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Syllabus - UMUC Asia

  1. 1. Syllabus for ACCT 425 - A851 - International Accounting Instructor: Rick Pucci E-mail Address: Course Description (Fulfills the international perspective requirement.) Prerequisite: ACCT 311. A study of accounting in a multinational context. Topics include evolving international accounting and reporting standards, problems of foreign exchange and taxation, intercompany transfer pricing, and emerging issues in international accounting. Students may receive credit for only one of the following courses: ACCT 425 or ACCT 498A. Course Introduction This course integrates the functional areas of accounting and the functional areas of business administration in a global decision-making framework. It is designed to provide students with an understanding of the numerous differences that exist between countries, and the problems which multinational companies face in interpreting international accounting information. Topics will include environmental, social, and political influences on accounting, accounting for international transactions, performance evaluation in a multinational enterprise, and the comparative international analysis of financial statements. Comparisons of accounting standards in foreign countries will be made, and the procedures by which they are established will be evaluated. Course Goals/Objectives Upon the completion of International Accounting, you should be able to: • Discuss the international dimensions of accounting. • Determine the impact of international accounting policies on the business decision-making process. • Discuss the movement toward uniform international accounting standards. • Account for foreign currency transactions. • Translate foreign currency financial statements in U.S. dollars. • Understand the accounting treatment for inflation in financial statements prepared in various countries. • Discuss the international dimensions of tax law. • Understand the financial and tax accounting implications of transfer pricing. Course Materials Choi, Meek; International Accounting, 6/e. Pearson Prentice Hall, 2008. Software:
  2. 2. • Microsoft Office Textbooks can be ordered online at the Asia DE Web site, Books ordered from any other source will be at the student’s own risk. UMUC Asia DE cannot be responsible for problems encountered when textbooks are ordered from sources outside of the Asia DE Web site. Grading Information Participation 20% Case 2-2 5% Case 3-2a 5% Case 4-1 5% Case 5-2 5% Case 6-1 10% Case 7-2 7.5% Case 8-2 7.5% Case 9-1 5% Proctored exam 30% Total 100% A 90 -100 B 80-89 C 70-79 D 60-69 F < 60 Participation: • Active participation in conferences is required. In the weekly conferences (WEEK 1, WEEK 2, etc.), each student must follow the instructions posted for that particular week. If you fall behind on your required postings, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to catch up later. • Conferences will include a mixture of quantitative and qualitative topics. • It is ESSENTIAL that chapter reading assignments be completed very early in the week or preferably prior to the beginning of each week. Your participation grade is based not only on the quantity of your postings, but on the QUALITY of your postings. Quality of information is especially important in accounting. Therefore, completing the weekly chapter reading is a prerequisite to meaningful participation. • Participation will be assessed twice during the term. Participation for Weeks 1-5 will be assessed at the conclusion of Week 5. Participation for Weeks 6-10 will be assessed at the conclusion of Week 10.
  3. 3. Cases: • There will be 8 cases due during the course that must be submitted for grading. Student files must be sent to the Assignments Folder by the specified due date. Assignments received via email will not be accepted. • Please refer to the Course Schedule to view the due dates for each case. Late submissions will not be accepted (after the due date has passed, you will be unable to submit your assignment to WebTycho). Course Schedule Week Session Readings, Assignments, and Dates Due Dates 1 APR 5 - Chapter 1: Introduction APR 11 Week 1 Conference 2 APR 12 - Chapter 2: Development and APR 18 Classification Case 2-2: Volkswagen Group (Due April 25) Week 2 Conference 3 APR 19 - Chapter 3: Comparative APR 25 Accounting: Europe Case 3-2a: What Difference Does It Really Make? (Due April 25) Week 3 Conference 4 APR 26 - Chapter 4: Comparative MAY 2 Accounting: the Americas and Asia Case 4-1: Standing On Principles (Due May 9) Week 4 Conference 5 MAY 3 - Chapter 5: Reporting and MAY 9 Disclosure Case 5-2: Seeing Is Believing (Due May 9) Week 5 Conference
  4. 4. 6 MAY 10 - Chapter 6: Foreign Currency MAY 16 Translation Case 6-1: Regents Corporation (Due May 23) Week 6 Conference 7 MAY 17 - Chapter 7: Financial MAY 23 Reporting and Changing Prices Case 7-2: Icelandic Enterprises (Due May 23) Week 7 Conference 8 MAY 24 - Reserve Proctored Exam MAY 30 Chapter 8: Global Accounting and Auditing Standards Case 8-2: Whither The Withering Standard Setters? (Due June 6) Week 8 Conference 9 MAY 31 - Reserve Proctored Exam JUN 6 Chapter 9: International Financial Statement Analysis Case 9-1: Sandvik (Due June 6) Week 9 Conference 10 JUN 7 - Proctored Exam Week JUN 13 Chapter 12: International Taxation and Transfer Pricing Week 10 Conference Additional Information Late Submission Policy • Conference requirements must be completed during the scheduled week. There will be no participation points awarded for late conference participation.
