12 Ways To Find High Potential Customers

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  • 1. INDEX Finding Prospects No Longer Picking Ripe Fruit Develop The Right Attitude Never Stop Looking for Potential New Customers Find The Real Business Issue Facing Your Prospects Know What You’re Up Against Recognize That Prospects Buy What You Know Skim The Local Newspapers For The Possible Leads Find The Decision -Maker Be Aware When Your Competitors Make Changes Build Key Relationships Outside of Work Email Communication Don’t Take Refusals Personally
  • 2. Thomas Ellis Founder and President EWC ConsultantsThomas is sales management veteran with over 20 years experience incoaching, consulting, developing sales personnel, and managers.Thomas began his professional sales career in the copier industry andthen to the telecommunications industry where he was employed byMotorola and Nextel which merged with Sprint in 2005. Thomas spent 13years with Sprint Nextel where he held several Sales Manager andDirector of Sales positions. He received Sprint/Nextel’s highest salesaward, President’s Council, for 10 years.Thomas is considered by many to be an SME ( Subject Matter Expert) incoaching and developing Business to Business sales professionals .During his tenure at Sprint /Nextel he developed and coached salesrepresentatives and sales managers that had clients from SMB( Small –Medium Business) Market, Enterprise Market , Education market,State and Local Government, and the Federal Government. One of themany highlights in his career at Sprint/Nextel was that he developed thefirst Enterprise and Government sales teams in theBaltimore/Washington market which led the nation in sales productivity.Thomas ‘s warm and enthusiastic personality quickly engages theparticipants during the training that helps them feel at ease and eagerto further enhance their skills so they have achieve greater results.For more information about EWC Consultants visit our website:www.ewcconsultants.com or call (301) 343-0001.
  • 3. Finding ProspectsFinding new prospects is the one of themost critical skills for sales professionalstoday. Efficient techniques are neededto guarantee a steady supply ofcustomers.
  • 4. No Longer Picking Ripe Fruit Prospecting is no longer simply picking ripe fruit in your territory. Competition , need for growth , rising customers expectations and disappearing customer loyalty make effective prospecting a challenge for every salesperson.
  • 5. 12 Prospecting Techniques
  • 6. Develop The Right Attitude Prospecting ,like any other selling skill , can be viewed positively or negatively. Determination ,perseverance , enthusiasm, and a positive attitude are the backbone of prospecting success . The correct mindset leads to successful prospecting and ,ultimately , to more lucrative sales.
  • 7. Never Stop Looking forPotential New CustomersYou increase your risk in sales when youwork with too few prospects. Todayssalespeople recognize this and reducetheir risk by finding new prospectsregularly. Start with good research andanalysis to find prospects with thehighest potential. Learn what prospectsdo and their objective. Such researchcan come from web searches, peoplewho work at the prospect’s company,and press releases.
  • 8. Find The Real BusinessIssue Facing Your Prospects Every business has issues or needs.They are frequently unidentified bysalespeople who are more concernedwith selling their products thanmeeting customer needs. Experiencedsalespeople address critical needs andlink them to their product or service.They learn about the prospect’sbusiness and specific needs before theyeven try to schedule an appointment.
  • 9. Know What You’re Up Against Industries change , and marketplaceadjustments and competition impactevery salesperson’s success. Productivesalespeople stay abreast of theseinfluences and know how to leveragethem to find new prospects and convertthem into customers.
  • 10. Recognize That Prospects Buy What You KnowOnce prospects believe your message ,the sale is made , even though theclosing may take days or even months .It’s your knowledge that will move themfrom the “prospect” to the “customer”category.
  • 11. Skim The Local Newspapers For The Possible LeadsYou may find information about newbranches opening, companiesrelocating in your territory, or names ofrecently promoted executives. The bestprospectors have a clear understandingof their target market so they maximizethe return they receive on the time theyinvest.
  • 12. Once You Identify A ProspectFind The Decision -Maker Are there multiple decision-makers or is there one key buying authority ? Getting to the wrong person will not only waste your time , it may prevent you from meeting the real decision- maker.
  • 13. Be Aware When YourCompetitors Make Changes To Their Process or StaffSometimes their customers feelneglected or underserved when changesare made that may cause problems withservice , quality or delivery . There is nobetter time for a salesperson to makeserious inroads on accounts that hadalways seemed locked up by acompetitor.
  • 14. Build Key Relationships Outside of WorkIt may be a good idea to join two orthree community organizations . Thebest prospects in every communityusually join local organizations .If youwant to meet them, join the sameorganizations they belong to. The bestkind of networking is to go where youknow prospects go.
  • 15. Make It A Point To Email Copies of Interesting Articles or StudiesYour thoughtfulness will be noticed andappreciated , and you’ll gain areputation as a knowledgeable resource.
  • 16. Don’t Take Refusals PersonallyIt happens all the time . You identify sprospect who needs your product orservice . You have everything you needto turn the prospect into a customer , heor she won’t even give you anappointment . It could be your timing orapproach is off.
  • 17. Contact Information Thomas Ellis EWC Consultants ,Inc tellis@ewcconsultants.com (301) 343-0001 www.ewcconsultants.com