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Dy Davuth (Ph.D)

  1. 1. CURICULUM VITAE Dy Davuth (Ph.D) (Nationality: Cambodian) CONTACT DETAILS: House # 138, Street # 271 Phnom Penh, Cambodia Mobile: 012 863 513 E-mail: davuth@hkl.com.kh AREAS OF EXPERTISE: • Financial System, Policy, and Strategy • Financial Analysis, Data, and Report • Internal Control • Financial Procedures ( Manual ) • Financial Forecasting • Business Plan • Institutionalization • Curriculum Design • Course Design • Microfinance • Feasibility Study and assessment • Rural Business Development ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS: March 2005 : Doctor of Philosophy, Banking and Finance, Rutherford University, Wyoming, USA (Distance Learning) Aug 2001 : Master of Business Administration, Banking and Finance, Universiti Utara Malaysia, Malaysia Dec 1995 : Bachelor of Business Administration, Accounting and Finance, Faculty of Business (NUM), Cambodia Dec 1991 : Associate of Business Administration, Accounting and Finance, Faculty of Commerce, Site Two, Thailand TRAINING COURSES/CONFERENCES ATTENDED: - Training courses on financial analysis for Microfinance, 1998 - Training course on internal control , 1999 1
  2. 2. - Supervision and Monitoring of Microfinance Programme, 13-18 March, 2000, Cambodia - Adult higher education: Challenges & Promises in the 21st century, 1 May, 2005, Malaysia - Role of Financial Intermediaries for poverty reduction, 4-8 March 2002, Singapore - Quality Assurance & Improvement in Higher Education, 5-6 Sept, 2005, Cambodia - Corporate Governance of Microfinance Institution, 9 November, 2005, Cambodia - Development of tourism curriculum of ASEAN, 6 June, 2006, Thailand - Microfinance Summit, 29-30 November, 2007, Cambodia EMPLOYMENT HISTORY: Mar 2009 to Present, (Full time) HLSP, Mott Macdonal Group, CONSULTANT, Multinational Company, www.hlsp.com, UK Program Supervisor-Financial Management Consultant, Technical Assistance for Implementation of the Financial Management Improvement Plan (FMIP)-CAKH205 (WB project) - Develop training curriculum; - Develop training report; - Develop financial management procedures; - Making financial management capacity assessment; - Management of training program; - Develop budget plan for five years capacity development plan; - Making five years financial management capacity development plan; - Develop chart of accounts for program budgets; - Write inception report, and progress reports to client; and - Monitor capacity development and provide on the job training at DGAF. Sept 2003 to Present, (Part time) Build Bright University, Local Company, www.bbu.edu.kh Cambodia Associate Professor of Financial Management, Corporate Finance, Banking Management and Micro Finance Management (Master Program) - Design and provide lectures on characteristics and procedures of lesson to Master students; - Assess students’ needs and provide consultation as appropriate; - Research and present research results at national or international conferences; - Regularly assess training modules and improve them accordingly; - Design and provide training to prepare students to face job content evolution and new skills requirements; 2
  3. 3. - Conduct impact assessment and reflections to draw lessons learned and document them; - Supervise and monitor the subordinate students; and - Follow up regulations and laws related within the field of research. July 2007 to Present, (Part time) EDUSHARE, Consultant, International Project lead by Open University, UK Project Coordinator & Course Design Specialist - Write inception report, workshop report, progress report and financial report to Project Director; - Research and present research results at international workshops; - Cascade the institutional and systems know-how of experience to other lecturers; - Jointly produce a new curriculum of course material on sustainable development; - Design course for the project; and - Coordinator project on administrative, academic and finance for smoothly implement. Jan 2004 to Present, (Part time) Hattha Kaksekar Limited, Company with International Shareholders, www.hkl.com.kh, Microfinance Institution, Cambodia Board of Director & Chairman of Audit Committee - Facilitate the registration of the company; - Entitle to pay salary to the General Manager, set up payments fees and expenses rules for board of directors meeting; - Fix, determine, and vary from time to time the amount to be maintained as surplus and the