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  1. 1. Introduction March 2011
  2. 2. MSLGROUP CREATIVE+ is a global design and creative development team that maintains a 24x7 operation in India. The CREATIVE+ team provides both MSLGROUP offices and clients with a wide range of services ranging from print, digital, video, mobile and event creative support. These services are provided by an in-house team of 50 creative staff and a network of development partners that specialize in supporting international projects.2
  3. 3. The MSLGROUP CREATIVE+ team Having delivered more than 500 has provided design and creative international projects, MSLGROUP services to more than 50 clients CREATIVE+ looks forward to globally, which comprise leading expanding its service offerings to global organizations like various group offices and playing Procter & Gamble, Sanofi-Aventis, a complimentary role in providing Microsoft, Middle East Coal; to clutter-breaking, impactful designs mention a few, and 25 MSLGROUP and creative content to group offices offices in 15 countries. for new business pitches as well as varied marketing requirements. MSLGROUP offices and clients in any time zone, can avail creative content faster, more consistently and at great value by partnering with MSLGROUP CREATIVE+, a global resource centre which promises quick turn-around project time.3
  4. 4. Why CREATIVE+? Harmony with MSLGROUPS Vision In Line With MSLGROUPS Vision Engagement The key facets of MSLGROUPS renewed Vision are: One of the key factors we use to define ourselves is; » Trusted Advisor a 24x7 resource hub. We believe in an engagement » Unbound Creativity that supersedes region, time or seemingly impossible deadlines! As a resource of the Group itself, we believe in » Engagement engaging at all levels to deliver beyond expectations, be » Values it an assignment for a network office or a client project. » Focus on the always-on conversation Values MSLGROUP CREATIVE+ A team of over 50 professionals that take MSLGROUP A Trusted Advisor CREATIVE+ forward, bring to the fore the combined • A substantial body of work, resulting from working values like dedication, commitment, indomitable spirit with over 20 network offices so far and a common belief that mediocrity is not an option and • Global exposure to fast changing communication and that delivering as promised is sacrosanct. marketing tools • Well versed with Inter Division Knowledge Transfer Focus on the always-on conversation Systems The marketing and the communications spheres are fast • Library of brand best practice materials evolving. Hence it becomes imperative that we talk to our clients in a language they understand, using tools they The above mentioned points substantiate that we are demand through platforms that they desire. Keeping indeed in a good position to further strengthen our role in line with the latest trends, MSLGROUP CREATIVE+ as a trusted advisor, partner and service provider to our offers a range of Digital Services that would enable network offices and their clients, if such a requirement each of our network offices and their clients to keep arises. their communications and conversations, relevant and ongoing. Unbound Creativity MSLGROUP CREATIVE+ has always believed in delivering creativity and designs that communicate effectively in this cluttered market space. In this day and age when we are constantly communicating, it becomes all the more important that what we communicate is engaging as well as distinctive. The work that we have done for our network offices and their clients has been well appreciated from a creative stand point.4
