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Cognos Overview Presentation - UTSA: University of Texas at San ...

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  • 1. An Overview of IBM Cognos 8 BI John Saldua Sr. Director, Management Reporting and Administrative Systems
  • 2. Agenda
    • UTSA and Cognos
    • Departmental and Central User Reports
    • Project Plan
    • Demonstration
    • Management Reporting Staff
    • Questions
  • 3. IBM Cognos 8 BI
    • Factors for Choosing IBM Cognos 8 BI
      • Limited Resources
      • Limited Reports provided by Define
      • Time-consuming and cumbersome presentation of information
      • IBM Cognos 8 BI provides a more time efficient, concise and clear method of reporting financial data to support better, improved, more efficient Decision Making.
  • 4. UTSA IBM Cognos 8 BI AFR Reports
      • Central User - AFR / MFR Report Schedules Completed
    • Estimated Delivery of improved AFR Schedules November 08
    November 2008 MFR Monthly Income Statement S3 Schedule S3 Schedules that support B3 Report Report Expenditure Transparency Exhibit B Exhibit SRECNA With Variances B4 Schedule Restricted Funds C2 Schedule Exp by Object and Fund Group B13 Schedule Transfers B3 Schedule Auxiliary Funds B2 Schedule Designated Funds B1 Schedule E&G Funds C1 Schedule Tuition and Fee Revenue Reference Type Name
  • 5. Departmental and Central User Reports
      • Standard Reporting Package Dev and Power User Access
    • Departmental Users
    • Central Users
    • Projected Delivery Date February 2009
    • Projected Delivery Date March 2009
    Original Budget Report Revenue Detail Report 12 Month Expenditure Report Expenditure Detail and Summary Report Organizational Overview by Fund Budget Status – Monthly Financial Report by Unit Hierarchy Name
      • Designated Fees
      • E&G Fees
      • Designated Tuition Fees
      • Statutory Tuition
    Revenue Analysis Monthly Financial Report by Fund Name
      • Institute of Texan Cultures
      • Housing
      • Child Dev Center
      • Parking and Business Auxiliary Services
      • University Center
      • Athletics
    Auxiliary Revenue
  • 6. IBM Cognos 8 BI
    • What is Cognos?
    • Cognos is Business Intelligence software that enables users to extract data, analyze it, and then assemble reports.
  • 7. BI – Business Intelligence
    • Business Intelligence (BI)
      • BI refers to technologies, applications and practices for the collection, integration, analysis, and presentation of business information .
    • Purpose of BI
      • To support better, improved and more efficient Decision Making
    • BI Systems Provide
      • BI systems provide historical, current, and predictive views of business operations.,
    • BI Systems Information
      • Uses data that has been gathered into a data warehouse or data mart.
    • BI Software Elements
      • Software elements support the use of this information by assisting in the extraction, analysis, and reporting of information.
  • 8. IBM Cognos 8 BI Implementation Project UTSA Financial Affairs Cognos Business Intelligence Reporting Project Reporting Analysis Dashboards Scorecarding Web Office Search Mobile
  • 9. IBM Cognos 8 BI Implementation Project & Mission
    • UTSA Financial Affairs
    • Cognos Business Intelligence Reporting Project
    • Mission Statement
    • The mission of this project is to provide on–demand access to accurate and up-to-date financial reports and related information for identified UTSA customers using Cognos Business Intelligence reporting tools.
      • We will empower financial analysts around the University with tools to manage the University's resources more efficiently.
  • 10. IBM Cognos 8 BI Implementation Objectives
    • Increase Automation of Financial Business Processes
        • Streamline inefficient business processes
        • Improve reporting format and analysis
    • Improve Worker productivity
        • Reduce manual workload through the use of technology
        • Provide comprehensive training on software and
    • Maintain Data Integrity
        • Ensure data conversion is successful and accurate
    • Maintain Positioning for Future Initiatives
        • Provide information access to allow UTSA to implement a financial assessment process
        • Develop performance measurements to support quality initiatives
  • 11. IBM Cognos BI Project Phases
    • Phase 1 – Project Planning, Acquisition & Migration
    • Phase 2 – Central User Reports – AFR / MFR Report Schedules
    • Phase 3 – Standard Reporting Package Development & Power User access – Begin Financial Assessment Process
    • Phase 4 – Central User Ad-hoc Reports
    • Phase 5 – Statement of Accounts Report Development
    • Phase 6 – Special Purpose Reports
    • Phase 7 – Evaluate Delivered Banner Cubes and Automate Define to Banner Fee Revenue and Accounts Receivable Reconciliation
  • 12. IBM 8 Cognos BI Demonstration
    • Report using Cognos 8 BI Analysis Studio
      • Dimensional Data
    • Dimensional Data
      • Data Cube
      • Dimensionally Modeled Relational Data (DMR)
    • Sample Data
      • Budget Balance
      • Available by unit
      • For end of FY 0708
    • Points of Emphasis
      • Ease of use
      • Drillable capability
      • Charting options
  • 13. IBM 8 Cognos BI Report Distribution
    • Reports
        • Scheduled Reports
          • Reports will be scheduled and run on a periodic basis
          • Reports can be retrieved by user or received via email
        • Scheduled Email Distribution
        • Reports will be scheduled and emailed to recipients as an attachment
    IBM 8 Cognos BI Report Distribution
  • 14. IBM 8 Cognos BI User Access
    • Web Application
      • No software loaded onto user machines
      • Web address provided via Management Reporting website or email
    IBM 8 Cognos BI Report User Access
    • User Login setup
      • Request for Cognos access available via MR website or email
      • Users will be setup within Cognos with using existing UTSA Login ID & Password
  • 15. Management Reporting Staff
    • John Saldua, Sr. Director
        • Extension 4208
      • Denise Brown, Sr. Business Analyst/Data Modeler
        • Extension 4306
      • Elizabeth Bay, Financial Business Analyst
        • Extension 4307
      • Fred Brito, Management Reporting Specialist
        • Extension 5201
  • 16. Conclusion: IBM Cognos 8 BI Enables Better, Faster Decisions
    • Broad Range of Users
      • Simplified role based interfaces
      • Targeted content and capabilities
      • Flexible and scalable platform
    • Better Decisions
      • Based on accurate, complete information
      • Aligned with strategic goals and initiatives
      • Based on proven practices
    • Faster
      • Information when users need it
      • How they need it
      • Where they need it
  • 17. Questions of IBM Cognos 8 BI Questions about IBM Cognos 8 BI and UTSA Financial Affairs Implementation of IBM Cognos 8 BI