Making System Policy Work for You
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Making System Policy Work for You



Jessica Medearis

Jessica Medearis



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Making System Policy Work for You Making System Policy Work for You Presentation Transcript

  • Policy and Power Jessica Medearis, MSCSA
  • How NOT to solve a problem
  • Sterling Cooper Community College Student Senate
  •  Send a memo from the senate outlining the traits the students feel are important in hiring a new president. OR  Ask to participate in the interview and selection process. Should Don Draper:
  •  What policy is and why it matters  Review “must know” policy  Practice  Review resources
  •  Power  Principles  Problem-solving  Protection What is Policy?
  •  Provides students with rights!  Allows student leaders to help students  Provides ideas and support for developing campus policies  Creates an avenue for improvement Why does policy matter?
  •  Policies are the “what”  Procedures are the “how”  Reviewed frequently  Some require campus policies too Policies v. Procedures
  • Student Senate: • Constitution • Bylaws College/Campus: • Policies • Student Handbook System policies/procedures State and Federal Law Sources of Rights
  •  Our association is recognized as official two-year college representatives.  Our funding structure, charging all students a per credit fee, is authorized.  Gives MSCSA control over fee-setting. MSCSA in Statute (136F.22)
  •  The institution shall recognize the campus student association as the official representative of the students, upon receipt of evidence that the student body has approved the constitution. 2.1 Campus Student Associations
  •  (2.3)- …students shall have the opportunity for representation in system and college or university committees involving or affecting student interests.  AND, shall have the opportunity to review or be consulted on issues that have significant impact on students. Involvement in Governance
  •  Opinion, input, recommendations  Presentation of materials, discussion and an opportunity for students to ask questions  Result in Senate decision, authorized letter Consultation:
  •  Information report  Questions  Examples ◦ Bonding requests ◦ Statute changes ◦ Changes to programs Review:
  •  Students serve as full voting members  Examples: ◦ Academic policy work ◦ Search committees Representation:
  •  Can be Senate  No more than 1/3 non-students  Duties:  Fee Amount  Allocation/Expenditures  Financial Procedures 2.8 Student Life
  •  Student activities ◦ Defined in 136F.01, Subd. 5  Money rolls over from year to year  Student money is always student money! What does student life money fund?
  • The CIO comes to a Student Senate meeting. He reports that the technology fee is being raised to $9.00/credit to allow for improved wireless networking and a new server for the network security degree program. Your senate doesn’t like the fee increase. Wacky Wireless
  •  What policies and procedures are in play here?  Did the players follow system policy and procedure?  What should the senate do? Consider:
  • President Goodfurstudents is retiring. A search committee convened by the administration, and your advisor asks you to serve as the student representative. The final candidates are: Elaine Approachable, Hatred Von Monacle, Hoo K. Ayers, and Robert Angrypants. You like Elaine Approachable, but the committee want to forward the other three names to the Chancellor. Search Party
  •  What policies and procedures are in play here?  Did the players follow system policy and procedure?  What should the senate do? Consider:
  • Your bylaws require 2/3 student membership on the student life committee, for a total of eight student members. Your Senate advisor is also a voting member of the committee, along with several faculty members. Your advisor asks five of her Horticulture students to serve on the committee. As part of a class, these students propose to travel to Cancun to research the effect of humidity on plants of Midwestern origin. This is a new trip to be taken by a new group, the horticulture club. At the the student life committee meeting, members of the horticulture club make a convincing case for funding the trip. Although no one has heard of the club before, the five appointed horticulture students vote in favor of funding. Little Shop of Horticulture
  •  What policies and procedures are in play here?  Did the players follow system policy and procedure?  What should the senate do? Consider:
  • You’re ready to begin your term as President of the Student Senate. Last year, you served as Treasurer, and were very careful to spend in a fiscally-responsible manner. As a result, the student life budget had $10,000 left at the end of the year. This year, as President, you’re hoping to buy a pool table, new chairs and a TV for the student lounge. To your dismay, your Treasurer informs you the student life reserve has only $1,000. You ask the college President, who explains that since that money wasn’t spent last year, the college is using it to fund expenses. She goes on to describe numerous shortfalls the the funds will cover, including a window replacement, classroom updates, and a debt owed to the school’s food vendor. Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems
  •  What policies and procedures are in play here?  Did the players follow system policy and procedure?  What should the senate do? Consider:
  • Back at Sterling Cooper CC… Should Don Draper:  Schedule another meeting, present policy, and ask again for participation in the search. OR  Call the MSCSA office and ask for assistance.