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Adding Space
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Adding Space


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Adding Space To a Web Page
  • 2. Adding Space
    • White Space is the amount of empty space on a web page, which is good for the eyes and makes reading easier & better!!
    • Good Web Design allows for white space, The More The Better!
    • In Notepad, you can actually use the spacebar, return & tab keys when creating a web page. This allows you to clearly see the tags, text and the different sections.
    • BUT the web browser IGNORE all of this & everything will be as 1 long single spaced line or paragraph.
  • 3. The following Tags are ways to add (White) Space:
    • Line Break: <br> isn’t a set , use to break the line without putting a space between the lines, acts like a Single Space .
    • Paragraph: <p> </p> use to add space between paragraphs, acts like a Double Space .
      • Use only <p> for spacing.
      • For alignment must use the set <p> & </p>.
  • 4.
    • &nbsp: New Blank Space – acts like the spacebar, use no < > & can use many together.
    • Horizontal Rule: <hr> isn’t a set, adds a visible horizontal line, used to make sections.
    • You can use as many of these as needed.
    • Remember a paragraphs can be sentence, word, phrase or full paragraph.
  • 5. Adding Comments or Notes
    • When you want to add notes or comments to a section or the entire web page use this tag
    • <!--comment-->
    • Simply replace the word comment.
    • It doesn’t show up in the browser.
    • It will help you understand the source code better.
    • Can be used anywhere in the document.
  • 6. Tags and their Attributes
    • Tags whether singles or sets will have attributes.
    • Attributes allow the tags to have additional features such as size, and colors.
    • These Attributes or “ Add-On ” will always go after the opening tag only and never in the closing tag , if it’s a set.
  • 7. Changing the Appearance of the Horizontal Rule
    • To Change the
    • Width or Length –
    • <hr width=number or %>
    • Thickness or Height -
    • <hr size=number>
    • Alignment –
    • <hr align=”right, center or left”>
  • 8. Don’t Forget to Combine When Possible
    • <hr width=70 align=“right” size =30>
  • 9. So, What’s the Next Step?
    • Review this presentation as many times as needed.
    • Complete the Exercise(s) that follows this Module.
      • Don’t forget to put it in the Dropbox.
    • When finished, go on to the next Module’s overview.