The MSLGROUP guide to facebook updates


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The MSLGROUP guide to facebook updates

  1. 1. The MSLGROUP Guide to Facebook Updates:What Marketers and Bloggers Need to Know
  2. 2. Table of Contents01 Four-Step Crash Course: New Facebook Brand Pages02 Four Reasons Why Facebook’s Comment Box Will Change Blogs03 Facebook’s New Analytics: What We Like and Don’t Like04 Brand Do’s and Dont’s: Contests on Facebook
  3. 3. 01 FOUR-STEP CRASH COURSE: NEW FACEBOOK BRAND PAGES – By Romain Vezirian and Nicolas Sibouni, community managers, MSLGROUP Paris Life is different these days for social marketers. The entire layout of brand pages has just changed. Some brands made the shift in February. For those who did not, Facebook made the changes for them a few days ago, just as we were making the final finishes to this paper. As it is our job to advise our clients about marketing via Facebook, we are sharing what these changes mean for your brand, your community manager and your fans. Here we go: 1. New Look: We Don’t Want to looks a lot more like a personal Say We Told You So but… profile. We understand why this …We told you so! The most obvious change was made: Users now new feature of this update is expect to find their links on the the layout itself. This is actually left column. The old “tabs”—those something many of us had boxes on the top of a page—are predicted here at MSLGROUP: definitely gone! Your official Facebook page now Old version of the Renault ZE Facebook page.
  4. 4. 2. A New Way to Create Custom This is all for the better as it shouldLinks So what does this mean? lead to:The content from your old tabs » Better design: iframes allow foris now accessible from the left more flexibility so you can makecolumn, presented as hyperlinks. links more consistent with brandAs this is more than an aesthetic guidelines.change, developers will have to » Better tracking: Content withinuse iframes (typically used to add an iframe actually resides onan advertisement or small bit of your own site, even though ittext into an HTML page) to build is displayed on your Facebookcustom links. page. This means that you can use your own web analyticsFacebook has indeed officially program whereas in the pastannounced that it is phasing out you had to rely exclusively onFBML code (Facebook Markup Facebook’s analysis of yourLanguage), which had made it page’s performance. You can useeasy to develop applications both to measurefor Facebook according to the the effectiveness of yournetwork’s specifications. Starting marketing program.March 11, businesses will no longer (For more info on analytics,be able to create new FBML apps check out article No. 3).and pages will no longer be able toadd the static FBML app. The new brand page
  5. 5. 3. More Power to the Admin! This Speaking of negative comments,has been a long-awaited feature for admins can now define a blacklistadministrators of Facebook brand of forbidden words and ensure thatpages all over the world, as they such words do not make it on to thecan finally receive notifications brand’s Facebook page.(“likes”, comments, etc.) on behalfof the brand—by email and directly Because of the new brandon Facebook. notifications, we now have an “administrator’s view” where weFor example, we manage the see every published post. PostsRenault ZE community page. In containing any of the blacklistedthe past, even when on Renault words are automatically put asideZE’s page, the notifications that in a “spam” section. As the admins,appeared pertained to our personal we can choose whether to publishFacebook accounts. Now the the message or not. And if we don’tnotifications pertain to consumers allow it, the user who published theinteracting with the brand. post can still see the message… but he will be the only one. It’s theOn behalf of all our brands, we ultimate smoke & mirrors move toused to have to check pages discourage trolls and facilitate aconstantly and use external community manager’s such as Conversocial orHyperAlerts to make sure we were A brand can also decide if it wantskeeping track of all fan activity. to publicize the names of itsNow, we get notifications in real page’s admin(s) in the right-handtime. column. This feature could be useful for companies who want toThis means: communicate directly through their» No more missed comments community manager and give a» Better overall reactivity, “face” to their online presence. especially in case of negative comments about a brand
  6. 6. 4. Interactions Between Brand comment as themselves. Time willPages Finally, and this is probably tell how this new functionality willthe most exciting new feature, evolve: however, it seems obviousadmins can now “log in as a brand” that new partnerships or co-instead of through their personal marketing opportunities betweenprofiles. As a result, admins can brands will emerge, helping themact on behalf of brands in new and to promote each other’s news,creative ways. “share” friends and grow their fan bases.In the past, despite our ability tomanage brand pages, we couldn’t In addition:comment on behalf of the brand » When Brand A likes Brand B’son other brand pages. Today, we page, Brand B’s logo is displayedcan. A brand can now “like” other on Brand A’s page. The “like”brand pages (not personal profiles) function replaces the “favorites”and comment as the brand on category.another brand’s page, just as » Brand A will now receive newsconsumers who like things can from Brand B in its newsfeed.
