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7th Grade Chapter 6 Lesson 2
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7th Grade Chapter 6 Lesson 2


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For Studeny Use Only

For Studeny Use Only

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. 7th Grade Chapter 6 Lesson 2
      • Pgs. 198 - 206
      • For Student Use Only
  • 2. Weather vs. Climate
      • There are 4 seasons
        • Summer- Around June 21 is Summer Solstice (day is longest and night is shortest)
        • Fall- Around Sept. 22 is Autumnal Equinox (day and night and equal)
        • Winter- Around Dec. 22 is Winter Solstice (shortest day of year and longest night of the year).
        • Spring- Around March 21 is the Vernal Equinox (day and night are equal)
  • 3. Weather vs. Climate
      • The Seasons:
        • Seasons are caused by tilt of axis
          • Axis- an imaginary line running through the center of the earth
        • Axis is tilted at slight angle to the earth’s plane of revolution about the sun- 23 ½ degree tilt
          • Plane- flat surface like a table top
          • The seasons arise from the tilt of the earth’s axis
        • Solar Year- 365 ¼ days
          • Axis always points to Polaris
  • 4. Weather vs. Climate
    • Rotation vs. Revolution
      • Rotation- one turn around the axis
      • Revolution- one turn around the sun
    • The Seasons:
      • The Hemispheres point towards the sun at different times
      • The Hemispheres seasons are opposite
  • 5. Weather vs. Climate
    • Season Heating Differences
      • Changes in lengths of day and night causes warming and cooling
      • This difference in heating also is caused by temperatures
    • Angle of the Sun
      • Northern Hemisphere leans towards sun in their summer
      • Southern Hemisphere leans towards sun in their summer
  • 6. Weather vs. Climate
    • Spherical Earth
      • Parallels of Latitude:
        • Imaginary lines that run horizontally (think lines on a ladder)
          • 90 degrees North= North Pole
          • 90 degrees South= South Pole
        • Tropic of Cancer: This is located 23.5 North Latitude
          • Sun is direct at this point at our summer
        • Tropic of Capricorn: This is located 23.5 South Latitude
          • Sun is direct at this point at our winter
  • 7. Weather vs. Climate
    • Latitudes
      • Arctic and Antarctic Circle:
        • Arctic Circle- 66.5 north
        • Antarctic Circle- 66.5 south
      • Once sunlight enters atmosphere it bends
      • Band of Twilight
        • Illuminated by scattered or refracted light
      • Winter in tropics- regions lying near equator hardly have winter
  • 8. Weather vs. Climate
    • Latitudes affect how warm or cool areas get
      • Sun never sets on June 21 in Arctic (the land of the midnight sun)
      • Ice and Snow reflect sun back