BioConvention Green Energy Technology


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BioConvention Green Energy Technology

  1. 1. A unique technology innovation to produce renewable fuels and store energy. Green Energy Technology
  2. 2. Storing Renewable Energy Difficult? • Currently there is a need for alternative energy solutions of high efficiencies, low costs and without technological barriers • Major problem concerns renewable energy storing • Wind and solar energy are produced when there is no use for the produced energy • Current methods of storing renewable energy are high cost and low capacity • Renewable energy is not a viable option unless the energy can be stored cost effectively on a large scale • Need to produce carbon neutral renewable transportation fuels is also a growing trend 6/19/2014 2© MTT Agrifood Research Finland
  3. 3. New Green Energy Technology by MTT • Our solution to mitigate climate change is to utilize renewable energy sources to produce synthetic natural gas via microbial methanation of hydrogen that is produced by renewable energy • With our carbon neutral technology it is possible to convert renewable energy, e.g solar and wind power to synthetic natural gas • Our technology can also be used to reform biogas and syngas to pure methane • Produced methane can be utilized in the readily available natural gas infrastructure 6/19/2014 3© MTT Agrifood Research Finland
  4. 4. New Green Energy Technology by MTT • MTTs technology provides a simple, low cost solution to produce clean methane fuel • We have a specifically designed solid support bioreactor which forms methane (CH4) by using known natural methanogenic archaea • Methanation of hydrogen occurs with the aid of carbon dioxide (CO2) for example from an industrial emission • The advantage is that the CO2 is not discharged into the atmosphere resulting into completely closed CO2 cycle 6/19/2014 4© MTT Agrifood Research Finland
  5. 5. 6/19/2014© MTT Agrifood Research Finland 5
  6. 6. Exploitation Possibilities • There are several exploitation possibilities depending on used feed gas sources and intended application • When storing renewable energy or producing transportation fuel from renewable energy source there are three main steps 1. The production of hydrogen by electrolysis using a renewable energy source 2. Produced hydrogen is converted to methane via microbial methanation. The required CO2 can be obtained for example from an industrial emission 3. The utilization of the produced methane gas 6/19/2014 6© MTT Agrifood Research Finland
  7. 7. Exploitation Possibilities • The technology can be used to reform CO2 containing syngas and biogas to pure methane with the aid of hydrogen • Hydrogen can be produced by renewable energy sources • Importantly our technology can be used to capture of CO2 from CO2 emission source • The basic method is the same as in previous examples: hydrogen reacts with the aid of CO2 to form methane • The feed gas sources of hydrogen and CO2 can be selected freely which makes our technology extremely flexible • Methane can be futher utilized for example in bacterial protein production or chemical industry (plastics, polymers etc.) 6/19/2014 7© MTT Agrifood Research Finland
  8. 8. 6/19/2014 8© MTT Agrifood Research Finland
  9. 9. Methane has major advantages • Methane as energy carrier has major advantages concerning the safety and storage issues • Hydrogen forms highly explosive mixtures with air at very low quantities and storage of hydrogen is a difficult task • The energy density by volume of hydrogen is very low and hydrogen permeates through materials, even steel • Because of these limitations it is more convenient to transform the produced hydrogen to methane gas which is safer to store, transport and utilize • When using methane gas the existing natural gas infrastructure can be utilized • additional cost of building a completely new infrastructure can be avoided • Methane gas also has the highest energy storage capacity of the current energy storage technologies 6/19/2014 9© MTT Agrifood Research Finland
  10. 10. Simple, Cost-Effective and Robust • Compared to metal catalyst based technologies our solution is simple, cost effective and robust for impurities • Cost on average <$10 000 + automation • Our solid support reactor is maintenance free and energy losses can be minimal • Energy losses from stirring of the microbe mass can be avoided as the stirring is not required • Advantages of our technology are also the low operating temperature and pressure • Microbial methanation reaction occurs at 55°C (131°F) and at atmospheric pressure. • The reaction releases energy in the form of heat. Heat can be captured and utilized which improves the total system efficiency 6/19/2014 10© MTT Agrifood Research Finland
  11. 11. We are now looking for partners to pilot and up-scale the green energy technology Are you interested? 6/19/2014 11© MTT Agrifood Research Finland