  7. 7. 02 FOUR REASONS WHY FACEBOOK’S COMMENT BOX WILL CHANGE BLOGS – by Romain Vezirian, community manager, MSLGROUP Paris So you thought Facebook might leave the blogosphere alone, that it had enough responsibility on its hands? If this is the case, Zuckerberg and co. are about to prove you wrong. The social networking site just launched a new Comment Box that uses Facebook Connect to make your blog more social. Moreover, the Comment Box marks the first time Facebook is allowing automatic external posting (from Facebook to a blog). Here are the four reasons why we believe this might be a game changer for blogs and people who read them. 1. No need to log in We’ve all on. But if the blogger has installed been there: You just read an article the Facebook comment plug-in, on a blog, you have something and if you’re already logged into to contribute, you click to post a Facebook, you won’t have to go comment. But then the torture through this. The Comment Box begins. In many cases you have lets you post automatically through to create an account, give your Facebook, making conversations email, decipher a captcha and so seamless.
  8. 8. 2. Say goodbye to derogatory 3. More conversation for yourcomments What is more annoying blog This might be the realthan having to read through incentive for bloggers aroundinsults or derogatory comments? the world to switch to the FacebookFacebook helps keep blogs clean. system.Consider this: Insulting someone Whenever you leave a comment onwhile hidden behind an a blog using Facebook’s plug-in,anonymous user name is easy. you will see a box (already ticked!)When comments you write are that asks you if you also want toposted under your real name publish the comment on your(and your Facebook account), Facebook newsfeed.not so much. That’s nice but there’s more toWith so much transparency via it: Any friend who responds onFacebook, will everyone want to Facebook to your comment willpost a comment? We’re not so then see his or her post appearsure. Nevertheless, we think this on the blog’s comment thread.system could possibly mean one (This is on the up-and-up, asthing: bye, bye, spammers and people will see the name of thepeople with an axe to grind. blog on Facebook and know where their comment is going before deciding to post.) Naturally, the Facebook Comment Box provides a multiplier effect for comments, helping to build the blogger’s fame and broadening the reach of conversations and ideas. We bet this will be the reason why « the box » becomes a hit.
  9. 9. 4. Easy admin This system In general, we believe this could bealso comes with the expected a major advancement for bloggers.moderation tools: blog admins can Much like when Facebook Connectmoderate and delete comments, was launched, the big question ischeck for spam, etc. Moreover, to know whether this system willas we discuss in the next paper, be broadly adopted. If it is, it couldFacebook has new analytics become a dangerous competitortools to measure engagement, for companies like Disqus.including on the Comment Box. Itis important to note that Facebookhas the right to comments madevia the Comment Box, as the plug-in is the company’s intellectualproperty.