amount to be set aside as working capital; - Propose the allocation of company funds legally available for dividends, general reserve or specific reserves for any proper purpose, or to abolish reserves, in the manner created; - Approve the commercial borrowing; - Propose decisions relating to the shareholders meeting; and - Appoint and fire the General Manager (GM) who is in-charge of general and daily operations of the company by stating clearly the power, salary and other remuneration to the GM. July 2008 to Feb 2009 (Full time) SMEC INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD, CONSULTANT, Multinational Company, www.smec.com.au, Australia Business Development Specialist, Consulting Services for Renewable Energy Business Development Consultant: Credit No. 3840-KH & GEF Grant No. 053036-KH (WB project) - Develop and implement Training Plan for Rural Entrepreneurs in accordance to the target by setting up term of reference; 3
  4. 4. - Prepare project’s business plans and financial models for Rural Entrepreneurs ; - To make product development in Rural sector; - Write inception report, training report, progress report and financial report to client; - Making financial analysis for Rural Entrepreneurs; and - Making credit analysis for Rural Entrepreneurs. Sept 2003 to Mar 2008 (Full time) Build Bright University, Local Company, www.bbu.edu.kh, Cambodia Vice Rector of Academic (Operations Manager), - Develop and implement annual Training Plan for the year in accordance to the strategy by setting up objectives and sales targets; - Coordinate with Support Officer in delivering training for new processes relating to compliance; - Oversee efficient, effective campus activities under standards of university; - Build deep customer relationships; - Follow up regulations and Prakas from Ministry; - Oversee the achievement of the goals and control of the budget; - To be permanently aware of competition activities at all region and analyze; - Coordinate different programme units activities; - Supervise deans, including their capacity building; - Work with the strategy Group to identify organisational strategic issues and solutions such as sustainability, organizational evaluation, strategic direction of programme etc; - Work with the management team to oversee and solve all organizational issues; develop systems and structures as required; - Represent the organization to the public at workshops, meetings, conference etc; and - Establish close liaison with Marketing to exploit new programs and other business opportunities, promotions, etc... Jan 1998 to Aug 2003 (Full time) AMRET, Company with International Shareholders, www.amret.com.kh Microfinance Institution (former EMT), Cambodia Financial & Administrative Manager Member of Senior Management Team - Plan the work of Finance and Administrative Department; - Supervise the staff of Finance and Administrative Department including allocate the work, monitor, provide on-going support to them such as coaching; conduct staff performance appraisal; assess staff learning needs and build staff capacity; - Oversee regular financial operations, manage funds and expenditures according to highest standards of financial and accounting transparency; - Prepare budgets and financial reports; 4
  5. 5. - Prepare project’s business plans and financial models; - Provide financial documents to mobilize new funding; - Communicate with financial institutions in regard to a wide rage of business aspects; - Follow up regulations and Prakas from National Bank of Cambodia; - Making Financial analysis for management and board of director; - Develop Financial policies and procedures; - Playing role as team leader of MIS project; - Update project activities to donor on a regular basis; and - Write project progress report and financial report to donor. Oct 2001 to Aug 2003 (Part time) Ministry of Economics and Finance, Cambodia Board Member of Project Coordination Committee of ADB’s loan # 1741- CAM (SF) - Coordinate rural loan and saving activities within Microfinance Operators; - Advise on policies and make decision related with rural loans and savings; and - Solve or provide recommendations to solve project related problems. Jan 1996 to Dec 1997 (Full time) JVK Naga Movers Ltd., Multinational Company, www.jvkmovers.com Cambodia Administrative & Accounting Manager - Making quotation to clients and oversea agents; - Develop and implement the operational strategy of company administration; - Participate