Marine Corps 83 Plexus Corp. 94 18 Pieper Electric, Inc. 51 GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc. 84 US Navy 14 27 32 44 49 61 66 19 Bucyrus International, Inc. 52 Waus au Paper 85 Bos ton Scientific 20 Minnes ota Power/Allete 53 Dirks Group 86 Cons truction Res ources Management 21 Superior AmeriCorps 54 Nucor Steel 87 ISP Minerals , Inc. 95 13 28 31 45 48 62 22 M.C. Dean, Inc. 55 Ricondo & As s ociates , Inc. 88 Liberty Mutual 65 23 River Valley Tes ting Corp. 56 NewPage Corporation 89 Commonwealth As s ociates , Inc. 96 12 29 30 46 47 63 24 Greenheck Fan Corporation 57 BNSF Railway 90 Mead & Hunt, Inc. 25 Hitachi Global Storage Technologies 58 Nexteer Automotive 91 GE Healthcare 26 CCI Sys tems 59 Jacks on National Life Ins urance Co. 92 GE Aviation 97 27 Gentex Corporation 60 Lafarge 93 Dominion Res ources , Inc. 64 28 MTEC SmartZone 61 Walbro Engine Management, LLC 94 Extreme Tool and Engineering 98 29 Caterpillar, Inc. 62 Black & Veatch 95 Mos aic 30 Paper Converting Machine Company 63 Electrical Cons ultants, Inc. 96 UOP (A Honeywell Company) 31 Garmin International, Inc. 64 Miron Cons truction Co., Inc. 97 MetalTek International 99 32 ArcelorMittal 65 Bechtel Corporation 98 Schlumberger 33 United States Air Force 66 Compuware Corporation 99 Peace Corps 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Michigan Tech Career Services Partners - If you see any of our Career Services Partners at this year’s fair, stop by and say “Thanks!”
  2. 2. Table Table Table Company Major Job Types Company Major Job Types Company Major Job Types No. No. No. AECOM 77 ECE TCE EGR3 EGR EGE full-time intern Extreme Tool and Engineering 94 BBA BMBA BFIN TINT TMD EME TMET full-time intern BACC BBA BMBA BFIN ECM TCM ECE TCSA SCS Alliance Laundry Systems, LLC 35 TEE TEET EEE TEM TMD EME TMET coop Ford Motor Company 76 BMIS ECP TCSA SCS SCSY SSEN coop intern Nucor Steel 54 coop TEE TEET EEE TEM EEN EENS EME TMET ArcelorMittal 32 ECP EEE TEM EMSE full-time intern Garmin International, Inc. 31 SCS SSEN EEE EME full-time intern Archer Daniels Midland 82 ECM TCMG ECP EEE EME intern GE Aviation 92 ECP SCS SCSY SSEN TEET EEE TMD EME TMET full-time coop OSI BBA BMGT ECP TCSA SCS SCSY SSEN TEET EEE 70 full-time Auto-Owners Insurance Company 44 ALL full-time GE Healthcare 91 ECP SSEN EEE EME coop (Open Systems International, Inc.) EGR BAE Systems 68 EEE EME coop intern ECP SCS SSEN TEE TEET EEE TET TINT TMD EME Packaging Corporation of America 37 ECM FFR EEE EME coop Gentex Corporation 27 full-time coop intern Baker Hughes 5 ECM ECE EGR3 EEE EGR EGL EME full-time intern TMET Paper Converting Machine Company 30 EEE EME full-time coop intern Bechtel Corporation 65 ECM ECE TCE TCMG EGR3 TEET EEE EME MEEM full-time intern Greenheck Fan Corporation 24 TINT TMD EME TMET coop (PCMC) Bemis Company, Inc. 7 ECM EEE EME coop GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc. 51 ECE TET EGN EGR EEN EGR4 EGE EGL full-time Peace Corps 99 ALL full-time ECM TCM ECE TCE TCMG TEET EEE TET EME Harley-Davidson Motor Company 16 SCS SCSY EEE EBS EGN EMSE EME coop intern BACC BBA BMIS BMKT ECM TCM SCH TCSA Black & Veatch 62 full-time intern Peninsula Copper Industries 45 coop intern TMET Heartland Business Systems / EGN EME TMET MEEM 8 TCSA full-time intern ECE TCE TCMG EGR3 TEET EEE EBS TET EGN EGR Avastone Technologies ECE TCMG TEE TEET EEE TEM EPD EBS TET EGN BNSF Railway 57 full-time Pieper Electric, Inc. 18 full-time intern EEM TINT EME TMET Herman Miller 1 ECP EME coop intern STA STC BOSS Snowplow 4 TET EGN TMD EME TMET full-time coop intern ECP TEE TEET EEE TEM EPD EBS TET EGN EGR BACC BFIN BOSM ECM TCM EEE TET EGN EME Hitachi Global Storage Technologies 25 full-time coop intern Plascore, Inc. 39 full-time Boston Scientific 85 EBE ECM ECP SCS SSEN EEE EMSE SMA EME intern EMSE EEM TINT TMD EME TMET MEEM TMET Bucyrus International, Inc. 19 TEET EEE TET EEM TMD EME TMET full-time coop Indian Health Service - Plexus Corp 83 ECP SSEN EEE TINT EME full-time coop intern 48 ECE EEN full-time intern Caterpillar, Inc. 29 BOSM EEE EBS EEN EEM EME TMET full-time coop intern US Public Health Service Ricondo & Associates, Inc. 55 ECE EGR3 