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Launching Legendary Suitjamas' First Independant Sales Channel
Launching Legendary Suitjamas' First Independant Sales Channel
Launching Legendary Suitjamas' First Independant Sales Channel
Launching Legendary Suitjamas' First Independant Sales Channel
Launching Legendary Suitjamas' First Independant Sales Channel
Launching Legendary Suitjamas' First Independant Sales Channel
Launching Legendary Suitjamas' First Independant Sales Channel
Launching Legendary Suitjamas' First Independant Sales Channel
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Launching Legendary Suitjamas' First Independant Sales Channel


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Highlights include how MTG Consulting helped to achieve: …

Highlights include how MTG Consulting helped to achieve:
– An Unlimited Marketing Budget Average Cost Per Acquisition LESS THAN $14
– A Conversion Rate Increase to 3% (above industry standard)
– A Google AdWords #1 Position After 7 Days (USA, Canada, UK & Germany)
– A Website Built From Scratch In < 2 Weeks
– An Average Google AdWords Position of #1 in Australia (Highly Competitive)

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  • 1. Launching Legendary SuitjamasFirst Independent Sales Channel
  • 2. The strategy for Legendary Suitjamas was really abouthelping establish a primary channel for the business inorder to really leverage the strong brand recognitionwe created through channels such as Facebook, eBayand Amazon.The website only took a week to develop and marketingkicked in a day after that, with sales in a matter of hours.MTG really helped develop a great looking website thatlooked exactly how I wanted it to, but that did more thanjust look awesome.– Zac Borrowdale, CEO of Legendary Suitjamas
  • 3. Unlimited Marketing Budget Conversion RateAverage Cost Per Acquisition LESS THAN $14 Increased to 3% (above industry standard) Google AdWords #1 Position After 7 Days (USA, Canada, UK & Germany) Website Built From Google AdWords Avg #1 inScratch In < 2 Weeks Australia (Highly Competitive)
  • 4. the business challengeLegendarySuitjamas has been Despite a strong & loyal customer for building a list that one canin operation for more than 12 base that was a driving force market to. Platforms such asmonths, but had not established behind a notable volume of sales Paypal placing little emphasis onan active online eCommerce through positive word of mouth, requesting permission to sendsolution. It had been selling The Client lacked the technology marketing material, options wereproducts primarily through third needed to create referral and quite limited without a website.part platforms such as Amazon, cross selling opportunities.eBay and Facebook. By limiting product exposure to The Client was not able to organic traffic and paid traffic,There was a strong need for identify the effectiveness of once a client had purchased theirThe Client to establish a face their marketing campaigns with was no mechanism for repeatand brand identity for Legendary the technology in use, and had purchase.Suitjamas that extended beyond invested over $16,000 without athe logo. An eCommerce store clear idea of the efficacy of that The long-term vision for thesolved this problem while investment. company being to expand theirserving to provide a primary catalog of accessories waschannel through which to sell its Although customers were challenged by the neglect to buildproducts, and to further its brand purchasing using their credentials a database of proven interestedrecognition. on Facebook, Amazon and eBay, customers. there was very little avenue
  • 5. how MTG Consulting helpedThe current Google Adwords were instead directed to product managementcampaigns were not being landing pages with a clear Call To • Google Analytics used to tracktracked for conversions, and Action, successfully increasing relevant website dataneeded to remain deactivated conversion rates by 8% (points). • CrazyEgg used to analyse andbefore being re-built from the optimize the user interfaceground up. MTG implemed several • Optimizely used to split test technology solutions that worked efficacy of sales copy andNew optimised campaigns in tandem to maximise return on design elementswere created for each of the investment:markets served (UK, US, The eCommerce platform wasAustralia, Canada and Germany) • The website was hosted on also used to enable the effectivethat allowed tracking in order Shopify using the Client’s promotion of cross-selling offersto accurately measure ROI. existing domain, purchased to customers, which increasedMeasures tracked included Cost through DreamHost the basket size of 20% ofPer Conversion, and cart drop-off • Google Apps were set up for transactions.rates. email, calendar, and sharing of electronic documents By tracking basket abandonmentAdWords campaigns that had • MailChimp used for email rate, autoresponders werepreviously directed customers database management implemented and resulted in theto the website’s landing page and customer relationship return of 2% of lost customers.
  • 6. SEO was optimised in order Adwords campaigns were to digital strategy with a largeto improve the rate of organic optimised and within two amount of that time being spenttraffic to the site, and domains weeks evolved from a virtually managing outsourced staff,were secured for other markets unmeasured aspect of the trying to develop a website andthat redirected customers to the business to delivering an managing online advertising.principal site. This increased the incredibly low CPA (by industrySEO capability of the site when standards) with pinpoint accuracy. While managing distribution,products were searched for on creating new product lines,Google US, UK, Germany, and A/B Split testing on various managing PR and social mediaCanada. elements of the website led to channels, there was a bottleneck rapid growth in sales volume. for The Client - time.Elements of the website’sgraphic design were optimised to Customers completing After bringing MTG Consultingleverage the enhanced security transactions were given the on board, The Client has notprovided by using Paypal for opportunity to register for further dedicated any time to the websitetransactions as well as promoting marketing communications, as a or Adwords. Instead, managingthe store’s affiliation as the consequence an average 51% of his business with the aid ofOfficial Supplier of the CBS customers now opt in on a daily the fortnightly reports he nowNetwork’s eCommerce Store (the basis. receives from MTG Consulting.makers of How I Met Your Mother,the original inspiration for the Up to 60% of The Client’s timebusiness). had previously been allocated
  • 7. About Legendary SuitjamasSince inception Legendary Suitjamas have had a strong desireto create high quality products to differentiate themselves fromthe competition, developing products inspired by the populartelevision show How I Met Your Mother.Catering to a global market encompassing the US, UK, Canada,Australia and Germany, Legendary Suitjamas had developedstrong brand recognition through its association with CBS as theOfficial Manufacturer of Suitjamas for the CBS Store in the USA.In fiscal year 2011, Legendary Suitjamas had a reported net profitof over $100 Thousand US Dollars.
  • 8. about MTG ConsultingMTG Consulting believes in taking the pain out of your Copyright © 2012 MTG Consulting All rights, and sets out to achieve this goal throughthe expert implementation of great technology and MTG Consulting, its logo, and Digital Donesystems. For You are Trademarks of MTG ConsultingWe aren’t focused on the pretty reports, over-analysisand confusing diagrams that have given parts of theconsulting industry a bad name. Our objective is todeliver actual results that show a real financial return.Your business is unique, and that is why MTG Consultingalways delivers personalised solutions.Our partners have worked in management consulting,education as well as at the C-level of industry leadingorganisations, as consequence our team are dedicatedto absolute excellence.If You Think We Can Help - Call Us Now, To Organise AFree Consultation 1300 889 528 or Find Out More Here.