in development and implementation of operations and logistics systems for smooth and efficient running of operations; - Provide management oversight to Company operations and staff; - Coordinator to ensure full and coordinated support to operations; - Preparing budgeting for company; - Tasks and coordinate activities with Administrative officers. Deal with other government authorities and private entities in regard to the Company’s business; and - Controlling of Import and Export of personal effects and other goods. Jan 1993 to Aug 1994 (Full time) UNDP, UN Organization, Cambodia Finance Clerk - Support Finance Officer and perform compliance check at tasks to ensure and follow the policies and procedure; - Prepare the monthly journal entry; - Prepare petty cash vouchers, disbursement vouchers and receipt vouchers; and 5
  6. 6. - Keep petty cash under responsibility. OTHER SKILLS: Language: Khmer (mother tongue); English (Very good) Computer: Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc Accounting software: QuickBooks and Micro Banker PUBLICATIONS: - Ph.D. Dissertation on Micro Finance as used for Community Development, March 2005 - Micro Finance as used for Community Development, Dec 2005 - Development of Micro Finance Institutions in Cambodia, Feb 2006 - The impact of Microfinance in Cambodia, April 2005 - Regulation and Supervision of Micro Finance Operators in Cambodia, June 2006 - Micro Finance & Rural Development in Cambodia, Sept 2006 - Do MFIs forget the poor? July, 2007 - Institutionalization of NGO to MFI in Cambodia, Aug 2008 COUNTRIES VISITS: England, Scotland, France, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos Maldives, Nepal, Philippines, and Indonesia. REFEREES: 1. Yean Rithy, Finance Manager Phnom Penh International Airport Tel: 012 703 888 2. Phat Reatana, Audit Manager AMRET Tel: 012 926 092 3. Hout Ieng Tong, General Manager Hatakaksekar (HKL) Tel: 012 841 887 CONSULTANCY TRACK RECORD: Date Nature of consultancy Organization 2009 International Workshop Arrangement Edushare / EU 2008 Financial Management Consulting Social Services 6
  7. 7. of Cambodia 2008 Develop course design of Microfinance Development Edushare / EU 2008 Develop financial procedure Build Bright University 2007 Develop business plan Build Bright University 2007 Advising on upgrade financial projection Hatta Kaksekar 2007 Develop financial forecasting and fund raising Build Bright University 2007 Baseline survey ILO 2006 Verify and update internal audit procedure Hatta Kaksekar 2006 Fund raising ( debt from bank ) Build Bright University 2006 Develop financial forecasting Build Bright University 2006 Training program CARE 2005 Training program Health Unlimited 2004 Training program CARE Guest speaker at International Conferences: - Development of Build Bright University , Cooperation Strategies among the Universities in the GMS, Ubon, Thailand, Nov 2005 - Micro Finance as used for Community Development, Case in Cambodia, Strengthening partnership among academic and development institutions: New Dimensions of Social, Cultural, and Economic Cooperation in the Upper Greater Mekong Sub-region, Chaing Rai, Thailand, 16-18 March 2006 - Development of Micro Finance in Cambodia, Sustainable Development for Peace: New Dimensions of Friendly Cooperation in the Upper Greater Mekong Sub-region, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 25-26 Sept 2006 - The Management and Performance of Micro Finance Operators in Cambodia, An International Seminar on Strategies for the collaborative Research and Development in the GMS Universities, Leoi, Thailand, 6-8 Dec 2006 7
  8. 8. - Do Microfinance Institutions forget the poor? Case in Cambodia, International Conference partnership in Economic and Social Development through Science and Technology with Emphasis on protecting Culture and Environment in Asia-Pacific, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 16-18 July 2007. - Institutional development of Build Bright University , Edushare Project, Asia Link Project ( EU), UK, Sept 2007 - Curriculum Design of Build Bright University, Edushare Project, Asia Link Project ( EU), Maldives, February 2008 - The growth of Microfinance in Cambodia, Distributed Education, Asia Link Project ( EU ), Nepal, March 2008 - Course Design on Microfinance, Edushare Project, Asia Link Project (EU), Scotland, June 2008 - Course Design through e-learning, Edushare Project, Asia Link Project (EU), Siem Reap, Cambodia, Feb 2009. 8