  5. 5. Services Offered Based on the proven abilities of our team for nearly a decade, both in terms of quality standards as well as timeline adherence, our team currently provides the following services to MSLGROUP offices: CREATIVE+ CREATIVE+ Branding Events Corporate Identity Development (Logo, Stationery, Event Creatives, Exhibition Design, Backdrop Banner, Brand Architecture, Brand Graphics, Brand Manual, Pull-up Banner, etc. etc.), Advertising Campaigns (Print, Outdoor, Electronic) CREATIVE+ CREATIVE+ Collateral Print Production Power Point Presentation (Templates & Formatting), Print Production (with world-wide shipping) Word Templates, Brochures / Posters / Flyers / Direct Mailers, Research – CSR – Annual Reports / Posters / Booklets / Newsletters / Pocket Folders / Invitation and Greeting Cards CREATIVE+ CREATIVE+ Packaging Branded Merchandise Packaging and Point of Purchase Designs T-shirts, Caps, Mouse-pad, CD Cover and Stickers, Carry Bag, Docket, Mug Designs, Tea Coasters, Umbrella and Tent Cards5
  6. 6. Services Offered Digital Offerings: CREATIVE+ CREATIVE+ Web Multimedia Website Development & Management / Intranet & Corporate Films/ Audio-Visual Presentations/ TV & Extranet Development / Micro site / E-mailers / Web Radio Spots/ Multimedia Flash Presentations/ 3D Banners / E-newsletters / E-brochures / E-booklets / Walkthrough Digital Catalogues CREATIVE+ CREATIVE+ Custom Web Applications Mobile Applications CMS/Portal Development (Joomla, Drupal, Mambo)/ iPhone/ iPad/ Android etc applications (Shopping/ E-commerce Development (OS-Commerce, CubeCart, Entertainment/ Social Networking/ Travel/ ZenCart)/ Other (Wordpress, Blogger, Salesforce) Search Tools/ GPS Tracking/ Utility apps/ News/ Productivity/ Weather/ Radio/ Business/ Mobile Websites) CREATIVE+ CREATIVE+ E-Commerce Social Media Applications E-Commerce Website Design (Easy Checkout Facebook Applications/ Twitter Applications/ Games, Process/ Multi Lingual/ Currency Support/ Easy etc. Product Management/ Extensive MIS Reporting/ Multiple Payment Gateway Support) E-commerce Consultancy (Online Market Research/ Business Model Development/ Support Service Setup/ Operational Efficiency Analysis/ ROI Analysis) CREATIVE+ CREATIVE+ Online Marketing Search Marketing Banner Advertising/ Email Marketing/ Online Video Marketing/ Affiliate Marketing (Ebay, Amazon, Search Engine Optimization/ Search Engine Shopzilla) Marketing/ Social Media Optimization (Adwords, Yahoo, MSN, Facebook, Twitter etc.)6
  7. 7. Our Global Experience MSLGROUP CREATIVE+ has undertaken a variety of creative and design jobs for MSLGROUP offices across the world. Our internal global work portfolio includes internal communication, direct communication to existing clients as well as documents and presentation templates for new business pitches and marketing. This includes following MSLGROUP offices: • CAPITAL MSL DUBAI • MSLGROUP CORPORATE • MSL SHANGHAI • EASTWEI MSL CHINA • MSL HONG KONG • MSL SINGAPORE • MSL ANN ARBOR • MSL LOS ANGELES • MSL JAPAN • MSLGROUP ASIA MARKETING • MSL LONDON • MSL WASHINGTON DC • MSL BEIJING • MSLGROUP NA MARKETING • HANMER MSL INDIA • MSL BOSTON • MSL NEW YORK • SAS LONDON • MSL CHICAGO • MSL SAN FRANCISCO • SAATCHI & SAATCHI INDIA • MSLGROUP EMEA MARKETING • MSL SEOUL Our external global work portfolio includes work for prestigious clients including:7
  8. 8. Case Studies Together Works Better’ Put Into Practice Working together helps transcend boundaries. Working together makes the seemingly impossible, possible. Working together reinforces trust.BRAND SOUTH AFRICAMSLGROUP CREATIVE+effectively facilitatedMSL SOUTH AFRICA insuccessfully hosting thePresident of South Africasvisit to India to promoteBrand South Africa andfurther develop goodwilland strengthen tiesbetween the two countries.MSLGROUP CREATIVE+had taken up theresponsibility of providingall event related supportfunctions as well as theproduction and delivery ofall the required collateralfor the event. » Brochure Design » Event Branding » Event Collaterals » Media KitFEBREEZEThe MSL team in Singapore,in charge of the Febreezeaccount, needed tointroduce itself to the clientbased in Japan. The bestpossible way to do thiswas through a small AVintroduction of the teammembers. The deadlineswithin which MSLGROUPCREATIVE+ was required todeliver were tough to meet,to say the least. However,MSLGROUP CREATIVE+completed the assignmentwithin 24 hours and atcost-effective rates. Theentire assignment wascoordinated online viaemails alone. The end result;one more happy client! » Team Febreeze Introductory Film 8