EEN EGR4 full-time coop intern CCI Systems 26 TCSA EEE TEM TET STA full-time coop intern ISP Minerals, Inc. 87 BME TET EGN EMG EME full-time River Valley Testing Corp. 23 ECE TCE EGE full-time coop intern ECM TCM ECE EGR3 EEE EGN EGR EEN EGE EGL Jackson National Life Insurance 59 ECP TCSA SCS SCSY SSEN intern BBA BMBA BEC BMGT BMIS BMKT BOSM SAH Cliffs Natural Resources 15 full-time intern Roehl Transport 47 full-time EMG EEM EME TMET MEEM Kiewit 69 TET EGN EGR full-time intern SHU SPSY SSS CN 2 BFIN ECE Kimberly-Clark Corporation 43 ECM EEE EME coop ROWE Professional Services 13 ECE TCE TCMG TLS TSE full-time coop intern Commonwealth Associates, Inc. 89 ECE EEE intern TEE TEET EEE TEM EPD EBS TET EGN EGR EMSE Schlumberger 98 ECM ECE EEE EME full-time intern Kohler Co. 80 full-time coop intern Compuware Corporation 66 BMIS BOSM ECP TCSA SCS SCSY SSEN full-time EEM TINT TMD EME TMET MEEM Sentry Insurance 34 BACC BBA BMBA BEC BFIN BMGT BMKT full-time intern Construction Resources Management 86 ECE TCE TCMG intern ECM ECE TCE TCMG EEE EMSE EEN EGE EGL Skanska 42 ECE TCMG intern Lafarge 60 intern Consumers Energy 41 BMIS ECM ECE ECP SCS EEE EME full-time intern EME SME 10 ECE TCE TCMG EGR3 TET EGN EGR EEN EGE full-time coop BMBA BFIN BMIS BMKT ECM SSEN EEE EPD BBA BMIS BOSM ECP TCSA SCSY SSEN TEET EEE (Soil and Materials Engineers, Inc.) Continental AG 78 full-time coop intern Liberty Mutual 88 full-time intern EGR SPE SMAG SPH EME EBS TET EGN SMA EME TMET Social Security Administration 11 ALL full-time coop intern BMBA BOSM ECE TCE TCMG EGR3 TLS TSE M.C. Dean, Inc. 22 ECP SCS EEE SMA SPH full-time coop intern State Farm 17 ALL full-time CSX Transportation 14 FFEM FFR FWEM FWF TEET EEE EBS TET EGN full-time ECE TCE TCMG EGR3 TLS TSE TEE TEET EEE EPD Stryker Corporation 40 EEE TEM EPD EBS TET EGN EGR EMSE full-time coop intern EGR TINT EME TMET Mead & Hunt, Inc. 90 EBS TET EGN EGR EMSE EEN EENS SSEP EGR4 full-time intern Superior AmeriCorps 21 ALL full-time Department of Defense 36 ALL full-time coop intern TMD EME TMET MEEM Systems Control 3 TEE TEET EEE TET EGN TMD EME TMET full-time coop intern Dirks Group 53 TCSA SCSY full-time intern EPD TET EGN EGR EMSE EEM TINT EME TMET Tyco Fire Suppression & MetalTek International 97 full-time coop intern 67 EGN EME coop intern Dominion Resources, Inc. 93 SCH ECE TEET EEE EEM EME TMET full-time coop intern MEEM Building Products SMBB BMIS BOSM SMBC ECM TCM SCHI SCH Michigan Tech Army ROTC 75 ALL full-time intern US Army Health Care Recruiting 73 SBL SCL SESC SPSY full-time Drug & Laboratory Disposal, Inc. 46 full-time intern SCHP ECP TCSA SCS SCSY Michigan Tech MBA 74 ALL full-time US Army 12 ALL full-time BMGT ECM ECE TCMG EPD5 SCS SCSY EEE EBS Michigan Technological University ECE TCMG EGR3 TEET EEE TET EGN EGR EEM DTE Energy 71 coop intern 79 ALL Union Pacific Railroad 38 full-time EGN EEN EME Graduate School EME TMET Electrical Consultants, Inc. 63 ECE EEE full-time Mindovo, Inc. 9 ALL full-time SCH ECE EGR3 ECP SCS SCSY TEET EEE EPD EGN Enbridge Energy 6 ECE EEE EGN EME full-time coop intern Minnesota Power/Allete 20 BACC BFIN ECM ECE FES FFR EEE SMAG EME United States Air Force 33 EGR EMSE EEN EENS EGR4 IAS SPE SMAG SMA full-time Miron Construction Co., Inc. 64 ECE TCMG full-time intern SMBB SBI SBL EBE SESC BACC BBA BMBA BEC SPH SAP EEM EME TMET MEEM Mosaic 95 ECM ECE EEE EME coop BFIN BBA4 BMGT BMIS BMKT BOSM SMBC MTEC SmartZone 28 ALL full-time coop intern United States Marine Corps 50 ALL full-time intern ECM TCM SCHI SCH SCHP ECE TCE EGR3 EPD5 Neenah Paper 81 EEE full-time coop intern UOP ECP TCSA SCS SCSY SSEN FES FWEM TEE TEET 96 ECM TCM intern Epic 49 full-time NewPage Corporation 56 ECM EEE EME full-time coop intern (A Honeywell Company) EEE TEM EBS EGN EGR EMSE SMAG SMA SPH Nexteer Automotive 58 ECP SCS SSEN EEE TINT EME intern US Navy 84 ALL full-time SAP EEM TINT EME TMET SFAT SCCS SRC STA BBA BMBA BMGT BMIS BOSM ECE TCE TCMG Walbro Engine Management, LLC 61 EEE EME full-time STC SFSD SEMP SFTT SFET SANT SAH SSM SHU Norfolk Southern 72 EGR3 ECP TCSA SCS SCSY TEET EEE EBS TET full-time Wausau Paper 52 ECM EEE EEN EENS SSEP EME coop SPSY SSS EGN EGR TMD EME TMET