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    Dream awesome with ieee Dream awesome with ieee Presentation Transcript

    • Dream Awesome with IEEE
      Md. ShihabUddin
      IEEE Student Branch
      KUET,IEEE Region 10
      Bangladesh Section
      Mail: shihabuddin@ieee.org
      Mobile: 8801721762760
    • Outline
      IEEE Student Membership & Volunteerism
      A Brief Overview
      Student Awards
      Branch Plan
      Branch Magazine & Awards
      Students Professional Awareness Conference(S-PAC) & Alumni Meet
    • IEEE Student Membership
      Mission of Student Activities
      To provide undergraduate and graduate students who have an interest in IEEE designated fields with opportunities for educational, technical and professional development, emphasizing the value of continuing IEEE membership
      85,000 student members worldwide
      22%+ of the 377,000 total IEEE membership
      1,500+ student branches
    • IEEE Student Membership
      Local, Global & Virtual “Professional Home”
      Student membership is the beginning of your IEEE relationship
      Multiple venues for benefits and opportunities
      Professional development support and recognition throughout your career
      325 worldwide
      2,000+ worldwide
      Student Branch
      2,000+ visits daily
      Your Career
      Sr. Member
    • Student Membership Benefits
      IEEE Spectrum magazine online and print
      IEEE Potentials magazine online and print
      The Institute online and print
      Xplore online access to subscriptions http://www.ieeexplore.org
      Discount on technical Society memberships and publications
      50% discount in IEEE dues for students graduating the first year
      after graduation
      Leadership Experience and networking with Section, Industry Leaders
      IEEE Job Site http://www.ieee.org/jobs
      Email alias http://www.ieee.org/alias
      Financial Advantage programs
      Membership card and more at http://www.ieee.org/benefits
    • IEEE Student Membership
      Engaging Students’ Interests
      Technical Programs & Opportunities
      • Technical chapters
      • IEEE Xtremecontest
      • IEEE Humanitarian Technology Challenge
      • Robotics contests
      • Paper contests
      • Technical speakers
      • IEEE Spectrum
      • IEEE Potentials
      • Society Membership
      Public Programs & Opportunities
      • Humanitarian initiatives
      • President’s Change the World competition
      • Future Cities
      • Engineers w/o Borders
      • Pre-University activities
      Community Oriented
      Technically Advanced
      Member Development
      Professionally Astute
      Career Programs & Opportunities
      • Job Fairs
      • ‘Soft-skill’ seminars
      • Industry connections
      • Engineers Week
    • IEEE Student Membership
      Student Branch Activities
      IEEE Student Branch is the operating organizational unit of IEEE constituted by a minimum of twenty IEEE student members
      Goal: Engage students in the mission, benefits, and opportunities of the IEEE
      Sponsors activities and events technical, professional, and humanitarian aspirations
      Guest speakers
      Paper contests
      Local public imperatives
      Fun, too!
      Social events to bring together students with faculty
      Pi Day
    • IEEE Student Membership
      Exciting Contests
      IEEE Xtreme Programming Challenge
      Worldwide, 24-hour programming challenge for IEEE Student Branches
      Teams of student members, advised and proctored by an IEEE Member, compete in a 24-hour time span against each other to solve a set of programming problems.
      Provide Student Branches with an
      exciting new competition
      Increase activities that appeal to computer, programming and information technology fans in IEEE
      IEEE XTREME 4.0 dated on 24th October,2010. To participate form a Team & ask for participation center.
    • IEEE Student Membership
      Exciting Contests (cont)
      IEEE President’s “Change the World” Competition
      Part of IEEE’s 125th Anniversary celebration, recognizes students or teams of students who develop unique solutions to real-world problems using engineering, science, computing and leadership skills to benefit their community or humanity
      Opportunity to win US $10,000
      Are you working on a project with a team of students that will change the world or a corner of it? Then you or your team can enter
      Submissions accepted 1 September 2008 through 28 February 2010. Also will be available on 2011.
    • ieee.spigit.com
      Email htc@ieee.org for Spigit ID
    • To Participate on HTC:
      • Learn more about the project at www.ieee.org/go/htc
      • Obtain a Spigit ID and participate in the project – email: htc@ieee.org
      • Actively contribute to Solution Formulation
      • Identify and motivate others to contribute
      Contact: Harold Tepper
      with any questions
    • IEEE Student Membership
      Student Enterprise Award
      Does your Student Branch have an idea for a community service program, robotics project or other idea?