  9. 9. Case StudiesMEC HOLDINGSTrimex and RAK, tworeputed companies ofthe Middle East regionneeded to create a newcorporate identity asMiddle East Coal; theirJV did not adequatelycommunicate about thevarious other sectors thatthey entered into likePower, Port Development,Infrastructure, RealEstate etc. MSLGROUPCREATIVE+ was entrustedwith the responsibility ofshaping this new corporateidentity of MEC Holdings,under which divisions likeMEC Coal, MEC Power etcwould fall, from scratch.The assignment wascomplex and extensive,the results – beyondsatisfactory. » Corporate Identity » Brand Manual » Brochure » Posters » Presentation Templates » Website » Stall Design » AdvertismentPROCTER & GAMBLEMSLGROUP CREATIVE+designed the corporatebrochure for MSL HONGKONG’s client, P&G,which also happens to bethe Group’s No.1 accountglobally. MSLGROUPCREATIVE+ managedto creatively capture theessence of the brandkeeping the region inmind, with designs thatwere fresh and inspiring.The process was smoothand cost-effective. Thefinal output left the clientimmensely impressed. » Corporate Brochure » Presentation Template 9
  10. 10. Case StudiesGENERAL MOTORSIn a pitch for theprestigious General Motors,MSLGROUP CREATIVE+was asked to provide anunusual assortment ofbranding creatives tosupport the idea of a votinggame, which invited localcommunities to vote fortheir hometown heroeswith the promise that thereceiver of maximum voteswould be gifted a GeneralMotors car. The timelineswere extremely tight and thecreatives included new-ageadditions like a micro-site and a Facebook pagealong with a Powerpointpresentation and logos/icons.The final creatives given byMSLGROUP CREATIVE+won the pitch. The entireteam was commended,especially for the highquality of work in a veryshort period of time. » Logo/ Icon Design » Presentation Template » Webpage Mock-up Winning New Business PitchOWENS CORNINGOwens Corning, a leadinginnovator in glass-fibre, had just rejecteda companys creativesfor various invites. Theproject was now given toMSLGROUP CREATIVE+and time was short.Uncommon creatives suchas invite slips for coffeecups along with mediainvites and suggestionson outdoor and ambientinsulation designing wereprovided to the clientwhich were instantlyapproved. The final outputhad pleased the clientimmensely who sincerelythanked the entire teamfor the high quality ofwork. » Graphics/ Icons » E-Invites » Presentation Template Winning New Business Pitch 10
  11. 11. Case StudiesVERVE LIVING SYSTEMSVerve Living Systems,reputed innovators inenergy savings, neededa visual representationthat creatively broughtout usage and wastageof energy in homes. Thechallenge for MSLGROUPCREATIVE+ was to translatethe entirely textual briefcontent into an attractiveand easy to understandinfographic, a new-agecommunication aid. Thevisuals spoke about howconsumption of energyhas grown during decades.The final visuals created,pleasantly surprisedthe client and a specificacknowledgement wasmade with regard to howa large volume of datahad been made lucid andstriking for readers. » Info Graphics » Presentation Template » Twitter Page Winning New Business PitchCIBAVISIONCibaVision, reputed in eyecare, needed to align thepresentation of its photolibrary and its newsletterwith the guidelines definedin its brand manual. Forthe Brand Launch in APACvarious activities wereunder taken and executedon time and in a costeffective manner. Theentire process involvingnumerous to and frocorrespondence withthe client, MSLGROUPCREATIVE+ not onlymet all expectations ofproviding key design andhigh-impact presentationcreatives, insights andsuggestions but alsogained accolades forits real-time responsivecorrespondence practices. » Teaser Mailer » Launch Mailer » Event Collaterals » News Letter 11