  10. 10. 03 Facebook’s New Analytics: What We Like and Don’t Like – by Romain Vezirian, community manager, MSLGROUP Paris Remember that time not so long the Facebook developers’ blog, you ago when marketing managers can now see the number of times wanted to install Google Analytics people saw “like” buttons, clicked to monitor the traffic of their “like” buttons, shared stories on Facebook brand pages? It seems Facebook, clicked on stories to visit like this problem is long gone. your website and made comments Not because Facebook opened its to your blog via the new Facebook doors to Google (of course not!), Comment Box, the subject of but because its own analytics article No. 2 in this report. system is becoming increasingly efficient. In short, Facebook analytics work both ways: You get to see the traffic Some of the new features are you sent from your website to your great… But are they really going Facebook page (through the “like” in the right direction? We take you button), and the traffic Facebook through what we “like” and what we sent to your website (through dislike about Facebook’s analytics. stories on people’s news feeds). What we like Know how much of your traffic The numbers behind your comes from Facebook “like” button Even if you do not have a “like” While Facebook has been letting button installed on your website, webmasters import Facebook the new analytics allow you to elements for years (Facebook see how people are sharing links widget, “like” button, etc.), they to your site in status updates and had no way until now to monitor wall posts on Facebook. To enable how efficient these tools really this, simply claim your domain by were. It all changed in the last associating it with your Facebook week with Facebook’s new user account. analytics tools. As explained on
  11. 11. What we dislike What we really need is moreWhat is there to dislike, you insight: What are the posts thatmight ask? Well, for community work best? What time are theymanagers like ourselves, quite a posted? Do your fans commentfew things at least. more frequently under pictures or videos?Is bigger necessarily better?What makes a Facebook fan page Answers to these questionssuccessful? If you believe the new are key to distinguishing goodmetrics logic, you would answer Facebook pages from bad ones.“numbers”, i.e. the amount of Unfortunately, Facebook does nottraffic you can generate. This is provide such tools to arrive at thesesurprising coming from Facebook, answers. Let’s hope they’re on theirthe platform that literally defined way.2.0, where “feedback” and“engagement” are key, not traffic orhow big you can get. Certainly, wewould trade 1,000 heavy engagedfans against 10,000 not-so-interested ones any day.
  12. 12. 04 Brand Do’s and Dont’s: Contests on Facebook – by Romain Vezirian, community manager, MSLGROUP Paris Newsflash for you: Facebook is its own. The company will not changing. All the time. And we assume liability should anything go are not talking about your friends’ wrong with a brand’s contest—your updates here: we’re talking new activities are distinct in the strictest functionalities, new layout for your sense of the word. brand’s page and even new rules. This last point may be the most A Company Banned on Facebook important to keep in mind, even In the past couple of months, a though it is also the issue that French brand’s Facebook page got no one talks about: Facebook’s cut off (with no warning) because official “Terms of Use” can change the company failed to comply with anytime. Facebook’s Terms of Use. The page had 130,000 fans, a number Facebook and Your Brand: significant enough to show that Separation of Church and State Facebook does not discriminate. If It is important to recall that you do not respect the rules, you Facebook does not want to be will log in one day to find your page seen as endorsing any brand or is missing, even if your fan base is commercial activity other than in the 6 digits.
  13. 13. So here’s a quick recap of what you can and cannot do on your Facebookpage when you want to run a contest for your fans:The Dont’s  can limit a contest to your You This is the most complicated fans but use the right words point, but also the most to do so. As opposed to the important one: You cannot use phrases in the “dont’s” column, any Facebook functionalities for you could write “Join our your brand’s contest. “Likes”, community” or “Click ‘like’ to “comments” and “tagging in a see more info on our contest.” picture” should not enable one Recall that once someone likes of your fans to win anything. you, your page opens up and If you see a brand asking its the person can see all your fans to “change their profile tabs (including the one for the picture” or “click on like to enter contest). We know this is subtle, our contest”, know that this but this kind of knowledge can company could be cut off any make the difference between a minute by almighty Facebook. successful contest on Facebook It is forbidden to organize a and a banned one. contest on your Facebook wall  We advise including a link to (see below for what you can do). your brand’s usage guidelines for Facebook fans. These are the guidelines typically includingThe Do’s language prohibiting personal can organize a contest You attacks and inflammatory on your Facebook page, but language on the brand’s page. it has to be contained within a dedicated tab. You always have to specify that your brand is the contest organizer and Facebook is not.The sad part is: This article could soon become outdated becauseFacebook’s Terms of Use continually change. Make sure your agency andcommunity manager monitor this issue closely.
  14. 14. ContactThank you for reading, and please send us a note if you’d like:romain.vezirian@consultants.publicis.frcommunity manager, MSLGROUP Parisstanislas.magniant@consultants.publicis.frDigital Practice Leader, EMEAgaurav.mishra@mslgroup.comDirector of Digital & Social Media, Asiastephen.marino@mslgroup.comDirector of Digital & Social Media, Americaspascal.beucler@mslgroup.comChief Strategy Officer (Global)www.mslgroup.comhttp://blog.mslgroup.comMSLGROUP on TwitterMSLGROUP on You Tube