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8th Grade Chapter 5 Lesson 3
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8th Grade Chapter 5 Lesson 3



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    8th Grade Chapter 5 Lesson 3 8th Grade Chapter 5 Lesson 3 Presentation Transcript

    • 8 th Grade Chapter 5 Lesson 3 Pgs. 199-205 For Student Use Only
    • Thermodynamics
      • Therme= heat
      • Dynamis= POWER
        • Thermodynamics= heat power
      • There are 2 laws of Thermodynamics
        • 1 st Law= Stated by Robert Van Mayer
        • 2 nd Law= Stated by Nicolas Carnot
    • Myths and Truths
      • People originally thought heat was an invisible and weightless fluid
      • Count Rumford (really, Benjamin Thompson) realized that heat was a form of mechanical motion
        • He was able to convince other scientists with simple experiments that proved his point
    • 1 st Law of Thermodynamics
      • Force (Energy) cannot be created or destroyed it will only change forms
      • Mechanical Equivalent of Heat-
        • Work can be converted into heat and vice versa
        • 778 ft-lbs = 1 BTU (or 252 calories of thermal energy)
    • 1 st Law of Thermodynamics
      • Joule Discovered:
        • W=fd
          • Work= force x distance
      • Joule Restated:
        • 1 st Law of Thermodynamics
          • Energy is indestructible ; it is converted into other forms
    • 1 st Law of Thermodynamics
      • Law of Conservation of Energy:
        • The total amount of energy in a system is constant
      • Movie Notes
        • The Three Laws of Thermodynamics AND Newton and Thermodynamics
    • 2 nd Law of Thermodynamics
      • Nicolas Carnot- was named founder of thermodynamics
        • Stated (simply) heat is transferred from higher to low temperature
    • 2 nd Law of Thermodynamics
      • Heat will not go from lower temperature to higher temperature and goes from less energy to greater disorder
      • This is called ENTROPY
    • 2 nd Law of Thermodynamics
      • Entropy:
        • This is the amount of disorder in a system
        • When things decay entropy is increased (disorder is increased)
        • Energy must be expended to do work so perpetual machines do not work
        • For every action there is a loss of energy and an increase in disorder
      • Movie Notes:
        • Myth Busters- Conservation of Energy
    • Entropy and the Universe
      • Universe is heading towards more disorder
      • Energy is constantly being used and running down