  12. 12. Case StudiesBLUE DIAMONDThe Interactive team at MSL AnnArbor had a demanding assignmentat hand. This assignmentconsisted of creating 10 flashbanners (including 2 Rich Mediacurtain advertisements) for theirclient Blue Diamond. There washowever two major factors thatmade this assignment even moredaunting. First, The Ann Arborteam was flooded with work andsecondly, the team had no resourceto spare in order to fulfill theclient’s requirement within thetough deadline of a week’s time.Deadlines had to be met at any costsince the advertisements were togo live on ESPN and other sportschannel.Nicole Burgess from Ann Arborteam mailed MSLGROUPCREATIVE+ the job specifics andthe stringent deadlines that camewith the job and inquired if we couldtake up the assignment and deliveron time. We of course took theproject up.Knowing fully well that we had verylimited time, we executed their briefto perfection and hence minimizedthe rounds of changes, successfullydealing with issues like developingadvertisements at the minimum filesizes and adhering to various otherspecifications. The end result wasdelivering quality work on time andwatching it go live on ESPN andother sports channel with a senseof immense satisfaction that camefrom knowing that we had one moreclient happy with the outcome. » Flash re-branding isn’t a testingassignment, we don’t knowwhat is!The launch date of theMSLGROUP new vision andbrand identity was just a fewdays away. The task assignedto us was creating the blog forMSLGROUP ( as well as a website cumblog for MSLGROUP ASIA( which wouldbe introduced along with thebrand launch.The assignment was herculeanto say the least, considering thesize of the group, the number ofimages, the amount of contentand the various links thatneeded to be uploaded withoutany errors. The entire team atMSLGROUP CREATIVE+ wascommitted towards makingthis undertaking a success andworked round the clock to makethis happen.The blog and the websiteassignments were completedin merely a little over 3 day’stime and both went live on themorning of the announcementafter sufficient test runs.Our reward was the appreciationand the acknowledgement fromour fellow team members acrossthe MSLGROUP network. » Word-press Blog 12
  13. 13. Case StudiesCAS CHINAMSL CHINA’s client; CASChina – a division of AmericanChemical Society, wanted todevelop a website that wascreative, communicative as wellas interactive in nature. MSLCHINA turned to MSLGROUPCREATIVE+ for the assignmentHowever this assignmentwas a little different fromthe numerous other websitedevelopment assignments wehad undertaken and executedbefore. The client wantedthe website to be in Chineselanguage. We had developeda number of websites in theEnglish language but never onein a foreign language.However, our team had completefaith in itself that it could deliverthis assignment and surpassthe client’s expectations. Whatfollowed was great team workbetween the MSL CHINA andMSLGROUP CREATIVE+; withthe final output being a websitethat matched each and everyclient requirement. » WebsiteBay Area Air QualityManagement DistrictMSL SAN FRANCISCO (MSL SF)has always had a long standingrelationship with MSLGROUPCREATIVE+, having worked onnumerous assignments together.So when MSL SF’s client, BayArea Air Quality ManagementDistrict, wanted to developan iPhone Application whichwould serve as a tool to reportsmoking vehicles as a part oftheir Smoking Vehicle AssistanceProgram, aimed at improving airquality and respiratory health,MSL SF once again thoughtof giving this assignment toMSLGROUP CREATIVE+ ratherthan outsourcing it.This ongoing assignment hasproved to be a great opportunityfor us at MSLGROUP CREATIVE+to showcase our digital mediacapabilities and at the sametime has helped MSL SANFRANCISCO strengthen itscredibility with the client byvirtue of being part of a groupthat has multiple in-housecapabilities.The assignment has beenprogressing as per the timelinesand is ready to enter the nextphase. » iPhone Application 13
