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Platform Document proposed changes
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Platform Document proposed changes



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  • Give context about approval. Asking platform to approve changes as package to Ga. Official platform recommendations to GA. Entertain motion to approve changes as package. Explain that once on floor, other platform committee members can amend it. All in favor say Aye, all opposed same sign. Explain in prep meeting. Do you want your abstention noted?
  • Philosophical. Not too specific because that would hinder our ability to be effective.
  • Sep – changes only by Platform.GA changes by delegates.
  • Mention technical/substantial changes. Mention how questions will go.
  • Currently there are specific programs that give assistance in this process. Programs have specific requirements. FAFSA can be barrier to students that are overwhelmed by the details of the form. Do not access aid due to complexity. Would like to expand opportunity to all students.
  • Legislation has been clarified. Only relates to students who were offenders while receiving aid.
  • Selective service line item: Men in the U.S. are required to register when they turn 18. If enrolling in college, if they failed to do so, they are not eligible for aid. Over the last year, been a move to tie student loan rates to the market rates.
  • Have looked to save money for the program. Want to make sure we still have them. Don’t have to start paying after they graduate. Loan forgiveness is taking away entire loan or a portion of the loan. Oregon – do not want to add stances tied to specific legislation.
  • Semesters eligible is 12
  • One third debt service only applies to capital bonds. MnSCU didn’t use to have to pay the debt service. Other agenices are not subject, higher ed is the only one.
  • Making it easier.
  • Re wrote because confusing. Programs that cost money. Word, excel. School could provide to all students or student could access individually.
  • Too broad. Doesn’t provide guidance. Any change brought to us, we always consider how that will impact students. Our mission already states this. Also about student senates. Sometimes separated. Want to make sure all senates are funded and protects us as MSCSA.
  • Unnecessary because it doesn’t reflect the current formula.
  • How to set up a budget and manage credit cards – anything related to financial stuff.
  • More time to plan
  • Not college ready in english? In order to fulfill this, you must take a course that costs money, that doesn’t give you credit. It just gets your skill level up to get you ready for college classes. Stance opens up chance to students to get lower cost courses.
  • Platform members first, then gallery. Motion MUST be made for caucus and amendments to start. Only two amendments at a time.


  • 1. Proposed Platform Document Changes The First Look… 2013-2014
  • 2.  The MSCSA Platform Document guides our decision making. It outlines broadly what we support and what we oppose as an association.  Every year, this document is reviewed and revised.  This document is ESSENTIAL to the association, and YOU are getting the opportunity to change it and make it stronger. Platform Document
  • 3.  The revisions start internally at the MSCSA office.  Revisions brought to Platform Committee.  Revisions brought to student body.  September: first look, changes can be made by amending recommendations. Only by Platform members.  October: second and final look, all changes made final. By any student. Revision Process
  • 4.  Anything that is underlined has been added and is brand new.  Anything that has a strike through it is being taken out of the document.  Brayden Mann Manatee is a really cool dude sea creature.  How do I read the edits?
  • 5.  MSCSA Supports: ◦ 8. Assistance in completing the application process for all forms of financial aid at no cost to students. Article II: Federal Legislative Issues
  • 6.  MSCSA Supports: ◦ 11. Clarifying legislation concerning drug convictions and financial aid eligibility to only include students who have been convicted of drug related offenses while they were receiving financial aid. Article II Continued
  • 7.  MSCSA Supports: ◦ 12. Legislation that would remove the drug and selective service line-items from the FAFSA application form. ◦ 13. Lower, fixed interest rates on all federal student loans and retaining the “in-school” interest subsidy for undergraduate subsidized Stafford Loans. Article II Continued
  • 8.  MSCSA Supports: ◦ 17. Retaining the six-month grace period for all federal loans. ◦ 18. Expanded loan forgiveness programs. Article II Continued
  • 9.  MSCSA Opposes: ◦ 7. Limiting the semesters of eligibility for the Pell Grant. Article II Continued
  • 10.  MSCSA Supports: ◦ 3. Legislation that would make the first two years of public college tuition-free. through tax credits. ◦ 5. Expanded Lloan forgiveness programs for instructors individuals in public service. Article III: State Legislative Issues
  • 11.  MSCSA Supports: ◦ 17. Exempting MnSCU from the one-third debt service requirement for capital bonds. Article III Continued
  • 12.  MSCSA Supports: ◦ 18. The continued use of Higher Education Asset Preservation and Renewal Replacement (herein referred to HEAPR) funds to allow campuses to engage in demolition and comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (Already in current law, MN Statutes 135A.046 Subdivision 2) Article III Continued
  • 13.  MSCSA Supports: ◦ 24. Further MSCSA supports making Efforts to make any student that completed 3 three years of high school in Minnesota and meets all other eligibility requirements eligible for all forms of financial aid. Article III Continued
  • 14.  MSCSA Supports: ◦ 11. Continued and increased funding, and development and purchase of Academic licenses for full software and other technology that increases access and availability to for students. Article III Continued
  • 15.  MSCSA Opposes: ◦ 1. Legislation that mandates changes in curriculum that negatively affects students in their efforts to graduate from a certificate or degree program. ◦ 2. Making student life fees or student association fees optional. Article III Continued
  • 16.  MSCSA Opposes: ◦ 7. Proposals to raise the private college maximum grant for the state grant program. Article III Continued
  • 17.  MSCSA Supports: ◦ 8. The right of students to conduct voter registration campaigns on campus with support from the without interference from the administration. ◦ 25. A sSystem-wide digital and financial literacy basic computer trainings that each campus would provide at no cost to students. Article IV: Local and Campus Issues
  • 18.  MSCSA Opposes: ◦ 2. Any legislation that restricts a student’s ability to vote at their campus precinct at the precinct in which they currently reside. Article IV Continued
  • 19.  MSCSA Supports: ◦ 8. A mandatory notification period of no less than one two weeks for the appointment of student representatives to campus committees whose work directly affects students before committee work can begin. Article VI: MnSCU Issues
  • 20.  MSCSA Supports: ◦ 34. Access to low cost or free online and Adult Basic Education courses to meet developmental education requirements. Article VI Continued
  • 21.  We want to hear from YOU!!! Questions? Suggestions?