      • Submit your proposal in the IEEE Student Enterprise Award
      • Topics may be of technical or non-technical, ranging from research on state-of-the-art technology to community service programs
      • Competition encourages IEEE Student members to work with others on an engineering project of their choice - teamwork
      • Request up to $1,500 in your project proposal
      Previous Winners
      DeVry University – North Brunswick
      Machine Vistion
      University of Louisville
      High School Competition
      University of Nottingham
      Innotor High-Tech
      Universidade Federal da Bahia
      Real Time Handwriting Recognition
      Bannari Amman Institute of Technology
      FPGA Model of Fuzzy PD Controller for
      Insulin Pumps in Diabetes
    • Student Branch Website Design Contest
      Annually held.
      Last date of submission of Website 15 March or as per Region
      Based on the Criteria’s:
      Load time
      Multilingual Access.
      User Friendliness & So on.
    • IEEE Student Membership
      Student Development Through Volunteering
      Through the Student Branch:
      Develop professional networks
      Enhance presentation skills in low risk environments
      Develop management skills, e.g., leading without authority
      Committee experience
      Managing projects
      Managing people
    • IEEE Student Membership
      Next Generation Benefits
      IEEE.tv is an internet television network that produces and delivers special-interest programming about technology and engineering, for the benefit of IEEE's members and the public.
      Goal: Introduce video as a member benefit and public relations opportunity
      “Made possible by the members of IEEE”
      Add dimension to the ‘IEEE experience’
      IEEE.tv Member Basic is an exclusive benefit of IEEE membership
      Over 50 programs now available
    • IEEE Student Membership
      Next Generation Benefits (cont)
      IEEE memberNet is an online search and networking tool that enables members to connect with technical and engineering experts worldwide.
      Offered as an exclusive benefit to membership
      Goal: Enable online peer-to-peer networking
      Provide seamless and automatic profile updating from membership account
      General and personalized search options
      Ensure privacy protection via opt-in management of profiles
    • IEEE Student Membership
      Graduation Receptions
      Sponsored by IEEE Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD)
      Allows students to network with other young professionals
      Linkage to another local entity other than student branch/chapter
      Student Graduation Kits
      Mailed to every graduating student
      Recommends benefits for a beginning professional – Job Site, Mentoring Connection, memberNet
      Overview of members-only discounts
      Incentives to update mailing address info
      Your Career
      Sr. Member
    • IEEE Student Membership
      ‘Professional Home’ After Graduation
      Connectivity via the IEEE Network
      IEEE Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD)
      Local IEEE Section & Technical Chapters
      IEEE Societies
      Beginning Career Benefits
      IEEE memberNet directory
      IEEE Job Site
      IEEE Mentoring Connection
      Many more… www.ieee.org/myieee
      Your Career
      Sr. Member
    • IEEE Volunteerism
      Most of the people you will work with on
      IEEE activities are volunteers.
      Be respectful of them and their time (plan efforts)
      Make them feel their contributions are important
      Make sure they get recognition
      Thank them for their participation
      Give them titles related to activities
      Seek and get commitments
      Make sure they feel they have input to the process
    • Student Branch Awards
      Regional Student Paper Competition
      Open to all undergraduate IEEE Student Members
      Chance to improve written and verbal communications skills
      Local competition at Branch determines winner for Area
      Competition; winners from Area Competition go on to
      Regional Competition
      Regional prizes from Life Member committee (US $800, $500, $200)
      See guidelines in Handbook or contact Regional Student
      Activities Committee Chair (RSAC)
    • Student Branch Awards (continued)
      IEEE Regional Exemplary Student Branch Award
      Award designed to encourage, through public recognition,
      exemplary Student Branch operation.
      Good goal to guide Branch planning efforts.
      No limit to the number of awards given.
      Nomination must be by an Officer of the Branch.
      Supporting documentation must be provided.
    • Student Branch Awards (continued)
      Larry K. Wilson Regional Student Activities Award
      To recognize the student most responsible for an extraordinary
      accomplishment associated with student activities.
      One winner per region.
      Commemorative plaque and 3 years free membership in the IEEE.
      Nomination deadline is 31 January.
    • Student Branch Awards (continued)
      MGA Membership Growth Award
      Given by MGA (cannot apply for this) to the Branch in each
      Region that has highest growth (based on Branch size and %
      growth --- not just actual numbers)
      Outstanding Student Certificate
      Available free from IEEE Student Services; 1 per 100 Branch
      Members (or fraction thereof); lettering done by IEEE for your
      Branch. Give them to deserving Student Members!