  14. 14. CREATIVE+ Team Strength The MSLGROUP CREATIVE+ team has worked with over 20 network offices in Asia, the Middle-East, North America and Europe, all the while accumulating a wealth of knowledge in the respective cultural sensitivities and design sensibilities. Over 50 brand design experts using best practices and having access to global photograph libraries share a passion to conform to varied briefs and different styles and are well versed with Inter-division knowledge transfer systems. We are also believers that continual development is the way ahead in maintaining a strong team and are always looking to reinforce the existing workforce by attracting top talent and expanding vendor networks and back them with upgraded Infrastructure (IT Systems and Softwares). Team Overview » Associate Creative Director » Sr. Art Directors (3) » Account Director » Sr. Account Managers (2) » Account Managers (2) » Sr. Copy Writers (2) + Copy/ Content Writers (2) » Sr. Account Executives (2) » Account Executive (2) + Trainees (3) » Production Manager » Production Assistants (2) » Visualizers (5) » Sr. Graphic Designers (4) » Graphic Designers (6) » E-Commerce Consultants » Web Programmers (2) + Web Designers (3) » Flash Programmer » Video Editors (2) » Online Marketing Experts » iPhone Apps Developer14
  15. 15. Partial Porfolio» Presentation Template 16
  16. 16. Partial Porfolio» Presentation Template 17
  17. 17. Partial Porfolio» Presentation Template 18
  18. 18. Partial Porfolio» Presentation Template 19
  19. 19. Partial Porfolio» Advertisement 20
  20. 20. Partial Porfolio» Board Design 21
  21. 21. Partial Porfolio» Board Design» Certificate 22
  22. 22. Partial Porfolio» Booklet 23
  23. 23. Partial Porfolio» Booklet 24
  24. 24. Partial Porfolio» Booklet 25
  25. 25. Partial Porfolio» Branding» Exhibition 26
  26. 26. Partial Porfolio» E-mailer 27
  27. 27. Partial Porfolio» E-mailer» New Year Greetings 28
  28. 28. Partial Porfolio» Graphics 29
  29. 29. Partial Porfolio» Graphics» News Letter 30
  30. 30. Partial Porfolio» Poster 31
  31. 31. Partial Porfolio» Logo Design 32
  32. 32. Partial Porfolio» Logo Design 33
  33. 33. Partial Porfolio» Packaging Design 34
  34. 34. Partial Porfolio» Packaging Design 35
  35. 35. Partial Porfolio» Brand Manual/ Identity Design 36
  36. 36. Partial Porfolio» Brand Manual/ Identity Design 37
  37. 37. Partial Porfolio» Brand Manual/ Identity Design 38
  38. 38. Partial Porfolio» Mobile Application 39
  39. 39. Partial Porfolio» Digital Web 40
  40. 40. Partial Porfolio» Digital Web 41
  41. 41. Partial Porfolio» MSLGROUP Brand Work Worked in association with the Publicis Consultants Seattle Design Team and Corporate Communications Division for the Asset Bank. The Master Designs were provided by Publicis Consultants Seattle Design Team, whereas logos for all brands and their adaptations across tools was done by MSLGROUP CREATIVE+. The Asset Bank is currently being handled by MSLGROUP CREATIVE+. 42
  42. 42. Partial Porfolio» MSLGROUP Brand Work Provided support-function to the SAS London Design Team in putting the MSLGROUP Passport together. 43
  43. 43. Partial Porfolio» MSLGROUP Brand Work 44
  44. 44. Partial Porfolio» MSLGROUP Brand Work 45
  45. 45. ContactPankaj Desai Jagan ShuklaVice President, MSLGROUP CREATIVE+ Senior Account ExecutiveMember-Leadership Team, HANMER MSLE E jagan@hanmermsl.comM +91-98250 20876 M +91-97146 97001T +91-79-40200707 (D) 91-79-40200700 (B) T +91-79-40200749 (D) 91-79-40200700 (B)UK Local Number: 0044 - 203 051 6834 USA Local Number: 001 - 646 915 1098