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Top_Ten_Grant_Proble.. Presentation Transcript

  • 1. RITA Presents : LATTE SHOW* with Robin and Amy TOP TEN *apologies to David Letterman
  • 3. Top Ten Problems with UTC Grants
    • 10 . Requests to change baseline measures long after initial submission
    • as with all things, try to submit correct information the first time
    • changes are possible until the end of the first year of new grants, when RITA will have reported out these numbers
    • no changes can be made after that
  • 4. Top Ten Problems with UTC Grants
    • 9 . Including “subcontracts” under the “Other Direct Costs” category of UTC budgets
    • budgets are used to report to Federal surveys of the uses of grant funds
    • “ subcontracts” gives no idea what the funding is used for
    • break out those costs and report in standard budget categories
  • 5. Top Ten Problems with UTC Grants
    • 8 . Inaccurate tracking of reports on research-project status list (in Annual Report)
    • list is to include all projects ever done under grant
    • no report should ever disappear from the list
    • projects “new” on last report cannot be “new” again on next report
    • keep projects in same order for easy comparison from one list to the next
  • 6. Top Ten Problems with UTC Grants
    • 7. Reports that arrive piecemeal
    • for a report with multiple parts, please submit all parts together
    • report will not be considered “submitted” unless complete
  • 7. Top Ten Problems with UTC Grants
    • 6 . Budgets and financial reports that contain mathematical errors
    • surprising that this happens, but it’s true
    • if these are generated by some other office at your university, please look over before submitting
  • 8. Top Ten Problems with UTC Grants
    • 5 . Requests for payment that contain mathematical and other errors
    • 1 in 10 invoices have to be returned for correction
    • these typically are not seen by UTC Directors/staff before submitted, so not sure how you can help
  • 9. Top Ten Problems with UTC Grants
    • 4 . Websites that do not provide required
    • information, or that are confusing or difficult to navigate
    • check off all the UTC grant requirements
    • logical progression of information
    • simple is beautiful
  • 10. Top Ten Problems with UTC Grants
    • 3. Foreign travel requests submitted without the required information or after the trip
    • follow the instructions in Section III.4 of “General Provisions”
    • once a request has been approved, keep the request as a model to use next time
    • travel that has already occurred will not be approved under any circumstances
  • 11. Top Ten Problems with UTC Grants
    • 2 . Final Reports (especially Corporate-Style) not edited for content or spell-checked
    • provided to senior US DOT management and Capitol Hill to show off your UTC
    • quality and professionalism are more important than fancy
  • 12. Top Ten Problems with UTC Grants
    • 1. Lack of familiarity with grant documents and OMB Circulars that govern Federal grants
    • keep these at hand
    • look here first when you have a question
    • if you have asked RITA for a clarification of something, note it on your documents