      All IEEE student and Student Branch awards are on the web
    • Student Branch, KUET: Annual Plan 2010-11
      Local Tours: Bangladesh Navy,Bangladesh Air Forces Base-Jessore
      Annual Tour:
      On First Term After Exam Vacation
      Five Spots of Dhaka
      Preferably Siemens,GP, National Atomic Centre etc.
      Suggestions are welcome
    • Tours Redefined
      Tour Committee:
      Consisting 4 Members will handle tour matters.
      Make a brief description of Tour Place & give it to members on tour destination journey.
      Make a short quiz on tour & on the departure journey.
      Make a report with photo to sent IEEE Headquarters of Tour.
    • Branch Magazine
      4 Co- Editors
      2 Designers
      2 Content Writers
      Responsible for Design, Article Collection & Online Publication of Branch Magazine.
      2010 Magazine Name: IGNITE with IEEE
    • S-PAC & Alumni Meet(Student-ProfessionalAwareness Conference)
    • Professional Awareness Topics
      Professional Ethics
      & Societal Responsibilities
      The Engineer &
      Public Policy
      Role of the
      Professional Society
      Self Management
    • Alumni Meet Topics
      Networking With Senior IEEE Members.
      Build Branch Alumni Network.
      Build Co-operation between current & Ex-members.
      Develop Professional Awareness with Networking with Pro’s.
    • S-PAC Planning Steps
      1. Get Connected!
      2. Begin Planning
      3. Select Speakers
      4. Budget Planning
      5. Publicise & Sell Tickets
      6. Prepare for S-PAC day
      7. Submit S-PAC Final Form
    • S-PAC Committee
      Ticket Sales
      Documentation Team
      Alumni Data Collection & Online Response Team
    • S-PAC Now
      Prepare Documents for S-PAC at KUET
      Prepare S-PAC Website
      Send to IEEE, USA & other sponsors like Microsoft & Any other
      Select Speakers & finalize Budget
      Publicity & Selling Tickets
      Do S-PAC & final report
    • Alumni Meet Events
      A Seminar with IEEE Ex-members & councilors Speaking.
      A t-shirt, Souvenir, Gala-Dinner.
      Open Discussion
      IEEE Hall of Fame Board on Library Room
      Cake for 11th Year of IEEE & So on.
    • IEEE Week 2010
      1 Week Full of IEEE activities like Workshops, Seminars.
      Formal Contests: Programming, Software Design, Circuit Design, Project Fair
      Informal Contests: Blogging contest, Quiz, Image Editing
      Prize Giving Ceremony
      Renewal of Committee & Membership Drive
    • IEEE Awards on IEEE Week
      4 Categories:
      Most Innovative Member
      Most Active Member
      Exemplary Student Volunteer
      Best Volunteer
      Based on activities throughout year & will be given by IEEE Region 10.
    • Committee Renewal
      The key individuals in your Student Branch include:
      Equal Opportunity for Everyone
      An online form will be given to all members to write what they’ve done this year for IEEE & What are their visions for 2011. Based on that will be chosen positions. One can give three choices for positions.
    • Microsoft Student Partners
      Microsoft Student Partners will hold activities along with IEEE.
      MSP’s will be selected for the next year with the same process.
      Everyone will have Equal Opportunity to apply.
    • Advice for Next Committee: S-PAVe(Student-ProfessionalAwareness Venture
      Can be IEEE Summer Academy for you on 2011.
    • Resources Used for this presentation
      Membership Development Order Form: http://ewh.ieee.org/forms/md/supplies.php - need IEEE web account to access
      Officer reporting http://ewh.ieee.org/forms/scs/interactofficer.php - need IEEE web account to access
      IEEE SAMIEEE to access your Student Branch membership data (Student Branch Counselors and Chairs have access, as long as reported to IEEE)
      MyIEEE: http://www.ieee.org/myieee 
      IEEE.tv: http://www.ieee.org/web/membership/IEEEtv/about.html
       memberNet: http://www.ieee.org/membernet
      IEEE Entity Web Hosting: http://www.ewh.ieee.org
      IEEE Job Site: http://careers.ieee.org
      Student Branch Awards: http://www.ieee.org/scholarships
    • IEEE Student Membership
      Thank you !
      Reach IEEE @
      Reach Me @
      Mobile: 8801721762760
    • And one more thing:Make Your IEEE Membership Worthy Rather Than Worthless