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  • The web-site is going to be down from 11/23 at 12:00 noon through Monday, November 28 th . SAIG files will be accepted into SAIG, however will not come into FMS until Monday, November 28 th .
  • Information on Jinitiator will be communicated via FP Portal Listserve and GA Contacts list maintained by Guaranty Agency Reporting Staff. Expect either automatic download with logon or pull from a website. FP will send instructions. Have System Admin available Monday in case you need SysAdmin rights. We’re focusing on Jinitiator this week and next.
  • Updated User Manuals will be communicated via PF Portal Listserve and posted on the FP Portal.
  • Updated User Manuals will be communicated via PF Portal Listserve and posted on the FP Portal.
  • Keep in mind that the web application looks different (color, tool bar) but the navigation within the application is the same as before.
  • Form 2000 Navigation Changes First screen you see when you click on the Oracle application link.              
  • Form 2000 Navigation Changes Oracle Application Logon
  • Form 2000 Navigation Changes Log-In Screen
  • Form 2000 Navigation Changes List of Responsibilities
  • Form 2000 Navigation Changes User Functions Blue circles define icon function.
  • Form 2000 Navigation Changes Monthly Report View Blue circles define icon function.
  • Form 2000 Navigation Changes Monthly/Quarterly View
  • Form 2000 Navigation Changes Annual Report View
  • Form 2000 Navigation Changes Report Request View

5/4/10 1 FINANCIAL PARTNER SERVICES Presentation Transcript

  • 2. FSA/CFO Update – Agenda
    • GA Accounting & Auditing Update
      • Internal Control Requirements of Revised A-123
      • Reporting Issues
      • Audit Status
    • FMS 11i/Form 2000 Upgrade – FAQ’s
    • Form 2000 Navigation Changes
    • Proposed GAFR Enhancements
    • Q&A’s and FSA Contacts
  • 3. Accounting & Auditing Update
    • OMB Circular A-123:
    • Revision: “To specifically address assessing, documenting, and reporting on the effectiveness of internal control over financial reporting.”
    • Purpose: “To ensure Congress and the public that the Federal Government is committed to safeguarding its assets and providing reliable financial information.”
  • 4. Accounting & Auditing Update
    • OMB Circular A-123 (Cont’d):
    • Agencies and individual Federal managers must take systematic and proactive measures to:
      • (i) develop and implement appropriate, cost-effective internal control for results-oriented management;
      • (ii) assess the adequacy of internal control in Federal programs and operations;
  • 5. Accounting & Auditing Update
    • OMB Circular A-123 (Cont’d):
      • (iii) separately assess and document internal control over financial reporting consistent with OMB-defined process;
      • (iv) identify needed improvements;
      • (v) take corresponding corrective action; and
      • (vi) report annually on internal control through management assurance statements.
  • 6.
    • Reporting Issues
      • Calculation of MR26
      • Costs excluded from MR32
      • AR56 methodology
    • Audit Status
    Accounting & Auditing Update
  • 7. FMS 11i/Form 2000 Upgrade
    • When will the upgrade occur?
        • Thanksgiving Weekend - The current plan is to shut down online access to GAFR--Forms 2000, noon Wednesday, 11-23-2005. Access to the SAIG will still be available.
    • What is the impact on GA payments?
        • Web based GA submissions
          • received by 11-17-2005 are expected to be approved for processing before the Upgrade.
          • will not be possible between noon Wednesday, 11-23 and Monday morning, 11-28.
        • SAIG Submissions
          • Processing of GA invoices submitted >6:00 pm EST on 11-22 will resume on Monday, 11-28
    • When will the upgraded software be available?
        • Monday, 11-28-2005
  • 8. FMS 11i/Form 2000 Upgrade (cont’d)
    • Will I need to do anything to get access to the new release?
        • Just log-on. An upgraded version of JInitiator software will be automatically downloaded on your machine with your first signon. Details to follow.
        • Username, Password, Responsibilities =
    • How will current policies and procedures change in the new release?
        • Current policies and procedures related to the online forms will not change. Upgrade is limited to migrating existing functionality.
  • 9. FMS 11i/Form 2000 Upgrade (cont’d)
    • Will new H/W be needed to run FMS?
        • No. If your current system can run the current version of FMS, then you will be able to run the upgraded FMS.
    • How will the FP and the 11i Upgrade team help users prepare?
        • FP FAQs communication
        • Power Point Presentation
        • Updated User Guides
        • Upgrade team support
  • 10. FMS 11i/Form 2000 Upgrade (cont’d)
    • Do I need additional training to perform my job?
        • No - The upgrade does not bring any radical changes.
        • Before the upgrade, you will receive a document explaining the minor changes in navigating through the forms.
        • Updates to the user guides will be available shortly after the upgrade.
  • 11. Form 2000 Navigation Changes
    • Navigation Changes
      • Differences
        • Application User Logon Screen
        • Tool bar-text balloons
        • Icons have changed/moved
        • Mandatory fields are highlighted
        • List of values selection ('...‘)
      • Report viewing has been simplified. Only 1 screen required to view the complete report vs. 2 screens
      • Some fields contain hot keys
  • 12. FSA FMS 11i (To Be) FSA FMS 11.0.3 (As-Is)
  • 13. FSA FMS 11i (To Be) Logon Options
  • 14. FSA FMS 11i (To Be) Home Page Sign-in FSA FMS 11.0.3 (As-Is) Sign-in
  • 15. FSA FMS 11i (To Be) Home Page
  • 16. FSA FMS 11i (To Be) Navigator FSA FMS 11.0.3 (As-Is) Navigator Expand Collapse Expand All Collapse All Expand Branch Add To List Remove From List
  • 17. FSA FMS 11i (To Be) Monthly FSA FMS 11.0.3 (As-Is) Monthly YELLOW REPRESENTS REQUIRED FIELD New Find Save Show Navigator Next Step Switch Responsibilities Print Close Form Cut Paste Help Copy Delete Edit Field Clear Record Zoom Attachments Folder Tools
  • 18. FSA FMS 11.0.3 (As-Is) Monthly/Quarterly FSA FMS 11i (To Be) Monthly/Quarterly
  • 19. FSA FMS 11i (To Be) Annual FSA FMS 11.0.3 (As-Is) Annual
  • 20. FSA FMS 11i (To Be) Request FSA FMS 11.0.3 (As-Is) Request
  • 21. Proposed GAFR Enhancements
    • Contingent Upon --
      • Enactment of the HEA of FY 2006
  • 22. FSA Contacts & Q&A’s
    • Contacts for Follow-up Questions
      • Tony Gioffre, FSA-CFO
        • [email_address] , 202-377-3251
      • Maureen Harris, FSA-CFO FMS Upgrade Team
        • [email_address] , 202-377-3533
      • Mike Sutphin, FP
        • [email_address] , 202-377-3624
      • Sandra Simmons, FSA-CFO
        • [email_address] or
        • [email_address]
    • Look for FMS Updates from:
      • Financial Partners Listserve, and
      • [email_address]