Creative Advocacy Strategies


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Presented by Sarah Clarke & Kayley Schoonmaker
Ready to make change for students? In this roundtable, we will discuss going beyond the tried and true advocacy methods to give you new tools to make a greater impact on higher education in Minnesota.

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  • Lets talk through each of these…Kayley- talk about the process of when/how we develop agenda to when its passed, etc., Kayley- pass out leg. agenda
  • Skit: Kayley uses social media to lobby a legislatorKayley makes sends an email to legislatorKayley makes a call to the a legislatorKayley meets w/ a legislator
  • Hyperlink: start at 1:45 min….bjc, kelly c-berg: 2:09:11 to 2:11- show contrast between bjc and kely--- play wordball
  • Creative Advocacy Strategies

    1. 1. Creative Advocacy Strategies
    2. 2. Why advocate?   “If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu” The cost of your education, price of your textbooks, the classroom you are in, and the state and federal financial aid you receive are just a few of the ways both politics and public policy factor into your education
    3. 3. Why advocate?  Because you can not afford not to!
    4. 4. What is advocacy?    If I “like” a Facebook status about Obama, is that advocacy? If I “poke” my U.S. Senator on Facebook, is that advocacy? If I yell at my TV during the news, is that advocacy?
    5. 5. Advocacy Is… A comprehensive, multifaceted plan that seeks to advance a specific public policy goals ◦ In this session, we are talking about advocacy in the the legislative arena
    6. 6. Proven Methods   Building the message Conveying the message Personal stories Facts Capitol and Town Hall meetings Testimony Advocacy Day Phone calls, emails, letters to the editor and social media ◦ Media ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦    Tracking votes Addressing potential roadblocks Winning!
    7. 7. While good advocacy requires use of a variety of tactics… Some methods are better than others.
    8. 8. Student Power    Your story is powerful Students are our BEST advocacy resource Now, let’s get warmed up and start coming up with creative advocacy strategies!
    9. 9. Student Power  If you have been involved in our advocacy efforts before ◦ What has worked well for you? ◦ What should be improved?  If you have not been involved before, what barriers prevented you from getting involved?
    10. 10. Student Power   What can we do at the campus level to engage more people around our statewide legislative agenda? With the changing pace of the legislature, how can we activate rapid responses from students across the state?
    11. 11. Next Steps   How can we better train and communicate with you on legislative developments? What questions do you have about our advocacy work?