How to Succeed in Networking


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Kayley Schoonmaker & Brayden Mann
Looking for a job after college? Did you know that 80% of jobs today are found through networking? Check out this workshop to learn best practices, build your confidence, and engage in a real-life networking extravaganza!

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  • Goals: to get a mentor, to gain at least 5 new strong connections, to get a job at XYZ, to get feedback on resumeCandidates rarely reveal anything compelling, rather what they like to do and what their personality is like. Less convincing, accomplishments are real life proof.
  • Write and practice
  • Professional contacts: colleagues, professional organizations, alumni associations, vendors, suppliers, managers, mentorsPersonal contacts: family, neighbors, friendsAmy Cuddy is a professor and researcher at Harvard Business School. Start at 19:30 ?
  • Face to face is very important, 20 minute meeting will very likely help them remember you. Project interest in the other person. Feel free to leave business card/resume.Make yourself a resource! Include follow-up progress on your goals/career (this helps with maintaining)
  • Not meaning send a note to 500 people at the same time. Generally limit to 150 people to keep personal.
  • Short skit here for example? Video? Look at time.
  • How to Succeed in Networking

    1. 1. Networking Because your job might just depend on it By: Kayley Schoonmaker and Brayden Mann
    2. 2. Networking is…     “The cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business.” “Sometimes it’s more about who we know, rather than what we know.” It’s a method to finding employment Friendships, information benefits, heightened control and power
    3. 3. The facts     Successful managers spend around twice as much time networking as average managers. About 80% of jobs are found through networking. It takes about 6 conversations with someone before he or she knows who you are and has some idea of your character and competence. 97% of people say they have trouble remembering names.
    4. 4. The process     Evaluate personal accomplishments/skills and set goals One minute-self sell Develop your network Conduct networking interviews ◦ History, Plans, Question  Maintain your network
    5. 5. Resources you will need     Business cards Resume One-minute self-sell Online networking site (LinkedIn)
    6. 6. Accomplishments, Skills, and Goals      Be very clear about goals Results from previous jobs or education Accomplishments will set you apart and provide evidence of your skills Include accomplishments in resume Tie accomplishments to job interview ◦ “Tell me about yourself…”
    7. 7. One minute self sell  History, Plans, Question “Hello, my name is Kayley Schoonmaker.  Your turn!  I am a sophomore at St. Paul College majoring in Political Science, and I am working as Vice-President of the MSCSA. I am seeking a job in higher education or the political world. Can you give me some ideas on the types of positions that might be available in these areas?”
    8. 8. Developing your network       Start with who you know Online social networking Go anywhere people gather Become a leader in an association BE CONFIDENT! your_body_language_shapes_who_you_ are.html
    9. 9. Networking interviews        YOU are the interviewer Ask for 20 minute meeting Research person and impress with knowledge of accomplishments Deliver one-minute self sell Ask prepared questions Ask if they need any help Follow up with thank-you note
    10. 10. Sample Questions      What do you think of my qualifications for this field? What career opportunities do you see in the future in this field? What advice do you have for me as I begin my career? If you were exploring this field, who else would you talk with? How did you get where you are?
    11. 11. Maintaining your network       Thank anyone that helped you Attend conventions and events Continue to keep contacts updated Help others as people helped you Contact at least once a year Maintain regular, personal contact
    12. 12. Networking extravaganza!     “Speed networking” 3 minutes each Deliver self-sell and ask questions Exchange contact information if you’d like to follow up