  5. 5. • The proctored exam can only be taken during Week 10 except in emergency situations. • Each assignment must be turned in by the due date listed in the course schedule. After a due date has passed you will not be able to submit an assignment to WebTycho. **** The following is not part of the above academic syllabus **** UMUC Asia DE Administrative Policies, Procedures and Practices Ordering Course Materials: Textbooks can be ordered online at the Asia DE Web site, Books ordered from any other source will be at the student’s own risk. UMUC Asia cannot be responsible for problems encountered when textbooks are ordered from sources outside of the Asia DE Web site. Proctored Exams: Asia DE 10 week courses require all students to take a proctored exam at the end of the term. Students that do not take the proctored exam will receive an "Fn" for the course. Asia based students are responsible for scheduling their proctored exam appointment (reservation) through the Asia DE online Proctored Exam Reservation System, or with their own UMUC Asia approved alternate proctor during the two weeks prior to Proctored Exam Week. All Europe based students must continue to make appointments through their local UMUC Europe Field Rep Office. Computer-Based Proctored Exams are also available, but only for students testing at designated UMUC Computer Labs (ask your local UMUC Asia Field Rep or Computer Lab Monitor if their location is participating), and only during the scheduled Proctored Exam Week. All other students must take paper exams. Important reminder: Sometimes exams (particularly paper exams) take time to arrive in your instructor's hands or there are problems with exams being delivered. These problems are usually easy to prevent or solve if we have adequate information. Therefore when Proctored Exam week arrives, the faculty member will create a special "Proctored Exam Reporting" conference where you should report when, where and how you took the exam (paper or electronic version). If you do not report that you have taken the exam, and your exam has not arrived by the end of the term, the faculty member will give you the grade of Fn for the course.
  6. 6. Spring Session 2 Class Calendar: Registration Dates: 23 Nov 2009 ~ 05 Apr 2010 Session Dates: 05 Apr 2010 ~ 13 Jun 2010 WEEK DATES ACTIVITY 1 APR 5 ~ APR 11 Normal Course Instruction Begins 2 APR 12 ~ APR 18 APR 14 Last Withdrawal Date for 75% Tuition Refund 3 APR 19 ~ APR 25 APR 22 Last Withdrawal Date for 50% Tuition Refund 4 APR 26 ~ MAY 2 Normal Course Instruction 5 MAY 3 ~ MAY 9 Normal Course Instruction 6 MAY 10 ~ MAY 16 Normal Course Instruction 7 MAY 17 ~ MAY 23 Normal Course Instruction 8 MAY 24 ~ MAY 30 Make Reservation for Proctored Exam 9 MAY 31 ~ JUN 6 JUN 4 Last Date to Officially Withdraw; Make Reservation for Proctored Exam 10 JUN 7 ~ JUN 13 Proctored Exam Week Contact Information:  For administrative assistance: contact  For GoArmyEd issues contact:  For WebTycho assistance on work days: contact  For WebTycho assistance on Saturdays and Sundays:  For proctored exam procedure information, please visit the Asia DE Website at and click on 'Proctored Exams'.  For proctored exam assistance: contact  For textbook assistance: contact  For MyUMUC help visit UMUC 360 Helpdesk –  Support for UMUC Asia students is also available by phone at 225-3696 (DSN) or 81-42-552-2510 Ext. 5-3696 (international comm.), Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (JST). Guidance on how to avoid plagiarism can be found at the following sites: • UMUC's Effective Writing Program "Helping Students Avoid Plagiarism" • UMUC's Online Writing Center "How to Avoid Plagiarism"
  7. 7. • Indiana University's Writing Tutorial Service "Plagiarism: What It is and How to Recognize and Avoid It" Academic Policies: Academic Policies are not course specific and are therefore created and housed separately from this document. You may access and print Academic Policies from the Syllabus sub-menu in your WebTycho classroom or by going to these links or Caveat: UMUC Asia DE syllabi are tentative and subject to change, if necessary. Changes will be announced with as much notice as possible.