MSCSA scholarSHIP week

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Presented by Amanda Skorich, MSCSA Director of Development

Presented by Amanda Skorich, MSCSA Director of Development

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  • Often times high levels of student debt can feel like an anchor holding you down after graduation. Scholarship can help alleviate that!
  • It feels good to receive a scholarship! These are some comments I’ve heard from past MSCSA Scholarship Recipients.
  • Winners will be announced at the April GA!


  • 1. Drowning in Loans? Get on board a scholarSHIP! Amanda Skorich Director of Development
  • 2. Staying Afloat 101 • Lesson One: – One should not depend on financial aid alone. • Educational funding options can include: – Loans (Federal and Private) – Work study (can qualify through your FAFSA) – Individual Contribution – Grants – ScholarSHIPS!
  • 3. Are you ready to jump aboard MSCSA’s ScholarSHIP?! Let’s GO!
  • 4. Lesson Two: Scholarship Trivia Will YOU sink or swim? • True: – A check for college that you don’t have to pay back! • True: – A Reward for Excellence! • True: – A Scholarship Committee Investing in your Future! • False: – To submit an application you must pay. • False: – You should be extremely discouraged if you don’t receive every scholarship you apply for. • False: – You should lie to fit the criteria because you will have a better chance at receiving it.
  • 5.  ScholarSHIP Self Assessment:  Activities/ Clubs you are involved in on your campus and community  Occupation you would like to enter  Subject areas you excel at/favorites  Honors/Awards/Special Recognitions  Cumulative GPA  Your positive qualities and strengths  People who could write letters of recommendation  People who could proof your application Lesson Three: You don’t need a 4.0 to get aboard scholarSHIP!
  • 6. Lesson Five: Saved by a scholarSHIP! • “This scholarship is the difference between me graduating and not attending school next semester” • “Receiving an MSCSA scholarship really helped my husband and I get by when things were tight trying to pay tuition this semester” • “I am honored to have received such a wonderful reward” • “It is a real blessing and honor to receive this scholarship, when I got the news, I got goose bumps” • “I am so relieved because it will allow me to complete the courses I need to take next Spring”
  • 7. Lesson Six: Essentials of the ScholarSHIP World    
  • 8. Lesson Seven: ScholarSHIP Week • Date: March 31 – April 4 • Plan of Action – At least one day during Scholarship Week, support and promote scholarships on campus! – Be creative! – Utilize your Scholarship Week Packet! – Advertise – Table – Class Raps – Social Media (share MSCSA’s posts) • Challenges – The campus that mails back their “Scholarship Interest Sheets” with the most names overall wins an award! – The campus that emails a picture and displays the most creative way to market scholarship week using “Drowning in Loans? Get on board a scholarSHIP!” theme, wins an award!
  • 9. Finals: ScholarSHIP Week Will Your Senate Sink or Swim? • Welcome Letter • Table Tents • Scholarship Guides • Stickers • SFM Foundation and Scholarship for the Blind Info Sheet • Scholarship Interest Sheets
  • 10. What will you do to get aboard? Questions? 651-203-9462